What happened to us in New York?



“The universe, ET’s (and talismans)  are under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

Dear  VIP’s (and public)

First thank you so much for your patience. As you all know we always post our adventures each passing day and keep you informed regularly of our whereabouts… At least this is what Terania and I thought we would be able to do while vacationing in Europe, but we learned that is simply impossible because of all the demands imposed by a very large family…  But be sure, we have had a BLAST all along.

I did not want to return to the US during one of my dangerous SOS to the world which has once again proved me right as far as explosions and bad weather was concerned if you keep up with the news…

Sad enough I was not able to catch up and post them all on “Coast to Coast Predictions and Draco Phase Three” and there is no reason for me to do so or update this article when my work is so obvious…  This does not mean all my enemies have or will ever endorse my work or recognize my cosmic predictive gift anyway!

So what happened in N.Y. yesterday? Let me tell you and learn why you must always keep a cool head in difficult situations. First our plane got delayed and we ended up leaving Nice, France 55 minutes late and I knew this mishap would mess up the schedule in N.Y.  especially during a waning moon and so close to the 2015  Third SUPERNOVA window –  From ////////// through //////////2015.

But I told Terania that there are NO accidents and by missing our plane there were a reason we did not know yet! We, Terania, I and Lady were exhausted after running around the N.Y. airport no telling how many times but Delta took care of our situation and put us up in a hotel, took care of our meals towards the famous N.Y burgers, the  restaurant fee, the transportation and we welcomed the needed “break” in the big apple. We were going to call our retired police friend Captain Paul, but we were much too tired to socialize…

Unlike France or Italy, in the US pets are not allowed out of their bags anywhere in the airport, planes or any restaurants, but we took a chance because our Papillon doggy is a true very patient LADY…

In fact Terania bought special dog diapers but on the way to N.Y. Paris then Paris to Nice (and back) she did not pee nor produce any waste in the bag. I knew she was in serious need and she did her stuff as usual outside and God knows how long her little butt was close to the ground relieving herself.

But in no way would Terania leave her “baby” at home and all I can tell you guys is’ she is quite of a puppy, and very FORMIDABLE… We did not hear a single complaint from her the whole time except once when she heard the pilot speak once but as soon as she realized it wasn’t anyone messing with us she was right back to her quiet self. So we fed her light and gave her water when needed all along the 15 hours long trips. She is indeed a traveling born dog and she behave the same way in our truck. She is just like Terania, a very clean little girl!


My brother’s dog grooming business in Golfe Juan (French Riviera)


My brother at work my family were in awe with our little Princess…


My Bro’s little van

Knowing Terania and I were forced to let go of  Draco and Macho, our hearts are still crying over our gone beloved dogs and probably for ever. But Lady is exactly what we needed to heal from the emotional trauma.

This may be her own way to say thank you for accepting me in your great animal loving family a year ago when she was led in the street to find our house… Indeed her fate was to be without an owner and what some may call an “accident” turned out to be more of a protective wish in disguise…

   The next day we took the shuttle back to the airport, we dealt with the security but somehow, looking for our gate, we asked the wrong guy for directions! This mean we ended up  going out looking for the bus and forced through security again… While they were wondering, they recognized us with Lady, more time was wasted but we at least made it on time to our plane this time…

Terania was concerned about our BIG suitcase but I told her new regulations do not allowed anything to be boarded without its passengers and the suitcase (and its precious content) would be in Phoenix with us.

This was confirmed once we made it to the baggage claim by a worker which told us, the night before ALL flights were not allowed to land in Phoenix due to really bad weather conditions and planes were sent to various local airports.

This is where Terania and I truly realized we have a special “guardian angel” watching over us because while Tucson is just over an hour away, I did not fancy spending the night there. This mean we would have rented a car and after so many hours traveling God knows if we would have been able to avoid an accident or worse, a tragedy.

When Terania made our reservation I made sure to be close enough to one of my positive cosmic biorhythms  as to avoid the worse and attract the best and I am glad we made it home safe and sound.

Thus, next time you miss a plane or something does not go your way, instead of going berserk,  think of our little story because, I am convinced, everyone of us own a wonderful guardian angel watching from the above… And if you take the time to reflect, your subconscious will always do “things” you may not agree or understand right away and by sharing our own experiences, more consciousness will bless your life. Anything abnormal is a very important SIGNAL, or an omen you must learn to recognize and use at your advantage and did I get a few during this trip!

Science, skeptics and atheism negate such powers but they are very real and very helpful if you allow me to train you and recognize the phenomenon…

Terania and I can not sleep just yet because we are still jet lag VIP’s and while we want to share ALL our great stories and all we learned in Europe, all we could do today is to write this article download a few of the lots of pictures and a few videos we have yet to share.

I am asking you to give us more time because what’s coming next will be even more interesting. If you are part of the clientele waiting for a service, you ordered, please be patient because I want to give you the best of my gift translating your past, present and future.

I can only do one consultation or maybe two a day sometimes and I must be totally rested before serving you, so once more thank you for your patience.  This will be the only article shared with the public because Terania and I are swamped with work following my latest appearance on Coast to Coast am with George Noory and I must concentrate and work on the huge pile of Full life readings and VIP consultations sitting on my desk.

Sad enough many people did not know we were in Europe and many cancelled their orders to become VIP’s after receiving no response from us from paypal account disputes.

While Terania did as much as she could to keep everyone informed, many prospective VIP’s could not be reached… Thus if you are reading this note now, you  can  come back, use paypal to join over 8000 people on the cosmic code website and enjoy all universal, personal forecasts and all the goodies we offer our readers. 

I received also some requests from VIP’s to answer ‘End times’ or just blood moon?  Draco already gave me plenty information about the night of September 27-28I  – I will generate all the predictions as soon as I can for my VIP’s for those dates. I am also asking all the readers to use critical thinking because Christian minister John Hagee has never offered any plausible, verifiable predictions to anyone in his lifetime and he is promoting his 2013 book “Four Blood Moons.”

“The coming four blood moons points to a world-shaking event that will happen between April 2014 and October 2015,” he said. When I give a prediction I give a 48 hours window and very specific dates, something only Dr. Turi does… 

Stay with a legitimate commissioned MJ12, check the latest on Draco’s Facebook page and show your support by becoming a VIP!

All Christian ministers etc. are not only mentally reptilius infected (religiously poisoned)  but working for the abusive non cosmic conscious religious matrix and many before him claimed their own apocalyptic visions was a signal being sent by God. Maintaining religious fears, skepticism and universal chaos is the reptilius agenda you must help me fight by acknowledging and sharing God cosmic Divinity! 

When humanity is able to recognize and use the superconscious appropriately, hope for a better, safer future will become a reality!

Note also orders are still coming to us, thus do not wait if you need my services before I retire, order then forget about it until your package arrive by your door…

Only new or older “emergency” readings will be generated earlier, but you must email your telephone number to teraniapromodir@gmail.com and wait for her call to discuss your options. Please DO NOT CALL the office, our mailbox is full and we may not be able to pick up the phone for a while.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience VIP’s.



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