Your kids will NEVER live on Mars. Here’s why they WON’T survive!


“There is only a very thin line between imagination and reality when science, religion  and conspiracies are debated!” Dr. Turi


Your kids might live on Mars. Here’s how they’ll survive  – Here’s how we will live on Mars trip

It sounds like science fiction, but journalist Stephen Petranek considers it fact: within 20 years, humans will live on Mars. In this provocative talk, Petranek makes the case that humans will become a spacefaring species and describes in fascinating detail how we’ll make Mars our next home. “Humans will survive no matter what happens on Earth,” Petranek says. “We will never be the last of our kind.”

Technology forecaster journalist Stephen Petranek untangles emerging technologies to predict which will become fixtures of our future lives — and which could potentially save them. Full bio

Journalist Petranek is another paid, traditionally “educated idiot” nerd, who will ridicule all that I represent or the undiluted truth! Amazing how those who pretend to be the “experts” in a particular field are the least knowledgeable of the topic they talk about.

“There is a fine line between Divine cosmic information and deceptive scientific deception…” Dr. Turi

First, before trusting anyone forecast about the future; well documented proofs of their previous work is needed to build more trust in the proposed future. As far as I am concerned, I can not keep up with my own and can only save them on the Internet if you care to search for them or listen to my endless radio and television shows from my website or YouTube

The scientific community is making astonishing progress as far as unman missions are concerned but for any human to set foot on Mars is a total, impractical dream that will never become a reality. Update 07/30/2018 – Opinion: Don’t pack your bags for Mars just yet

If you know about my predictions you will not doubt and if you do not simply start doing your home work instead of assuming I am another “Psychic!”

The Scam, the psychic and the “SIN” of wanting more -The facts you do not know about this CNN story!

Need proofs? Check this one made for May 27th 2016, be ready for shocking news, cosmic news, large earthquakes, tornadoes or a volcano eruption. Now these are real post – dated predictions.

There are too many “talking heads” like Mr. Petranek, making “future lives” vague predictions, not realizing this journalist like many other famous, traditionally “educated idiots” who are all the product of the deceptive, scientific matrix looking for your financial support to survive. Care to read how the scientific matrix use and abuse  gullible idiots?

The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA
Carl Sagan Birthday and NASA Masquerade
CNN – 200,000 More Morons apply to live on Mars
One-Way Trip to Mars and the 78000 Signed Up Morons

With such titles, there is no wonder why my “not politically correct” but truthful articles are rejected by all major networking websites working in harmony to mute me!  Yet, more people are still reading me everyday…

“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” –Swift

Here’s how and why humans will NEVER live on Mars

First as a futuristic, I do like science and knowing the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought, we are creating our common future. Knowing all the secrets of the supra-conscious, nothing is impossible but the human will is stronger than the stars period!

And the entire scientific community is oblivious of and reluctant to accept the fact that; other cosmic entities are sharing “dark Matter” with us. Indeed the universe is loaded with countless of ET’s and not all of them are friendly! Much like we experience on earth, many are greedy, self centered human beings, that will not hesitate to kill you in order to fulfill their “own agenda!”

Mr. Petranek would never dare to speak about UFO’s because he never saw, nor dealt with one and telling him, about my inner ET named Draco, embedded in my spirit; speaking through me would make him laugh his head off… But it is a fact too many people could never accept!

I support research on Mars only if they are unmanned and if those resources  are used to take care of our own spaceship or Mother Earth first!

Accept the reality that; after wasting billions of dollars over the years, not only did humans seriously hinder the planet but abolish its wildlife! Note also that the scientists managed to built an International Space station orbiting at ONLY 249 miles from earth. 

Mars and Earth can be 401 million km apart (249 million miles) when they are in opposition and both are at aphelion.  Mars and Earth reach this closest point to one another approximately every two years. The closest possible distance from Earth to Mars in miles is 33.9 million miles.

The distance between Mars and Earth is simply impossible to cover for any human being not to mention all other challenges and the temperatures on Mars can get down to minus 195 degrees . A summer day on Mars may get up to 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) near the equator, but at night the temperature can plummet to about minus 100 degrees F (minus 73 C)

But the gullible space traveler, dreamer lacks critical thinking and become the perfect idiot to  trust, endorse, believe infected paid journalist like Mr. Petranek to support their own agenda. One thing is certain readers, they all know planet earth is DOOMED and if, hypothetically speaking, they were able to put a man on Mars, would it really be you or one of your children?

No, only one of those traditionally “educated” privileged select  scientists could be part of the mission because they need your money and you are “disposable.”

But most importantly, the benevolent Draconis will not let scientists interfere with their more humanitarian agenda… Protecting and saving earth and its precious cargo is their concern, not getting your money to escape what they perceive as a doomed planet!

Memo: WE (the Draconis)  disposed of ‘SEVENTY FOUR’ NASA Scientists in 2 years! by inducing “accidents” to the responsible party. 

Mission Purposes:

  • 1 – Induce “accidents.” Avoid the proliferation of conductive metal trash disturbing our transmissions, trans-universal ships and sensitive navigational systems.
  • 2 – Stop humanoids wasting resources, destroying earth’s vital ozone layer with primal poisonous combustive propulsive technology.
  • 3 – Goal: Concentration on stopping earth depleting ozone layer.
  • 4 – Stop NASA waste
  • 5 – Challenge religious, scientific, entertainment, sports monopolizing matrixes stopping humanity developing cosmic consciousness / assimilating God cosmic Divinity.

Human host’s commissioned MJ12’s critical messages must be heeded to stop waste, revitalize earth, time running out.

Mission imposed by the Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) – Code name of the chosen ones, a secret committee of cosmic conscious, superhuman spiritual leaders, working with Draconis extraterrestrial officials.

The group was formed by the Galactic Federation Grand cosmic order to facilitate and improve  the human race physical and psychical welfare but not take sole responsibility for the worlds and each individual actions.

dr. turi

The concept originated with the 12 apostles spiritual legacy embedded in the 12 signs of the Zodiac to guide humanity to God cosmic Divinity. Majestic 12 agenda can only be perceived and accepted by those directly involved in the mission or the chosen ones.

Lack of perception by earthlings… Currently souls trapped in dense physical world, unable to dwell with commissioned MJ12 cosmic messages, take directions! Changes impossible!

 It shouldn’t be difficult to deny the reptilius “Universal Infestation” when reading the current news. Paying kids not to kill – Can cities stop the bloodshed? As a smarter, responsible earth resident are you doing your part to save the human specie or will you join, endorse, support the deceptive, abusive scientific matrix? Share my work instead.

Be sure the infected TED matrix will never in a million years have me expose their greedy corporations. They own the power, they have the influence, they own the wealth, and the know how  and keep offering people like Mr. Petranek the opportunity to trap you deeper into their imaginative deceptive mind. And you have the undiluted truth from me to ponder upon.

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

The omens are all over and all I can do is to offer my world wide reading audience some of the most serious warnings before this nation plunges into a much worse situation that the one Americans experienced in the Vietnam war! Testy Turtle Torments Eagle A serious omen for America!

Update, this section was moved from the top…

Police bodycam footage shows moments before man’s death

Before offering my readers more facts about Mars and discuss more about the latest EgyptAir terrorist attack, lets go back to some of the news that transpired in 2014. Remember, if you are a cop, know a cop or if you are involved with the secret services or the police you are a DIRECT target to the reptilius dedicated to create, maintain fears and promote a Universal chaos! 

When you read news such as Paying kids not to kill Can cities stop the bloodshed? or India records its highest temperature ever there is no denying our depleting mother earth and a society victimized by a phenomenon impossible for the scientific community “experts” to perceive or accept!

All we can do is to keep building your consciousness about something so subtle and so incredible that, 99.9% of people living on planet earth would rather ridicule or ignore…  Learn more about the reptilius’ agenda! 

This dramatic man’s videotaped death took place on May 23rd, 2014 during a waning moon (negative) and in one of my old SOS to the world deadly Windows.  Both the police and their victims are manipulated by the reptilius who then, used the moon in Pisces (drugs, alcohol, depression, infection) to create fears, confusion, aggression and finally the death of cops,  Phoenix Police Officer David Glasser Killed in Shootout criminals and this man.

Those nefarious entities stimulate ALL terrorists attacks, yet the secret services and today’ society ridicule a cosmic work, our students and VIP’s can only affirm to be critically important for our common security! EgyptAir flight missing, Terrorism/Police! Dr. Turi did it AGAIN!

I retracted a sample from May 2016 Daily Guidance and Predictions issued every month on the Cosmic Code private website for our VIP’s and offered my readers this sample so, knowing all about God Cosmic Divinity while respecting “the signs” will save you from experiencing the same dramatic experience. (see Travel and Communication: below)

Remember there are millions of  psychic and astrology corporate websites all dedicated to waste your time ” For Entertainment Purposes Only” while you should join the Cosmic Code and get real professional monthly guidance and forecasts. You can join for FREE to get my articles directly into your email box, then join the site once you are ready for us!

The police and society have all lost the spirit of the divine but the reptilius never did and will use the worse of those cosmic winds regularly to endlessly kill humans. When apocalyptic asteroid will hit Earth AGAIN? ET’s are in charge!

SUN., MON., TUE. — MAY 29, 30, 31:

RULERS — Neptune (Oil/Ocean) and Mars (Danger/Assault/War). In the news – 5-year-old girl shoots, kills self –  3-year-old shoots self in head, survives

Work, Career and Business: As usual with Mars’ aggressive personality, expect all sorts of trouble with business partnerships.  You are strongly advised to use diplomacy to avoid serious complications, especially during a waning Moon. If you are experiencing some trouble in your career, a serious change may be ahead of you.  Neptune will make you absent-minded; try to concentrate.  A little walk by the water would do your spirit good.   Be patient, we are getting closer to the next New Moon.

Partnerships: The Lord of dreams may make your spiritual life busy and some of your dreams may come true in the near future. Learn to translate your subconscious impressions and write down your dreams first thing in the morning.  You or your partner may be responding to Neptune’s power, so you may want to reach your inner self asking for God’s help in your prayers.  Some may feel tuned into the universe and miraculously guided out of a bad situation.  Provide spiritual support to those in need.

Family and Friends: As usual with Neptune’s sad touch and combined with the waning moon, sensitive friends may get depressed.  Be there to help, but don’t let their problems get to you.  The lonely old ones will feel the impact of Neptune and its accompanying deception upon their lives.  Give a thought and pay them a visit or send them a little card.  This gesture will make them feel less lonely and will make their own world more exciting.  Be ready to offer a strong shoulder and realize the impact of Neptune upon your world.  If you are a Pisces or a Gemini a positive friend could help you.

Love Affairs: Keep your eyes on your possessions as things may “disappear” now.  Don’t let yourself into a deceiving business deal or worthless situation; learn to love with your head first and give your heart later.  Your intuition will be sharp; use it to your advantage.   A secret love affair may start for some earth signs and might last a while.

Travel and Communication: Remember, Neptune is also part of this trend and if you have to drive, you MUST stay clear of any alcohol.  Neptune leads many unaware people to jail, left with DUI’s to deal with. If you happen to be on one of your 2016 personal negative cosmic biorhythms, or at the wrong place at the wrong time,  you may end up killed by the police!   If you were born under a water sign stay clear of trouble if you feel depressed, don’t drink tonight.

Environment: Venus will try to stop her violent brother from stirring the earth’s innards, as Mars loves earthquakes, explosions, volcanoes and mass disasters.  Sad news may come from the ocean, the Middle East and oil spills.  Mother earth is alive, resourceful, and must heal.

Famous Personalities: Some prominent people may be caught in secret sexual or love affairs.  Their dependency on chemicals, drugs or alcohol will be made public.  The lucky ones will promote new movies. Under Neptune’s power — Memo from the past – WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — Sheriff’s deputies pulled over Eddie Murphy early Friday and arrested a transsexual prostitute who was riding in his car, authorities said. A spokesman for the actor maintained Murphy was just being a “good Samaritan” by offering the transsexual a ride.

Events: Under Neptune and Mars’ powers, CAIRO, Egypt — A powerful sandstorm tore through southern Egypt Saturday, killing at least four people. The storm comes a day after the worst sandstorm in 30 years blasted across the country. With Mars’ aggressive nature, expect this type of news again. Villains will be active during this trend; do not trust strangers and do not put yourself in any situation that could make you a potential victim.  Avoid dark streets and keep your personal alarm (intuition) on all the time.

Shopping: Try to participate in volunteer work to provide love and help to the needy.  Shop in places promoting good causes; they need your financial support.  Not a good time to invest in prescription drugs or decide to visit your spiritual adviser, unless you know him/her very well.

Lastly remember, if you are not happy it is because you do NOT live your destiny! As a VIP you can get a taped live Skype consultation with me for  $310 instead of $700…  Tell your loved ones and friends to trust you and to join the cosmic code to get the same deal! Email

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Pilot: It’s too early to link EgyptAir flight to terror

Pilots are told by their airline not to talk or encourage anything that could jeopardize their jobs! EgyptAir failed its security and will have to pay billions of dollars to the 66 unlucky families who lost loved ones.

Will the airline survive this blow? Usually changing the name associated with such drama is a preferred move. But once it is all said and done, the money is just being exchanged through same pockets and a new airline is born. Those wealthy corporations pay their lawyers and follow their legal advice.

This was a terrorist attack but if they can lie or falsify the facts to save those billions, be sure they will!  The Cosmic Code or God’s cosmic divinity is infallible and if I was able to predict ALL terrorist attacks so far, I am correct with this one too! Remember I am “electronically”  muted by all major networking websites who can not handle the truth not want to discuss the truth. Google, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi 

I know it is totally impossible for many of you to accept or assimilate the reptilius phenomenon just yet, and I hope many of you had the opportunity to listen to my latest radio show  with Jimmy and learn more about this cosmic phenomenon.

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July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation


Dr. Louis Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker and his profound Universal Cosmic Wisdom astonishes everyone. His uncanny predictive legacy is the results of five solid UFO’s experiences and the channeling of an inner ET entity, Draco.

Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi has appeared on Art Bell, George Noory,Jimmy Church, Howard Hughes Coast-To-Coast AM syndicated show, the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television and radio programs worldwide.

He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. He has taught entertained audiences on the power of the subconscious introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness. He grew up in Provence France, Nostradamus” birthplace, and spent last 30 years re-kindling the great Seer’s rare disciplines and its incredible spiritual therapeutic values. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who’s Who in America.”

  The Cosmic Code is designed to teach the “divine” to all our VIP’s who may have questions about a dream, a wish, fears, a job, a decision to make etc.  But again, this work is not for normal people but for those who vibrate at a very high spiritual cosmic speed. Join us, we are there for you in the Cosmic Code website.

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi



About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.