God, Jesus, ISIS and the fate of the world!


ISIS has claimed responsibility for the worst violence witnessed in France since World War II, a volley of nearly simultaneous terror attacks that the French President called “an act of war.”

Beirut, Also the Site of Deadly Attacks (call it a double hit?) 


Neptunius Dios of poisonous Riligious Deception Rules
*Fear Water, Drowning Fire, Black Tainted Blood
Dreams Reality Rivalry Poison Mad Spiritus
All False Gods Lost Children Join To Kill

God nowhere to stop red water

Dear reader;

November 5, 2015, exactly 8 days before the terrorist attack I posted my warnings to the world and those warnings were quite explicit.  Our heart goes to all the victims who were touched directly by those tragedies and luckily for us, my nephew who is a film producer in Paris is safe!

To those who know me and read my regular warnings, there is no wondering, others you may want to pay attention to the next dates!  I also posted my visions to all major networking media, Facebook groups, Linkedin, Google, Before its news and wrote ” will the FBI visit me again? Be very cautious, especially if you are a cop, the police will make the news…”  

Now did you share my article? Chances are you did not, so I am asking you again, please share my warnings, pass on this article and help save lives. Thank you.

I am offering more public warnings for the upcoming Full Moon period, then November 18, November 28, December 8  December 21 and December 27 2015.  as the same deadly cosmic winds will curse the world again, please SHARE! Make the most those dates are my last ones, I will stop serving the public on January 1st 2016!

Memo from  Jesus, ET’s and Astrology.

Posted to the public November 5, 2015

Please share widely, help to save lives!

November  18 November 28, December 8  December 21 and December 27 2015.     (48 hours centering the dates)

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Mob /Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / auctions / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Serial Killers / wake up Call.


Update 11/18/2015

In Art Bell and Jesus published 11/16/2015 I offered more warnings for  November 18, November 28, December 8  December 21 and December 27 2015.    (48 hours centering the dates.)

French authorities kill 2, detain 7 terror suspects in violent raid

“For the second time in a week, gunfire and explosions ripped through France on Wednesday!” Yes Dr. Turi did it again and his UFO’s predictive legacy is real!

My very words in this video! “It won’t take long for me to be back!”


Continued! I thought hard to contact all US FBI offices, the NSA in the US again and, like I did with the predicted Charlie Hebdo attack, the Paris, French Police Nationale.  I decided to proceed but, to my dismay, all the police executives emails collected in my file returned! Many suspicious people would immediately assume I am lying but I am not!

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:  


May God bless the souls of all the victims of ISIS French & US secret services

Thus warning my own French citizens was impossible because all those educated idiots assume I am a nut case… But, knowing many secret services from various countries (including Russia) have infiltrated the Cosmic Code website and read my work, I truly thought they would heed my warnings.

I receive the same “ridicule” treatment  in this country by the police and 99.99% of god fearing / atheist, skeptic people who can not accept I am a modern Prophet dedicated to help them and save lives…  So today, the world is mourning 128 dead people, all in the name of the police executives fear of the ridicule which are, in part responsible for those deaths.

This type of attitude is deplorable and forced me to use a few abrasive titles to attract their attention but nothing worked. They and the world think I am deranged and, even after TWO previous visits, the FBI still refuse to honor the word “detective” and work with me!  And those are the people we elect to serve and protect us?

Police, DSH, FBI, CIA, NSA DETECTIVES – Mediocre at Best!
FBI, CIA, NSA POLICE WHAT THE HECK? Time for your wake up call! 

But what is really depressing is that; the endless cosmic rituals will never end, yet all  my future SOS to the world deadly windows will serve no real purposes and more innocent people will die.  For god sake, is the dated warning, the quatrain and the obvious keywords chosen above are clear enough to anyone who can read English?

It is just a matter of time before those deadly cosmic winds reach the US or any countries in the world, and if you pay attention to my previous warnings, there is no denying my cosmic God given predictive gift.  I guess this world is too scared to take me seriously.

How many more human lives must be sacrificed before the secret service decide to INVESTIGATE the very high probability of terrorist attacks during a specific undeniable cosmic timing?  While I keep offering the “EXPERTS” those dates, they hide their idiocy and fear of the ridicule by laughing at me.

The same apply for our scientific community with my endless accurate prediction of large earthquakes!    Americans don’t seem to realize I am cursed with a cosmic supreme wisdom that could change and save so many lives.

And if you take my supreme confidence or my direct approach to life for an ego trip, you need to realize you suffer an over sensitive, inferiority or insecurity complex! I am not  Buddha, I am not the Pope, the Dalai Lama, Jesus or a saint! I am only Dr. Turi, a Modern Prophet and I don’t have to baby your  critical, puritanical, all perfect  UCI!

Your support is important. Because you or your loved ones could be part of the next statistics when a reptilius infected ISIS decides to kill more people in your city!

My prediction of 911 almost 2 years before unfolding, was  simply another proof of a gift, that I have been sharing with the world.

The dated, published words warning America of  991 and her impending fate should be clear enough for anyone to be warned of an impending terrorist attack.  Instead, the subhumans make up lies and mutate into a bloodthirsty pack of hyenas working hard to taint my name, my good heart and all that I represent while servicing you for FREE!  Dr. Turi Versus Ripoff and Lies.

Luckily for Terania and I, we also enjoy great support against insecure, envious God’s Evil Children who can not help to feel threatened by our ingenious futuristic originality.  Incidentally those immature kids have so much to learn and gain from a sixty six year old man, who dealt a few times with the incredible UFOs phenomenon! I am Alien The Final Revelation.

There are so many forces shaping humanity’s future,  molding all human affairs, and offering my pearls of wisdom scare the hell out of those indoctrinated by the religious matrixes…

The same very forces have created you, myself, all famous and infamous people, including deadly groups like ISIS.  To this day there are no real answers to why some deadly reptilius infected human beings behead their kind and behave much worse than wild animals…

Your infantile science is unable to give you answers to what it means to be human and has created more problems than solutions… Greedy abusive corporations from NASA to millions of controlling governmental and private matrixes are suffocating Mother Earth, its wildlife and human in the process.

Do you think it’s normal for a person to rape and kill a four month old baby? Do you think it’s normal for a 13 year old  boy to stab his mother to death?  Do you think it’s normal for teen to join gangs and exterminate each others? Do you realize you actually reside on hell and something is very wrong with society?

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

FROM THE COSMIC CODE  – Yesterday November 10th, 2015, I had the most amazing experience of my life. I had the pleasure of having a reading with Dr Turi via Skype. He was so detailed and so very specific about my chart and what it had to show me now and in the future. Dr Turi put a lot of time in explaining details in a way that myself or anyone could understand.  I encourage everyone to get a reading and share it with all of their friends and family.  Much gratitude to you as well as your beautiful wife, Mrs Turi.

Sincerely, Jacqueline 

  • Who’s to blame for the state of this world you may ask? The parents, the teachers, the police, the public, the educational system, the entertainment, religious and scientific matrixes are all to blame for not listening to the voice of reason.
  • Who’s responsible for evil running this world? Those of you laughing at the spirit, for fearing a false god, for refusing to cast aside your constricting fears, for refusing to become more curious and exit your early religious mental conditionment.
  • Who’s responsible for evil running this world? Those who will not allow my cosmic wisdom reaching the media!
  • Who’s responsible for evil running this world? Those making up lies against me, those who fired me from their websites, their Facebook pages and other social media.
  • Who’s responsible for evil running this world? Those who, in the past helped idiots to get my articles removed from various websites!
  • Who’s responsible for evil running this world? Those who assume I am the devil and the idiots who believe I am using people’s tragic, deadly experiences to make money!
  • Who’s responsible for evil running this world? Those who refuse to help us, to pay for my lifetime work, those who want everything for free knowing I GIVE so much for free everyday!
  • Who’s responsible for evil running this world? Those who put their personal religious convictions before their audience, those who think I am an egocentric, those of feel threatened by my wish one day to be back on the air!
  • Who’s responsible for evil running this world? Those who refuse to invite me on their radio and TV shows or public events to pass on my messages to the world!  And by God’s order, no one escape karma!

Memo from  “Who was Jesus”  Michael Austin Melton “Mr. Turi, I do not approve of you even comparing yourself to God’s son. I cannot entertain such a massive ego on my show. I’m sorry.”

Michael Austin I am an open-minded individual with the belief that love and compassion for our fellow human beings can overcome any obstacle before us, and is a vital ingredient for our future growth and development. 

I can’t help to wonder how such a religious man would talk about UFOs? This page is very suspicious to me, indeed people will not hesitate to lie about their “UFOs experience” to gain a wider radio audience!

Dr. Turi rebuttal;   I am not comparing myself to Jesus Michael, I am stating that; I am a modern prophet and Jesus was a prophet. Note also all human beings are God’s’ sons and daughters…

My ego has nothing to do with it Michael, I believe my accurate predictions speaks of a divine cosmic wisdom I own and my endless FREE warnings can only save people’s lives. You can not assume or judge me when I use Jesus’ own words to represents the fact of the terrible world we live in.

“Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.” Jesus!

In fact those words reflect not only Michael’s archaic, deplorable attitude  towards a prospective guest which could have helped all lost souls unable to assimilate or connect with God cosmic Divinity just yet!  As always, you are dealing with Dr. Turi, a legitimate, dedicated, honorable truth seeker exposing the undiluted truth to those who need it the most. Michael is one of those lost souls working for the devil shutting down the cosmic torch I own and want to share with you…

It’s amazing how far people will go to not only tarnish my character but avoid the truth because of their own religious convictions! I will never, ever let anyone hurt my integrity or my work without putting a serious fight and expose the dry atheist or fearful religious lost souls like Gary and Michael (and so many friends and foes) to the public

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.”Matthew 13.13

But should I be upset with those stopping when those religiously poisoned souls were indoctrinated during childhood? Little do they know they were born Neptunians  but the fact is;  no cosmic explanations will ever suffice!  It will never work for ISIS and it will never work for many lost lambs looking for the real God…

Like Michael or billions of people on earth, I do believe in God, however my personal perception and conviction to his cosmic divinity did not appear overnight reader… It came to me after a lifetime asking questions to why god should be feared or why god would kill innocent babies in endless natural disasters.

The human mind is karmically “computerized” by the Universal mind, either in fall (gullible/following/traditional/conservative) to dignified (curiosity/challenging/ ingenuity/liberal) and in between!

The human UCI is very complex and not all people can enter the archetypal realm of supra cosmic consciousness. In fact 99.99% of human beings like Michael and all bible heads are forbidden to see and speak to a cosmic God the way, some of my students Terania and I do.

And some are simply…. (no comment!)

Patrick Beamish “excuse me, but you can’t predict an event happening after it already happened. where is the post/time stamp saying this would happen before the attack?……………”

Did it occur to this person to look at the date of the article in question? Nope this is too much to ask! This is why the religious matrix is so successful luring lost lambs to their congregations, because all you have to do is to say Amen and ask no questions about god, simply fear him or end up in hell…

This archaic type of thinking fit the “herd” who is unable to practice the mental gymnastics (or check a date) needed to assimilate God Cosmic Divinity or the Soul of the Cosmos! At least for now, making other more advanced souls, “Terminals!”

This mean advanced souls will shut down the reincarnation principle and avoid returning on this low vibrating earth and become ONE with a cosmic God! This mean like God, create an infinite forms of life, new flowers, new colors, new wild life, new worlds and work with advanced group of ET’s like the Draconis to populate an ever expanding infinite universe!

Genesis 1:27 – “So God created mankind in his own image!” This mean all human beings are Gods in training in this dense physical world and we OWN the same creative powers as the creator himself and no less… And if Tesla tried unsuccessfully to describe God or the universe scientifically , imagine the task imposed upon regular people born “normal” per say! Ain’t you glad you landed on me?  And even this  “connection” is not an accident, you made a wish to gather real answers,  and a cosmic God heard you…


God is real, God is YOU and you are God, that is all and all is that; but it’s only when the Age of Pisces (deception/religions/poisoning) ends and replaced by the Age of Aquarius (UFO/technology/humanitarianism) that the world will Universally upgrade its perceptive vibrations psychically!

Its either you feed evil in your fearful archaic religious earnings/teachings in your own created hell on earth or you ask for your own salvation, and your spiritual freedom with us!

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

I am much more afraid of reptilius infected religious souls living in the US,  than the false god ISIS honor, veneer and die for by killing innocent people.  ISIS is nothing else than the dementic human imaginative religious folly gone mad, and be sure reader, someone you know is a bible head and cursed by the same deceptive Neptunius deceptive winds.

All I can do for now,  is to keep forging forward, until you realize as a child of the Universe, you are also part of God’s eternal, infinite creation and hopefully, learning about it through my dedication!  Religious folly like dry atheism is also a very dangerous proposition in a godless world.

If this atheist movement succeeds, it mean science and its future ISIS cold and educated groups would end up reigning supreme. Those future monsters will repeat the same mistake by killing people trusting and behead the spirit of a cosmic God!

God’s initial cosmic ministry was altered by the “ISIS” of the past! The three wise men (Magis) were cosmic conscious ET’s and were there to grant Jesus with cosmic consciousness. Yet, even Jesus failed to introduce humanity to “Our Father in the Heavens” as he really is; an omnipresent universal, eternal entity.

And who’s to deny this very crude facts looking at the hellish world we have created by misusing the Super conscious in time and space and denying God’ supreme cosmic divinity!

Jesus was killed by the same reptilius infected subhumans who would love to see all spiritualists, religious people, deep thinkers, gays people, curious souls and prophets like me burning on the stake of ignorance! I am warning the world because I can see tomorrow very clearly and unless you help the Draconis to fight the reptilius psychically, your children may not even have fifty years left on this planet!

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi –  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!

Since 11/11/2015 and Draco’s mind boggling revelation “Nostradamus, God and UFO’s” I prepared you with my prophetization and expectations of the upcoming shocking / explosive news in my next SOS to the world deadly windows! Simply wait and see, then judge me again and again and again and again… And hopefully, you will get it!

See you there after November  18 November 28, December 8  December 21 and December 27 2015.   Acknowledge also the 2016 Universal Neptunius Dragon  and finally put your hand on my 2016 Nostradamus Personal Forecast for all signs .

NOSTRATURIUS (check the video) 

Lastly, in  “Nostradamus Prophecies and Dr. Turi” I am warning you again…

“God and His prophets are soon relegated to a rather insignificant position in a world more concerned with following its own path to perfection.”

All Is That And That Is All

If you aim for the truth, if you can handle the undiluted truth and want to own the golden keys to what it means to be human, and most of all, if you are ready for me, as of today, this is where you will find Terania and Dr. Turi to serve you with the light of God Cosmic Divinity…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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