What are ET’s and where do they come from?

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

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Dear Readers:

What really  gets me is that UFO and ET’s are an undeniable fact because they have been with me since childhood. Yes I spoke to them face to face and took a few trips in a flying saucer since then!  In fact I have been dealing with ET’s since 1956 when I first saw 3 of them at the bottom of my bed.  And the only proof I have is the obvious mental legacy they left me with when they “downloaded”  the cosmic code secrets back in August 1991. But UFO are never far away from me, here is the last picture I took above my house January 24, 2013 and  a video of another UFO I took on Labor Day 2012 right above our house again.

I elaborated on my extraordinary experiences with the incredible  in my latest radio show with Jeffery “Mabus Radio” and with this video of all my UFO experiences I posted on You Yube.

Yet, this reality is mine alone because dealing with Extraterrestrials is such a personal “adventure” designed for a very specific grandiose undertaken agenda the normal human being can not conceive or even accept and this very fact brings skepticism and jealousy because they are not part of  “The Chosen Ones.”


If science has a problem assimilating, understanding and accepting the solidity of my cosmic predictive work what about accepting the UFO phenomenon?  The scientific community making up the core of NASA, USGS, the NWS, the police and all the “experts” making up my Internet “Black List”,  have miserably failed to accept the reality of a Cosmic Code jurisdiction  Imagine telling any of them the reality of extraterrestrials but, to their “educated” minds this cosmic stuff and UFO are only for dreamers! How seriously wrong they all are because the reality of such incredible occurrences in my crazy life are factual and non fabricated!

After all I am not the only one facing this wall of skepticism but this skeptic born logical crowd  is cosmically/ psychically ill conceived to accept such “taboo” as reality but soon, when the facts comes to light,  they will have to realize how sub-human their preconceived, incurious “scientific” attitude truly is.

But because those souls nurture such a blinding spiritual pride they truly believe they are “special”  and if  they never saw a UFO the millions of “chosen ones” and their experiences with the incredible  should be trashed and only the product of a vivid imagination. Because in their well read  minds, there is a solid scientific explanation for them all…

  But why the “experts” never did and never will see a UFO? because,  “A MAGNET WILL NOT ATTRACT A PIECE OF WOOD! But can any scientist even comprehend such a basic law? I wonder…

Scientists’ mentality is like a turtle racing a rabbit, they are much too cautious and do not vibrate like the fast and furious spirit of the future depicting the fact that life is a constant process of fast changes unwilling to wait for the scientists cautious mind to catch up with reality..

Yes they are the same smart people that assured you during the “Dark Ages” that the world was flat and going against the Church or accepted beliefs  then, meant a sure death by fire.  Meantime with “The Chosen Ones” they are forced to catch up and adopt more curiosity, a new mind set and a new mental perception of any and all “incredible” possibilities.  But their “educated” intellectual aptitudes and deplorable egocentric “know better” type of attitude is a serious hindrance they can not even tolerate as fact!  And you wonder why science always comes after the future has spoken its reality?

When all think alike, no one is thinking very much…

-Walter Lippmann (1889-1974)

Many people hope to see or film a UFO and again the “Experts” on national TV spent their existence trying to do so… while they fly above my house regularly! But “Ancient Aliens – UFO Hunters –  UFO Sci-Fi Files” etc. producers are all cosmic UN-conscious and deprave of the vital cosmic wisdom they need to “attract” any UFO.

Little do they know that ET’s require a Uranic essence agreeing with their particular “atomic” speed structure and without it there are no chances for  a “Communion.” This is why it is important to be cosmic conscious  and make a good use to the “cosmic clock” and how the planets endless movements are understood, used and respected.

Yes there is such a thing as a cosmic clock but the fact is; 99.09 % of humanity (including ALL UFO experts)   can not read and use this particular universal watch. Like the farmer’s almanac, respecting the moon’s fluctuations when planting his crops, one must be familiar with the celestial family regimenting the  precisely timed seasonal humans and ET’s affairs…

Men in Black and UFO’s

At this point, without this “cosmic awareness” I can guarantee you the chances of dealing with extraterrestrials physically in a remote desert area are NONE! Unless you strike lucky with the cosmic code and simultaneously land on your own “Lucky / Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates” –  “Explanation of the Dragon

Pretty much like being at the right time at the right place but you know my philosophy reader, there is no accident, only cosmic transmittance/circumstances unknown to the norm just yet! Thus if you are into UFO and tried for years to connect with ET’s its like trying to communicate with God, you must speak the cosmic divinity and read the Cosmic hieroglyphs the way my students and I do! While you could master the  trade and use it for the rest of your life like I do, if you are unwilling to do so at least try something different to expect different results by ordering your own “Cosmic Biorhythms”

NASA would never send the shuttle when they feel like…instead the scientists are putting tremendous efforts  to precisely find the moon/Mars and earth or planets alignments before launching any mission or prototypes. The only problem of course is that NASA has not yet realized the spiritual values of the planets and emancipated themselves from a rare wisdom that took the lives of many courageous astronauts.

They have no yet realize the stars are much more than dead rocks above their heads and can not comprehend nor use the spiritual “cosmic fluid” emanating from it core in humanity spiritual conception and endless propulsion  in its  accomplishments…

Breaking any physical rules can only bring serious penalties to this physical world and lacking cosmic consciousness is breaking all the spiritual  rules. And you wonder why this world is so dangerously chaotic when God’s rules and signs are omitted daily?

I dealt with extraterrestrials since the age of 6-years old and they never left me since then. Their purpose is very clear since they downloaded the“Cosmic Code” secrets during one of my many abductions. The imparted legacy is obvious in terms of my unarguable ability to predict future events to those who have intelligently and patiently investigated my gift/curse and read the results of a set of 22 predictions I made last year from http://www.drturi.com/ (scroll all the way down!)

But when some of my readers are complaining saying my newsletters  are too long (too rich) offering priceless information, one must wonder about humankind’s mental laziness and rapidly decaying spirit and why I often use the phrase “don’t give pearl to swine.” “http://www.drturi.com/is-sports-a-sub-human-activity/

The downloaded information about the moon, Jupiter, mercury etc. are mind boggling and the full impact of my 4 UFO experiences (and counting) were posted years ago on many websites.


As to prove another point about David’s and its followers fearfulness of losing “control” audience, at the end of the page someone wrote:“Interesting read, real or not. “I don’t like the way they are so stereotypically conveyed, appearing touching you, taking from your wife. Just add’s to what could be a government agenda of fearmongering.”

Over the years, my work has “stimulated” science curiosity and spiritual growth , India astrologers ” Forbes Financial Astrology from “India”” and  David who read every one of my newsletters (and books),  to re-invent himself with my work  producing his own views on the  “Moon Matrix” he perceives as a UFO base. After all millions of people are slowly but surely gaining cosmic consciousness with my Universal Internet School and students are from all walks of life. David’s work on the “Moon Matrix” is simply phenomenal and while he respond to his own genius *UCIUnique Celestial Identity, his findings are primarily based upon my work on the moon, my UFO experiences, his education and personal experiences. Thus in some way, as much as I influenced you the reader over the years, anyone reading my work can only gain more and some will abuse it.

Explaining the subtle power of the stars is my expertise while UFO enforced the wisdom upon my destiny, David Icke and too many UFO “experts” have never seen or dealt with UFO closely and offer no proof what so ever of any form of legacy… At least I stand apart making dated, printed published predictions that if you take the time to note will speak of distinguishing fiction from reality!

 I have explained what the “Moon Matrix” theory is all about as the subtle effect of tour satellite affects humankind personal and collective emotional response and produces all the news.  In fact I have nothing to prove anymore, only to the endless chain of newcomers to my work who should investigate my past by reading my well documented predictions since 1991 posted a thttp://www.drturi.com/newsletter/

Remember I am not a psychic, I just know that everything, like the weather or the seasons repeats itself and I have a good handle on the timing with the Halloran software I  “upgraded.”

 My expertise comes from ET’s legacy and the downloading of the cosmic code translating the will of God and this is what I was “implanted/downloaded to do; I never intended to become the leader in this field with many of my  predictions announced on national radio, TV and posted on all major public websites – but the fact remain and not all the people reading my work are envious feeble minded born.

The top scientific minds of this world working at NASA or any spatial foreign Agencies have an incredible amount of scientific rational astronomical wisdom but NONE of them perceives the Cosmos as a living spiritual entity the way I do. In fact science is distancing itself from the spirit but through my endless work I am offering a chance for balance between the physical and spiritual realities…

No I am not offering above spiritual pretenses, I am simply informing the reader of the facts, a cosmic and UFO phenomenon reality science and its current elites may not be able to conceive just yet; because as “A Chosen One” like ET’s I am very much from the future in so many ways…

I wanted to be a recording artist following my graduation from the Royal School of Music in London back in 1976 but the force (God/ET’s) had already implanted me during the cold winter nights of the year 1956, 1957 and if you read my “My First UFO Experience” from David’s website you will feel the truth through my words. Yes there are millions of people out there talking about UFO, including famous “talking Heads” but again NONE of them had a single UFO experience remotely close to what happened to me so many times.

In  “Dr. Turi On UFO Facts”  I expose the truth which is infuriating so many people who feel, and for good reasons) the target because they are in this business made up lies and ego battles where notoriety and money is their real goal!

All they can do is regurgitate what they heard, read or saw on TV while the real thing is offering tangible, obvious proofs of an inconceivable legacy. All that legitimate UFO researchers from all walks of life have to offer is very valuable, don’t get me wrong,  but don’t you think it’s time to ask for proof?

But the problem is the same in the psychic filed where too many of them are unwilling (unable?) to post their premonitions and offer you true wisdom! I do so regularly to offer the reader a chance for legitimacy and own their trust…

By reading my work, you become a part of this human cleansing process where the truth must find its way through lies and deception so science can finally discern fiction from facts dealing only with the “Chosen Ones” who can prove their experiences as legit!

The ET’s agenda is well designed and the purpose is real, all UFO researchers, speakers, writers, abductees and contactees alike are aiming for one common goal and that is to expose the truth about our space brothers.

What are extraterrestrials? Where do they come from?

They are so many cosmic unconscious “Talking Heads” out there channeling Nostradamus or UFO  who never saw or dealt with a UFO in their life period and unless I step in you are given another chance for a vivid imagination to get you farther from the truth and the real ET’s agenda!


They have lost the spirit, they have lost intuition, they have lost creativity and somehow their BECAME enslaved by their advanced technology that over their will…I know its a scary fact many souls will not accept…And all I see in horror everyday is; the same very attitude, the same errors, the same lack of perception and curiosity plaguing the scientific community! All marching obnoxiously away from God’s divinity and its celestial design… Science is steadily and unconsciously  building a humanity made up in majority of  scientists,  agnostics, atheists and skeptics alike…

The universe is timeless supporting an endless multitude of incredibly advanced entities desperate to comprehend their loss along the evolutionary ways. Dealing, abducting and studying the “Chosen Ones” or the souls blessed at birth by the Cosmic Code with an advanced UCI, speak of the value and interest of those spiritually rich rare human beings cosmic legacy they need.

ET’s are TOP scientists breed by many disappeared Human generations lost in time and space who had no option but to “play” and modify the human genes to travel interplanetary through  incalculable distances…

They became the master of scientific matters and got stuck in anti matter in the process because they alleniated themselves from all spiritual researches. Thus they are like any of today’ scientists very “educated” but not very intelligent or totally uneducated in the spiritual conception of the universe.  They have lost sensitivity, and are still in search of emotions, intuition or the missing part of their constructive will in the process. Thus the  robotic “machine” they became enslaved them to “perform” as dictated by the Universal programmed  “matrix” their mentally superiors control. Very much like on earth where a group of smart people we call the Illuminati are in charge of the rest of the human race and pull the strings as they please.

The scientific road their deal with, explore and promote is a one way HWY going towards more incredible technological wonders where the spirit is non existent and somehow the ET’s realized their error! To remedy to their problem they must turn the clock back and visit developing worlds such as our and do like today’ scientists do… perform physical desiccation and concentrate particularly on the human brain. They are only repeating the same error than they did million years ago, something I am trying so hard to make my readers aware of…

They became true master of a technology you could never comprehend just yet and like any scientists they think they know better still missing the forest for the tree.  They are logical to the extreme, rational to the core, cold, calculated like a well-oiled solid gearbox and only scientifically oriented. This is where the dangerous route, in the name of science, the majority of humans are at currently, where no distinction between the true universal spirit cloaked in the cosmic code, man-made religions and rational science is jammed in and caught in the box.

They are interested in me because I own a special “UCI or Unique Celestial Identity” and purposely “downloading”the physical manifestation of our local Universe or the Cosmic Code would allow me to help humanity avoiding their “scientific” fate and may be offer them a chance to turn back from the HWY of  hell they are stuck in…

They need something they lost along the way because a few of “chosen ones” still have it! It is crucial for their survival or agenda to establish harmony between the physical and spiritual planes and enjoy the balance they are desperately looking for.

To make it easy for you to understand readers, if within the next 50 years from today the human spirit dies I will have failed in my mission.  Human will become exactly like them, on the way to become atomized precise cold rational robots with no much will to play with creativity.  Human will left overridden and largely controlled by the very sophisticated electronic machines science is building today. Their job is to plant, grow and collect the best of the human DNA/UCI  spiritual specimens missing in their own development  and “catch”  the omitted “spiritual” puzzle making us Unique and independent.  For the human spiritual immaculate conception its endless imagination and emotions breed controlled actions and controlled creativity.

It seem not all ET’s have lost the importance of the human evolutionary spirit and this is why some groups keep returning to visit some of us… For some other ET’s their agenda is more personal and involve controlling their survival. Their utmost aim is to bring back the values of losing the spiritual conception of the particular solar system they are currently in. And for the most advanced ones, to keep watching the best of their crops or the most physically and/or spiritually advanced souls to further the human race in far those away endless constellations…

The human/ET’s brains are “interconnected” with the Universal Mind and certain ET’s group are working on refining future solar systems to improve both the physical and spiritual aspects of a variety of life existence itself.

…perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself

– Plato

They are mesmerized by our emotional responses in any and all situations, our destructive religious beliefs system and wonder how to better the human spirit to a ascend to a higher level of perception of the  worlds (physical and spiritual)  we live in.  The goal is to  “breed” a well-balanced, secure, respectful human race on on planet earth. Yes currently it is pure hell but this is the designed breeding ground where spiritual progress is taking place at an extraordinary slow rate. Peace, love, high spiritually, integrity, respect, true cosmic wisdom and the essence of a cosmic, universal God speaking his celestial will through the signs are foreign to this lost world. And one of the reasons why I work so hard everyday to make sense to God and ET’s reality for you.

Meantime do not expect the “President of the intergalactic society ” to meet with you physically soon. It’s entirely up to them to chose and pick the worthy and this will happen if you speak and understand the cosmic code timing… And again that is if you fit one of their peculiar agenda and /or rise to their expectations.

You may most certainly deal with their dignified robots or the Grey instead, those who do the dirty work from cutting cows checking on the chain food, in charge of abductions, collections of DNA to flying the saucers around etc. They are huge numbers of extraterrestrials from all corners of the infinite universes, and some  are much too far away from their own solar system to visit us, yes even for an ET, space and time can be challenging.

Thus those closer to us are harvesting/dealing with us for their own particular survival or progressive interstellar re-population agenda, much like humans trip to the moon and use it as a platform to reach the next nearer planer Mars.

This Interstellar society has its own regulations, limitations and purposes and learned billions years ago that religions leads to war and  kill human and the right balanced  (physical/spiritual) cosmic type of education is the key, thus to the  majority of non emotional, non feeling ET’s; wars are non-existent.

Thus do not expect such advanced entities to invade earth by force and impose their will on humans, for this is not part of their purposes and they are technologically speaking formidably equipped and could eliminate us at will.

Meantime they are also aware that in time and space all matter  is omnipresent and interconnected, thus helping us to grow is helping them too. But with such a self-destructive attitude, mankind does not need any outside force, or UFO’s to eradicate itself from this planet, agree? And this is where they must interfere, like a naturalist darting a dangerous bear, meantime much of their precious chosen ones rare subjects are oblivious of the crucial work ET’s are performing.

ET’s do not think, behave or perceive reality as you do, far from it, thus picking someone in position of power, such as the President or a renowned religious figure such as the Pope to communicate to human won’t do it. Terrestrial logical, rational, archaic and mundane education molds our leaders and our infantile non cosmic conscious science elite’s mental process and because this crowd is the first one to reject the incredible reality of UFO and ET’s presence in our skys; they would rather deal with you or me instead.


Some groups of ET are masters in handling the cosmic rules regimenting the infinite Universes, for if they did not they would not be able to enter our dense physical world to deal with their protégées or travel incalculable distances. Like human some groups are smart and others are still in spiritual progression. Those mastered all the physical and spiritual rules of the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and are fully aware of WHEN to use the specific Uranian energy allowing them to enter and manifest themselves physically and safely on this dense physical world.

 Some of their sophisticated mind detectors precisely point out the rare human born with an unusual or advanced UCI *Unique Celestial Identity. Such as soul is blessed at birth to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and such powerful objectivity promotes an unique perception of the divine. Exactly what some groups of ET needs to recall for their survival, progress or use for inter galactic re-population purposes. The rare gift of a “Chosen One” makes them a crucial missionary target for the extraterrestrials various agenda.

This type of well-earned karmic residue “born spiritually advanced or different” is key ingredient for ET’s particular choices and they know how “magnetically” where to look and find some of us.  It’s much like a human being using a fish finder to locate the fishes or a metal detector to find gold in the desert because its all about emanating a powerful “vibrations.” Remember readers, like attracts like and a magnet will not attract a piece of wood and the experiment keeps going with my somehow dramatic unusual ET/human connections forcing me to undergo regular upgrades.

Even sitting in my Jacuzzi at night, I see so many UFO, like this one reported in LA May 29, 2010  –  its only another reminded not only of the reality of ET’s but the mission some “”Chosen Ones” have to perform to free this world from fears and ignorance and in my case RE-introduce the Cosmic Code rules to the ET’s themselves and to all my fellow human beings.

I have the tools, I have the gift, I have the mission and I want to share it all with you. The question is now “Are You A Chosen One?”  or are my incredible UFO experiences a bit too much for you to accept? Well it is all written in light in your natal UCI and specifically the location of the planet Uranus who rules the UFO phenomenon and the technological future of mankind. Listen to your intuition and when you are ready for me, I will be there for you. Meantime the predictive legacy left by the ET’s is quite obvious when they abducted me back in 1991 above Los Angeles. They downloaded me with the secrets of the Cosmic Code and the reality of God himself, a God that as of yet is foreign to all the people walking this earth.

Lastly I am due soon and I’ll be there to tell you all about it! meantime incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share… How To Unleash Your Psychic power


Dr. Turi

Sharing emails;

DT – I enjoyed the latest newsletter on ET’s. I went to the site and read the article about Russia forcing Obama to spill the beans. The comments are interesting and offer up informative links…That’s kinda odd since since they wanted to tell us before but the ET’s wouldn’t let them. LOL

I guess I’m inert, as I haven’t seen them; that’s fine with me and I’m not jealous. But I do know plenty of intelligent people that have also seen them, along with your experiences, so I’m a believer with nothing to prove. LOL

DT – This show you trust my words about ET’s and cosmic wisdom because its all true…Thanks Laurie

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