The hunt for Maria Duval – Who is behind one of the biggest scams in history? THE FACTS!



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone” “If we teach only the finding and products of Astrology, no matter how useful and inspiring they maybe – without communicating its critical methods, how can the average person possibly distinguish Astrology from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi  

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Dr. Turi’s Website is VERY Very Real And NOT for Entertainment Purposes Only! Serious Critical Thinking Required Because There is a Big Difference Between Education and Intelligence!

CNNMoney goes on a hunt for the woman who is the face of the one of the biggest cons in history.

2/25/2016 – Maria Duval  CNN and French Astrologer Dr. Turi Part 1
3/17/2016 –  Maria Duval  CNN and French Astrologer Dr. Turi Part 2
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7/29/2018Maria Duval What CNN writers do not want you to know!

Let me share an experience I had with you. I do not believe in accidents, and for a long time I searched the reasons for this unfortunate experience but it all became very clear to me after reading CNN article.

 A few years ago, I received a telephone call from a Canadian corporation asking me if I wanted to join their company and sign a promotional contract with them…

The initial offer spoke about using my name and world wide reputation to promote their business. They flew Terania and I to Toronto, set us up in a prestigious hotel in the city and spent quite a lot of time to try to “dine and dance” us.  The next day we visited their facility of large offices, shipment warehouse then spent the rest of the day touring the city.

I gave an introductory speech to a staff made mostly of Asiatic people as to educate them on the dynamics of my type of divination using Astropsychology. I clearly mentioned to them that I was French, born like Nostradamus in Provence France and took a lifetime to rekindle the Seer’s 16th century Divine Astrology methodology.

Afterwards we sat at the President’s office discussing the contract. The owner of the business was born in November under the sign of Scorpio, a mystical sign extraordinary smart that  traditionally regulates the 8th house of death, legacy, corporate endeavors and other people money!  

On a positive side this sign rule the FBI, the police and general investigation i.e Psychic Detective Police Astroforensics. On a negative side, Scorpio rules the criminal world, it is also important to remember, Bernie Madoff  (an American fraudster and a former stockbroker, investment adviser, and financier) was born with a Dragon’s Head (luck)  in Scorpio and the Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Taurus (banks.)

Thus he was quite easy for him to rip off millions of people and accumulate billions of dollars using the banking system.  Like billions of  cosmic unconscious people living on planet earth, Madoff was a robot of his stars and totally clueless of his “financial” doomed fate.  Check your natal dragon and fate, use the stars at your advantage!

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.~ Paracelsus

I was wondering why with so many working psychics in Canada, they would look for a Frenchman in the US? And their answer was quite simple. “We need someone of your stature Dr. Turi, someone who has a name and a world wide popularity!”

But they never mentioned anything about checking my accuracy or using divine Astrology something I had to produce to a much more serious organization before “advertising my talents” on a TV show!

Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show – Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

Upon our return to the US, Terania, my webmaster Tom and I decided to look deeper into the contract. I had no clear idea on how or how often my name was to be used and in what manner at this point. But I clearly recall telling them nothing will ever get out to the world without my permission or checking the content. I also insisted for editing the serious material I had in mind to fit their requests.

During those days I used to generate book titled, “Moon Power” an elaborated “horoscope” designed to offer legitimate guidance and predictions or the same exact material I am currently offering my VIP’s through the Cosmic Code private website.

 I was certain my astrological expertise would serve a real solid purpose and as always, my unarguable, well documented, dated predictions would be recognize as legitimate.  In fact I will offer some samples of my predictive work to the reader at the bottom of this article, so you can judge my claims.

After a few weeks, I received the sample to what was going to be mailed to hundreds of thousands people all over the world from Canada! To our  dismay, NOTHING of what I sent them was used! Instead my solid daily guidance and predictions forecasts were turned into the very same type of deceptive Neptunian gibberish found in the CNN article. They used my name and my picture into a very famous psychic promising to find love, to win the lottery, to find lost pets and a myriad of nonsense that infuriated me for months to come.

I picked up the phone and called their office demanding explanation and accusing them of breaching the contract! I knew I got screwed and there was nothing we could do to exit this bad deal!

I finally understood why  they picked someone like me, very far away in the US. Then to my horror, we kept receiving copies of letters and emails from even some of our own clients and students outside of the US telling me they received a direct correspondence from me from Canada!  Luckily for me,  the style used in their correspondences was quite far from what I usually write and raised serious suspicions to those who knew me better!

The letter was not only offering psychic bullshit but all sorts of lucky charms, pendants and medallions for sale. Furthermore my methodology was never used or mentioned! Something I insisted explaining and using in our meeting! Nothing like my tailored talismans or any explanations to how and why they are created. UFOs Talismans and ET’s Direct Contact!

Terania Tom and I realized the deception suffered  by a Canadian professional con artists using my name and notoriety to make a living on my back. I was helping a crook to make money on gullible people! He knew my cosmic work was unsuitable and much too real  for the “regular” mentally lazy or impaired consumers. He knew exactly what to say to those people in need and how to get to their pocket!

I was horrified because my work is not only legitimate and trustworthy but could have served a solid purpose for years to come to the recipients. The sample offered below speak for itself when you get to read it.

Note: I offered this type of “horoscope” to many magazines, including Linkedin management which never responded to my proposal! I also asked my readers there to endorse me, but fear of the ridicule and plain ignorance of my trade override its legitimacy and everything else I am trying to do to promote my expertise!

 I am one of the top page read by thousands of people everyday on Linkedin!  “Dr. Turi – You rank in the top 2% for profile views among your connections.  out of 3,323 Your rank has held steady in the last 7 days”

 We received about $100 per month royalty from the Canadian corporation for about two years or the duration of the contract,  while ripping millions of gullible people with my good name.  Sad enough my religious Internet enemies are quite active and will always try to hurt my name  and integrity! 

Consequently, the majority of people reading CNN article will never be able or even try to make the difference between legitimate gifted psychics or astrologers and con artists trashing  people’s names and astrology!

There is no doubt in my mind, this mysterious  “French Person” does not exist, only her fictitious name is real, but the god fearing blind herd and atheists, skeptics alike do not think nor investigate anything.

Back in September 2015, I wrote this article of extreme importance about the freedom of speech and the burgeoning war against psychics and astrologers! Thus if you are  one of us, you MUST share this article and help me expose the facts and educate people!

 If you are a VIP you must also recall the warning posted in this article ” Atheism, the world new deadly mental plague!” where I spoke of the growing atheist movement lead by the “OCD / scientific generation” or what a rational science refer as the Millennials…

The older generation has been indoctrinated to fear the cold war, Russia, communism, and socialism but today’s “Baby Buster” generation were born and grew up with computers and technology and science BECAME their only god.

This type of CNN “advertisements” written by Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken reflects their innocence and “educated” spiritual pride. Little do they know of the mysterious world they live in, the reality of UFO’s and the true values involving metaphysics. But what can a 66 year old man can teach today’s traditionally “educated” kids you may ask?

I do not expect any of those young adults to ever realize or appreciate what a real Modern Prophet is all about, because it is below their intellectual standards to even try! And this is very dangerous because it reflect my vision of the cold cerebral “monsters” of the future living in a godless world where spirituality, magic, astrology, imagination, psychic phenomena,  feelings and even religions will become taboo and against the law!

May be you should email those kids and tell them to investigate Dr. Turi’s predictive work and not to throw the baby with the water and to check the type of “gullible” people learning from me?

Science and atheism kill ingeniousness  If this evil is allowed to grow it will destroy the world within 50 years and and all spiritual gifted people will have no voice or sought as mentally inferior!” Dr. Turi

I am 100% against abusing the old, the weak minded, the gullible and remove all bad, abusive, non-gifted, non cosmic conscious astrologers, mediums  and psychics from the planet.  I am also willing to help sending them all to jail! As much as I am ready to endorse and teach the gifted ones…

But the fact is; there is no doubt in my mind, this phantom, made up, fabricated “French Person” does not exist, (Or partially on you tube) and only her fictitious name is real. And as mentioned before, the god fearing herd does not think nor investigate anything. There is much more behind the French Lady’s name being used and abused…

And this is the PROBLEM, there is no enough critical thinking or time invested in checking the psychics’ previous predictive work. Or what make me, Dr. Turi so very different to those Neptunians born deceptive people.

Thus if you read for Entertainment Purposes Only, you know you are wasting your time and your money!  Then go to instead! 

And while I am offering many links to learn more about the meanings of words and sentences you may not know anything about, the reality is; no many people ever click on those links…

Police warn of astrology and psychic fraud! Stay with the Pros!

Knowing the religious and scientific matrixes OWN the news-media, it is very easy to use the indoctrinated “millennials” intellectuals rational capacity to inform and misinform the public about the world of astrology or metaphysics. A field they know NOTHING about and can only ridicule!

Put it this way, the main reason for those “psychic corporations” 800 and 900 telephone numbers to be still allowed to advertise on national TV and hurt society is because; there is  no spiritual, psychic, astrology “FDA” established offering the consumers the option to correctly educate themselves on the trade and escape them. And who benefit from inserted archaic religious and scientific junk at the end?  The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA

And be sure science  (and the secret services) will never honor the words “science and investigations” dealing with a work they assume being only a worthless pseudo-science.  Even with endless, repetitive undeniable proofs of my work…

Society has not yet find the solid jurisdiction of a mystical trade they fear, ridicule and know nothing about, while the true pillars of such an impressive rare science like me are cast aside…  Instead the forces of corporate, capitalist  evil associate for financial “psychic” lines purposes only! And while the RED LIGHT IS OBVIOUS, “for entertainment purpose onlythe gullible, idiotic herd is not directly mentally related to Einstein!

This is a solid vibrational system, this mean primarily a rational dense physical world! Unless a gifted person is born with the right “psychic” UCI, and trained by true Spiritual Masters, it becomes an  IMPOSSIBILITY for others to enter the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness and benefit from the old science of Astrology…

Indeed recognizing God as a cosmic eternal entity and using the super-conscious in time and space accordingly is not for the gullible, uneducated indoctrinated  religious or atheist herd.

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

Would it be Blake Ellis, Melanie Hicken or the skeptical Millennials,  I see them all as immature “Young Souls” in their thirties, looking for themselves and while their articles serve a good purpose to warn a dumb society, the millions of people they reached today can only get half of the truth!

Please use this link and ask Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken the questions you would ask me to test a real “psychic?”

This is why it is important for the sake of humanity psychical welfare, to share my articles and offer the readers “the rest of the story.” 

I posted some specific predictions about Donald Trump on Draco’s Facebook page, check them!

Opinion: It’s over; Trump will be the GOP nominee – I say, “never sell the bear’ skin before killing him” On Super Tuesday March 1st, 2016, Trump will be riding one of his 2016 Unlucky Personal Window dates and Rubio will again get some great support. Thus I do not expect Trump to repeat the success he had in Las Vegas. Only time will prove me right if you bother to follow up with me.

How far an idiot can go to piss off people and pushing is luck is unknown, but we are all watching the unfolding reality show… I am glad he can afford the best security services because Trump is also the direct target of the reptilius infected group of ISIS and the Mexican mafia!  Ex-Mexican President drops f-bomb in criticizing Trump’s wall

Donald Trump President?

I was right when Trump failed the Iowa Caucasus and came second after Cruz, will I be able to do it again for Super Tuesday? At least you can appreciate a real psychic at work if you paid attention to my work!

The stars are not supporting Ted Cruz juts yet but I can only tell you to be ready for some serious SHOCKING surprises around March 7th.

Expect a bad natural a bad natural disaster i.e. large earthquakes, tornadoes, volcano or a plane crash. See the power of a true psychic, Modern Prophet at work and learn how to decipher the cosmic code through my quatrains and obvious keywords!

March 7 -// – //

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Japan / Asia / Cosmos News / NASA / Space News Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Rocket / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Incredible / Lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Unrest / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0)/ Volcanoes / Tornadoes / Aeronautics / Technology / Television / UFO.

I will elaborate on those predictions  once they come to pass and put the results on my new page – Join us 

Don’t be dumb, don’t behave like the herd, be smart get my eBook and learn to use the Cosmic Code jurisdictions at your advantage…

Now as promised here is a little sample of my work so you can decide for yourself  of its validity…

Cosmic Coders Only

FROM  Cosmic Coders Only

Note: This is a sample of the many forecasts we generate every-months for our VIP’s!



Dear VIP’s;

More curious people joined the cosmic code last month and I may sound redundant to the VIP’s who have been with us for years. Some newcomers may also post questions in the chat room and we ask our cosmic family; if you land on it before we do, to provide them with the help they need to navigate this website.

Note, As a VIP, you own a priority to our Cosmic Code radio show if you have any questions for Terania or I and will also have our preference over the general public to enjoy future personal mini readings. Note radio show is now over!

All long lasting planets information and predictions such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto  are incorporated in the new and improved 2016 Nostradamus Dragon forecast for all signs.” This  eBook is now available and we can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to get it. You may notice some deep psychological changes taking place in yourself or on your loved ones and knowing where those cosmic winds affect you at a personal level is the option to control the outcome.

Sad enough, cosmic unconscious people will run to traditional psychologists who will prescribe dangerous antidepressants making the situation much worse. A natural chemical imbalance could be the result of both the effect of the 2016 Neptunius Dragon which will always fade away naturally after a few months if you know about it. And if you don’t those depressions will turn into panic attacks and dementia. Thus my sad prediction of an upsurge of drugs, alcohol abuse and suicides. 

This Universal watery, nirvanic dragon is very deceptive and will lead to the legalization of weed all over the US because the greedy lawmakers can NOT think rationally! And in the years to come if humanity makes it many of those  new laws will be retracted. It’s all about lobbyists corporate money and making you the docile zombies they need to dominate and survive.  

The 2015 version is now only $5.00 and can be used as a “test drive” if you are interested on how the previous Arian Dragon cursed or blessed you last two years. 

Thank you again VIP’s. 

Note: If you ordered your 12 months “Cosmic Biorhythms,” do not expect those cosmic winds to be obvious in your life right away. Some people expect immediate gratification but, because of the general cosmic code effect, some of those life changes are much more subtle while other will be very obvious. 

In conjunction with your personal windows (PERSONAL cosmic biorhythms,) make sure to heed all the SOS to the world deadly windows warnings, (or UNIVERSAL cosmic biorhythms) especially those taking place after the Full Moon during 2016 Mercury retrograde periods – Supernova windows!   If anything good or bad will happen to you, it will be during those days and when all cosmic auspices  are aligned for or against you. 

One need to practice patience and observations to make a good use of this service.  If you do not see anything unusual during those windows, it is mostly because you are not yet trained to perceive nor realize the future impact of  those “insignificant” changes taking place during your 2016 given dates.

But for Terania and mines trained eyes, ALL our cosmic biorhythms, personal and universal never went unnoticed.   One must be patient, it may takes weeks even months before you realize how crucial it is to be aware of those Universal/Personal cosmic timings and how to use my new Astrological discovery.  

The invasive, aggressive 2014 /2015 Arian Draconis  devastating war like energy is now over but its legacy is still cursing the world each passing day with more wars, fires, more emigration disputes, more deaths, more racism and more political human stupidity suffering the power of the stars!   


Only if, the entire world was to become totally cosmic conscious; peace, happiness and general security would reign on earth and this is why I am dedicated to educate the masses and battle the controlling news-media, religious and scientific educational matrixes through our newsletters.

Read more about the Moon Universal Laws.  Doing so will assure you safety and promoting my work will always brings you good karma and good surprises… Indeed for any action (good or bad) you will create / collect a reaction, this is an unarguable karmic law and, in this case only if you try will you be able to test my claim.

If you did not do it yet, think of acknowledging and controlling the 2016 dragon and think of offering it to your loved ones. The Dragon is as real as can be and the new 2016 ebook version is highly recommended for real guidance and protection.  

The world of religion is changing fast and, victimized by the deceptive, depressive Neptunius Dragon a cosmic unconscious  Pope Francis is losing it! He sees a world where the evil of greed and power has no chance for survival and Christianity being slowly disappearing.  His good heart and wise words can not be heard nor respected anymore and perceived as a waste of time by a growing atheist society! 

The mental stress Pope Francis is experiencing may lead you to suffer the same fate as Mother Theresa who finally gave in to the reptilius…  Depression, Dementia, Suicide and the Reptilius Universal Infestation” – Who was Jesus?” and with more people passing security and entering the White House I hope my prediction of President Obama (and Pope Francis’ assassination) to never come to pass, but all we can do is pray and hope for their safety. 

The real option to have a true rewarding, exciting life is to be educated and respect the cosmic code jurisdictions and gain full cosmic consciousness.  If you are a newcomer please get to know about our work and by watching some of my YouTube videos posted on this page.

Tell your friends to join us in the Cosmic Code and work in harmony with the Universe and God’s celestial will. Because this is what will make the difference between being at the right time and/or at the right place or even possibly being killed by yet another “Act of God!”

Yes knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and I am glad I can blow this vital cosmic fluid into your soul. Be smart, be wise, you are a child of the Universe and you need to learn how to hear, read and heed God’ signs…

 “If you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code” ask and you shall receive!


This forecast will touch everyone, please pay also attention to the current Moon transits as they unfold. 
aquarius star sign

Aquarius  (this would be Dr. Turi)

Read  and make notes of the REGULAR Supernova Windows

Plan your trips away from those dates and if you must travel, be very careful. I traveled the world during those windows and while I suffered frustrations, nothing really bad happened to me.  We always fly during  a waxing moon and on our good cosmic biorhythms. Unless you try this new service, you will never know how important it is! 

 Avoid 2015 Mercury retrograde periods – Supernova windows or purchase your plane tickets during a waxing moon or one of your positive Personal 2016 cosmic biorhythms

February at a glance – Note this colorful calendar is not part of my “Divine Astrology” methodology work and used for rapid traditional dates/moon checking only.   The red dates should not be used as a part my SOS to the world 3 days windows (universal) or as your negative (personal) cosmic biorhythms days. 

The following is the current monthly modern astrology  calendar complete with universal astrological information, including planetary aspects, void of course Moon data, and Moon signs. Note: Time is Eastern Time (Daylight Savings Time is observed).

Astropsychology is very different and use no time, only for rising readings or Astro-Carto-Graphy relocation charts involving precise longitude and latitude. We always use the time you provide us with but Divine Astrology methodology is much more objective and undeniably accurate forecasting natural disasters and personal events.     

 Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance For February 2016

 Memo: 2016 First SUPERNOVA window – From 01/01/2016 through 02/1/2016

Mercury in Capricorn until February 14th: The souls born now are blessed with a scientific mind. They are the masters of practical detection and will excel in mathematics work, astronomy, geology, mechanics, computing and any science requiring an extreme attention to details. A top position involving the rational thought process, will lead the soul towards political activity and ability with architectural endeavors. By birth, many of them will miss the natural ingredient to assimilate the essence of any spiritual matter or enter into the intuitional domain of metaphysicians (or astrology). Fortunately, later on in life, a few will not only be able to see the trees, but also the entire forest.


RULERS — Mercury (travel) Venus (love) Pluto (sex/drama): 

Work, Career and Business: With the Waning Moon upon us, be ready for dramatic news all over.  Let’s hope this trend will not touch you directly, but if it does you will need to be strong and realize the harshness of life.  You may also find out your real limits about your life’s situation.  Now is the time to review all your accomplishments and the reasons for your failures. Accept the upcoming changes with grace.  You will be forced out of a situation where you do not belong and you should be thankful for your intuition.  Meditate on improving your future. Avoid public places…

 Partnerships:  Finances will play an important part in your life now.  Be practical in all your expenses; you are advised not to overspend.  The lucky souls will receive very expensive presents by some good-hearted people.  Just wait patiently for the next New Moon to invest in your future.  Churches all over will be busy planning to accommodate many pious souls. Answering to Pluto (super wealth) in Sagittarius, the good spirit is now getting stronger and the world will feel compassionate and loving for all the victims. “Here Are The People Who Donated To Donald Trump’s.” 

Family and Friends: Many will make plans to travel to visit friends and family members, but remember Mercury (transportation) is still retrograde.  Expect news from all over, as new plans must be set to accommodate visitors.  Your family from afar will let you know how much they love and miss you.  The circle of friends will be extremely busy as we are making early plans to enjoy the past.  Pluto will make everyone passionate and restless.  Don’t expect much diplomacy around, as people will become susceptible to your comments.  Control emotions and watch the goings on in the house, especially if children are around.  A great time is ahead of you if you listen to your intuition.  As always, if a stranger is brought to your house, be aware of his motives.  Drama is bound to strike a family somewhere, don’t be one of Pluto’s victims.

Love Affairs: The Moon is still Waning (negative); avoid trouble.  If you are water sign, you may be experiencing some stress with love, be patient it will pass soon.

Travel and Communication: As you know, Pluto rules passion, the crooks and the police force.  News pertaining to the police and terrorism will always appear during his ruling days.  It is my aspiration with my students and my radio shows, to communicate this knowledge to the future, especially the police academies.  Pluto’s impact upon our courageous police officers is lethal; and in the name of ignorance from their superiors, many suffer early and wasteful deaths.  In the future, when “ridicule” is cast aside, Police Executives will be forewarning their officers to the influence of the Plutonic impact upon their dangerous careers. Locating the destructive power of Pluto transpiring in the natal profile of a potential murderer can be identified through Astroforensics.  Knowledge is power and there is no room for ignorance especially with the police force.

Environment: Pluto will induce drama and could disturb the earth’s belly, producing a bad earthquake.  As usual with Pluto in charge, be ready for many interesting secrets to surface and remember to keep quiet.

Famous Personalities: A famous personality will be called to God and many will miss the soul.  A powerful reminder of our own mortality is ahead, this is the signature of Pluto’s regular jurisdiction upon our lives.  Note when a soul is born with a Dragon’s Tail in Aries as was Mr. Kennedy, 39, son of the late U.S. Sen. Robert Kennedy, this person is prone to experience a violent death.  He died New Year’s Eve (1997) in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado. You may order my book, “Power of the Dragon,” from to find the location of your own natal dragon.

Events: Under Pluto’s explosive power, in 1988, at American Pacific’s plant near Henderson — Pacific Engineering & Production Co. of Nevada, or PEPCON — a series of colossal explosions left two dead, injured 300 and caused $75 million in damage. Pluto stirs man’s animal tendencies and causes the infinite forces of good and evil to constantly tease each other. Don’t trust anyone and be aware of the police.  Fact: Controlled by Pluto, the planet of death and drama, the highest suicide rate is to be found within the police force. Expect this type of news soon: BALTIMORE (AP) — Five women were found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in a home Sunday night, and police were searching for four suspects, officers said.  The shootings capped an unusually violent weekend in the city, where 10 people were killed since Friday.  FORT GIBSON, Oklahoma (CNN) — A 13-year-old boy firing a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun wounded four classmates at their rural Oklahoma middle school before being subdued and taken into custody, police said.  The victims were taken to hospitals; their injuries did not appear life threatening. Indeed the police and the FBI will make the news…  

Shopping: Only second-hand shopping or well advertised sales will give you the best deals in town.  Better wait for the New Moon for super deals.  Do not invest in dangerous toys for your children; with Pluto signature, they could get hurt.  Give old toys to unfortunate children.

WED., THU., FRI., SAT. FEBRUARY  3, 4, 5, 6:

RULERS —Jupiter (religion) and Saturn (government):

Work, Career and Business: With the waning moon opportunities to rebuild the damage inflicted by Pluto will be offered to the valiant.   With Jupiter’s protection, the finances, resources and expertise of others could provide support this week.  All sorts of financial deals will be attainable, especially where foreigners are involved.  Be ready for a restructure of a portion of your business, these changes could also affect your emotional life.  Take chances, sign contracts, travel and promote your career only when the Moon is on your side.

Partnerships: Saturn’s gloomy attitude may make you feel insecure about life in general.  Don’t taint those close to you; put a smile on your face; caution in relationships is advised.  You may find yourself forced to help someone; if you feel like saying no, don’t feel guilty about it.  This publication’s purpose is to help and guide those who need help on a daily basis.  If your partner becomes too heavy, mention my work and release yourself from guilt.  Work towards your heart’s desire with a practical mind.  Saturn wants you to go and find all the answers yourself.  Don’t be too concerned about doing everything perfectly; you can only do your best.  Use or learn computers to make life and your business easier and don’t be afraid of technology.

Family and Friends: Share your feelings about a difficult situation with a family member or a trusted friend, but don’t be pessimistic about the end.  With benevolent Jupiter, a trip close to nature with the children will regenerate your soul.  A trip to your local church next week end could give you a sense of faith in the creator and in yourself.  Some juveniles may ask questions about life. Help them to think differently; inform them outside of religion and take chances on their spiritual natures, they will love it.

Love Affairs: Be particularly attentive to a fascinating foreigner. Being cautious in relationships is always a good thing; be sure to take your time before committing your heart.  Expect a significant development with marriage or divorce unfolding with some karmic relationships close to you.  If you happen to suffer one at the present time, don’t stress yourself and be patient.  Sooner or later it will all be gone and you will find a well-deserved peace of mind and true love with a suitable partner.  If you were born under the sign of Leo, a Sagittarius or an Aries will be attracted to you.

Travel and Communication: This is the perfect time to make travel arrangements if you have to be away from home after the New Moon.  Be easy on a person who may be quite troublesome; use diplomacy, or the situation could turn nasty, even against you.  Your presence may be requested for a gathering, and a wise person may play an important part in a critical decision.  Enjoy the road and keep your eyes on the signs.

Environment: Sad news may come from foreign countries experiencing problems with terrorism and emigrations.  Japan could also make bad news because of a bad earthquake. With benevolent Jupiter with us these days, some “saviors” may become active in respect to their religious convictions or for nature.

Famous Personalities: Your management or some important government figures will impose some new rules. An old person will make his voice heard to the younger generation. The message will bring a new beginning for the children’s education.

Events: Saturn always involves Government news such as the terrible explosion directed at an administrative building on April 19th, 1995. — Under the same celestial energy, in Oklahoma City, an explosion felt for miles around rocked a downtown federal office building, blowing away an entire 9-story wall and killing scores of people. Let’s hope nothing of this sort will ever happen again. On the negative side, this lunation may activate destructive news pertaining to fanatic foreign groups.

Shopping: Use this trend to prepare to find great bargains in garage sales. You could also enjoy shopping at your local antique store with an exuberant friend. If you have an Indian guide, invest in their works of art to channel spiritual information. Pets bought now will live long and happy lives and give you tons of love. 

“There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.” Julius Caesar, Act IV, Scene iii

New Moon — February 8, 2016 in Aquarius: The New Moon will mature in the futuristic sign of Aquarius. Expect surprising developments everywhere. The Waxing “positive” Moon means it is a progressive time to launch any new project. The next two weeks are going to be full of surprises, and a good chance to move forward will be offered to those asking for progress. Try anything now, aim as high as you are capable; coincidence be will magical.

Don’t waste this great lunation; be original, ask and you will receive! Expect incredible news involving explosions, natures destructive forces at work, electronics, UFOs, celestial bodies, (yes Pluto is a planet and belong to our solar system!). Airport news such as the August 2006 London impeded terrorist attack on UK airliners, etc.  A perfect time to start a spiritual Astro-Psychology, Kabalistic Healing or Astro-Tarot course (Get the course by mail)  – see or call me the office for more info at 602-265-7667 don’t put if off any longer, get a new career and help the children of the future with true wisdom. 

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – A///////////

Taurus -////////////////

Gemini – More /////////////

Cancer – A ///////////////

Leo – Big /////////////

Virgo – You are ///////////////

Libra – Your love life //////////////////

Scorpio – You may be forced to ///////////////

Sagittarius – Be ready to ////////////////

Capricorn – Positive financial changes ////////////

Aquarius – A new door is //////////////////

Pisces – Your perception///////////////////

Venus in Aquarius February 17, 2016: You need a lot more space than most people, and won’t want to be bound up, or merge, or anything codependent like that. You’re a sampler, and a friendly group-oriented person that feels more at home in a small clique. It’s important to be with someone whose mind is as quirky as yours, and that won’t judge your far-out ways. You may appear aloof when dating, since the intimate encounter is at odds with your freedom oriented friendly nature. But you’ll respond to an intelligent, fair-minded person that lets you go off on your own most of the time. Restrictions of any sorts or possessiveness from a jealous partner could lead to separation.

The year of the Chinese Monkey (Leo) start!

2016 is the Year of the Monkey according to Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Monkey will start from Feb. 8, 2016 (Chinese New Year) and last to Jan. 27, 2017.
China Zodiac Animal - Monkey

Monkey is the ninth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac. The Years of the Monkey include 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028… The monkey is a clever animal. It is usually compared to a smart person. During the Spring and Autumn Period (770 – 476 BC), the dignified Chinese official title of marquis was pronounced ‘Hou’, the same as the pronunciation of ‘monkey’ in Chinese. The animal was thereby bestowed with an auspicious meaning.

SUN., MON., TUE., WED. — FEBRUARY 7, 8, 9, 10:

RULERS — RULERS: Neptune (religion) and Uranus (shocking news):

Work, Career and Business:  The New Moon is finally here, making many of us much happier.   Try to accomplish as much as you can, even though you may find it hard to concentrate on the tasks. It’s time to socialize with co-workers and get to know them better. We are already half way through the month, and accompanying it, is a note of serious change and interesting developments. A business trip or an invitation may lead you to many good contacts. You will have time to play and mix business with pleasure. 

 Family and Friends: Many will be enjoying foreign places and the different cultures of these people. Expect brothers and sisters to contact you from afar and let yourself be immersed in the great Holiday season. Children are getting very excited and will be anticipating the upcoming festivities. With only a few weeks before Xmas, your friends and the family circle will be extremely busy making plans and at the same time enjoying the best of what life has to offer. People will plan to attend church services, responding to Neptune’s religious power. Many of God’s houses will be crowded and you should double check on your plans to get there on time. Combined with the New Moon and Neptune, the Christmas spirit of love and preparations will receive its full support from the stars. Many will participate in volunteer work to provide love and help to the needy.

Love Affairs: As usual with amazing Uranus in charge, avoid impatience and be ready for some surprises. With Neptune here, control your emotions and your imagination.   The Moon is Waxing (positive), so any surprises ahead of you should be of a positive nature. Many will find love and this new relationship may lead you to a rewarding future.

 Travel and Communication:  Your telephone and your mail will bring you all sorts of news and invitations. The lucky ones will enjoy a trip close to those they love. Expect news from a brother or sister; get in touch with some of your friends for a good chat.  Remember Neptune is also part of the early festivities and you must not overindulge in eating or drinking. A quiet walk by the sea will take your spirit high and stimulate your faith.  Many lonely people will feel the depressing power of Neptune and some older souls may call on you for help. With Neptune’s stressful imagination, many evangelists will stubbornly spew the gospel, and “Repent, Hell, and the End-Times” will be their favorite topics. The only change ahead is in our consciousness and in new faith; based upon the understanding of God’s celestial tools.

Environment: The weather could prove to be very difficult in some places. Be especially aware around water. Tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, and volcanic activity is anticipated, especially during a Supernova window.

 Famous Personalities:  A fantastic time is to be expected by the efforts of many gifted artists to bring love, joy, and faith to the children of the world.

 Events: Neptune may bring disturbing explosive news from religion or the Middle East.  Let’s hope the New Moon will stop anything drastic from happening such as blowing up a church or synagogue somewhere killing innocent people. Some abortion activists will bring their convictions and trouble with them. Explosions and surprises are high on the list, watch for suspicious and suicidal people around you. The children could also be adversely affected, watch them closely.

Shopping: Those days belong to the children and all toys bought now will bring great joy to them on Xmas morning. You may now also invest safely in anything that can be used around water or any survival gear.

Jupiter in Virgo:  Jupiter is higher education while Virgo is work and health, the opportunity is given to study, to travel, learn and teach all the affairs of health and work. Virgo’s individuals tend to stay within the accepted norms of education and will reject any non-traditional work.  Meantime many will investigate my work in private with a passion unmatched by other Sun signs. Mental snobbery is produced by a very strong desire to reach for a position of power via traditional education. The soul will excel in foreign lands and with foreigners on many governmental projects that will force the soul to open up to a less rigid view of life. Hard work, honor and respect is deeply needed with this position and produces physicians, attorneys, city board of directors, political figures, etc.

In some extreme cases, the soul’s incapable to enter the spiritual or intuitive domain and appears to be very limited and judgmental/critical to the more advanced souls. Their reluctance to expand the mind in spiritual matters is simply a reflection of the deep-seated fear of ridicule in the eyes of society. With a more advanced soul, the ultimate structural power of Jupiter in Virgo is applied to teach unconditionally, all areas of the human experience.

THU., FRI., SAT., SUN. — FEBRUARY 11, 12, 13, 14:   

RULERS — Mars (action) Mercury (sales) and Venus (presents):

Work, Career and business:  With the New Moon here, don’t miss opportunities that could be used to improve your business endeavors. Trust your ability to communicate with Mercury help and follow your intuition.  The next few days will be vital for launching your business, and Venus’ lucky touch will bring additional luck and new developments. Use those positive days to maximize your promotions for business.

Partnerships:  This timing is perfect for many to participate in any festivities.  But remember, Mars is around so you should use his strength instead of impatience when shopping. The future promises to bring encouraging results for interviews, employment applications, promotions and other job opportunities. This week is a pivotal turning point for a key relationship for some. As always consider the long-term implications and respectability of the offer before making up your mind.

Family and friends: The “Lord” of communication, Mercury in charge these days, expect your telephone to be busy. Everybody will have something to share with you. Use Venus’ loving touch in your verbal exchanges and avoid Mars’ invective remarks towards an unlucky friend.  Don’t be shy and pass on your messages with confidence. Be confident and direct in your approach; your impact on others will surprise you. Enjoy those days with the children but Mars will make them restless.

Love affairs:  Currently, the New Moon and kind-hearted touch of Venus are upon us, and you will treat someone you truly love with your best intentions. The timing is perfect to discover what it is you can offer your loved ones. Early gatherings and great times are ahead. With them, your social life and romance is up; a trip is on the way for some. If you were born in June a Sagittarius, a Libra or an Aquarius may fall for you.

Travel and Communication:  Anything related to UFO’s, or what the young souls are afraid of or call “weird” and general communication will go particularly well and progress is imminent. This week promises to be worthwhile for some. For the more creative souls, your writing skills will improve dramatically. Under Mercury and Venus’ auspices, especially in time of a New Moon, great gifts can be found. A trip to Vegas will pay off for some. Don’t let Mars make you impatient or accident-prone on the road and be patient.

 Environment:  Let’s hope that Mars’ destructive temper will not produce tornadoes, explosions, high winds or flooding.

Famous personalities: Be ready for some good news about famous people’s creativity, but be ready for some weird news about them too!

Events:  Do your shopping early; don’t get caught in the madness. Remember Mars is around; don’t take any chances with confrontations or the police. A positive attitude and diplomacy will keep you out of trouble. Impending breakthroughs with medicine or science is expected soon.

Shopping:  The kids want new toys, this is also a great time to buy interesting books, and electronics for your business. As Mercury rules transportation it would be a good idea for you to take care of your wheels or shop for a new car. Toys bought for kids now will bring great happiness later.

MON., TUE., WED., THU. – FEBRUARY 15, 16, 17, 18:

RULERS — Venus (caring), Mercury (contact) and the Moon (variation).

Work, Career and Business: Action is everywhere, you may find difficult to concentrate on your duties. Your mind will wander about the anticipated good times ahead.  Deserving hard-working souls will benefit with well-earned bonuses or new opportunities to promote their careers. Mercury will make you think fast, and action will be everywhere.  

Partnerships: Some of the people you know will have to move away, or you yourself may decide to relocate to a better place within the next few days. Expect the beginning or ending of important phases of your life and others’ too. Venus will endorse many gatherings with colleagues you have not seen for a long time. 

Family and Friends: Expect a brother or a sister to pleasantly surprise you. A friend might show up uninvited and thus affect some of your plans. You may receive an invitation to socialize with some faraway friends or family members; use this opportunity to grow closer to them if you can. Deal with this Supernova window, and enjoy these good old days. Don’t forget that when the Moon becomes full and is waning, things may not go your way and a friend or a family member will needs your advice. Be willing to consider the issue from his point of view; but avoid emotional involvement or forcing your opinion. Much time will be spent with or around the children…

Love Affairs: Expect much progress if you are looking for that special person. Some of the people from your past may also become weighty; stand for yourself without guilt. Friends will bring good memories; have fun but don’t get caught up in the nostalgia. If you are a fire or water sign many will try to steal your heart.  Have fun, but don’t make any commitment if the person in question was met for the first time after the Full Moon.

Travel and Communication: You will have to run like mad to keep up with all the things you must accomplish. Stay busy with all this activity and come in contact with interesting people. However with a Supernova window, expect all sorts of delays, forcing you to think twice as fast. Slow down; be cautious and prudent in your driving, too. Watch for crazy drivers around the city; they do not know nothing of the stars, so don’t let them hurt you (or your car). Many who flew to faraway places after the full moon will get caught in bad weather or find themselves stuck in congested airports. Keep in mind that Mercury may decide to confuse some electronics and bring chaos. Chain-reaction accidents and bad weather is on the list; be careful out there.

Environment: Expect surprises and explosions soon all throughout the month. Be aware of fire and keep an eye on the children. Chances are that nature will go berserk soon, so you don’t want to be a victim. She may demonstrate her power with shocking weather. Thousands of people may be forced to relocate, fleeing disasters, flooding or bad earthquakes.

Famous Personalities: A famous person (or his child) will make dramatic news. Expect news about famous or infamous people who have made history. The past will turn alive for a while.

Events: Expect the beginning or ending of an important portion of your (and other) lives due to serious natural disasters. Let’s hope the New Moon will protect many!

Shopping: Use what’s left of the New Moon to spend money on expensive gifts. You can still find good deals on big-ticket items by comparison shopping.  If you decide to visit Las Vegas’ casinos after the Full Moon, you may encounter stress but you could get lucky. Yes, someone will hit the jackpot in a waning Moon in Vegas too, but the money will be spent on paying bills or tax and little will be left. Better make all your important plans after the next New Moon for your own sake. Use your positive Cosmic biorhythms to attract more luck!

Full Moon – February 22 in Virgo / Leo:  One of the most memorable time is ahead of us so be gentle with affairs of love and watch over the children.  This moon will also affect your work and health area. Keep Mrs. Pride and Mr. Ego in control if you intend to sustain your loving partner’s relationship!  Disturbing and surprising news is ahead, be ready for agonizing with children happenings but learn not to dwell on them.  Life is a constant process of change; the future has better to offer.  Expect earthquakes above 6.0, and avoid flying. This Full Moon will impact the world’s health making people more aware of their vulnerability to epidemic and poisoning nature.  Be patient, take chances and promote your life only after the next New Moon. Expect serious negative news with health, nature, explosions and children soon. Many will have to make decision about their love life, and only relationships based on true love will stand this lunation. This lunation falls on the Tail of the Virgo Head Dragon and could prove devastating for many people. France, Italy, Japan could make the news, while famous people and children are a target of the Dragon. Be aware, be  safe!

 Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – A rebirth /////////////////

Taurus – An important ////////////////////

Gemini – Your ////////////////

Cancer – Serious ///////////////////

Leo – Let go of /////////////////////

Virgo – A secret /////////////////////

Libra – Some friends will ////////////////

Scorpio – A decision /////////////////

Sagittarius – A study //////////////

Capricorn – News of//////////////

Aquarius – An opportunity /////////////

Pisces – A chance to//////////////

FRI., SAT., SUN., MON., TUE., WED.  — FEBRUARY 19, 20 21, 22, 23, 24:

RULERS — The Sun (children/love), Mercury (traveling) and Venus (love).

Work, Career and Business: This long trend trio will make these days quite interesting in terms of action and news.  You will be occupied trying to cope with all the demands made upon you.  Local errands will keep you busy and bring you in contact with interesting people.  Don’t rush if you feel you won’t make progress or if things don’t go your way; all will change soon.  Use the waxing moon to your advantage and be patient.

Partnerships: Expect new partners to show you their talents, and be patient with them if they cannot follow your pace.  The deserving hard-working souls will benefit soon with well-deserved promotions or new opportunities for growth.  Your wishes could be granted if you mean business and become active on the social scenery.

Family and Friends: A family member or a friend in need may request your advice.  Be willing to consider the issues from their point of view, but try to avoid emotional outbursts and do not force your opinion on them.  You may receive an invitation to be part of a gathering; use this opportunity to get some of your wishes.  You miss some people you know well who have moved away.  You may decide to relocate soon yourself.

 Love Affairs: Don’t be insecure or shy; go after the person you are attracted to.  Propose to dine out or offer flowers.  With the great Sun in charge your romanticism will be accepted.  Use positive words and further your life now.  With Mercury in the air, get on the phone; you will use a convincing approach to stimulate someone you care about.  Your words can make a difference with a person who has lost some of the feelings they had for you. If you were born in July, a curious foreigner born in March or November may be looking for your love.  Keep busy on the social scenery.

Travel and Communication: Some lucky people will decide to take a trip to Las Vegas and enjoy the nightlife.  The waxing Moon (positive) may bring you luck.  If you plan to travel, always make all your plans within the New Moon to protect yourself and further your wishes.  Enjoy the wilderness and enjoy the best of what life has to offer.  Use the growing new moon’s energy to your advantage.

Environment: Wind could be a problem and speedy Mercury could produce sudden tornadoes in some parts of the US.  Expect activity from environmentalists fighting for the survival of wildlife and the earth.

Famous Personalities: Much talk and gossip will be available from celebrity magazines.  A brother, a sister or a pair of twins may make the news.

Events: Hopefully Venus will stop any damage from explosions.  News from France or Japan or the Middle East could be troublesome.  Interesting new developments in biology, science and research are to be expected soon.

Shopping: Gifts offered to those for whom you care will bring much luck to their happy owners. You can find a good deal on a big-ticket item by comparison shopping.  Offer Starguide as a birthday gift, and bring the light of true predictions and guidance into someone’s life. 


February 26th, 2016:  Today is your favorite astrologer’s birthday and because it unfolds within a full moon period, Terania and I will double attention if we decide to go out for diner!  One of my best birthday ever took place with many new students in an exotic place. I enjoyed a memorable birthday with them all in Hawaii in 2009.  Pisces rules exotic places and all affairs involving the spirit and Hawaii was indeed there…

I am still wondering how many of my new VIP’s would join us in Hawaii or in a cruise, or in Florida  if I decided to teach the stars live for the very last time? I really hope many of you would join us, meet and enjoy many highly spiritual souls mastering the  “Cosmic Code” Nostradamus Healing, Hypnotherapy, the Astro-Tarot and so much more with us.  

Let us know by emailing, she will save your names and addresses and the time of the year you would be able to join us. Maybe one of you is good at organizing events and willing to help us to set it up? 

Again thank you for all your good wishes and wonderful birthday cards VIP’s.  Each year I am getting more and more birthday wishes and an incredible amount of emails from all of you.  It is an honor to receive so many blessings from all around the world.  Please forgive me if I do not personally answer you, but it is from the depth of my heart that I sincerely thank you. God bless all of you. Dr. Turi 

Note: Attention: Pluto is back with us — Be ready for dramatic happenings all over; control is a must.  Don’t be Pluto’s victims; be aware of its destructive power.  Anything you say or do under his power will follow you for the rest of your life.  Time to use extreme caution in all you do.  Killers, rapists, psychotics, and the worst of society will be active.  While Pluto reigns, you’d better stay home and let the ignorant get killed.  Make good use of my work and pass on this site to those you care for solid guidance.   Expect secrets to surface and news from the police force soon.


THU., FRI., SAT., SUN, MON.   — FEBRUARY 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

RULERS — Pluto (drama/death) Venus (forgiveness) and Jupiter (foreigners).

Work, Career and Business: In time of a Full Moon, don’t let Pluto make you too direct or radical until you really know what you’re talking about.  Be cautious in all you say and do.  Pluto stimulates the animal nature in man and will make us behave accordingly.  Be aware that whatever you say or do now will have serious repercussions in your life.  Stay on the side of the law and make a good use of Venus’ diplomacy or you could end up sorry.   Money will play an important part of this trend; use your intuition and turn down a hazardous business proposition.

Partnerships: Pluto is very emotional and choleric, and nothing will stop him from inducing trouble in your life. Death, secrets, power, manipulation, sex and extra-marital affairs are his favorites.  Venus is no match for her powerful brother Pluto and this duo will change you into a walking sexual magnet to others.  Be aware and stay close to the one you trust.

Family and Friends: Be aware of everything and everybody around you.  Keep an eye on the children; Pluto takes their young lives swiftly.  Be patient with family and friends, avoid gossiping, and help by cooling things down. This is the perfect time to mention my work before this celestial trend; the skeptics will receive a full wake-up call pertaining to the stars’ impact in their lives.

Love Affairs: With Jupiter around, a foreigner you know will play an important part in the next dilemma of your life.  Pluto will also make you highly sensual and magnetic; you should take all the precautions needed to avoid sexually transmitted disease.  A love affair started now will have a profound, even dramatic impact on your life.  All water and earth signs, especially Scorpio and Taurus, will be affected by this plutonic impact; be aware, be prudent.  Better stay home and watch TV.

Travel and Communication: Not a time at all to plan a long-distance trip or even to travel to faraway places.  Use diplomacy in all your conversation and listen carefully; you will hear about secrets.  Understand the limits to your investigations, and let neither sarcasm nor the Scorpio’s stinger affect your self-esteem.  Stay clear of psychotic leaders and crowded places loaded with maniacs suggesting castration, suicide or drugs.

Environment: Nothing will stop Pluto from his tragic assaults to the earth.  Natural disasters are on the way. 7.8 quake strikes off Indonesia Be ready for some serious messes from the worst of our society who will shock the media. Note that I am using “old” news to make you aware that the news REPEATS because the Universal Code (like the weather) has a solid regular mathematical pattern. Building “Cosmic Consciousness” can only help you to USE the “Cosmic Code” at your advantage and lead you to a very productive life in the process. Take the course by mail or join us Live somewhere in the future.

Memo from the past – NEW YORK (AP) — Two teenagers — one a 14-year-old girl — were charged Tuesday in the shooting death of Nicole DuFresne an aspiring actress who challenged a group of muggers on a Manhattan street. 

Famous Personalities: Many financial or sexual secrets about a famous person will reach the media.  Some unlucky souls will get wake-up calls from the dramatic planet.  A public figure will make dramatic news or may be called to God. WASHINGTON (AP) — Rosemary Kennedy, the oldest sister of President John F. Kennedy and the inspiration for the Special Olympics died, she was 86.

Events: As usual, be aware of the power of Pluto, as dramatic news will plague the media. Expect news pertaining to the police force, sex, scandals, earthquakes, secrets, abortion and AIDS.  The police will be busy trying to catch the villains. Hopefully none of the brave public servants will die doing so. 

Update: February 28, 2016

Prince William County officer killed on first day on street it could have been avoided! May God Bless Their Souls

Those kids natal UCI’s does not agree with such a dangerous job, sad enough the police executives and traditionally educated psychologists doing the hiring are all cosmic unconscious and do not know anything about the human UCI.

Without the art and science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics many more cops will suffer an untimely death! Furthermore the police Administration do not know anything about being at the wrong time at the wrong place! 

Will the police ever learn something new to save lives?  SHARE this article PLS


Continued: The police force will make the news as they always do when their Plutonic ruler is in charge. In the past, I have sent certified letters to many prominent governmental figures and police chiefs, before and after dramatic happening unfolded. Copies were sent of both pages 87 and 36 of Starguide 1996/1997 where I predicted (over a year before) the “Rancho Santa Fe mass suicide” of March 26th 1997 and “Bill Cosby’s loss.”

No reply ever came.  None of those “educated” high board of directors had the decency or the courage to answer my mail. Even with the plain facts in their face, none of those public executives ever acknowledged my work in predictive astrology.  Fear of ridicule kills your children and our police officers. 

I hope and pray that someday they will train our valiant and courageous policemen on the incredible dangers they face when Pluto is in charge.  My research is unarguable and too many police officers have died in the name of their superiors’ ignorance and fear of ridicule.  In ignorance of Pluto’s laws, too many lives have been wasted in vain by the “Death Wish Generation” where children kill teachers and classmates (see my book, “The Power of the Dragon” and learn more about it).

Shopping: Avoid investing in dangerous tools, weapons or ammunition.  Pluto’s awful signature of death should not be stored in your home. Doing so could kill your own children or family members.  Beware of what cannot be seen or understood yet in terms of metaphysics could greatly cost you or your loved ones. You may invest in anything that can be used to kill nuisances.  If you buy dangerous substances, keep them well away from children.  Share my valuable forecast from or accurate guidance for someone’s birthday or offer a comparison chart for a newly wed couple.

 The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony. — Dr. Turi

Lastly, make a good use of my last two deals, and if you are looking for real effective talismans to reach emotional, financial and spiritual stability read UFOs Talismans and ET’s Direct Contact!

Blessings to all our readers world wide.

DR. Turi






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