‘Death with dignity advocate’ takes pills to die – My college degree is worthless – Why depression and failures replaced Happiness and Success in America?


“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.   Dr. Turi 

Dear Readers;

Is there any valuable lesson, a warning or a serious omen to consider with 29 year old Brittany Maynard’s publicized suicide? When I mentioned in my latest article about the crazy state of this world creating countless of preventable “accidents” suicides and death due to humanity lack of cosmic consciousness, do you still think I exaggerated or would it be a good idea for you to read more of my predictions for 2015 and learn more in my educational articles?

So many questions about the purpose of our existence on earth where many answers came in a another trip that was well worth the time away from home for both of us!

We left Phoenix knowing we would have a blast in San Diego, the city where all started for me back in 1984… This time, going west, the rising sun was in our back and while I was warning Terania to expect the unusual, one hour into the trip, and for the second time, my cell phone rang!  Yes it was monitronics telling me my alarm went off again!

Knowing the Uranic surprising energy was in effect, I called Monitronics prior to the trip, asking them to test the alarm but the moon in Aquarius always involve technology and one of the main reason why, part of the plan was to visit the San Diego Science Center and watch a couple of movies in the IMax digital theater in Balboa Park!

I finally asked the Monitronic agent to write a ticket and send a person in my house upon our return to check once and for all what’s going on with the alarm equipment.

We enjoyed the rest of the trip and my GPS lead me straight to the San Diego Zoo. Knowing we could not take Lady with us, we walked together for a while, and gave her some food and water. I also carefully picked a parking place under a very large tree and opened the back windows slightly.

I would never consider leave a pet in a car in Phoenix but the San Diego cooler temperature make it safe to do so. We have a check list we always read before living for any trip but that day, I forgot to add Lady’s ball. She loves to run after toys and the surprising Aquarius moon worked in our favor!

As we walked around, we saw a ball weird green shaped ball on the floor, and with the waxing, protective moon, I realized the stars were on our side! Lady was a bit perplexed at first, but soon realized it was a new toy she would enjoy dearly! Remember anything you buy or find during specific celestial energy becomes a powerful talisman captivating the power of the stars that will follow you for as long as you own the item.

Aquarius Weird Ball

 When I offered my two last pieces of petrified forest to my VIP’s, you are getting not only Dr. Turi’s cosmic energy but with it,  much more ” subtle forces” you can not comprehend just yet! My readers are not truly realizing what they are getting  from me and no one made any request for those items so far! What’s $200 or more when priceless experiences and supreme wisdom is involved? But again, I am a bit too ahead of the norm and trusting my cosmic wisdom may be still a challenge even for my own VIP’s…

With the billions of normal balls lost everyday by people, what are the chances to find a green one shaped like this? Indeed the “ridicule” UFO Aquarius stuff only cosmic conscious people can accept and decipher!

We and hundreds of other people walked in the Zoo and we went first to the gorillas exhibit… By looking at the picture, you can easily see the depressive facial expression of this poor guy trapped for ever, like many doped human beings, stuck in a made up world so far away from freedom and a reality he will never appreciate nor enjoy…

This is a perfect picture representing so many depressive human beings molded and fabricated  by the religious and scientific matrixes where true cosmic reality and psychical freedom and regeneration is non existing… Their pitiful reality start and finish at a mad God ready to send them all to burn in hell for ever! Insanity at best…

San Diegotrip11/2014 WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DECEPTIVE WORLD I LANDED ON!San Diegotrip11/2014

Our children will suffer the same fate, all in the name of the corporate world and its controlled, financial “education”

San Diegotrip11/2014

Science know so much about the physical aspects of human and primates but what about their decimated jailed spirits? Indeed my mission to free humanity from cosmic ignorance is a heavy task and only an extreme minority of smart human  beings will grasp the crucial values of my work while on earth…

San Diegotrip11/2014

The San Diego Zoo is definitely a place to visit, at least for its valuable conservationism purposes programs. In case you wonder about it, I always carry my police badge with me but be sure its a real badge and saved us time and saved our butts in many occasions while traveling locally or internationally.

Indeed we do have very powerful cop friends in high places and when you own a concealed weapon licence, its a good idea for all the people around you to know about it and know how to use it!

San Diegotrip11/2014

If you are a VIP, you can look at the thousands of collected pictures in the cosmic code website because I can only post a few I trust you will like.    

San Diegotrip11/2014

Born in the year of  Metal Tiger

San Diegotrip11/2014

According to the Chinese Zodiac, people who are born under the Chinese sign of the Tiger are very intense. These individuals are passionate and fiery, and live for conflict.  Feels and sound like Aquarius... A person like me born under the sign of the Tiger in the Chinese horoscope is likely to adopt lost causes and fight for them fiercely. Who can deny my dedication and courage against all oppositions? 

San Diegotrip11/2014

A happy wife and her doggie looking at the Sun set

Time flew real fast at the Zoo but in no way would I miss the Sun set and while driving west to the coast line, I remembered an old  Italian friend and his Capri D’Italy famous restaurant.  The chances of finding him at the same location after more than ten years was very remote.

But as we drove on the HWY I recognised the landmark exit and I decided to give it a shot. I  knew the moon was in Aquarius (surprises/friends) I may get lucky in the process, and I did!

After introducing myself, the new owner was perplexed and told me my old friend  “Antonio” had his own Italian restaurant in Poway for years now, and he gave me the address…   why not “shocking” him with a visit I thought, and after a few minutes watching the Sun set our GPS took us right there, furthermore, his restaurant was only 25 minutes away from Encinitas.

His place was packed up and Antonio was at the door greeting people. As we walked in he did not recognize me. He asked if we were there for a drink or dinner… I said “Hey Antonio, “mio fratello” in Italian, “long time no see bro, how are you?”

He was in shock, and kissed and hugged me  really hard… I introduced Terania and we spoke for a while but he was much too busy to keep the discussion going for long. He then lead us to a comfortable booth and send us one of his waiter.

I ordered the most delicious fruity Italian red wine on the menu and the best Italian food we could ever hope for, but the camera was left in the car and the delicious dishes pictures are not available… Terania and I had a wonderful time and now and then our eyes landed on Antonio’s smiling at us… So many years, so many wonderful memories, time passes so far I thought!

The chances of experiencing such an incredible experience could only become a reality because  the moon in Aquarius rules friends and wishes, and with the waxing positive new moon trend and  the very last drop of a Mercury retrograde (people and affairs of the past)  I was truly appreciating the good use of my cosmic consciousness and the stars!

Aquarius rules also aeronautics and new inventions – right there and then in San Diego Uranus was doing his job for the NAVY! But who’s to notice when cosmic consciousness is missing?

2014  Third SUPERNOVA window –  From 09/28/2014 through 10/31/2014


As expected Antonio did not charge me for exquisite dessert, he never did since I can remember and upon leaving the restaurant,  we hugged and kissed probably for the last time because, its just a matter of time for us to soon move to Florida and I am not exactly sure when or if we’ll ever see him again…

We then drove to our hotel the Hilton Garden Inn only  a few miles away. Amazingly Terania had no idea of what would transpire that weekend and booked our hotel very close to the Zoo and my friend’s Antonio’s restaurant in Poway.

We dropped Lady and our stuff in the room and rushed to the hot tub for a wonderful resting time… We then came back to the room and slept like two tired but happy babies until the next day…

The next morning, after a nice breakfast we took on Hwy 15 South, to HWY 5 South and drove to a dog park I know. Knowing Lady was to be confined for hours in the car again, I wanted her to run, burn some energy and relieve herself… And she did make the most of her “Aquarius” green ball… This mean this doggy will also fly with us in the future with this Uranic green ball talisman, as  this sign rules aeronautics…

San Diegotrip11/2014


San Diegotrip11/2014

A happy family, precious moments caught by Terania and shared with you all…

San Diegotrip11/2014

After thirty minutes playing, a wet, hot happy and sandy Lady was brought back in her bed in the backseat of the car and we left the beach for Balboa Park.  I drove around for a while and realized in ten years how much the city changed things, particularly the parking areas. We set everything as always safe and sound for Lady in the car, in a shadowed trees area and walked away.

The good news about Lady is; she is an extremely smart Scorpio little dog! Whenever, where ever we leave her, in a hotel room or in the car, she seems to know we will always be back for her. She does not bark nor attract bad attention to herself or the car, especially when the car windows are left with a small opening for the fresh air to move inside.

She will only bark fiercely and warn you if you get too close to the car she is supposed to guard. We saw her in action many times as we stop at the emigration block road and hse is not scared of the armed officers or their drug sniffing big dogs! Like her big brother Draco, Lady is a fearless smart Scorpio little dog.

Watch the video of this fearless little devil protecting her bone!

San Diegotrip11/2014

Here is the first pic of the biggest, meanest, loudest organ in the world! I wish I could play on it but either way, we enjoyed the artist music there for a while.

San Diegotrip11/2014

For each picture taken we always give a couple of dollars to reward the artist.

Many mime do not know they are only reflecting one of their many past lives and the important messages they left humanity with…

San Diegotrip11/2014

Others give the artistic impressions of the people and the world they find themselves in… All are cosmic unconscious and unaware of the inner pull of their creative stars…

San Diegotrip11/2014

In this example the soul’s exert an  artistic reflection of the memory of an Aboriginal past life in Australia.

Watch the video 

Then got a couple of tickets  to visit the San Diego Science Center and watch the movies in the IMax digital theater… We selected first “Mystery of the Nile” then “Hidden Universe”  and while waiting for the movie to start, I took some pictures of Terania having fun investigating everything there…

San Diegotrip11/2014


San Diegotrip11/2014

Sound area, quite interesting what you can hear there…

San Diegotrip11/2014

I enjoyed the visual and many other scientific displays I can not show here.

San Diegotrip11/2014

Terania wondering about visual effects…

San Diegotrip11/2014

So much to try in the Museum, this place is huge…

San Diegotrip11/2014

So much about the Human DNA and NOTHING about the UCI or the human cosmic spiritual DNA! Amazing how science is able to miss the forest for the tree and seems to be able to dig only into the smallest physical dense particles…

San Diegotrip11/2014

Then came the time to enjoy the best of  today’ best scientific technology

In the second movie, I really acknowledged the dry state of mind of all our unconscious astronomers and scientists alike. I learned at lot while watching “Hidden Universe”  in the Imax movie narrated by Golden Globe winner Miranda Richardson, another “educated” proud non cosmic conscious astronomer kid .

Billions of dollars are spent to build more sophisticated telescopes in the highest, clearest areas of the world as to get the best  of the best pictures of all far away constellations. Imagine if I had access to those fortune to produce my cosmic code reality show or educate the world about the  reality of  Astrology and the Soul of the Cosmos? 

The narrations also involved NASA and Mars One ridiculous Mars projects where human beings would live in confinement like the unlucky gorillas in the San Diego Zoo mentioned above. The fascination to uncover the secrets of the timeless, endless universe and the lack of cosmic spiritual perception of those kids astronomers amazes me!

While they all do finally agrees and realize we are the product and the children of those far away stars, I wonder what is missing in the mind of all scientists to dissociate, ignore or ridicule the impact of our local solar spiritual conceptions upon humanity?

Is the work of all erudite men and all disappeared civilizations of the past something to ridicule too? Why would they investigate endless constellations and all those suns when they know nothing of the cosmic code jurisdictions and the spiritual gifts, sins and virtues afflicting and transcending the human experience on earth produced by their own local solar system?

But rest assured readers, all along the movie, not a single time did the Zodiac, or the word Astrology came up in the narration. But I do not think it was done purposely, it simply reflects how controlling, disgraceful and unethical it is for the scientific and religious matrixes to  monopolize and deny the “cosmic” education of your children.

A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician – Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

The cosmic code, hidden in ancient texts, IS the secret to prophecy with the power to transform the world.

The educational system should  not decide, nor impose any form of restrictions with education, because the purpose of science is to disprove claims that can not be justified. All the better for science at the end, prove me wrong if you can, but try letting the students make that discovery.

Nowadays kids are not stupid and more than ever concerned with Charles Darwin and his theory of human evolution and natural selection.  Why would science education resources on the  evolution of the “cosmic spirit” be contained or sought as ridicule? Its again the law to deprave them of my life work and just because they know nothing about it!

I  guarantee you, if I spoke to some kids at school about the cosmic code, the classes would most likely be full. But reaching those children and all School Boards Executives with their strict enforcement codes and stubborn belief systems, when the majority are cowards, unwilling to take a chance and better our children education? There are over 875 different religions to break through and too many will never get it in this lifetime. Right here in Phoenix, “a  very pious hard headed friend of mine” own such a position and still ridicule my work! She even insisted to be removed from my list of educated moronic people like her!

I sometimes feel like stopping because she and countless others are snobby, non curious idiots in a position to constrain children’s spirits and fighting harder to prove her and the US Department of Education that they are wrong is not exactly good for my health either when I know that the system is well above and in complete control. I mean, even the ET’s wont show themselves to the entire world and still many would think it’s a joke from the government to scare us.

If you are a teacher,maybe you should mention to your students about exploring the cosmic code secrets or Astroforensics and see the response… Then have me to do an interpretation  and you’ll be amazed of the results, because I  guarantee you,  the kids would want more…

My work is read by thousands of people from all walks of life, if in any way, you know how to get those in charge to help make use of the quest, try to to proceed and submit Astroforensics / astropsychology in all schools.

My teachings have always been well organized with artworks software and power point presentations. When will the scientific community finally realize I am not a psychic, a guru or a Neptunian , but a different breed of rational, practical scientist?

I am impressed by the concerned, smart and curious people joining my Cyber Cosmic University every day, many are into education, mental researches and own a position that could make a significant difference in proposing my expertise.

It take a very courageous soul to challenge the system but it is only through extreme challenges, originality, ingenuousness  and total dedication that the goal might could become a reality.

The world just might could become a better place if our cosmic works were finally accepted as a solid discipline and taught to all the children of the world!

Shameful Waste Of US Children This is becoming the norm’ — but will…

I have been in his battle since 1991 and while only a handful of people helped me all along, I wonder if God will finally offer me a break away from the idiosyncrasy and maybe the rest of opposing could  upgrade humanity psychical welfare…

Billions of dollars are still wasted in erroneous scientific researches and endorsing the evil of religion, isn’t time for a change in the American spirit?

Indeed changing the world’s perception of the divine is a mission some of you can help  to achieve!  Please ponder on  joining us in the battle against fear and ignorance!

Obama waste $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain

What does the world say about Dr. Turi

“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

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worthless degree vantrell echols instory

Vantrell Echols like billions of other unconscious human does not know of a cosmic God divine plan for himself and trusted both science and religion for directions…

Vantrell Echols, a 36-year-old from Georgia, wishes he never received a phone call from for-profit Lincoln College of Technology back in 2008. He said the school spent six months convincing him to enroll — promising to provide all the training and help he needed to find a high-paying computer science job. He had been unemployed for more than a year and he was desperate, so he gave it a shot.

Students across the country are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for degrees that end up being completely worthless.

The fact is your entire fate is already written in light by the Cosmic Code. However, you will be influenced by the scientific and religious “educational” matrixes to make certain decisions that are NOT suitable to your cosmic identity and regardless of the time, money and efforts, all will go to waste because Vantrell Echols like billions of other unconscious human do not know of a cosmic God divine plan and trusted both science and religion for directions. But this will change in time…

The most successful people on the planet did THEIR OWN THING! or like me, they were lucky enough to grow cosmically without any matrix outside interferences and enjoy real success and happiness fulfilling their particular mission on the planet…


Do I make enough sense for you to act independently in body, mind and soul and take a chance on yourself, in your natal stars, your real fate where God will endorse all your actions or will you still refuse to exit your religious, educated, skeptical zones?

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“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

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