Girl hit by plane on beach dies…


 You take a relaxing walk with your child on the beach and… you die!

What does Moon Power say for today? July 2014 Daily Guidance and Predictions

Today is the first day of the New Moon and ALL should be fine or better yes?  So why this dad died and his daughter is now fighting for her life?  July 26, 2014  — Mars enters Scorpio: THIS IS WHY! 

I will soon make all August forecasts be ready it will be a bumpy one! 

Emergency landing on Florida beach kills beachgoer

The man — whose name was not immediately known — died on the scene. His daughter was airlifted to All Children’s Hospital and is believed to be in critical condition, according to the sheriff’s office.

 Lightning kills 1, hurts 13 on beach


 TUE., WED., THU., FRI., SAT. July 22, 23, 24, 25, 26:

RULERS — Mercury (News/transportation) and the Moon (Important Changes): 

Work, Career and Business: The blessings of a waxing moon are not to far away, just a few more days; you should fight lethargy and depressions. Be confident, as much needed change is ahead for you and those you care. You may also consider using Mercury’s mental agility to pass on new ideas to improve your business or communicate with the family. You could use these waning days to re-write or plan new advertisements or publicity. The telephone will be particularly busy but the news could be depressive. Don’t leave the office upset you do not need to bring stress at home.  Stay active and be mentally alert.

Partnerships: Dealing with others has and will always be a challenge for us all. Some of you have learnt hard lessons and the scars take time to heal; don’t re-open them again. Move on to better ground, the future has always better to offer.  Keep a positive attitude in your conversations and promote only the great times of your past. Some karmic souls will have to experience a rebirth of their relationships. Whatever unfolds, accept the changes with confidence; the truth is that, life is a constant process of change and it always seems to be for the better.

Family and Friends: Mercury is fast and rules communication, so expect family members to get in touch with you via mail or telephone.  Some will be invited to enjoy great cooking at their friend’s homes. “The messenger of the Gods” loves to talk and throw jokes all over.  Control Mercury’s desire to exaggerate and do not fall for the negative things you may hear now. Keep in mind that your friends have the potential to fulfill all your wishes; get active in the social arena after the new Moon. As always, you might have a karmic debt with a long-standing friend; if so, you may have to experience annoyance. Try to clear it all up and you’ll win the person back.

Love Affairs: Be ready for the beginning or ending of important love phases of your love life soon. Keep your eyes and ears open on the people you know as the Moon affects everybody.  If you were born in July, someone much older or younger than you born in March, November or January will be attracted to you.  A friend may bring you sad news soon.

Travel and Communication: Use Mercury’s mental powers accordingly. Time to write those letters, as Mercury improves your mental faculties.  He will reward you favorably if you decide to invest in your education or start a book after the upcoming new moon. Control his strong desire to be a “chatterbox,” and save money on your telephone bill.  Mercury rules transportation and general motion; he also makes people restless on the road. Under his command you should be a defensive driver. It’s time to plan for your future travels, or visit parts of the world via great books.  Wait for the next New Moon to launch the trip.  You’ll be glad to know and respect God’s Universal Laws.

Environment: We are coming into a Full Moon period soon and some states will experience severe weather systems. If you are into videotaping lightning, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc., be ready for those soon. Some will see the beginning or ending of dramatic times. This may force thousands of people to relocate.   Be ready for disturbing news soon that will force thousands of people to flee nature’s destructive forces. Check my website regularly for additional predictions and to read my quatrains. This book works in conjunction with my home page as to teach you how to read Moon Power accurately.

Famous Personalities: Much too close to the next New Moon to give up just yet, have faith in better days. Some famous artist or important political figure will experience shame with love, and their children will be directly affected.

Events: Prominent political personalities either from the Russia, US, France or Japan will make an important announcement. The government may come up with drastic news or decisions that could affect many families in the future. Let’s hope for the best.

Shopping: Invest faithfully in anything to clean the house or the office. Equipment purchased now will bring trouble to its owner. This is a perfect time to take care of your car. Mercury also rules literature and great deals on old books will be available under its influence.

July 26, 2014  — Mars enters Scorpio: With the war planet going through the sign of death and drama expect serious news about plots, secrets, sex, money laundering and nature devastative forces to unleash her power soon.  This trend will allow affect the secret service and the police.  Many police officers and secret service agents will lose their lives in the name of ignorance.  If your natal Mars is in a good aspect to Pluto, your sensuality and magnetism will be extreme.  Souls born now will be given the opportunity to experience power in all its forms and much drama is to be experienced by the soul.  If Mars is badly afflicted the soul could suffer a violent death due to his involvement with drugs, sex and crimes. Blessed with such a powerful location, Mars in Scorpio will endow the soul with incredible strengths where the soul will have to learn the hard way and suffer the ultimate consequences.  This position makes for one of the most powerful and dangerous partners.  Those souls are born to experience death and drama and rebirth themselves to a more productive element of society.  Due to the investigative Scorpionic power this is a top position for those involved with secret services.

New Moon — July 26, 2014 in Leo: This sign is ruled by the Sun, thus affairs of /////////////////////Sorry VIP’s only.  Join now, be warned, be prepared, be wise!

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