When apocalyptic asteroid will hit Earth AGAIN? ET’s are in charge!



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When apocalyptic asteroid hit Earth

Dear readers:

There is a big difference between a purposely downed UFO’s crashing on earth and a  Meteor captured on police dash-cam!  A destroyed reptilius ship serve also as a warning or an omen of things to come with the police, crazy killers during my next SOS to the world deadly window of May 20th! 48 hours centering window.

Actor Michael Jace, right, was convicted Tuesday of second-degree murder in the 2014 fatal shooting of his wife, April. Jace appeared in several movies and was a regular on the hit FX show "The Shield."

Update 6/1/2016 – ‘Shield’ actor Michael Jace convicted of wife’s murder Do you really think it is an accident for Michael Jace to PICK this day to kill his wife? No the reptilius used one of his 2016 negative cosmic biorhythms and the cosmic code (as I do to warn you)  to dictate his actions!

The above is an asteroid that our current technology allow astronomers to detect and follow those celestial bodies as they travel through our local solar system. But a downed disintegrating reptilius ship happens much too fast to notice and is usually sought as a meteorite entering the earth atmosphere.

And as far as scientists’ Ancient evidence is concerned, one must never forget those traditionally “educated idiots” are not cosmic conscious nor able to accept the reality of ET’s endlessly patrolling our solar system. In no way will those so called, well read scientists ever include UFO’s or ET’s in their “ancient evidence!” KIC 8462852 & ET’s mobile cell phone.

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

Thus, their rational scientific theories of the “big Bang” and the destruction of all dinosaurs on planet earth, because of a very large asteroid impact is only calculated presumptions and no facts!   Just because the scientific community own the national stage and monopolize all  teachings and information does not mean they own the truth!

There is no convincing me or any other abductees on the facts of UFO’s and ET’s various groups existence.  Those scientists are INFECTED. This means they are UNABLE to bypass their rational scientific (or religious) indoctrination and are dedicated to work for their particular matrix, and of course, the reptilius agendas.

It was not a meteorite, but the Reptilius ET group that killed all dinosaurs walking earth millions of years ago! Science does not and can not recognize nor accept the reality of extraterrestrials, UFO’s and the old art and science of Astrology. They are all rationally indoctrinated and lost the divine spirit!

Neil DisGrace, I am a non cosmic conscious educated agnostic  Libra idiot

Our human infantile scientific elites can not accept nor comprehend this phenomenon. The full explanation is for our VIP’s only. Join today to read more.

The reality is the reptilius are very real and must maintain the religious, scientific, sports and entertainment indoctrinating, captivating monopolizing matrixes well oiled and stop you asking pertinent questions or wonder about their presence above your heads and particularly their agenda against humans!

The scientific matrix must entertain you by discovering new planets and new black holes everyday to get your interest and financial support to survive! When apocalyptic asteroid hit Earth article is another clever advertisement designed to build fears and invest in their scientific researches, on how to mine for profit or blow up those foreign objects before “erasing”  humanity. 

The Draconis (The Gardeners of this world) will fight the reptilius to avoid having them and any asteroids to destroy earth and their human experiments!  Over the years, many astronomers have witnessed extraordinary large explosions taking place in and out of our solar system, yet they have no clue of the Draconis interactions blowing up those foreign bodies before reaching earth’s gravitational forces.

Furthermore, giant Jupiter “the great protector” was specifically placed by the Draconis in an orbit, that is designed to attract smaller asteroids on its big back and protect earth; as seen a few years ago with the disintegrating Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 (SL9.)

My inner Draco, the ET, by the Galactic Grand Cosmic Order, embedded my spirit on May 2015 and he is very real. I am channeling those information to stop the reptilius  psychical universal infestation and aid in the final “communion.”

What happened with Draco, further sharped my spirit to the divine realization of God Cosmic Divinity and act also as a protection against the deceptive reptilius influences. Only certain “Chosen Ones” will be able to follow in our footsteps, towards improving humanity’ psychical welfare in time.

Good and bad ET’s can not interfere nor deal with this dense physical world harshly for their own safety. They must deal with anti matter cautiously. They need serious preparation and so are their commissioned MJ12.

Much like NASA would prepare their astronauts for years for a safe and short space walk. Only those who endured a succession of abductions are prepared mentally and physically to work with various ET’s groups.

The reptilius do not ask humans anything. They simply abduct, petrify and dispose of their unprepared victims (or animals.)  The shock is often too dramatic to survive the encounter and they can remove all memories if needed.

But doing so, means also erasing the imposed “infected” person’s mission to kill as many humans use or abuse legal or illegal drugs and alcohol and this facilitate their subtle infestation operations. 31 Beijing Olympians failed drug tests

E.T.’s are manipulating the Cosmic Code by altering the human genes in young mother fetuses creating all sorts weird or dangerous behavioral dis-functionality, something “regular” people and science can not understand.  Sexual promiscuity is also widely used to infect humans – STDs play big role in monogamy.

Is there a child mental health crisis? The reptilius Agenda!
 City to spend $63M for high school “reptilius” stadium
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They are also infecting insects, birds, fishes and all wild life and the food and water supply to create a myriad of new mutating infectious diseases, humans can not control or fight anymore.

” I see a lot of problems with water and poisoning…“ 

And my visions can not be ignored!  They are also manipulating the stars to create earthquakes magnitudes and natural disasters never experienced before and I keep warning you, by offering the same  SOS to the world  deadly windows they use. Watch May 20th and be ready for a wake up call if you are a skeptic!

One must be very strong to read all about the presented undiluted truth and only a few human beings will escape this universal infestation. The Draconis are at war with the reptilius and the insectius since for ever and, in the process; many civilizations have already been eradicated from earth.

This doesn’t mean there is nothing to stop this nightmarish phenomenon but so far nothing has been done to counteract those deceptive entities.  I can only offer suggestions and assemble enough minds to help the problem humanity faces but as the saying goes: “You can take the horse to the water but can’t force it to drink.”

And the process to make you aware of what is transpiring will take a very long time and many people would rather ridicule and ignore my warnings than to join the battle!

The reptilius nefarious group of ET’s will use anything and everything to contaminate as many human matrixes leaders as possible to fulfill their own agenda. That is; to grasp our very rare, livable planet for their own purposes!  Zika Virus Universal Reptilius Infestation.

Do you really think its normal for an infected Donald Trump to behave in public the way he does? There is more behind what meets the eye that is making this man so insane, disrespectful, aggressive and deceptive.

Religious poisoning became their best mean of mental infestation and can only create more confusion, separatism and more infected groups like ISIS to induce more fear and rage more wars in the future.

Will The Reptilius ET’s Destroy Humanity?

Mom sentenced to prison for killing disabled daughter 

Liltz, 56, thought she needed to take her daughter Courtney’s life in order to save it. Heaven was “the only place I knew she would be safe and happy,” she told Illinois Circuit Court Judge Joel Greenblatt last week.

I will offer more answers tonight on FADE TO BLACK  BROADCASTING LIVE: 10 PM-1 AM EST | 7 PM-10 PM PST – LIVE CALLS: 323.825.5045 | SKYPE: FADETOBLACK14 

The reptilius can not survive without your negative thoughts and invaded our solar system through many black holes opening our door to countless parallel worlds. Those entities are cosmic conscious and fully aware of the cosmic energies directing our lives on earth.

They are using all negative cosmic winds (or my SOS to the world deadly windowsMay 20th) and human personal negative cosmic biorhythms to create chaos and activate their utmost infected deadly monster zombies by creating countless “accidents.”

The Jalisco State's Attorney's Office released photos of the crowded conditions inside the treatment facility.

Various “Spiritual Awakening” reptilius run organizations will gather lost souls  to infect them in mass numbers 112 kids rescued from rehab center –  Police: Man arrested for sacrificing family dog – Mom sentenced to prison for killing disabled daughter 

Those entities are not the product of my imagination and manipulate their human infected robots from distance to act out their will to kill.  Much of the world misuses the supra-conscious every day. Watch May 20th and see who’s right!

The first defense is to regain control of our thoughts. Apply the will with good intentions. And eliminate any form of fears, to make a good use of the Supra-conscious creative forces. This is why, realizing God’s cosmic divinity is crucial so it can grow and sharing my work is a must!

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Dr. Turi

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