Your brain DOES NOT know when you’ve just died! Science ridiculousness…


Image result for dr.turi“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious deceptive imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”Dr. Turi 

Researchers from New York’s NYU Langone School of Medicine said people are aware that they died, and might be able to hear a doctor announcing their death.

Researchers from New York’s NYU Langone School of Medicine said people are aware that they died, and might be able to hear a doctor announcing their death.  (Reuters/File)

Dear readers;

Your brain DOES NOT know when you’ve just died! Science ridiculousness… This “extraordinary” announcement is nothing else than another stunt cleverly designed to save their faces. Nor do they know why Paddock killed many people in the Las Vegas shooting and are only trying to bring your attention the reptilius infected scientific matrix (pharmaceutical corporations), in need of your financial support! 

Much like NASA scientists announcing their regular discovery of yet, another planet in the  immeasurable vastness of our universe!

Weeks following the Las Vegas mass shooting, to this date, there is  no real answers offered to the public by those researchers!  Las Vegas shooting motive eludes investigators! 

Meantime, it seems another of my prediction came to pass, if you recall my printed words below…

Memo from  “Stephen Paddock, why I did it! The life and fate of an Infamous soul…”

However you can be sure, the scientific “experts” will never, ever give you the “medical” answer to why Paddock “lost it”  and will be somehow and as usual, forced  to make it up to save their faces!” 

So telling you more ridiculous stories about their so called new discovery involving the brain functions is their way to steer you away from the fact  that; they are all clueless to why Paddock killed  those people in Vegas!   

“Those rational and skeptical traditionally “educated idiots” can only see the mind through their five limited human senses using a microscope!  They  think they know all about the physical brain manifesto but  they know nothing of the spirit!   

“Our infantile science is still oblivious of the power of the stars upon people like Paddock and Weinstein, regimenting their behavior and infamous fate. But today,  only our cosmic conscious students and clients will be able to appreciate our rare cosmic wisdom.” 

You will find real answers pertaining the the brain in my article more than any and all researchers combined in the entire world!  While repetition is a must to “digest” my cosmic work, I do not want to sound redundant, thus, all you have to do is to  click on the provided link, read  and challenge your own self , when investigating my claims…  Harvey Weinstein & Stephen Paddock same INfamous stars… 

The very fact is:  as a rule “true, traditionally educated, cosmic unconscious idiot” lacks objectivity and will always miss the forest for the tree! Scientists can only use  very sophisticated electronic equipment such as microscopes and telescopes because their natal underdeveloped rational  UCI is ill equipped to deal with the human brains direct relationship with the universal brain or the divine!

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A cosmic God has enslaved all those cosmic unconscious morons to look for the golden keys to what it means to be human the wrong ways. 

The fact of the matter is; life on earth has ended but as soon as the human physical eye is closed, the 3rd spiritual eye open up making the vibrational, parallel  and spiritual world a reality in another form of supra-cosmic consciousness…  Reality on earth can only exist through the human eye who vibrates at a very low speed! The after life reality is  in a such accelerated dimension that the English vocabulary can not be fully elaborated on! 

Because  there is still “juice” left on in the brain does not mean consciousness is present… I can only remind you  the scientists ridiculous assumption reader! “and might be able to hear a doctor announcing their death.” 

Think of  a car battery left unattended just before “expiring.”  You won’t get enough juice to start your vehicle. This is what those so called educated cretins using technology are experiencing. and nothing else.

Once the human brain  and its  programmatic cosmic marvel (the UCI) disconnect from the  Universal brain, consciousness on this dense physical world simply disappears.

My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secret of this core, but I know that; it exists! Nikola Tesla Dr. Turi DID!

A violent death is  free of pain and awareness once death occurs. However, consciousness  on the astral plane becomes as soon as the spirit is forcefully and brutally  “ex-pulsed” from  its physical envelope!  Call it a form of astral projection, something we all do  naturally during  a deep dream state. 

However, the process of dying slowly from a disease, feels like being eaten alive but towards the very end, nature  makes the process of dying  painless.  I “died” a few times in my life and saw death in action when I was  training as a nurse  in a terminally ill war hospital while in the UK. I saw  the elderly  die  on a regular base and many had a smile on their faces…  

If you have any questions about death and reincarnation go to this Facebook page “Life and Death” and ask! In the process,  scared, religious and atheist people alike and those unable to deal with the undiluted truth went on a rampage and  managed to mute me. I was fired from all radio, new age programs, UFO’s  and New Age conferences.

But exposing people and the truth brings consequences readers. The reptilius own the souls of  those infected people who couldn’t accept or understand the  purpose of my cosmic work.

The UFO’s community  trashed me from their circle and  our well known friends abandoned us. All because  I speak the truth about their characters, insecurity  and non existing connection with the divine and UFO’s. 

Mentioning that I channel my inner ET (Draco) and offer undeniable, well documented predictions makes them feel inferior and I’m a competition to them all. 

Update: As always 6.0 or above earthquakes ( terrorist attacks, * FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction … volcanoes eruptions & tsunamis) ALWAYS happen during my SOS windows.. 

 Huge earthquake rocks Japan as Ring of Fire trembles

“When a true genius (or real UFO’s contactee) appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” –Swift

Their drive to eliminate me  from the public eye created a conspiracy against us, leaving me no choice but to expose them all even more!  Watch the video!

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Well before today’s news (5 years ago) on March 12, 2013 I saw  and warned  our  VIP’s and the public and wrote  New Korean War Is On The Horizon! 

It seems the reptilius are winning the battle.  Are you going to fight against the reptilius?  The choice is yours…

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