‘Voice’ singer Christina Grimmie dead – REPTILIUS at work!


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“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.”– Matthew 13.13

Dear readers;

This article was published 6/11/2016 and reflect the veracity of my predictive work and the reality of a group of nefarious ET’s inducing dreadful “accidents” against children.  I understand how scary, painful and extraordinary my “revelations” are about those entities and why people would rather ridicule, ignore or even mute me from all social medias!

Learn more about the reptilius universal infestation and realize the possibility is not made up! I am a real UFO’s contactee also rejected by the UFO’s community! Looking for answers on UFOs, aliens “Phenomena” and Dr. Turi

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When I tell you the reptilius are after famous people and your children you must pay attention to my endless warnings or you will become part of the statistics…

Update: 3/9/2017


Twenty-nine people — mostly teenage girls — were killed after a fire tore through a youth home in San Jose Pinula, Guatemala.

The rational skeptics are not allowed in the higher spheres of Supra-Cosmic Consciousness because, as imposed by God cosmic Divinity, their underdeveloped UCI is forbidding the access… Only wiser, spiritually advanced older souls can access the archetypal realm of such mystical consciousness! 

All I can do is to keep posting the dreadful news until you realize how vulnerable your children are using technology and falling into the infected spirit of child molesters, rapists and killers. It does take a refined mind to realize “famous people “Bieber and Children” are interconnected in the news and this confirm my claims so many young religious or atheist souls are unwilling or unable to accept!  

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‘Voice’ singer Christina Grimmie dead – REPTILIUS at work!

Christina Grimmie 2014.jpg

Christina Grimmie

On June 10, 2016, Grimmie was shot three times while signing autographs after a performance at The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida. The unidentified gunman then fatally shot himself after being tackled by her brother Mark.[44] Grimmie was taken to a hospital in critical condition; her death was confirmed on June 11

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 Like all souls born in March and September, (Justin Bieber was born in March!) Christina became another victim of reptilius infected lost souls. Yet, 99.9% of an unconscious religious or atheist society could never accept the facts of deadly entities stealing the mind and forcing infected humans to kill others. And if you spend enough time on Facebook, you will recognize dangerous infected souls’ vitriolic all over.

This madness is all over and will get much worse in the future, especially if we don’t get more support to battle those entities using the stars to get you killed!

Incidentally, Christina was under one of her 2016 negative window dates which made her very vulnerable to suffer a premature death. The reptilius are cosmic conscious, they are using the Cosmic Code, and humans are not! Furthermore religious or atheist convictions make it much easier for those entities to stop your curiosity and all possessed lost souls to kill human indiscriminately!

Grimmie was born  March 12, 1994 and her gruesome assassination confirm a warning I wrote back in February 2013, something the  majority of the world can not either accept nor comprehend.


Dragon Forecast 2015
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How will this dragon get you and your loved ones? Knowing about it can make the difference between becoming a victim of the reptilius or not. But will you be curious and smart enough or let skepticism or fears override your curiosity?

Those nefarious entities are the reasons to why so many people are already dead and (famous or not) many more will join them. The symptoms of a reptilius infestation are obvious and involve depressions, addictions, dementia, extreme jealousy,  confusion, a strong drive to kill or commit suicide. It is no accident for Kimbo Slice to die prematurely too.

“Orlando Police Chief John Mina told reporters Saturday that the 21-year-old gunman, whose name he did not release, didn’t know Grimmie personally and appears to be a deranged fan.”

The young “deranged” man was born in 1995 with a Plutonic UCI, making him extremely dangerous, suicidal and also vulnerable to a reptilius infection. But the FBI is not interested in investigating the art and science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics to save lives by anticipating terrorist activity… SHAME ON THE FBI DIRECTORS. Only a few concerned intuitive cops and FBI agents are privately learning from us!

 “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC). 

“Hippocrates of Cos or Hippokrates of Kos, was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, philosopher, naturalist, astrophile and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.” Did Hippocrate got a Nobel Prize?

I do not expect traditionally educated doctors to remotely understand a Soul Doctor or his methodology, nor accept the deep psychological changes taking place in the infected perpetrators’ hijacked psyches.

No one is safe ‘Shield’ actor gets 40 years for murder and if you wonder why the world is going insane, or why there is an explosion of murders and suicides, you may want to pay more attention to my cosmic work to find real answers.

While there are millions of “psychic Twins” or Mrs Cleo’s using deceptive Facebook corporate astrology and tarot websites, no intelligent human beings should trust those people’s “guidance” or anything spiritual designed “For Entertainment Purposes Only!“…  “Police warn of astrology and psychic fraud! Stay with the Pros!

The same NAVY “educated idiocy” blaming hot or cold weather for technology failures enunciate also how far humanity has gone from God Cosmic Divinity…”Britain’s Royal Navy warships’ Elites STUPIDITY!

And muting my voice is not doing any good for humanity either!… “Howard Hughes and Dr. Turi’s May 27, 2016 predictions, part THREE!.”

The rational reasons offered by the police and their army of “experts” to why this lost soul killed Christina are endless but the core of this person’s dementic and horrific actions can never be blamed upon a phenomenon none of them can accept nor comprehend.

The same reasons to why ISIS is easily luring so many Plutonic and Neptunian born souls to join and die for their causes… “The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism by Dr. Turi.”

Sometimes, looking at the humongous “scientific” stupidity and lack of perception around me,  I don’t think I was born on the right planet! But so far it seem I am the only one smart enough to bypass the traps of such a dense physical world!

Infected people are everywhere and have been responsible for humanity’ suffering since for ever… Sources: Whitman likens Trump to Hitler. And while I warned America of Trump being the results of an infected “Hitler’s Spiritual Legacy,” not many take me seriously.

Donald Trump for President, Dr. Turi’s premonition of the legacy of Hitler’ spirit cursing America! | Prophecy

Ben Carson Donald Trump and Hitler Deadly Legacy!
CNN, Trump, Hitler, the Fate of the World and Dr. Turi
Donald Trump, KKK, Dr. Turi’s Visions of the Future of America.
Germany “Heil Hitler” 2014 / 2015 Arian Draconis … 

The reptilius are masters of deception, they can invade your psyche by addicting you to legal or illegal drugs. They use religions, sex, sports, entertainments, science (atheist movement) to stop you asking pertinent questions to what your life is all about… They must own your total attention to the “game” and force you into your “tunnel vision.” Thousands of reptilius infected atheists gather in DC for ‘Reason Rally’

You think college game days are bad …

Police used tear gas for a third straight day in an attempt to disperse rowdy crowds.

 They “hypnotize” the masses and make them behave like animals, they also control the mind of all the elites in charge of those established corporations or movements including those working under their command.

Those aggressive, emotional, unruly infected subhumans are nothing else than peons of the stars and under the reptilius control, yet totally oblivious of this phenomenon…

Nothing must be questioned, they must keep you busy and already have all the pertinent answers for you because their conditioned “teachings” and entertainments are inescapable. The reptilius have infiltrated the US Department of Justice, education, all religious, sports and scientific organizations, the police and force you to think and act as they want!

They trapped your spirit and keep it underground into an informative infected media they also control! All they want is CHAOS,   more fears, more ignorance, more separatism, more misinformation, more idiocy and more wars!

A boy walks past bloodstains and debris at a cafe in Balad, Iraq, that was attacked by ISIS gunmen on Friday, May 13. Twenty people were killed. <a href="http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/17/middleeast/iraq-violence/" target="_blank">ISIS attacks in Iraq</a> have claimed more than 100 lives in the past week.

Analysis: ISIS is only a symptom

The reptilius can only survive with the  “Satanic Black Blood”  of the Prince of Darkness… 

And here we are… Yet I am “technologically” muted from all major public networking sources because of the reptilius infected enemies refuting our torch of light…Google, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi.

Nature is showing signs of serious despair. The wild life is continuously poisoned as the reptilius are using all in their power to destroy humanity. The universe is accelerating drastically and so are the dramatic news involving natural disasters and large earthquakes.

The reptilius need and are using your fears to fulfill their agenda and while I have asked my readers’ support to battle those entities, it doesn’t seem many have done so. And the most ridiculous, funny, entertaining or shocking videos are the ones that go viral on you-tube.

But when it comes to speaking the real God cosmic divinity, not many care. While it is overdue to show humanity how to use the Supra-conscious (God) in a progressive, positive way instead of feeding the reptilius with endless fears…Still mother nature knows best and is the one in charge!

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

Instead of battling me, maybe you should  back us up and join the battle against those deadly entities with the Draconis… “the Gardeners of the world?

There are specific things you can do to immune your body, mind and soul against the reptilius but I don’t think you are that interested or maybe your spirit already trapped to inaction and skepticism?


When the flu wiped out millions

It is not an “accident” for a CNN writer to post such an article or another serious omen of what is to come to a world of cosmic unconscious human. Again, there are no accidents but only cosmic circumstances humanity and science are not aware of and keep ignoring and denying.

Ebola” and Nostradamus Neptunius Religious Draconis Universal Predictions for 2015 (public sample) Share Pls!


  • 1 Expect ////////////////////////////////
  • 2 Neptune ///////////////////////////////////////
  • 3 Hollywood and the movie industry will ///////////////////////////////////////
  • 4 New STD and old diseases will //////////////////////////////////
  • 5 – Posted Above…
  • 6 I am expecting loss of life due to the proliferation of ///////////////////////////////
  • 7 I am expecting a full restructure of the/////////////////////////////////
  • 8 I see angry /////////////////////////////////////
  • 9  I see serious //////////////////////////////
  • 10 I see Las Vegas /////////////////////////////////////
  • 11 I see a full restructure of the //////////////////////////////
  • 12 I see an upsurge of ////////////////////////////////////
  •  13 I see problems ////////////////////////////////////
  • 14 I see a lot of //////////////////////////////////
  • 15 I see a lot more of //////////////////////////////////
  • 16 I see many ////////////////////////
  • 17 I see new ////////////////////////
  • 18 I see a //////////////////////////////////////
  • 19  I see large ///////////////////////////////////
  • 20 I see “political” /////////////////////////////
  • 21 Posted above
  • 22 The ocean will ///////////////////////////
  • 23 Isis will ////////////////////////////
  • 24 /////////////////////


 This elusive Dragon is extremely deceptive and will aim and curse many people born in////////////and ////////// with a strong or weak Neptune in their chart. Thus if you are a //////, a //////, have the moon, a rising a natal or hidden dragon in those signs and begin to feel low in energy, depressed, suicidal and nothing seems to work for you, you are strongly advised to let me help you regenerate your spirit with a consultation.

Science and the world are ill prepared to deal with this poisonous dragon and I want to make sure our VIP’s can reach me all along its control over humanity. Thus the offered saving deals and payment affordability options will last until Neptune release the world or all the way to ////////////

This may change if I get too busy or decide to retire completely and stop working. At 66 I had my share of idiocy fighting the “educated” atheist / scientists and God fearing lost souls who truly believe they know better than God and I. 

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While precise cosmically customized health talismans work miracles to protect and build the 6th house of health, they also negate the 8th house of death and reinforce the subconscious healing power.  Nostradamus, used all sorts of potions made with plants, herbs and flowers he collected in “La Provence” naturally produced by the wild South of France mountains… Talismans, do they really work?

Nostradamus  “The Star lover Doctor” was a fervent student of all erudite men of the past and knew each part of the human body is connected with a zodiacal sign starting with Aries (the head) to Pisces (the feet.)

 Investigating your natal UCI and locate the nefarious planets by signs and houses is the first step to produce a personal powerful talisman or prescribe a natural potions to bring power to the weakest, prone to diseases organs.

While the Astropsychology course teaches the full spectrum of divine medical cosmology, there is no way for me to even begin teach you all the ramifications here.

Each individual is a very complex cosmos in itself and an accurate prognostic and diagnostic demand serious researches on the subject’s cosmic nativity. Meantime if you suffer an headache or break a bone, fixing it is “Universal” wisdom. And this is what I will now offer my VIP’s as as precautionary measure to avoid catching Ebola or any other disease for that matter.

Combined with my////////////////////// the “magical potion” can also help if not eliminate other problems or addiction you may suffer. Sad enough the atheists, agnostics and “educated” scientists alike, will perceive me and all erudite men of antiquity, more as a “oil snake vendor” than a  true gifted “Soul Doctors.”

A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call h…

“Hippocrates of Cos or Hippokrates of Kos, was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, philosopher, naturalist, astrophile and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.” Did Hippocrate got a Nobel Prize?

Now on to all those vital information and, while this educational homeopathic health oriented article and all my predictions are quite extensive,  the reader must take the time to read and assimilate it all.  The following directions are very simple and all ingredients available at any food store…

  • 1 If  you feel depressed and keep degenerating your spirit, you will ///////////////////////infectious diseases. Do not /////////////////////////////
  • 2 Use /////////////if you get sick/////////////////.
  • 3 If you do not want to get sick and avoid Neptune poisoning power//////////////////////////////////
  • 4 Most importantly, switch from ///////////////////
  • 5 Drink ///////////// every morning and add ONE DROP of//////////////, NO sugar, NO honey added only a few drops of/////////////.  Human are machine of habits/////////////
  • 6 ///////////////// has incredible therapeutic values modern science will make sure you know nothing about! In fact Nostradamus used it in all his potions to heal people from the plague. //////////Read more about////////////// priorities.
  • 7 Nurture/////////////////////////////
  • 8 Spend enough time //////////// everyday//////////////. Contrary to what you have been told,//////////////////// offer the only way for you to get enough //////////.  ////////// is life force #1 and /////////////////helps against depressions, psychosis, dementia and combat alzheimer diseases.
  • 9 Use the//////////////////////at your advantage to avoid  the depleting of  your spirit and your physical atomic structure. Indeed ///////////////////healing tools
  • 10 The more you understand and use////////////////////the more power to you. Remember you will become much more vulnerable to ailments or “accidents” under ////////////////////////.  Knowing and using your personal cosmic biorhythms positive dates  or a personalized talisman can and will bring emotional, financial and spiritual stability in your life!

Life is a constant process of changes that affect everything, including science deplorable perception of the divine. Little do they know of//////////////////// altering the atomic structure of the human physical/spiritual body and the marvels of magic and the true power of Talismans! The Magical Power of Talismans!

As of November 2015, the  Universal “Religious Neptunius Draconis” has been in charge the world and the set of predictions presented at the bottom of this article is not for the fainted hearts!

While the young souls can only ridicule my predictive work, the more spiritual human beings who studied  both  the “2014 Arian Draconis Universal Predictions” and  the “Scorpius Draconis Universal Predictions”  will have no doubt of what the future has in store for humanity!  Those predictions are still available  on the Internet for the world to judge!

11/2015-02/2017 the beginning of the End of All Religions …
Who will stop ISIS? The damage of religions upon humanity …

While my quatrain and keywords speaks of///////////////////////////////////////////////////

Feed the earthy matrix or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Indeed you do not want to miss those predictions and not only heed my warnings but follow faithfully all the natural healing tips we will offer our VIP’s.  While you may use my Natural Universal Blood Transfusion regularly, this alone will never be enough to build the supra resistant immune system you need to beat Ebola virus.

The Nostradamus homeopathic tips I will divulge to my VIP’s and the crucial information can and will save your life. Meantime, the earlier you start the potion, the better chances you will have if, God forbid you catch the disease. Terania and I already started the process and this regimen must be performed everyday!

Once you infected physically or spiritually, or get Ebola, your survival chances are currently ZERO, unless you are very wealthy and able to pay the exorbitant price for the experimental antibiotics that may kill you before Ebola does. Once symptoms set in, a person is contagious and has six to 16 days to beat the Ebola virus or die. LEARN MORE

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Remember readers, we have you and together we are a formidable force to reckon with and  changes can be made in an over medicated, controlled, abused, misinformed society. But only if you trust in my cosmic teaching, show your support, share my articles and join us to discuss all the above.

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