FREMANTLE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 14: Crowds look on as the super moon rises behind the Fremantle War Memorial at Monument Hill on November 14, 2016 in Fremantle, Australia. A super moon occurs when a full moon passes closes to earth than usual, with the November 14th moon expected to be closer than it has been in over 70 years. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)



From the founder of Agora Inc., owner of America’s largest network of independent news and research publishers, with publications reaching more than 2 million paid subscribers predictions.

  • The fall of the Soviet Union.
  • The collapse of the Japanese stock market.
  • The dot-com bust in 2000.
  • The rise of Muslim terrorism.
  • And the financial meltdown of 2008.

Dear readers;

Before anything, I must emphasize that my cosmic work is not political nor designed to endorse or refute any politicians or your choice to elect a president. My work is designed to upgrade your spiritual, psychical perception of a subtle reptilius phenomenon too sinister and too controversial to accept!

dr. turi

I am a modern prophet helping you assimilate what a cosmic God will is all about while upgrading your perception to the signs.

Please take the time to watch the very long video, Bill Bonner’s firm predicted news; then comeback to read my eye opening article. However let me warn you, if you were born with Saturn (fear principle) in Taurus (money) or if your 2nd or 8th house of corporate money (investment) is badly affected, be sure FEAR will take over your body, mind and soul and you will join Bill Bonner’s “2.5 millions gullible private subscribers!”

Knowing the super moon matured November 14th, 2016 in the sign of Taurus (Merrill Lynch/money/banks/stock market) I decided to elaborate on the cosmic code effects, or God cosmic will for your benefit.

Yesterday, billions of people all over the world were mesmerized by the beauty of a super moon in perigee (very close the earth), meantime 99.9% of the spectators; including the Astronomy matrix (The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA) have absolutely no idea to what this specific lunation will bring to the world and to themselves at a personal level!

Suicidal, lost souls victimized by the scientific matrix indoctrination are NASA’s “One-way trip to Mars and the 78000 signed up morons” and what Trump politics represents to foreigners.Yet designed to benefit the corporate, reptilius infected matrixes, and who really cares about the “collateral damage!”  

With the SHOCKING anticipated win of Trump presidential election, many in the world are wondering about the US capitalism and if conservatism will reign supreme, improve, spread over Europe  or die withing the few years to come!  Le Pen: Trump win helps me! Can Europe survive the Trump effect?


Trump SHOCKING news ahead. Super Moon effects will last years to come…More predictions! The upcoming lunation will fall on Trump’s natal Dragon, making December an interesting month where he will have to battle his urge to tweet too much and engaging the press who could mess with his presidency before it begin. But Trump is a DUAL and nothing can or will happen only once with him but this particular lunation, his words and decisions will affect foreigners and foreign affairs in the US and abroad. There is much more in store for him that I can only describe with another quatrain!

RESULTS: Update 12/03/16   Risking China’s wrath, Dr. Turi’s Trump critical predictions unfolding?

 Update 01/12/16  Trump stakes his negotiating credibility * Can Europe survive the Trump effect?

Update: 12/09/2016: Obama orders review into Russian hacking of 2016 electionPresident Barack Obama has ordered a full review into 2016 election hacking by the Russians, Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser Lisa Monaco said Friday.”

Smile,rise lies can blind many

Truth hurt 14 big tree to fall noise

Secrets in dark to light 24 arise

Cold friends wire spoke evil

Clinton urged to challenge Russian rigged 2016 US election

The article “Secret Service whisks Trump – ASSASSINATION PREDICTIONS!”  include another vision I can only hope will never come to pass…

All I can do is to keep refreshing the mind of all my readers that I saw it all well before the “SHOCKING” anticipated elections and warn all gullible Americans of facts they could not handle too well… From “ELECTION DAY November 8th 2016 SOS TO THE WORLD!” posted 10/17/2016.

The title alone above is a very serious warning so many Americans did not react to or even accept as true today! 

Memo “and Russia will make big time news too!  A suivre.”

Bipartisan group of senators calls for probe of Russian role in 2016 US elections

Update 12/12/2016: (CNN) A bipartisan quartet of high-profile senators said Sunday that “recent reports of Russian interference in our election should alarm every American,” as President-elect Donald Trump sharpened his unprecedented attacks on US intelligence agencies. The group — two Republicans and two Democrats — called for an investigation into American intelligence agencies’ conclusion that Russian hacking was intended to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.

More predictions: Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis Public – Dec 01, 2016 ” TRUMP NEWS December will seal Trump’s fate! SHOCKING PREDICTIONS – December 2016 daily guidance and predictions and all others personal and universal forecasts are ready for your eyes. December will seal Trump’s fate! 

But again, my work can only serve the smarter,curious people, or those able to assimilate a cosmic work that is designed to serve spiritually inclined future generations.

At a personal level, this lunation will be felt by the house and sign it fall in and Terania will soon produce the universal forecasts for next month. If you need more information or direction, the Super Moon Super deal is over but the cosmic code VIP subscribers are entitled to the discounts offered on readings…  SUPER MOON PREDICTIONS 

  Secret Service whisks Trump – ASSASSINATION PREDICTIONS!
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Update 01/12/16  Trump stakes his negotiating credibility * an Europe survive the Trump effect?


In fact I have yet to write another article for French citizens titled “Le Futur de la France et de Marine Le Pen.” Thus the main effects of this special lunation in the sign of Taurus is all geared toward universal  security and scary world wide monetary situation. 

 I created and experienced the real American Dream in the US since 1984 but this is no denying America is also a young, religious, conservative and racist country at heart fighting its own demons! Incidentally, the very next day, my comment about  racism in the US was confirmed!

Unlike some Europeans, the vast majority of Americans are not spiritual or curious enough to understand the values found in predictive astrology. Even with my unarguable, dated, printed, published predictions on many radios and television programs. More in “Le Futur de la France et de Marine Le Pen.

In fact, the entire focus point of the 2016 election was about money and security, followed by a super moon in the sign of Taurus. And this was NO ACCIDENT! And to have an outsider  billionaire like Trump  leading the mad march of changes is no accident either!

Right from the get-go, (or last June) Trump was unconsciously lead by the reptilius; to fulfill their negative agenda who bring a very high level of insecurity and fear to all US residents then on to all emigrants of the world… “A suivre when you become a VIP!”

Obama: Trump tapped into a ‘troubling’ strain

The  fear of foreigners invading the US and Europe is a powerful stimulant to gain popular votes. But instead of concentrating on hundreds of thousands of people fleeing reptilius infected dictators, it would be better off fighting and destroying ISIS and all their infected leaders once and for all instead.

In doing so, mean stopping those “cursed foreigners” from ever leaving their homelands by choice or else die facing the cold ocean to aim for a different life or stay alive.

But the reality is; those underdeveloped countries needs billions of dollars from under the table and open / hidden sale of arms and  ammunition to fight for their freedom. All produced by the mob and by politically stable countries like the US and Europe! When the people of earth let down other people of earth, only the reptilius infected greedy corporations win; not tomorrows generation.

Trump is a billionaire who never suffered a day of his life. He was spoiled all along benefiting from a very wealthy stable family who left him millions to start his business. Trump could care less about foreigners’ need to survive another day at sea or those killed at home or mistreated, even abused on foreign grounds.

Being French myself and raised around Muslims and other foreigners, all were escaping Europe and the Middle East’s cold misery, I realize also those people are abusing a socialist system that was designed ONLY for the French!

And I while I understand too how the “red necks” feel and you can’t blame them for trying to save their country or national identity!  But there’s more than building a wall. It wont stop all bad Mexican citizens or terrorists not to cross our borders, regardless of the technology and boots on the ground needed to stop the flow.

Though it worked for Trump to get the power he strive for. The situation seem critical for the survival and identity crisis experienced all over the world, not only the US and Europe! Trump seem to have made a serious mistake in his drive for power and endangered his entire family. He is also very aware and scared of it!

But evil souls will not hesitate to kill anyone close to hurt their intended target! Trump has it all, super wealth and quite a lot of power. He wanted more but be sure, like any loving father his kids are everything and mean more than his wealth and the power he strive for. We can only pray and hope nothing dramatic will ever happen to the Trump’s family.

But all about Trump’s family’s oversize life is dramatic and much more so now than before, especially in the weeks, months and years to come during his presidency!

Never underestimate the rogue force and the evil will of the criminal element seeking or avoiding changes!”  Secret Service whisks Trump – ASSASSINATION PREDICTIONS!

Some Americans agree and some disagree with Trump’s political aims and promises. I am totally for Trump and for the proposed changes if Trump stars are supportive of his, America and the world’s progressive fate!

But there is no saying until the people experience his dramatic fate and bad luck with and on foreign grounds.  He is currently the puppet of Russian Vladimir Putin aim for Russia. But again there is only so much I divulge of the divine and avoid the repercussions of offering the undiluted truth to the people. Clinton, FBI, Trump, Snowen and Russia…

 Thus Trump MUST compromise drastically and try as hard as he can to reunite America first. In fact this is what will assure him and his family, including his party both success and security.  And this is what I hope too for the US and the world’ sake.

I have been living and prospered greatly in the US since 1984. This country gave much more than my natal France ever could! And I am so happy and proud to live, feel, think and talk like an American today!

Hillary Clinton was infected and lied to us all. Trump is a DUAL, and an egocentric liar who changes his mind every two minutes, yet I understand both politicians UCI’s. And that is what my work is designed to offer my readers. Helping you to bypass your fears, bypass your cosmic ignorance, your religious or atheist like skeptical zone and upgrade your perception of the divine by reading Donald Trump president? – Bernie Sanders for president? 

I am not God. I am only translating the universal hieroglyph and back in February 2014 I did not see Clinton engage nor win the election… Dr. Turi’s Predictions and Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Run!  And regardless of the shocking results, if I was right nearly 3 years ago! If so, maybe you should heed my warnings about Trump too!

This is exactly what my vision entails and fully explained in “Trump, Clinton wage scorched reptilius infected debate and Donald Trump’s fate, KKK, Dr. Turi’s Visions of the Future of America …

Indeed the stars may not have supported Trumps’ election but the human will (helped by Russia hackers) did the job! Thus a Cosmic God did not grace humanity because humanity and America’s karmic work is not over just yet!” 

And all this insecurity and political commotion steers more greedy infested soul to the action. After watching this long, scary video I felt I should expose a seriously reptilius infected Bill Bonner’s Firm for what they really are…

A fear mongering organization, designed to tap on the current world events; to lure as many people as possible to sign up to their savior financial agenda. And the world is loaded with such infected people and infected organizations. All endorsing the reptilius negative trend agenda regardless of the consequences; for misusing the supra-conscious creative and destructive forces they could never under understand.

There are too many unconscious “Talking Heads” i.e.  David Icke, the reptilius human slave! unaware of the psychical poisoning imparted upon their petrified listening audiences…

But greed and the reptilius agenda can not be stopped just yet, and all those people attract each others making tons of money feeding on your fears. Thus my cosmic work and my warnings about the reptilius universal psychical invasion serve no real purposes today. My work is rejected, ridicule and obliterated. But the only way available to me to pass on those cosmic truths via the internet .

We are not all doomed yet. We are each in charge of our common destiny and each one must acknowledge and fight the reptilius above. Yet, while one should open up and conceive God cosmic identity to use the godly creative power inherited at birth productively, not all can.

Introducing the world to cosmic consciousness

More beasts are unleashed and like blood thirty  hyenas they will try all in their power to lure you into the fearful, reptilius agenda slowly consuming humanity.  Here is another example of a reptilius infested organization…

The more financial fears Bill elaborate on (and constantly push down your throat) such as;  “a potential financial collapse, how dependent  you are to the government, benefit cut off, riots, political gangs, daily explosions, the stock market failure, cyber attacks, food shortages, ATM’s failure, bond become worthless, Social Security benefits, retirement cut off, Hospital run out of medicine, Tax raid on your property, gas running out, full blown collapse, internet, banks, credit cards failures, prices soaring, Federal reserve collapse, the government shut down the impossibility to use your credit cards, you won’t be able to drive because there is no gas, an incredible crisis where your lives can only be saved by Bill Bonner’s company, read his books and own gold!’

Note the dramatic pictures used all along are designed to scare the hell out of anyone while building more fear and insecurity. Those evil souls are not aware of the human inborn UCI predisposing misinformed people to adhere to “the natural instinct of conservation” and make a greedy winner out of losers.

Indeed this company is so reptilius infected, that I once again must fail idiocy to help you rise above fears that the reptilius agenda in need of chaos to survive!

I decided to use this video as a sample on how the reptilius operate first in the body, mind and souls of the greedy corporate leaders, (and all negative talking heads) infecting your own life. The reptilius agenda is not a joke and quite obvious but emotions and fears are used and designed to stop you using critical thinking to fight them back into the black holes where they came from…   Help to fight the reptilius

While Mr. Bonner tells you he accumulated 2.5 millions gullible private subscribers, he is a best selling author and did many television and radio shows appearances, his Facebook “Agora Companies” got only 8000 likes?

On to the truth now… Where are those documented or dated recent predictions? Anyone can write predictions about world events but what about putting the green where the mouth his and offer specifics  like I do.

  • The fall of the Soviet Union. If you Goggle “Russia Dr. Turi” you will get a few articles mentioning Russia, i.e. Predictions – Vladimir Puttin A Plea for WAR From Russia
  • The collapse of the Japanese stock market.
  • The dot-com bust in 2000.
  • And the financial meltdown of 2008.
  • The rise of Muslim terrorism.

While all  our  “friends” are ignoring the most accurate guest they ever had on national radio and television, all of the above came to pass because of one single prediction I made on Art Bell show back in 1991!

And yes, the show it is still on You tube. While my very powerful corporate internet enemies fired me from all media, this video survived… US/IRAQ WAR PREDICTED 03/26/1995 on C2C – YouTube

Incidentally the technological control exercised over my cosmic work is designed to make sure the number of viewers never rise. Note also this video was posted in 2008 and got only 4500 views, yet I have been mentioning this video on all my radio and other show since 1995. Indeed people believe what they want.

You can endorse and trust a cosmic unconscious, reptilius infected  Mr. Bonner final and his largest financial collapse in the US history or not, but doing so becomes a subconscious wish stimulated by the reptilius nasty group of ET’s.

You must understand and accept that the incredible exists and UFO’s and ET’s are very real and I can’t be blamed for showing you how to grow psychically and avoid the terrible visions you are CREATING every single day in your very thoughts!

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

Again, humans are not all doomed as you have a choice but you it’s up to you to create a safe, productive, peaceful world if you really understand the supra-conscious and share my message.

While  my articles are challenging or even scary to some readers, unless you come out of your own religiously poisoned, skeptical or atheist like, traditionally “educated” zones; the golden keys to what it mean to be human will always escape you! My book “Beyond The Secret” might help you to open the divinity of an eternal cosmic entity we call God.

You will never find my books in top sellers list of NY because the reptilius, through my Internet enemies wont allow my messages to ascend against their corrupted educational system.

Yet my work is only for those smarter. And the reptilius will make sure you chose and stay with fictional work only, i.e. Harry Potter!

Fictional books do not challenge the mind, vex or offend the reader, or force people to think for themselves. They are designed to take you in a fictional world, lead you into an imaginative voyage to forget reality! I’ve tried to read such material but I can’t because I am a writer, not a reader. I am a leader of the mind not a follower!

This is why religious material are so successful to the mentally, lazy gullible mass.  Believing and faith does not demand much mental gymnastics, something that  could improve  mental capacity and offer sound judgement. Only those real truth seekers have an option to become students of the divine or join our VIP’s list.

“The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought” Dr. Turi

The future is already here!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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