What to Expect from the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse PREDICTIONS


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 “God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.” ~ Paracelsus

What to Expect from the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

The moon takes on a red hue as it slides into Earth’s shadow during a total lunar eclipse.

Credit: CHEN HSI FU/Shutterstock

Call in late to work on Monday (Jan. 21) and prepare to spend Sunday night staring at the sky: The Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse is coming. That’s a mouthful, but let’s break it down. January’s full moon is a supermoon, meaning that the moon is at the point in its orbit where it is nearest to Earth. This is called perigee. The average distance from Earth to the moon is 238,855 miles (384,400 kilometers). At perigee this January, the distance will shrink to 222,043 miles (357,344 km). At the moon’s next apogee in February, when the moon is farthest from Earth, it will be 252,622 miles (406,555 km) away from Earth.

Dear reader;

Important announcement: The sad reality is religious or atheist people on Facebook (my Internet reptilius infected enemies) can never assimilate nor accept my cosmic messages and in a click they always mute me! Pages like I am Alien, UFO Reality  with 10,135 (and counting) people who appreciate my writings, or  World War Three may end up being impossible for me to edit or post any-longer some days… 

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Continued: As mentioned so many times before, the scientists have lost cosmic consciousness and can only see the planets as dead rock condemned to circle endlessly in our solar system. Those “educated” scientists have absolutely no clue pertaining to God Cosmic Divinity speaking his will through the “Soul of the Cosmos.

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To those “well read” pious or atheist young souls, I am for sure going to hell or I should be ignored because there is no spiritual values or real logical teachings to be found in my cosmic work! And all astronomers can give you is their rational perception to what the moon does and what the rest of the planets are all about!

Just tell me reader, in what way, shape or form can this scientific rational approach to our solar system help or benefit your life, when the true mystical purpose of the “stars” are ridiculed and have been dismissed then forgotten in modern times?

In that respect your own cosmic unconscious, ignorant children become “indoctrinated” and easily infected by the reptilius. Did you read  Native American hero harassed by reptilius infected teens yet and realize the urgency of educating them?

Amazing how subconsciously people will use the word “reptile” knowing nothing of the reptilius phenomenon!  Our reptile brains were triggered by MAGA hat video

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Videos – The reptilius will use music, entertainments, young souls’ ego and technology to kill them! 

There is a universe of spiritual information for you to acknowledge and use readers, and so much more than what the “educated/indoctrinated” Astronomers’ limited five human senses can perceive and all I can do is to refresh your memory and prove my claims once more! 

Do you or can you recognize the reality of my predictions and the deep purposes of the stars as imposed by the creator when reading the “signs” properly? And if you did not, would you recognize another obvious, undeniable hit? 

Today: 01/20/19 – 6.7 magnitude earthquake near Coquimbo, Chile

I did it again reader, skeptic and agnostic alike! And right on exact date of 01/20/19 as announced on my last three radio shows!

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The same exact dates for large earthquakes were also offered in my last radio show with Suzanne Ross on 01/08/2019. Please listen so I can prove my claims to you.

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Age of Truth TV February 16th proof of Predictions

David Icke, the Reptilius Human Slave

Question for you reader; Do you recall this article? The year’s brightest comet streaks by Earth a powerful omen / prediction for the world!

But what to REALLY expect from this  Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse is right here in the article below my friends… And so far my translations of the cosmic code via the signs has been totally unarguable if you keep an eye on the current news and all my earthquakes/tsunami predictions…

Indeed you must go back to the article offered below, take the time to read my predictions and check the ever changing news in order for you to assimilate and accept my cosmic work as tangible and reliable! I often correct or update my cosmic code newsletters and you must keep up with me if you intend to learn more about God’s cosmic design. 

Brexit, US, EU nightmare, the unstoppable reptilius universal infestation!

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If we use Astrology for entertainment purposes only, no matter how inspiring it could be, without communicating its critical methods, how can the average person distinguish Divine Astrology critical values from pseudoscience? Dr. Turi

Once again readers, if my cosmic work resonate in your mind and soul, you must become part of the solution and join the Draconis progressive psychical alliance! The idea is to starve the reptilius from  feeding them with endless fears, continuous chaos, obvious distrust, malignant greed and the dangerous religious and scientific intellectual indoctrination.
There is MUCH more behind what religion and science can offer you but without curiosity and critical thinking you can only be victimized by the reptilius.
Please, help me get a wider voice for hope, tolerance, positivism, cosmic consciousness, spiritual cosmic education outside of limited conventional accepted disciplines and free the human spirit from those dark entities. Doing so will make you a “Chosen One” and activate incredible protective ethereal forces you can not yet accept or  even comprehend.
Teens are very vulnerable because they are mostly “innocent” indoctrinated and ignorant.  These are the children of the future who desperately need wise spiritual leaders’ rare wisdom! Your children are victimized by the supremely wealthy Church Inc,  the scientific community (The  $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA) and the US Department of education and all control not only the medias but all the information.  
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