Donald Trump President?


 There are specific Universal Laws designed by God – Cosmic Consciousness is… the awareness of a divine cosmic  power and use it wisely to build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!”  Dr. Turi

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Both President Trump and Mitt Rodney were born a Gemini sun sign with the tail of the Dragon (negative) in Sagittarius making them extraordinarily unlucky with anything related to the law, religions, pets, religion, foreigners, foreign lands, and foreign affairs.  Donald Trump President?

 Romney’s near-death experience in France

CNN August 24, 2012 – The Romney family discusses the car accident that almost took Mitt Romney’s life during his missionary days in France.

Indeed President Trump is reptilius infected and Mr. Trapper is “subconsciously” and creatively stimulated by the  “Draconis”  to offer the full proof of my claim! 

Dr. Turi is right, our President is power-hungry, egocentric, uncaring about children GREEDY and reptilius infected!

“After his term, President Trump, his close colleagues and his family will be brought to justice by the IRS, the FBI due to its correlation with Russia… The tail of the Dragon (negative) in his 8th house of corporate money (secret financial deals) makes him GREEDY and power hungry! The Dragon will ruin him in time and he may pay the ultimate price in the process…  He and his family may be forced to flee to Russia or North Korea… His racist legacy will curse the world for years to come – Opinion: World stunned by explosion of hate”

Grab Her by the Pussy! The stars at work!

Memo published 6/22/2015 “You have been warned. Trump will bring troubles and wars to this country because his stars do not bring luck with religions, foreigners, foreign powers, religions pets, wild life, general education, the law  and  karmically supports all America’s enemies.” 

 Trump’ stars are dangerous for America and the world and do not endorse safe foreign relationships – Trump’s  tendency to act obnoxiously or egocentrically doesn’t show a wise understanding and use of diplomacy. For unconscious people electing such a person to become the next US President is a reflection of those people dangerous, inconsiderate, egocentric, capricious, bully racist like character! You have been warned! Troubles in the US and War is inevitable!”


there are two repetitive predictions I made on my You Tube channel, something you can not ignore or deny! The first one is “Your children will never go on Mars” and the other “Its gonna get MUCH worse!” Of course I was referring to President Trumps cursed natal UCI forcing the US and the world at large to experience the plague of racism.

Former Obama national security adviser says Trump’s ‘raw racism’ is a global issue

Posted to the world June 12, 2013 


German/Vikings Skin Alike
Black and White Red Blood
Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God No where To Stop Fires
Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

NBC’s Brian Williams doesn’t question guest’s Trump-Hitler theory

Update: May 19, 2019 – Dr. TURI;  Your  SOS  WARNING ABOUT SECRETS WAS ACCURATE  AGAIN !  Congratulations for predicting things before anyone else has.  A new story just broke in   the NY Times that Donald Trump and his son in law Jared Kushner were laundering money for the Russians . It may not be so long before we see the Presidents tax returns !  Great Job You Tube video     Pete

World War Three Facebook page

Image result for 2017 / 2018 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions 

Read what’s next because of President Trump’s Cursed Cosmic Legacy Imposed Upon the World

Image result for 1dst world war

Trump Mocks France for World War Losses

Will the entire European communities be forced to ally with our enemies like Iran, Syria, Russia and China to fight America and the UK in the future? A scary vision that will unfold if my vision for Donald Trump below does not materialize soon enough! In his past-life President Trump was a NAZI soldier living and fighting for Hitler in Germany. I made this prediction 11/13/18 on Aquarian radio and I did not have to wait too long to see it already unfolding… Read more!

Update June 14th, 2019! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT


Blooming flowers mid month of June icy *December
Cosmic God may spare humanity
Hitler’s famous infected spirit to die
World rejoice infected souls cry

Written by Dr. Turi 4/10/2018


Update 11/07/18 – CNN Analysis: Trump reckons with new realities!

Dolores FinneyLouis Turi “You are a fabulous astrologer. I have copies from all your reports from years ago.  I am rather a prophetic dreamer and have dreamed some things about Trump I can’t even talk about. I assume you see the same things in his chart – no doubt in my mind we are seeing similar things about him.”

The month of June (and December 2018/2019something very important and negative will take place involving our President’s karmic work on the world’ stage, the FBI, our allies, the Middle East and Russia! His actions and unwise decisions will force him to tone down, declare war or apathetically speaking “die.”  Let’s pray for the safety of our President and hope the reptilius will not harm his body, mind and soul from the many infected, crazy souls walking among us dedicated to silence him…

Update 6/22/18 – CNN – Analysis: An utterly disastrous week for Donald Trump -There’s nearly a Nixon ’74 level of public support for impeaching Trump – Read the details posted June 19 at 2:48 PM on my Facebook page well before the news unfolded! Indeed my cosmic work is not for all the “educated/religious” idiots who ridicule my work and I a few days ago! 

So if I was right for June 2018 should you pay attention to my warnings for December 2018 too? Do not assume just yet, you are unknowingly yet, dealing with a real modern prophet! Simply make notes and see you in the future for a cosmic God does not speak to fools…


Before anything, it is important to realize as an astrologer and a  modern prophet my task is to warn people of their own impending fate! This include the fate of America and the world at large.

Using the futuristic art and science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics, I am only exposing people’s karmic UCI to warn you of the strengths, motivations, sins, virtues and fate of  the person you put in power. Because once in power, you will be karmically forced to live and experience this person’s fate.

There is no political motivation in my work! There is only a drive and concern to warn a cosmic unconscious society and a legitimate drive to raise the reader’s cosmic consciousness.

While this article is a direct request made from a VIP, I decided to share this cosmic code newsletter with the public! Important note! My work is NOT politically oriented but spiritual in nature. My cosmic work should not influence your choice and decision to vote for any politician!

When our own President is reptilius infected the situation for the world and the human race is in serious trouble! Donald Trump for President… Remember my work is cosmic in nature and has nothing to do with politics or your political reasoning and choice. One thing I truly appreciate with President Trump is his powerful drive to  remove all infected deadly criminal souls from America and make this great country great again!

Read also ” Secret Service whisks Trump – ASSASSINATION PREDICTIONS!


Gemini Forecast & Donald Trump New Political Career and The US Fate


Sun 22Gem46 (1)  (Self) Experience a dual life Read more about Gemini‘s characteristics from my website by clicking on your sign on top of the page!

Moon 19Sag14 (7) (Partners)  The moon regulate all Trump’s public contracts, his public dealing and handling, partnerships and political friends and foes. Sad enough his moon (emotional response to life) is located on his nefarious obnoxious Dragon’s Sagittarius Tail. This is what makes him “the Bull in the China shop!”

The moon represent’s the domestic scenery, the base of operation  and on the  Dragon’s Tail  (negative)  there is no “connection” nor a drive to own a pet!  

Update – 10/22/2017 Trump family breaks with White House pets tradition

Note also the moon represent sensitivity, care, food, security, home and women in general and with the tail on his 7th house (others) he can only mess up in his public appearances, especially with women.  A very bad position for a politician who’ success and approval depend on diplomacy and “savoir faire” with everyone.

Mr. Trump is cosmic unconscious and could make drastic costly move in a waning moon or, un-supportive “cosmic winds” especially in relationships to his Personal Cosmic Biorhythms. I anticipated his obnoxious behavior and warned my readers about it.

You could NEVER, ever change or refine Trump’s or anyone’s UCI  or his character period! And be sure he will mess up over and over again until people finally wake up to my cosmic teachings!

Memo –  Trump: Ban abortions, punish women who get them Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would kill the families of terrorists in order to win the fight against ISIS. Expert: Trump’s idea to kill terrorists’ families would be a war crime!  

Only blind reptilius infected subhumans who vibrate at a low cosmic speed would enjoy troubles, endorse death, war and destruction”  i.e. ISIS soldiers!

 “People electing / endorsing politicians like Hitler/Trump are a reflection of their fears of foreigners, this makes them dangerous, inconsiderate, egocentric, capricious, bully and racist!” Dr. Turi

“A brainless herd is not only an easy target for  Dictators but a dangerous rogue force seeking changes for the sake of changes!” Dr. Turi

Mercury 08Can33 (2) (Money) This house rules money making schemes while Cancer rules general real estate, food, hotels, restaurant, commodities, family members etc.  To be a mogul in these areas is a given knowing Mercury rules all interests of  the critical mind. Update: 10/3/18 –  Trump’s ‘small’ loan from his father was more like $60.7 million: NYT – Unlike many of us, Donald had more money available to start his own business. He said, he got one million from his dad, but I am sure his father left him much more! Yes it takes money to make money! Who would not become a billionaire starting investing in the real estate in N.Y with a million bucks (so he said!) so many years ago? Note Ross Perot was born in July under the sign of cancer and enunciate why he also made it big in the real estate industry!

Venus 25Can33 (2) ( Money) Venus in this house mean love for the art, and expansive luxury tastes and depict why Trump gets help from women and female family members. I trust his daughter is a CEO of his company.   Donald Trump has true deep conservative feelings for his family. His country is (like his finances) ruled by the sign of Cancer (July 4th, 1776.) In time, President Trump, his close colleagues, and his family will be brought to justice by the IRS!

Mars 26Leo40 (3) (The mind) Mars (Lord of War) is extremely aggressive in the 3rd house of critical thinking while Leo is egocentric and bossy.  This placement is a sure contribution for Trump to go and  “declare war” with anyone particularly foreign powers hastily! People like Vladimir Putin who was also born with negative Leo egocentric Dragon’s Tail, already know a nuke war is in the making.

The personal ego battles of those politicians would cost millions of lives if no restraint or cosmic consciousness is missing.  And the chances of Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin taking my course  or asking for a consultation is non existing!  Meantime I took care of his ex-wife by telephone many years ago and explained why she felt “betrayed” by her husband! While famous match makers like Patti Stanger need serious help herself! My experience with this woman was insane to say the least!

Jupiter 17Lib27 (5) (Speculations) Jupiter’s protection and expansion has worked its magic in the US  and would work in favor of Mr. Trump doing very large business with foreign powers. Sad enough Jupiter is also the ruler of his karmic, Dragon’s Tail neutralizing much opportunities by opposing his Mercury in cancer. Only troubles will come from foreign grounds with him in power.

Saturn 23Can46 (2) detriment (Money) Donald Trump suffers a serious insecurity complex with Saturn (fears) in the home, food, security oriented sign of Cancer.  Saturn (the engineer) in his second house of money makes him cold and dedicated, even consumed to amass fortunes to beat his fears of losing everything.

While he is a billionaire, this position makes him very shrewd in business, even selfish.  Deep fears of foreign power inserted by his Dragon’s Tail in Sagittarius (Latinos/China/Russia/Europe) add to his drive to bring wealth and power to the US, rebuild the Army/Navy, the police and  bring more security to his many secret bank accounts. Update 4/4/16 – What are the Panama Papers?  –  Mr. Trump may be very rich and influential, but knows nothings of his cosmic identity his fate and the inner fears of foreigners propelling him into politics.

Uranus 17Gem53 (1) (Self) Like my friend Gary Busey, Donald Trump, is perceived as a “genius” bordering madness by cosmic unconscious people. This position can only reflect his originality and eccentric nature. Uranus rules technology, aeronautics, and television. Thus there is no wondering why, with money and such Uranic UCI, the cosmic code worked on his favor on The Apprentice traveling the world in a top airplane loaded with gold. Trump’s extravagant lifestyle and outspoken “obnoxious” manners have made him a celebrity for years, a status amplified by the success of his NBC reality show, The Apprentice.”

Neptune 05Lib51 (5)  (Love/children/speculations) Neptune is religious and deceptive in nature making Trump’s imagination fertile and keeps him busy with many new projects. This position makes him guilty, deceptive or confusing to his kids and deceptive in some business (or religious) endeavors, all endorsed by his codified Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail.

Pluto 10Leo02 (3) exalted  (the mind) Pluto, while being the farthest and smallest of all the solar system planets is also the most powerful one in the Zodiac family. This bring an enormous investigative power, more fixity of purpose, directness  (and more obnoxiousness) in his spoken words. Hitler was born with the same astrological configuration and was able to “hypnotize”   the German population with his passionate speeches.

Pluto in the second house means the opportunity to amass tremendous wealth and incredible perceptive powers to make money. If badly aspected ruthlessness, deceptiveness  and criminal elements are present and the fortunes must be shared or lost through bad investments.

While Donald is  non cosmic conscious, and rough with the public, he is far from being a total idiot. He also regenerate with true metaphysics if approached with solid proofs. He should contact me if he land on his Astroforensic report! I may be able to save his life and refute a few personal or universal terrible visions. Even the risk of assassination on foreign grounds or at the hand of a foreigner.

Ascendant 12Can02 (2) Donald’s ascendant cuspy/Leo (ego) and Cancer (security) egotistic wealth display shows in his public money making schemes.

Midheaven 21Pis02 (10) Career/public standing Pisces is artistic and there is no way to stop the fish swimming upstream, especially is cosmic consciousness is reached. With the 2016 negative cosmic winds against him in this house he could suffer serious setbacks that could hinder his chances to reach the White House.

Dragon’s Head 20Gem48 (1) (Self)  I own the same talkative “hidden” dragon as Donald Trump , this is why I am an ADHD (gift of the genius!) and write, teach eternally. But my lucky  Aries (mind leader) Dragon’s Head is a good aspect to Sagittarius. This mean I can be as direct and obnoxious as Mr. Trump but I own cosmic consciousness.

This makes Donald Trump  a serious talker, someone always active, physically and intellectually enjoying all Mercurial winds he was born with. The problem is repetition and not being able to crystallize the thought process. A perfect position for  “adaptation” in any speaking engagements, teachings when needed. The moon represent’s the domestic scenery, the base of operation  it is located on the  Dragon’s Tail  (negative) thus,  there is no “connection” nor a drive to own a pet!  

Update – 10/22/2017 Trump family breaks with White House pets tradition


This DUAL dragon stimulate gay tendencies something he ” subconsciously” fight by showing extreme masculinity and rough behaviors against women. This explain a lot about his overbearing bully attitude with the opposite sex.

Trump: “I could ‘shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters’ Trump has joked about killing people before CNN. I teach my student s that; there is ALWAYS a bit of truth in ALL jokes… DO YOU KNOW TRUMP SHARES THE SAME DRAGON AS O.J. SIMPSON and Sheriff Arpaio?  Trump pardons former Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The moon represent’s the domestic scenery, the base of operation  and on the  Dragon’s Tail  (negative)  there is no “connection” nor a drive to own a pet!  

Update – 10/22/2017 Trump family breaks with White House pets tradition

In fact many DUAL (serial killers) were born with this Dragon… Read more!  Are those comments really “Presidential?” Those who endorse and promote a politician vibrate at the same speed as the person they endorse.

Dragon’s Tail 20Sag48 (7) (public life/others/partners) Sad enough Donald Trump’ Sagittarius unrefined Dragon’s Tail is spoiling, tarnishing his public image with emotional remarks about foreigners and foreign affairs. Note Pope Francis shares the same dragon as Trump! 

In fact his Dragon is a serious “troubles magnet” that could create a negative chain reaction impossible for Trump to control, but America is not only a “God fearing” young and immature nation but cosmic unconscious and the majority of its citizens, unwilling to listen or trust a French Modern Prophet’s cosmic wisdom…

Trump’s Dragon does NOT support anything involving FOREIGNERS AND ANY AND ALL RELIGIONS!

Update – 5/15/17 – CNN “President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with the Russian foreign minister and Russian ambassador to the US in a White House meeting last week.”

(Trump’s big, bizarre religious dayforeign, political foreign affairs or emigration i.e Joe Arpaio! 

Trump’s unlucky Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail is a sure red light warning that will force America into wars that could have been avoided with diplomacy and patience.

Update 12/03/2016:  Risking China’s wrath

The soul will not be allowed to go back in its past-life RELIGIOUS” residue, Trump was a puritanical priest abusing women and enjoying the power he had over them while wearing the black robe in Spain and Portugal. He is also fighting his duality or deep encrusted secretive gay tendencies. Astroforensics is a phenomenal science not yet assimilated or recognized by conventional science who can only ridicule my astonishing findings of Trump’s real idiosyncrasies.

This is why he covers those feminine feelings with a masochistic robust, masculine personality but today’s psychologists are not trained to read between the signs. His early past lives also involve, Hitler, Europe Germany…

NEW YORK - JANUARY 10: Copies of "How To Build Wealth," which is a series of nine audio business courses created by Trump University, lie on display at a Barnes & Noble store January 10, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Thousands of Trump University students file to get their money back
Donald Trump’s Liberty University speech inspires laughs, cheers  


P_Fortune 08Cap30 (8) This is the house of corporate investments/contracts. This position add more luck and bring more money and more business to its fortunate recipient.

BlackMoon 04Sag24 (7) (Public service house for a politician.) This is a very serious sign to keep Donald Trump away from the ultimate power his over-sized ego need.

Donald Trump  has more money and power than any human being can handle and his changing DUAL UCI is designed to entertain endlessly and not rule America. Trump inconsistency is obvious and he changes his chameleon mind too often for comfort!


DISPOSITORS: Sun disposited by Mercury
Jupiter disposited by Venus
Moon disposited by Jupiter
Saturn disposited by Moon
Mercury disposited by Moon
Uranus disposited by Mercury
Venus disposited by Moon
Neptune disposited by Venus 
Mars disposited by Sun
Pluto disposited by Sun –   This is squeezing the cosmic lemon to its last drop and Pluto (power) and the Sun (ego) clearly enunciate Donald Trump’s subconscious drive to rule the world.

CNN – Veteran strategists from both parties say Trump (Pluto) has completely redefined the rules of the political debate (in Capricorn–) ushering in an era when statesmanship is out and the rules of professional wrestling may well apply. Get ready for the fight.

RULER OF CHART: Moon  – The moon (July 4th 1776) rules the US and stimulate Donald Trump political / real estate tycoon careers. Sad enough Trump does not know, nor respect or use the  Moon’s passage through the belt of the Zodiac. Neither does he know or heed his personal cosmic biorhythms. It is not if, but when he will be at the wrong time at the wrong place… Let’s pray for his safety as the end of December 2016 will speak of the power of the stars upon the fate of a man dedicated to change America.

PLANETARY HOUR LORD: Sun  – Fame offered to the soul.

ASPECT PATTERNS: Talent Triangle Sun
Mars – focus  Jupiter – Aggressive competition, luck!

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet Points Percent
Cardinal 5 42 %   – Building power
Fixed 2 17 %  – Fixity of purpose
Mutable 5 42 % – Adaptability

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent
Fire 4 33 %  Ego
Earth 0 0 % Rationality
Air 5 42 % Curiosity
Water 3 25 % Intuition

Midheaven: Mutable Water (Adaptable)

HOUSE ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent
Life 5 42 %
Substance 3 25 %
Relationships 4 33 %
Endings 0 0 %

ANGULAR PLANETS: Mercury P_Fortune – Popularity

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon):
Venus Love
Uranus eccentricity
Ascendant Accident prone on foreign ground/danger from foreigners.
BlackMoon Misfortune accentuated by unawareness of Personal Cosmic Biorhythms.

MOON PHASE: Gibbous – Caution advised after the full moon
MOON DISTANCE: 405262 km. Far Distance
MOON SPEED: 11.84963 deg/day Slow Speed

OUT-OF-BOUNDS DECLIN.: Mercury / Pluto Traveling risks.

Read also 

7/13/2018 - US Marine helicopters pass the 'Baby Trump' balloon as it rises after being inflated in London's Parliament Square, as part of the protests against the visit of US President Donald Trump to the UK. (Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA) *** US Rights Only ***

HOW MORE PRECISE CAN I BE THREE YEARS LATER knowing this article was published 6/22/2015

Update: 5/9/18 – Unbridled Trump storms global stage

Palestinians say at least 43 die and 1,600 injured in Gaza clashes, marking deadliest day since 2014

In the aftermath of the president’s decision, the rhetoric between the two sides has heightened sharply. And while Israel and Iran have been conducting a shadow war in Syria for months under the cover of the civil war there, the conflict has now burst into the open.

Update – 6/22/2018

World War Three Facebook page


Blooming flowers mid month of June icy *December
Cosmic God may spare humanity
Hitler’s famous infected spirit to die
World rejoice infected souls cry

Written by Dr. Turi 4/10/2018

This month of June (and December 2018) something very important and negative will take place involving our President’s karmic work on the world’ stage, the FBI, our allies and Russia! His actions and unwise decisions will force him to tone down or apathetically speaking “die.”  Let’s pray for the safety of our President and hope the reptilius will not harm his body, mind and soul from the many infected, crazy souls walking among us dedicated to silence him…

Update 6/22/18 – CNN – Analysis: An utterly disastrous week for Donald Trump -There’s nearly a Nixon ’74 level of public support for impeaching Trump Read the details posted June 19 at 2:48 PM on my Facebook page well before the news unfolded! Indeed my cosmic work is not for all the “educated/religious” idiots who ridicule my work and I a few days ago! 

So if I was right for June 2018 should you pay attention to my warnings for December 2018 too? Do not assume just yet, you are unknowingly yet, dealing with a real modern prophet! Simply make notes and see you in the future for a cosmic God does not speak to fools…

Continued – I am trying to be positive with Trump as our president but just a little worried because the new conservative, religious oriented government will also rekindle the dying age of Pisces and bring back the witches hunt as far as Astrology is concerned but hopefully we will be able to serve our VIP’s without suffering any new laws that would limit our profession.

Update – Trump to bar abortions at facilities receiving federal family funds

Memo: “Trump’ stars are dangerous for America and the world and do not endorse safe foreign relationships – Trump’s  tendency to act obnoxiously or egocentrically doesn’t show a wise   understanding or use of diplomacy.” 

Update 1/11/2018 – Trump decries immigrants from ‘shithole countries’ coming to US

What President Trump and 99.9% of the world does not know is that! ANYTHING, you say or do under a Plutonic deadly window  will stay with you for the rest of your life and will always have dramatic repercussions… The same dramatic cosmic winds were in effect when famous radio host Rush  Limbaugh over emotional speech was also hijacked by the reptilius and forced to apologize to his offended audience. Rush Limbaugh Apologizes Over Student ‘Slut’ Slur.
President Trump did not and never will apologize for anything and no one, this reflects an overbearing, egocentric UCI manipulated by cosmic entities he and the world are oblivious of…  
It amazes me that politicians and preeminent people from all walks of life who are in charge of our destiny are not only cosmic unconscious but also unaware of the Universal reptilius infestation cursing humanity! Read all the details here – Something in space is blasting out bursts of radio waves- Mystery uncovered! 
There is only so much anyone can do and get away with it, but mark my words readers, President Trump was under one of his personal 2018 negative cosmic biorthyms –  and his racist speech was stimulated by the reptilius…
There are GRAVE consequences in store for our President who much too often has behaved like “a bull in the China shop.”  So far he was able to get away from so much, but mark my words karma spare no one!
Once more readers, my cosmic work is SPIRITUAL in nature  and  NOT politically oriented or designed to influence your political choice.  Your choice is already set  and based upon your own natal UCI – 
which vibrate at the same (high or low) speed as those you  voted for, endorse, trust and follow! 
And that information may be a bit too much for some… Check your President’s cosmic design Donald Trump President? and why he is the way he is and (like you) will never change!
Thus if you want the world to become a better place, safer and change for the best, you may want to gather  more cosmic consciousness, auto analyze yourself and be the first one to change… And this can only be accomplished with a solid, palpable, rational cosmic education for you and your children… 
Until this is done at a universal level and replace/upgrade religion and science, be sure the reptilius will always win all battles against humans… Enjoy the short video and share pls 

Update 11/27/2017 –  Trump retweets anti-Muslim videos

President Donald Trump, right, meets with Navajo Code Talkers Peter MacDonald, center, and Thomas Begay, left, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Trump makes ‘Pocahontas’ crack at event honoring Navajo

There is no denying President Trump dragon’s Tail (negative) in Sagittarius (the Indians) when the reptilius take control of some of his words! To people supporting the President, this is not a political attack, just the facts involving his natal UCI or “the Bull in the china shop!” Share this link  Donald Trump President? 

Fareed’s Take: Why I called Trump a BS artist

 Explaining BS artist using the futuristic art and science of Astroforensics. Fareed like 99.99% of the world’s population is cosmic unconscious and ridicule the work of all erudite men of the past! The FBI visited me TWICE because of my unarguable terrorism predictions using Astroforensic! Read Police Requiem


Mercury Governs the Nervous and Witty Dual Constellation Of Gemini

“The Lord of the Thieves”

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell

Biographer: Trump has lied since youth


Dr.Turi’s books on Amazon


I am a DUAL  – Born June 14, 1946 under the  fast and witty sign of Gemini


This is where I will ask my readers to save and share this article, because when my  “visions” unfold, my intend to offer you another solid proof of my God given gift will be confirmed!  Remember readers, more and more people are reading and learning about Dr. Turi, regardless how dedicated our Internet enemies are to stop us reaching you.”


“The future has, and will always be my utmost faithful witness” Dr. Turi 

Will the beast be destroyed?

Posted by Dr. Turi on March 3, 2016 at 12:27pm

Next negative cosmic biorhythm for President Trump

Posted 6/24/2017

Prepare  Last Month of  the Year
White Moon 3rd Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
Cosmic God May Grace Humanity

12/9/2017 –Obama invokes Nazi Germany in warning 

Remember my cosmic work is not politically oriented, I am a French Modern Prophet offering my visions to the world! My voice has been muted by all and everywhere, we need your support, please, read and share!


August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Predictions

This solar eclipse will affect our President’s  critical thinking, he will make drastic, dramatic, shocking decisions during my upcoming SOS to the world Windows. You have been warned by a real Modern Prophet! 

 Here’s how the solar eclipse affect the world! Predictions by Dr. Turi

What has the dragon is store for you in 2017?   

Do You Have The Yen To Be a Billionaire?

The American Dream is Alive! Let me make you a billionaire!

Trump reigniting Asia’s dangerous flashpoint Prediction

CNNRegardless of the nature of the call, it’s an act that bucks normal diplomatic protocol, and in the eyes of critics, could pose a dangerous threat to the United States. Trump’s conversation with President Tsai Ing-wen marks the first publicly reported call between a U.S. President or President-elect, and a Taiwanese leader, since 1979, and Hill said it represents a scary tendency to act without a proper understanding of diplomacy.

Indeed this cosmic code newsletter “Donald Trump Hitler Reincarnated!” is crucial for America surviving my vision of a nuclear war.

Predictions for 2017 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Forecast

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About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.