Viking Sunstone Secret Revealed – Reptilius Warning “Molech” Children Sacrifices is Back!

November 8, 2019

Following  five Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Dr. Turi was led  by ET’s  to uncover the secrets of the cosmic core. Commissioned by the Galactic Federation of Grand Cosmic Order to rekindle humanity Cosmic Consciousness, make astonishing predictions and heal earthlings body, mind and soul.

Viking Sunstone

A Viking legend tells of a glowing “sunstone” that, when held up to the sky, revealed the position of the sun even on a cloudy day. It sounds like magic, but scientists measuring the properties of light in the sky say that polarizing crystals – which function in the same way as the mythical sunstone – could have helped ancient sailors to cross the northern Atlantic.

Dear readers;

While our infantile scientific community will offer you rational and plausible answers to this mysterious solar phenomenon, the same very people could never accept ET’s connection with those old, wild and courageous warriors…  

In  the article titledWhy reptilius or Draconis ET’s groups choose you!” I explained how gold (love/light/sun/life) representing the Sun’s energy (life giver force #1 in all solar systems,) is channeled by the benevolent Draconis to regenerate and guide humans on earth. Wearing this precious metal offer both protection and magnetize certain human beings to attract those progressive group of ET’s. 

But the possibilities offered by the Draconis using the Sun does not stop at building great technology to help humanity but also guided the Vikings lost “in the darkness” or during cloudy days at sea in finding their way…

Draco the incredible ET’s working through my spirit told me, the Draconis answered the deep prayers of  good Vikings fishermen navigating the oceans. The same crystals were also used later on by the warriors guiding them to find new continents by looking through those “Sun Stones.”

 Once again, do not expect the scientific community to remotely accepting the reality of ET’s stimulating the mind of Vikings to navigate vast oceans safely…

While the Draconis are active helping humanity psychical growth so are the reptilius stimulating the mind of infected priests to create deadly cults…  Remember ALL 875 religions (and cults) were created by the reptilius.

Moloch (also Molech, Milcom, or Malcam) is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, through fire or war. The name Moloch results from a dysphemic vocalisation in the Second Temple period of a theonym based on the root mlk, “king”

Tourists that visit the Colosseum in Rome these days are getting quite a shock.  A gigantic statue of a pagan Canaanite deity known as “Molech” has been erected right at the entrance.  In ancient times, those that served Molech would literally sacrifice their children to him, and apparently this involved burning them to death.  And now a massive statue of this pagan idol is the centerpiece of a new “archaeological exhibition” at the world famous Roman Colosseum.  Yes, the exact same Colosseum where countless numbers of Christians were martyred for their faith is now the home for one of the most monstrous pagan deities that the world has ever seen.

Image result for “Molech”

Molech is represented by the earthy sign of Taurus (the bull/money/banks/control/Switzerland) and represent how, through indoctrination and fear humans are controlled to endorse the reptilius agenda. Remember those nasty entities need fear, chaos, death and drama to survive and grow in “Dark Matter.” 

In this case the enlightening, warming regenerative forces of the Sun were misused by the reptilius burning children through religious sacrifices. 

Once again, while the Draconis are using the Sun positively to help humanity, the reptilius do the opposite by stimulating the mind of infected, greedy, power angry demented priests and stimulated them to create deadly cults within their own malicious religious beliefs… 

Its all about opposite and polarity, the Sun represent the Sign of Leo (love, gold, light, France, Italy, children) but its opposite, or too much love becomes obsession and “burn” the person with too much care through possessiveness and jealousy which impose a total control over the subject.

Note also vitamin D found in the Sun and can improve both your physical and spiritual health and, as I was writing this sentence, my little dogie Lady begged me to take her outside… Like humans animals also need the Sun, thus I took this as another obvious omen sent to me by Draco talking to her to confirm my cosmic wisdom about the Sun.

When I asked her to comeback in the house, she did not budge…

Let me enjoy the Sun for a while Daddy!

The loving forces of the Sun were exaggerated and misapplied by the reptilius who uses various cosmic winds (My SOS to the world deadly windows) to burn everything they touch.  My new 2020 Nostradamus Personal and Universal forecast start with this quatrain my friend… Be prepared!

Posted to the world June 12, 2013 


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Written by Dr. Turi 4/10/2018


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Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance for November 2019

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The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony. — Dr. Turi

2019  Third SUPERNOVA window –  From 10/21/19 through 12/12/19

Related image

Mercury retrograde is a phase that happens about 3-4 times a year. Each destructive “window” is operational for three to four weeks, thus caution is strongly advised during this period.   Chain reaction accidents, Heavy loss of lives due to nature’s devastating forces, aeronautical disasters and structural damage is to be expected. Once more, realize that we do not use traditional dates found in popular ephemera. Years of practical observations lead my husband to extend the Mercury retrograde motion and period of time.

Mars in Libra 

October 4th – November 19th, 2019

Lady Justice statue carrying scale and sword.

Mars is frustrated in Libra, and that’s why it’s classified as being in detriment here. Mars is the planet of action, but in Libra, that impulse remains dormant, until the situation is mentally weighed. 

The simple truth is that Mars impulsive, flashy and urgent. Mars wants to act freely. But with Mars in Libra, the Scales are also in action, and it’s a heady dilemma. 

To act with Mars Libra, first all possible options for responding get tossed around. And this can lead to a passive approach, where actions never go beyond the idea stage.

There’s a lot of pent-up energy here, that can lead to provoking others, in order to get the desired response.

Power Time Is When Mars Is in Libra

You have an innate ability to act with harmony in mind. What others do looms large, and is the force against which you assert yourself, and discover what you’re made of. Your Mars polarity is Aries, the sign that acts on the fly, and with raw force. For you, things like style, timing, and etiquette factor in. 

Hitting the right tone, and restoring balance, is your motivation.

What Lights Your Fire

If this is your Mars Zodiac Sign:  You agitate for beauty, artistry, balance, and justice in the world. You’ve got Mars sign that works best when part of a collaborative effort, especially a power duo. 

You feel flat when going totally solo, without at least a sounding board. You’re sparked when there’s someone to play off, be inspired by, react to, refine your views with, etc. You react to the energy of others – you can be especially drained by uninspired people. 

Your creativity is aimed at taking discord, conflict-ions, paradoxes, and turning it into a work of Art. You’re roused to action when things are out of whack, and love to champion a just cause. Whether it’s in art, business, law, design, your innate sense of harmony guides you to make a difference in your field, and be a leader.

Your Sexual Nature

For you, the seduction starts in the mind, and a good rapport is key. Love notes and thoughtful, romantic acts put you in the mood. You like good manners, what in other times might be called being a gentleman, or a refined lady. 

You might have an idealized attitude to intimacy that falls short in the actual deed. And yet, you’re not one to dwell on carnal pleasure or make it the primary focal point. However, it’s often noted that Mars Libra natives are able to unlock the sexual passion of a partner. That’s a bonus since you’re already so charming and easy to talk to.


You’re one to go with the flow of intimacy, as long as the setting hits the right note. Romance and all its promises of true love are what keep you open to the sexual connection with someone. Your standards are high, and you’re turned off by rude, lowbrow or bullying type behavior. Your sexual style is languid, graceful and mirroring, with a desire to please your beloved.

Quality and Element

Cardinal – Air…

Venus in Scorpio Is Here to Fix All Your Relationships

October 9th – November 1st, 2019

Image result for venus in scorpio

In astrology, Venus is the loveliest planet of all! It rules over some of your favorite things—love, beauty, pleasure, and money–and whatever sign Venus is currently in shifts and changes the way you feel about these things at the moment. For the past few weeks, Venus has been in its favorite sign of Libra,making it easier to flirt, small-talk with strangers, and generally get along well with everyone. That’s all about to change, because on Sunday, September 9 at 5:24 AM EST, Venus dips into the deep waters of passionate and intense Scorpio.

Scorpio has a reputation for being very extreme, and for good reason! The all-or-nothing water sign is emotionally-driven and obsessed with authenticity. The friendly and sometimes superficial vibes of Venus in Libra are thrown out the door in lieu of deeper connections and intimacy now that Venus is in Scorpio.

Scorpio is also the sign of transformation, so connecting with your partner becomes a vastly in-depth affair, and your aim is to become as close as possible. The conversations you have will get you to both completely open up to each other. The feelings you have for others will be stronger than ever too, so watch out for Venus in Scorpio’s darker manifestations such as jealousy or possessiveness.

You definitely have stronger sexual feelings for others, too, as Venus moves through one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac. Time spent in the bedroom is unforgettable. Your intuition and instincts are heightened, so your body’s timing and reactions are lined up perfectly with your lover’s. Giving and receiving pleasure has never been so easy, and you entangle your mind, body, and soul with your partner’s.

New Moon — October 27, 2019 in Scorpio:

Image result for scorpio astrology

This lunation in Scorpio promises to be very dramatic for many people. A New Moon is usually positive. Thus after any form of death, there is always a new life in store for all of us.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, rules this sign and all affairs related to finance, health, sex, secrets, death, war, drama and law enforcement will be on the rise. Expect tragedy of all sorts to take place this month, where all the devil’s spirits will be invited to a macabre dance of horror.

This will be one of the most difficult lunation this year where one must realize one’s limits. The trend will play an important part in your life, where impartial judgment from above and below will take place.

Watch for friends and family members too, the stars will force them into new sections of their lives. Expect serious restructuring to take place in your health, working life, relationships and the world at large will be affected.

Many people and countries may be forced to realize the hard lessons of determination, cruelty, and death. The emphasis is on death and the potential for a rebirth in experiences, strength, and newfound wisdom to perform and live accordingly.

Have faith and promote love, peace and respect for all. Never forget, the future is nothing other than the reincarnation of our common thoughts. Remember, knowledge is power and there is no room for ignorance with the stars.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – This lunation will affect your corporate money, take chances but be wise.
Taurus – This New Moon may affect your emotional or business related partners.
Gemini – Improvement in your service to the world, health, good opportunities are ahead.
Cancer – Love, romance, and children; all should shine in these areas for you soon.
Leo – Great news from home and a solid opportunity to buy, sell, or move soon.
Virgo – Results of hard work will pay off, still another great study or a trip is ahead.
Libra – A contract or Legal endeavor may turn to your side. 
Scorpio – This lunation is on you, you cannot loose if you try hard enough. 
Sagittarius – Your intuition will become very clear, a deep study may be ahead of you.
Capricorn – A younger or older friend may grant one of your dearest wishes.
Aquarius – Better progress in your business ahead.
Pisces – A trip to the past, a deep study, and foreign affairs shine on you.

Note: Attention, Pluto is back with us. Don’t be a victim of the Lord of Hell and be aware of Pluto’s destructive power. As always, use extreme caution in all you do. Better think twice before saying or acting on impulse the reptilius will own you if you don’t! Anything you say or do under his power will follow you for the rest of your life.

More than ever use diplomacy, as whatever you do now will have very serious repercussions. Expect secrets to be divulged, affairs of sex, and nature’s devastating forces to be at work Killers, rapists, psychotics, and the worst of society will become active.

While Pluto reigns, you’d better stay home and let the ignorant be killed. This is the time to really pay attention and make good use of my work. If you are a police officer, be very careful out there. As usual, if you know someone who is working for the police force or deals with a life and death situations, make this person aware of the power of the stars. You may save this person’s life.

Just point out these Moon Power excerpts and the person won’t be skeptical for long, once the drama unfolds. Time to think of investing and offering the real wisdom and true guidance found in Moon Power to someone for whom you care.

Image result for pluto dog gif

“He who reigns himself and rules his passion, desire, and fear, is more than a king.”
— Goethe

Image result for goethe


Image result for pagan happy halloween

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The Real Plutonic Story of Halloween outside of Christianity Decept…

Halloween – Should You Fear Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo?

Click to watch DT talk about our 2014 trip, to: Carlsbad Caverns: Home of Pluto…

SUN., MON., TUES.,WED., THU. — OCTOBER 27,28,29,30,31: RULERS — Pluto (death/drama) and Jupiter (religion)

Work, Career and Business: You are now walking on fire! You’d better use all the “savoir faire” you know if you are to go through this lunation without trouble. A serious wake-up call will come to many abusers, as the heavy hand of karma will fall on them. Businesses or corporations will be forced into restructures, and those who don’t fit the bill will have to go. The possibility to lose (and rebuild) it all will be a serious consideration for some karmic souls.

Partnerships: The offensive secret life of a person may surface; you may learn something valuable about a partner. Whatever you find out, do not divulge the secret. Stinky moneymaking schemes will play an important part of this trend; listen to your intuition in all you do. Stay clear of dark alleys; your life hangs upon your awareness. Many people will learn the hard way these days. The Moon is New; but even so, know your limitations, as nasty happenings can and will take place under Pluto’s power.

Family and Friends: Do not expect relatives to be diplomatic during this trend, especially if the family is experiencing financial stress. Do not fall for Pluto’s destructive or sarcastic remarks; words of love and support will pay off in the end. Be ready for dramatic news from someone close to you. Whatever happens, be strong; life must go on as Pluto has important work to do and he is part of a celestial design imposed by God. Time to further my work and offer knowledge to those you care for by letting them read these cosmic winds.

Love Affairs: Secret affairs of sex and passion may be divulged to the public, forcing people to take a stand in destroying and rebuilding relationships. This might happen to you too. In any case use tons of diplomacy to save unwanted trouble in your love life. If you are a water sign or have any planet in Scorpio, be ready for a wake-up call of some form. Stay clear of any new relationship and stick with the old one or refrain from social interaction until the Moon and you will be safe.

Travel and Communication: Expect news pertaining to secrets, sex, the police force, and medical discoveries. Be careful of what you do or say during this trend. Drive carefully; stay clear of strangers and strange places. Be ready for dramatic news to disturb the media.

Environment: Pluto will have fun destroying it all, remember he belongs to the divine celestial family and has a specific work to do. His dramatic impact on earth (and people) is needed. What Pluto demolishes he also gives the opportunity to rebuild even stronger and better. Be ready for dramatic news with the police and nature’s forces soon.

From: /// Thu, 1 May 1997 23:43:290500(CDT)To: – Subject: Earthquakes — Dear Dr. Turi, I posted a note on alt.astrology that cited the 6.7 quake off the coast of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean. I included it under the rather “nasty” piece of mail that someone sent indicating that they believed your window of probability for April 30 to be invalid. Not that I think you need defending, as I have found your work very compelling. I just thought I’d let you know — in case you didn’t — that you were “right again.” On the late night of April 30, the 6.7 quakes took place. ~Mary

Famous Personalities: Some famous people will be called back to God. Many famous spoiled children get involved with the wrong crowd and some are found shot to death along a road. Pluto doesn’t care if he deals with the rich and famous or common folks.
Events: Hopefully knowledgeable Jupiter will slow Pluto’s rampage and thirst for blood. Under his power many jealous souls lose control and kill or injure people.

Shopping: All water and earth signs will see important parts of their businesses or financial lives taking a specific direction within this lunation. In addition, Jupiter is with us too, so the worst might be avoided under his protection. A visit to your local church to pray for Pluto’s victims will do you well. Do not invest in weapons; if you do, you might have to use them later. Anything bought now that can be used for metaphysics will bring unusual power to you. Take a chance on the online Astropsychology home course, and get a SUPER DEAL by e-mailing Terania at: to learn all we teach…

FRI.,SAT.,SUN. — NOVEMBER 1,2,3: RULERS —  Saturn (Rules/government):

Work, Career and Business: With the waxing Moon upon us, opportunities to rebuild the damage inflicted by Pluto will be offered to the valiant. Be ready for a restructure of a portion of your business, these changes could also affect your emotional life.  Take chances, sign contracts, travel and promote your career while the moon is on your side.

Partnerships: Saturn’s gloomy attitude may make you feel insecure about life in general.  Don’t taint those close to you; put a smile on your face; caution in relationships is advised.  You may find yourself forced to help someone; if you feel like saying no, don’t feel guilty about it.  This publication’s purpose is to help and guide those who need help on a daily basis.  If your partner becomes too heavy, mention my work and release yourself from guilt.  Work towards your heart’s desire with a practical mind.  Saturn wants you to go and find all the answers yourself.  Don’t be too concerned about doing everything perfectly; you can only do your best.  Use or learn computers to make life and your business easier and don’t be afraid of technology.

Family and Friends: Share your feelings about a difficult situation with a family member or a trusted friend, but don’t be pessimistic about the end.  With benevolent Jupiter, a trip close to nature with the children will regenerate your soul.  A trip to your local church on Sunday could give you a sense of faith in the creator and in yourself.  Some juveniles may ask questions about life. Help them to think differently inform them outside of religion and take chances on their spiritual natures, they will love it.

Love Affairs: Being cautious in relationships is always a good thing; be sure to take your time before committing your heart.  Expect a significant development with marriage or divorce unfolding with some karmic relationships close to you.  If you happen to suffer one at the present time, don’t stress yourself and be patient.  Sooner or later it will all be gone and you will find a well-deserved peace of mind and true love with a suitable partner.  If you were born under the sign of Leo, a Sagittarius or an Aries will be attracted to you.

Travel and Communication: This is the perfect time to make travel arrangements if you have to be away from home. after the Full Moon.  Be easy on a person who may be quite troublesome; use diplomacy, or the situation could turn nasty, even against you.  Your presence may be requested for a gathering, and a wise person may play an important part in a critical decision. Enjoy the road and keep your eyes on the signs.

Environment: Sad news may come from foreign countries experiencing problems with terrorism and emigrations.  With benevolent Jupiter’s energy still around us these days, some “saviors” may become active in respect to their religious convictions or for nature.

Famous Personalities: Your management or some important government figures will impose some new rules.  An old person will make his voice heard to the younger generation.  The message will bring a new beginning for the children’s education.

Events: Saturn always involves Government news, such as the terrible explosion directed at an administrative building on April 19th, 1995. — Under the same celestial energy, in Oklahoma City, an explosion felt for miles around rocked a downtown federal office building, blowing away an entire 9-story wall and killing scores of people.  Let’s hope nothing of this sort will ever happen again.  

Shopping: Use this trend to find great bargains, just before the festivities or in garage sales.  You could also enjoy shopping at your local antique store with an exuberant friend.  If you have an Indian guide, invest in their works of art to channel spiritual information.  Pets bought now will live long and happy lives and give you tons of love.


RULERS — RULERS: Neptune (Middle East/religion) and Uranus (Explosions/shocking news):

 Work, Career and Business:  The New Moon is still here, making many of us feel happier.  Try to accomplish as much as you can even though you may find it hard to concentrate on the tasks. It’s time to socialize with co-workers and get to know them better.  We are already half way through the month, and accompanying it is a note of serious change and interesting developments.  A business trip or an invitation may lead you to many good contacts.  You will have time to play and mix business with pleasure. 

Family and Friends: Many will be enjoying foreign places and the different cultures of these people.  Expect brothers and sisters to contact you from afar and let yourself be immersed in the great Holiday season.  Children are getting very excited and will be anticipating the upcoming festivities.  With only a few weeks before Xmas, your friends and the family circle will be extremely busy making plans and at the same time enjoying the best of what life has to offer.  People will plan to attend church services responding to Neptune’s religious power.  Many of God’s houses will be crowded and you should double check on your plans to get there on time.  Combined with the New Moon and Neptune, the Christmas spirit of love and preparations will receive its full support from the stars.   Many will participate in volunteer work to provide love and help to the needy.

Love Affairs: As usual with amazing Uranus in charge, avoid impatience and be ready for some surprises.  With Neptune here, control your emotions and your imagination.   The Moon is waxing (positive), so any surprises ahead of you should be of a positive nature.  Many will find love and this new relationship may lead you to a rewarding future.

Travel and Communication:  Your telephone and your mail will bring you all sorts of news and invitations.  The lucky ones will enjoy a trip close to those they love.  Expect news from a brother or sister; get in touch with some of your friends for a good chat.  Remember Neptune is also part of the early festivities and you must not overindulge in eating or drinking.  A quiet walk by the sea will take your spirit high and stimulate your faith.  Many lonely people will feel the depressing power of Neptune and some older souls may call on you for help.  With Neptune’s stressful imagination, many evangelists will stubbornly spew the gospel, and “repent, hell, and the end-times” will be their favorite topics.  The only change ahead is in our consciousness and in new faith based upon the understanding of God’s celestial tools.

Environment: The weather could prove to be very difficult in some places.  Be especially aware around water.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, and volcanic activity is anticipated, especially close to the last Supernova window.

 Famous Personalities:  A fantastic time is to be expected by the efforts of many gifted artists to bring love, joy, and faith to the children of the world.

Events: Neptune may bring disturbing news from religion or the Middle East.  Let’s hope the New Moon will stop anything drastic from happening such as blowing up a church or synagogue somewhere killing innocent people.  Some abortion activists will bring their convictions and trouble with them.  Explosions and surprises are high on the list, watch for suspicious and suicidal people around you.  The children could also be adversely affected, watch them closely.

Shopping: Those days belong to the children and all toys bought now will bring great joy to them on Xmas morning.  You may now also invest safely in anything that can be used around water or any survival gear.

Full Moon — October 12, 2019 in Taurus: Disturbing news from ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////This Full Moon will also shed some light on the ////////////////////////////////////////////////

Image result for taurus astrology

 Lunation impact on all signs:

 Aries – ////////////////

Taurus – ////////////////////

Gemini – ////////////////

Cancer – /////////////

Leo – //////////////

Virgo – /////////////////

Libra – //////////////

Scorpio – /////////////////////

Sagittarius – ///////////////

Capricorn – //////////

Aquarius – ///////////////

Pisces – ///////////

 SAT., SUN., MON., TUE.,WED.,THU.. — NOVEMBER 9,10,11,12,13,14,15:

RULERS — Mars (Danger/action) Mercury (Travel/sales) and Venus (Love/presents):


November 2019 moon transits…

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November 2019 SOS to the world deadly windows

Better be prepared or suffer the penalty!



“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom” Paracelsus


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