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First I apologize for not being able to reach many of you on July 10th on blog talk radio, the host cancelled the show forcing me to remove the advertisement from my newsletters and explain myself to you… But there are no accidents as you know, all this is good and badly needed to those who need plausible information about the “Matrix.”

 The sad reality  is people tend to assume I am a “psychic” focussing on doing predictions only, and won’t bother doing the proper research on what I have to offer. The change of mind could also coming from a form of insecurity, inferiority complex or because the misinterpretation of my confidence and supreme wisdom for an oversized ego? Go figure…

The irony  is, I spent my life on radio/television  and I have all the talent and more to offer any radio host and I can smell a new one from miles, in fact this is why I have this radio questions and answers section on my website for them to investigate.

In this article about the your perception of the Matrix and ET’s I hope to reach the people with the wisdom they so desperately need on such a complex topic. Your perception of the Matrix varies with people Universal signature*UCI  and mostly based upon what you read about it, my “cosmic” material is a bit more challenging for you if you do not know anything about my work and I, that’s all!

Exposing people’s own Evil and the Archontic forces working through them fuel their own evil with their deep seated fears, and this is not joyful for me to do I may add. Yes the beauty of being cosmic conscious also allows me to become a very precise  “Human Detector” in the understanding of a multitude of humanistic idiosyncratic behaviours.

And it is not my intend to hurt anyone’s integrity nor diminish their intelligence because… I am only a human and I am as moron as can be on topics I never bother to investigate thoughtfully!  But when it comes to the stars, the moon, the cosmic code ET’s and the SPIRITUAL MATRIX this is my domain where the reader has a lot to gain!

Cosmic unconscious souls tend to believe they are negative groups of  ETs on the planet, infiltrating religion, channelled information, mass media, governments and all of that conspiracy nonsense. Obviously the legacy of the  conspiratorial work and sad results of my old friend David Icke and me trying to stop this tsunami of cosmic ignorance with this video posted on You Tube asking you to STOP FEEDING EVIL! 

Now this does not eliminate the facts of conspiracies because they are very real but in the majority of conspiracy theories consumers, to my students and I,  its a direct confirmation that each and every human is stuck on his OWN spiritual Matrix or his/her natal UCI!

If their mishandling the Supra-conscious creative/destructive forces in time and space would affect them personally I would not care explaining the importance of acknowledging the Matrixes but sad enough, with time, their cosmic ignorance will reflect on all our lives too.

... ~ The Matrix of Illusion ~ Holographic Reality ...

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents nor coincidences just cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

You may Google “David Icke Dr. Turi” and get tons of  old articles on a man consumed with his own fears of the power structure poisoning the psyches of thousands of his cosmic unconscious  followers.  These non cosmic conscious “Talking Heads” give people a false sense of hope, serious insecurities creating humongous fears, complacency and apathy for the good of all.

How does your poisoned spirit feels today?

If all this conspiratorial material makes you feel you want to die or you lost hopes its time for you to upgrade to Cosmic Consciousness and regenerate your spirit with Dr. Turi’s cosmic fluid!

I mentioned so many times, those who pretend to be the experts on numerous fields on the Matrix, the Moon, ET’s for example, are often the LEAST knowledgeable on their “expertise.” Now to believe certain groups of ET’s are negative or less evolved than others ET’s and responsible for behind the scenes tragedies, working against humanity on moon bases shows how totally ridiculous and uninformed those talking/writing heads really are. Keep reading you will learn something I promise you!

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy!

The fact is all “time travellers” learned a long time ego that wars have nothing to offer and are well pass all human physical and spiritual limited deplorable conditions. ET’s are the protective gardeners of this world their agenda is well above humanity miserable political or religious affairs.


But who’s to blame them, they never seen, dealt with any ET’s and the majority feed like fleas on other people mental work! Indeed for years David Icke was a close friend of mine benefiting from my yearly guidance and was one of the first one to receive my Moon Power books. And if my books and cosmic wisdom is good for science it is also good for people who love to re-invent themselves with other’s intellectual properties.

If you swallow this type of nonsense exposed by “these experts” who will affirm they have had first-hand experience with Reptilian ETs, military that abduct people into underground bases, those that are casting these out as demons, etc. you are yourself trapped in the Neptunian Matrix and acting out neurotically, subconsciously your illusive over productive imagination.


“You are what you eat physically  and you become what you read spiritually! There is only one thin hair between divine cosmic information and pure imagination”

Dr. Turi

Those “experts” are the ones that keep you in this dark place and prison, called “The negative spiritual Matrix,” forcing you to believe humanity is used as a cattle, where those in power “eat” children for sacrificial occult purposes indeed  a very ugly and dark subject matter that they must keep alive so you can still exist and subsist in their delusional world with your FEARS! 

Where is the values of such demonic fearful endeavour? I know for a fact addressing real and undeniable predictions  especially those involving the US economy and furthering cosmic consciousness by explaining the spiritual Matrix and speaking of my ET’s cosmic legacy; has much more to offer this type of cosmic unconscious talk blog radio host!

Although Dr. Turi is an expert in his field,” the radio host said ” we are seeking those that have done their research and have first-hand experience with the subject matter we present which is: Archons, Reptilian ETs, MILAB, Djinn, Underground Military Installations, NWO, etc.

Indeed a magnet will not attract a piece of wood and the gap between our “cosmic energy” is much too wide to  for me to be “trapped” in such fears and illogical nonsense. Did she heard a show where I contest and reject the propagation of fears and conspiracy? Did one of my Internet enemy or the dark force reached her with lies?

I can only speculate but it seems the location of Saturn regulating her fear principle in her UCI has to be in control freak Scorpio or in Capricorn inducing a serious fear of power or the government. Indeed the perfect cosmic recipe to adhere to conspiratorial material! Had she read some of my clients feedback,, watch some of my videos, read more of my articles instead of assuming and had me on her show, I could help her exit the Neptunian trap and the spiritual fearful grip of evil feeding on her cosmic unconscious soul!

As mentioned on the Gaiam George Noory TV show, my aim is to bring out the truth to the media, to those  receptive to  it and as fast as I can, because there is only so much time left. In fact I told George humanity has only 50 years before the non return red zone and for sure, Ari  never took the time to read this newsletter where we both agree on one thing alone!  We either all “Wake Up” and gain cosmic consciousness to escape the physical and spiritual Matrixes and take care of this together, or we’re done! She is doing her part but is she another platform for evil and fears to persist? Gee wait until you see the  Gaiam TV program with George Noory and all the warnings I have for all those non cosmic conscious “Talking Heads!”

I wish so hard for all the people I come in contact with to STOP taking my words personally and expose their own insecurity in public! I speak to the media and when I use terms such as young souls or cosmic ignorance I am being extremely polite. I used the words morons, imbeciles and idiots too many times in the past and refined myself so much intellectually to save ill placed feelings and intellectual/spiritual shortcomings.

You are dealing with Dr. Turi, the facts and the truth and if you can not handle it then go-back to those who vibrate at your pseudo-intellectual over emotional speed, that’s all.

There are only two matrixes, one is regulating the physical plane, the other (the Cosmic Code) reign over the spiritual plane. There is no need for me to explain the physical Matrix where Ari Kopel, David Icke and millions of other non cosmic souls (mishandling the supra-conscious creative forces)  are trapped in.

But I can add this to it! You are STUCK in a plane, in a boat, in a car and someone else is doing the driving! This person MUST respect the laws of man, the red light, the stop sign in the street for safety. This are the laws of men designed to bring order, safety and control a society made of trillions of UCI!

Other laws coming from the DMV, the IRS, the FDA, the NWS, the  international law of air navigation etc. must be enforced and respected, this is the PHYSICAL MATRIX! 

Law is a term which does not have a universally accepted definition, but one definition is that law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern human behavior!

Now on to the SPIRITUAL MATRIX explanation; “Law is a term which HAS a UNIVERSAL NOT YET accepted definition, but one definition is that law is a system of cosmic rules and cosmic guidelines which are not enforced through social institutions to govern human behavior! 

this matrix is regimenting the spiritual realm of supra-consciousness is a very different story and very hard to reach unless you study Astropsychology. Mostly because the “God fearing human psyche” has been hijacked not by ET’s, but by greedy, Plutonic human souls who controlled the information for the last 2000 years through all man made religions.  I was not given a chance through “Shattering The Matrix Radio” to explain those two regimenting matrixes but this will not stop me reaching millions of people looking for real explanations…

Why millennials and smart people are leaving the church” article created as usual a lot of responses  I saved this lost soul’s response as an example of someone stuck  in the spiritual poisoning of the religious mental matrix. I also understand that people can only relate to me because of their education, experiences and intelligence, solely dictated by their natal karmic UCI!

The major reason this new generation is turning away from religion?

The Availability of Knowledge through the inter-net ! Such as the increase of knowledge during the end of this AGE as mentioned in the Bible . If Religious individuals take the time to study history , they will come across information that will enlighten them about the establishment of Religions , including the Christian Faith . Start with Roman Emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicaea , 325 A. D. 

Politics and the Grasp for Power played a major role in the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church . The Catholic ( Universal ) Church had been in existence 250 to 300 B. C. ? The original Catholic Church worshipped several pagan deities , including Mirthra the Sun God ! The objective of Constantine was to establish a new unified Church Structure and unite the Roman Society under it . Jesus was placed as the new Deity for the Church and the Sun God Story of Mirthra was used as the life story of Jesus . The story of Jesus dying on the Cross for three days and rising on the forth day , is an Astrotheology Event that happens every year from Dec. 21-24 You tube has several videos showing this !

But the Christian and Jewish religions who fought for supremacy since for ever have the funds to reach the media  –  But the real truth about the 3 wise men who were ET’s Astrophile missioners of Jesus’ cosmic consciousness has been “deleted” omitted, transformed, altered and now gone in the winds of time…

dr. turi


In  “Is God having fun?” I explained the futility of such an archaic material  offering nothing tangible not valuable to a questioning, wondering society! Once the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL MATRIX or Cosmic Consciousness is finally established upon the world the wise essence and healing beauty of all  religions combined will free humanity.

The fact of all religions being based on the zodiac  and all popes being taught astrology is to be found in this article on the “Dead Sea Scrolls.” The story of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as exposed to the public has only one goal in mind; this is to further the “Spiritual Matrix” jailing your spirit deeper into Neptunian illusive submission. 

In no way, will the Torah, parts of the  Dead Sea Scrolls available to the public and the bible code offer you real salvation, real predictions or the option to learn and free your spirit in God’s cosmic consciousness! In my case my ET’s experiences and their legacy speaks of the glory of a new God consciousness I am impassioned and cursed to pass on to you (if you are ready for me.)

Religions are the core of the  spiritual controlling matrix where 99.09% of the world’s population is stuck in and unless humanity FREE its spirit  FIRST from its Neptune’s deceptive grab there is no way to exit hell or the fearful acclimation of this dense dangerous physical world.

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them for interpretations so you may live a safer more productive life! Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”


The choice is now yours, to let your own fears or ego blur my message to you for my mission to free humanity from fears and cosmic ignorance demands me to be strong, dedicated, honorable and brutally honest! Sad enough those availing traits of my personality are often perceived as an oversized ego by those who will never know the real Dr. Turi.  My heart is bigger than yours I may add, because I am endlessly offering my wisdom unselfishly to you through my articles and my two FREE books! How many radio hosts or authored guests you know, read, listen to or  your conspiracy “Talking Heads” you  follow .i.e. David Icke extended their wisdom and books to you for free before Dr. Turi? Yes we are a rarity, I am not the only one doing so, but you should recognize this gift as a positive side of my personality instead of consuming yourself with negativity.

But you all know my philosophy, there are NO accidents, one must give in order to receive and one must be with the light, breeze the light, promote the light  to own or even attract the light! My little friction with “Shattering The Matrix Radio”  was imposed by a higher order so maybe the host, her guests and cosmic unconscious audience can now chew on my work and stop feeding evil and change their attitude with our protective inter-dimensional time travellers “gardeners of the world.”

 “A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order” Nostradamus


“All I have asked for is a fair scientific investigation of my work for the sole purpose of promoting man cosmic consciousness, saving time, money and the lives of many people”       – Dr. Turi

God And The Magic That is Us – The Declaration of Divine Cosmic Consciousness

Blessings to all my readers world wide.

Dr. Turi




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