Will ISIS and/or Vladimir Putin Destroy America in the future? Predictions You Must Share!


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Dalai Lama & Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

Update 11/16/2014 President Obama confirms that Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS. Kassig “was taken from us in an act of pure evil,” Obama said.

ISIS militants teach one of their children how to deal with infidels.


I know the NSA ( and the Russians) read all my articles and I didn’t exaggerate anything when I warned him about August being the tougher month of his presidency.

Maybe he should take me more seriously when I made another prediction about his “explosive/unusual death, because he is constantly dealing with his humanitarian Dragon’s Tail. All we can do is to ask my readers to pray for his safety.

President Obama is fated by his stars to suffer the same “shocking” end of life as did other souls born with such a dragon –  i.e. Princess Diana and Steve Irwin!

Be warned reader, Vladimir Puttin was born with a Dragon’s Tail (Negative) in Leo (ego) and fated to kill millions of children by the cosmic code jurisdictions. The Russian President, like our own President; is cosmic unconscious and any direct confrontation from other power could mean his EGO “I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations,” the President said. “This is a reality, not just words.” will make hasty judgement where many young men may experience a nuclear war.

In fact March 28, 2014, I warned the world  of what is happening today!  

“Predictions – Vladimir Puttin A Plea for WAR From Russia.”

‘A grave transgression’

Nukes, Obama, America and Middle East Predictions

President Obama, Asia, NSA the US Fate and Nukes Predictions

(please notice the dates those article were published!)

Incidentally, Douglas MacArthur shares the same Aquarius Dragon’s Tail as President Obama and explains why our President is reluctant to kill innocent children.

Dragon’s Tail 11Aqu00 (2)  –  A stellium, or many planets on the Tail of the Dragon in Aquarius cursed Douglas UCI, such cosmic fluid made it impossible for him to avoid his “shocking/explosive” fate.  As usual he died during one of his “2014 Personal Negative Cosmic Biorhythms”  or a cosmic phenomenon, science and the entire world has not yet assimilated.

Key words for a negative Aquarius Dragon’s Tail ( US President Barack Obama)

You are secretly afraid of flying and enclosed places

You only dream about your personal wishes

You can’t make a commitment with anyone 

You attract wrong friends and weird people

You are too independent or pursue too many lost causes.

You are afraid of success and responsibilities

You worry too much about what the world think of you 

You are prone to die a violent shocking explosive death

Key words for a negative Leo Dragon’s Tail ( Russia President  Vladimir Putin)

You’ll not travel anywhere to get new opportunities

You have dependency problems but trust only yourself

You  fear old age and death and can be lazy asking for heart trouble

You have an obnoxious self destructive attitude

You refuse all responsibilities of your actions

You love mocking and shocking people

You are an egocentric Napoleonic driven by a huge ego

You will die of a heart attack or in infamy

Read about your dragon here and if you want to know more get the book!

When I profess humanity MUST unite before the next 50 years and acknowledge God’s cosmic divinity, this is if we manage to pass the  Neptunius and Uranic Draconis impact ahead of us. For now ISIS is teaching a generation of kids to kill for a false God, enforcing separatism and religious folly.

All cosmic values and blessings of all wise religions of the should be replaced with the new educational curriculum involving the real consciousness of a cosmic God speaking through the signs.

In the name of global education and the severity of today’s news, I decided to share this cosmic code article with the public. Remember my work is solely dedicated to the cosmic code education, thus do not attack me with your own political or religious beliefs!

Before  talking about the future of the USA, ISIS, Barack Obama  and Vladimir Putin,  let’s first  explain the celestial identity of Douglas MacArthur McCain who, “incidentally” shares the same cosmic legacy and fate as both Presidents. Read carefully as I expose the future and may God be with us all…

Human are nothing more than blind  spiritual robots of their natal stars… Dr. Turi 

 I am the victim of the religious matrix and the 2014 Arian Draconis took my life!

American Douglas MacArthur McCain Dies Fighting for ISIS in Syria

 “It takes a warrior to understand a warrior. Pray for ISIS.”

Incidentally on  my latest August SOS To The World SHOCKING NEWS I warned the world for shocking news and there is no way for anyone to deny how shocking and explosive August 2014 was!  I did my best to warn the world and I am sure many are now convinced of my undeniable, unusual “cosmic talent!

“Douglas MacArthur McCain, tattooed and thin, never stayed in one place long. Born on Jan. 29, 1981, in Illinois, he would spend 33 years hopping from school to school, from business to business, continent to continent — until, finally, he landed in Syria, where he became the first American reported to die fighting for the Islamic State.

McCain, 33, actually grew up in a blue collar neighborhood in the Minnesota Twin Cities area. McCain was an aspiring rapper. The all American boy attended Robbins dale Cooper High School as part of the class of 1999. One of McCain’s cousins in Minnesota said that McCain had been working in the San Diego area as a care giver to clients with special needs. He was also raising a daughter, who was nearing her first birthday. “

Born in 1981, I already know the working of his natal UCI and will give you the real “cosmic” reasons to why joined ISIS, this is astroforensics of the future in full action, something science and the police only think is a “pseudo-science.

Remember my work is not for the feeble minded but for a more psychically advanced/curious breed of human beings…

Indeed thousands of cosmic unconscious Neptunian born human beings like Douglas MacArthur McCain  are joining ISIS a deadly religious cause, and you can learn much more about the human spirit in our cyber cosmic university.



Pluto 24Lib21 (10) detriment – Pluto (fanaticism) rules Scorpio (death) while Libra mean a justice that must be established at any cost. In this case Douglas wanted to make a career killing any and all infidels for ISIS.

Dragons’ Head  11Leo00 (8)  – The 8th house rules death and Douglas found “fame” in death. It is crucial when you own such a dragon to STAY CLEAR from the pull of the “humanitarian” Aquarius/explosive tail. How will the 2015 Dragon affect you and your loved ones? I am amazed of some people total refusal to check into their future. I am nothing else than a “weatherman”  or more of a cosmic Cop, trying to make you aware of God’s divinity so you do not end up in fear and ignorance and instead, control your destiny!

Much like the Captain of a vessel checking the stars to plot a safe voyage…

Sun 09Aqu46 (2) detriment – Aquarius is the sign regulating OTHERS, unlike egocentric Leo, its opposite sign, the soul’s purpose is total dedication for humanity. Aquarius rules groups an area where Douglas is extremely unlucky because of his natal Dragon’s Tail also residing in this house. The Sun in the second house means the soul must find and promote the light of truth and work for itself to build more self -esteem. In this case money was spent for a deadly group and the 2014 Arian Draconis lead him to war where he perished…

Moon 26Sco54 (11) fall –  The moon regulates the emotional response to life and Scorpio rules death. The moon in Scorpio is in fall this mean at its worse position where the domestic scenery must be “killed” and reborn endlessly.i.e. Elizabeth Taylor. This explain why he moved constantly because he was a very private person. His friendly attitude did not match is very secretive private Scorpius Moon. The 11th house is traditionally ruled by Aquarius (groups) where Uranus (shocking) also located there, depict his “explosive” fated death.

Mercury 27Aqu32 (2) exalted – Had Douglas McAuthur McCain spent the time and money building cosmic consciousness he would have been able to understand his cosmic nature and the pull of his natal dragon. Mercury in Aquarius means also a rebellious spirit or very advanced futuristic original psyche well suite to learn all about God cosmic Divinity. Sad enough the religious matrix is all he had and sealed his education and fate!

Venus 23Cap07 (1) – Venus is the planet of love and in the first house (self) depict attractiveness and friendliness. The souls is usually gifted with music or dancing…

Mars 23Aqu30 (2) – Mars (war/danger) is located on Douglas McAuthur McCain 2nd house of money right on his Aquarius (humanitarian) Dragon’s Tail. Combined with Mercury (traveling) also on the Dragon’s Tail Douglas was lost and wanted to be part of a movement to what he perceived as freedom of expression. This position of Mars make people prone to electrocution by lighting. On a more positive note, pilots and technological geniuses own such position.  ARE YOU A TRUE GENIUS?

Jupiter 10Lib21 (10) – Jupiter (education/foreigners) rules foreign countries and depict his drive to use his religious conviction as a mean to travel to foreign grounds looking for a new “career.”

Saturn 09Lib41 (10) – exalted – Saturn “the great malefic” resides also in Libra (the law) – He perceived America as infringing the rules of Islam. Saturn rules also the fear principle, in this case Douglas had very deep fears to never reach all promised goodies in “heavens” if he did not commit itself to his God, Allah  and die for him…

Uranus 29Sco35 (11) exalted – Uranus  is the planet of sudden release of energy and in the 11th house (friends, groups and wishes) depict a fated wished “explosive”  death.

Neptune 24Sag00 (12) – Neptune (deception/religions) is very strong in its own 12 th house (the subconscious) where critical thinking is usually missing. Sagittarius rules the codification of thoughts or man religious folly (books/Bible/Koran etc.) This planetary affliction almost impossible to control and breed righteous religious fanatics.  The only way to control such a  Neptunian UCI is by offering the soul the option to build cosmic consciousness before, during or just after puberty.

It is obvious that Douglas was lost and tried to find a meaning for his life by doing a lot of religious studies in the privacy of his home. Indeed he, like millions of non-cosmic conscious human beings, he sucombed to the religious and political matrixes controlling “educational” machines.

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet Points Percent
Cardinal 4 33 %  – Wanting to become
Fixed 6.5 54 % – Fixity of purpose
Mutable 1.5 13 %  – Adaptability

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent
Fire 1.5 13 % – Ego
Earth 1 8 %  – Logic
Air 7 58 % –  ADD
Water 2.5 21 %  – Emotions

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon):

MOON PHASE: Last Quarter – Without cosmic consciousness induced at an early age, the soul can not enjoy a normal or a long life. 


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