Woman livestreams moments after cop kills boyfriend Prediction!


Two days two police shootings! 

Woman livestreams moments after cop kills boyfriend

As Philando Castile’s head slumps backward while he lies dying next to her, Diamond Reynolds looks directly into the camera and explains that a Minnesota police officer just shot her fiancé four times.

Dear readers;

It seems my SHOCKING deadly window results posted in “July 2016 SOS to the world deadly Windows”  for our VIP’s in the Cosmic Code private website are becoming more surprisingly undeniable. That is if you take the time to read the quatrain and keywords used to reflect the Mind boggling / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling current news using Technology!

I am soon expecting more surprising news, a volcano eruption and earthquakes at or  above 6.0 


Today: 6.3 magnitude earthquake near Rosa Zarate, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Yesterday: 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Hihifo, Niuas, Tonga

July 9 – //  (48 hours centering the dates)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind  Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Japan / Asia / Cosmic News / NASA  / Space News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Rocket / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Unbelievable Incredible / Lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Unrest / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0)/ Volcanoes / Tornadoes / Aeronautics / Technology / Electricity /Television / UFO.

Those keywords also mentioned “The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA” and the infected scientific matrix is keeping thousands of gullible people on their toes, by advertising their latest finding of a “Black hole found eating passing star!”  

Yes, they need  your financial support and your approval to maintain their privileged selected intellectual life because, unlike you; they are much too smart to work physically like we do!

They are the children of the children, of all the scientists who developed the nukes used against Japan in 1945 and all hope one day, to become the next Einstein! Those are the ones making you believe in the future or that man will live on Mars. It is their agenda and for them, you must support them all the way there but the reality is; “Your kids will NEVER live on Mars.

Knowing Mother Earth and its wild life is  depleting rapidly, the money, time and researches should be geared to save her and its precious human cargo instead of wondering about black holes. But those  infected greedy, egocentric traditionally “educated idiots” have NOTHING to offer humanity but false hopes  and lies.

This does not mean I don’t like science. I do like science. It is entertaining, educational and wonderful… But when applied to everything not only a rational perception of the world only! Without science, humanity would have never reached such progress but in this “Mars” or black hole case; it is a total waste of time and money! Mostly because it does not help humanity ‘s psychical cosmic progress at all.

A new discovered planet  (it happens every week) or a “Black hole found eating passing star”  can’t help you or your family live and safer more productive life when the true purpose of the stars has been lost  and ridicule and astrology is still sought by the majority only as a pseudo-science.

Enough is enough and people need to wake up to the truth.  Society is run by a few powerful matrixes who dictate what you should believe!  the scientific / religious matrixes control all the information and have indoctrinated humanity to their rulership, beliefs and deceptive financial masquerades. Yet only a few of my readers can acknowledge this fact!

Another family must endure the stupidity of the police administration’s elites and we the people, will have to waste our precious hard earned tax dollar to finance yet; another very costly legal battle against the corrupt cops!

Be sure the legal hyenas will not give time to the family to mourn their dead and will work overtime to get the “contract,” assuring them millions of your taxes in personal revenue. There really doesn’t seem to be any justice, intelligence, common sense, cosmic curiosity  and freedom in the USA.

Your  support should go towards furthering God’s cosmic Divinity… Towards mastering and using the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, so this type of deplorable, Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Unbelievable Incredible deadly repetitive news could be anticipated and avoided.

There is no doubt in my mind, either the victim, or the infected frightened cop were under one of their 2016 negative personal cosmic biorthyms , but there is no way for for these claims to be proven because money is wasted on ridiculous black hole studies.

I keep repeating to my readers that; there are no accidents. Only subtle cosmic circumstances at work, used by the reptilius to provoke those “accidents!’ At 66 I had plenty time to check the endless savage news and the alignment of the stars used by those nefarious entities to produce those dramatic news, yet all I get is ridiculed.

You can’t avoid the next “act of God,”  serious injuries or even be killed when you happen to be the wrong place and the wrong time. Its not if but when you will become a target of your refusal to hear me or ignore my warnings!

People are giving away billions of dollars everyday to animal welfare and countless of wrong “non profit organizations.”

While we love and respect animals deeply,  those wealthy people should give their support towards improving the psyche of the “human animal” instead, so no animals and no human beings could ever get hurt.

But thanks to all infected envious souls’ droppings “Google, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi,” an “electronically” rigged system is making sure only a ridiculous fraction of curious people land on my cosmic work!  FTC: These charities are shams, Help Dr. Turi instead!

I am so ashamed of the police administration for not paying attention to the art and science of Astroforensic/Astropsychology and trusting their young and traditionally “educated cosmic unconscious idiots,” to hire cops who do not have the natal UCI to handle stressful, dangerous situations correctly! Police Requiem.

Not all human beings are made to become good cops, much like not everyone will ever sing and dance like Michael Jackson or fight like Muhammad Ali! The stars dictate the best profession and the most opportunities for you to rise to the top in your career!

Your natural talents can not be duplicated and should be studied by all. You have it or you don’t! But it doesn’t semm many people will care to find out instead of feeling sorry for themselves. Ask for my services, you are in good care with me!

I never took a single English lesson in my life and never learned how to type, yet, I was born a soul doctor, a cosmic teacher and a proliferate writer!  It doesn’t seem the scientific community finally get it and instead of wasting time and money on black holes. Invest in the divine then realize IT DOES WORK!

Police warn of astrology and psychic fraud!

I wish all cops were as smart as this one, but like smart and curious people they are quite rare!

paul haggerty – Pete, Thank you, for allowing Dr.Turi to be on your show.  I got to know Dr. Turi, after the events of 9-11, when he would be on the C2C radio show.  By listening to his predictions after that time, I would write these dates down and these events would occur 100 percent.  In the past by being around people like this, I use to say that they were Crack Pots.  I guess after time, when we wake up, things that this, is  for real.  This is a Huge Gift, from GOD!  

So after getting and listening to Dr. Turi over the years, I did purchase many Moon Power E-Books & other Books,  from his web site. But a little time later, I then got the nerve up and made telephone contact, with him over the last several years, due to my government professionalism.  Let me tell you the Dr. & his Lovely Wife, rolled the  Gold Carpet out to me.  He is a Great Brother to me, like we knew one another, since childhood. 

Yes you can put Dr. Turi, in a room of 100 people, with negative thoughts and when, by the time he leaves, people minds are totally changed, into a positive side.  Everyone out here, should just take a few minutes, of their time and do a little more research, into Cosmic Mind , instead of playing with their I-Phones & Computer Games!     When he puts out a SOS, he means real business, it worked for me, during my days, as a police officer.  Yes those were dangerous tours of duty, which I worked under. My job, as being a Supervisor, bringing the troops home safely.  YES I AM A TRUE BELIEVER OF DOCTOR LOUIS TURI!

Christopher VIP!Dr.Turi, I purchased my dragon head/tail report about 6 months ago. I’ve worked on a crab fishing boat for 20 yrs in alas. I’ve seen a lot of terrible accidents happen to other people. luckily, I have been relatively untouched. but I noticed this last season that on my dragon tail dates others were hurt and not me.

it was enough to prove to me there is truth in the dragon dates. but I’ve had enough of that lifestyle on the bearing sea in Alaska. now I seek another career path. i’m looking for any guidance from the stars. can you help me? I was born on // // ////.

The first mate on the boat listens to coast to coast almost every night and has heard of you. when I told him the injuries we were having were happening on my dragon tail dates. he wanted to know the next dragon tail dates so he could be prepared. and the injuries that happened were bad.

one young guy got a line wrapped around his wrist. it was so tight it snapped his arm and pulled him straight down into 35 degree water. me and another guy got him back onboard in less than 60 seconds but his arm has been mangled and twisted from the rope cinching down so tight. I tried to cut the line, but it happened too fast. the other injury was a guy had the tip of his middle finger ripped off. I’m a believer.


Those entities are hard at work against humans, they have infiltrated every governmental and private institutions and organizations. They use human weaknesses, such as fears, drugs, religions, depressions, confusion including the cosmic code and the super-conscious  to create more separatism, more fears, more chaos, more dis-functionality in a lost society wondering why such horrific “accidents” seems to never stop but increase drastically…

Wishing me to disappear because you interpret my warnings and cosmic wisdom as “fear mongering” is not helping you or anyone else…  Autism, Zika Virus, Gastroschisis or ET’s Insectius Fetus Infestation?

Those entities can only survive in “Dark Matter” and use black holes to enter various dimensional systems, including our solar system and it is under attack! Learn more about the reptilius in this radio show HELP US FIGHT THE REPTILIUS and please, share my work!

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Dr. Turi back on air with Pat Fringe

Dr. Turi back on air with Pat Fringe (K-Talk) Fringe Radio, Saturday July 23, 2016 from 7-9 PM PST. Louis will speak on the current universal dragon in Virgo / Pisces and it’s impact on the world, as well as how it will affect the upcoming 2017 axis in Leo / Aquarius. He will also speak further about E.T.’s both benevolent and reptilius as well as UFO’s and other metaphysical secrets. Email Pat or call during the show if you want to experience a mini reading on the air.

Dr. Turi on air with Chris Kehler September 22, 2016 from 6 pm to 7 pm

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