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Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone.

He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who’s Who in America.” Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray, and many others. Dr. Turi WAS a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.

He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warns the world with undeniable well-documented undeniable predictions. 

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Interview with Dr. Turi on Metaphysics

Dear Reader;

During the course of my career many radio and television hosts, students, clients, and friends from all walks of life have asked me many questions pertaining to metaphysics. The following is a collection of questions and answers from those shows, for your enjoyment.

You might have your own questions to formulate, perhaps about a recurring dream, a deep feeling you nurture, a fear of some sort, or even an incredible experience that needs understanding. For your sake, you need to share those with all of us by going to our Bulletin Board. Realize that in time and space, your subconscious will try to guide or alert you by means of a specific set of symbols that were designed especially for you. YOU MUST recognize these “omens”.

Your subconscious gets your heart beating, stops an infection, gets all bodily functions in good order, and builds your flesh, nerves, and muscles, etc. He foresees, heals, and guides you and others safely through life. You may call him God if you feel it to be appropriate. Whether or not you are aware of their existence, the answers and guidance you seek are buried in the depths of your subconscious. Thus do not be afraid, on this great forum, to share those experiences and ask for the light. Who knows what you may learn, for, “Ask and you shall receive”.

What is your primary mission on earth, Dr. Turi? I am a “Soul Doctor” I enjoy teaching the cosmic code secrets, Nostradamus’ natural healing methodology, and guiding people through life but my most important message is to warn people about the reptilius agenda. And my teachings are very different of David Icke and other well-known UFO speakers!  

Do you consider yourself a professional psychic?
Let’s make sure we understand each other here, I consider myself a professional Astropsychologist doing “psychic” predictions with modified software, Yes. If you want to know more about my methodology try any of those radio shows! 

Do you participate in psychic fairs, hold seminars, or teach?
Yes now and then because I am so busy with my international reading audience ordering services from me via my website www.drturi.com. I hosted many seminars and taught many different associations of Astrologers. I spoke to various new age groups, UFO groups, and single associations. I taught an international gathering of Top surgeons in La Jolla California, where we watched videos about a discovery on cancer reconstructive surgery. To this “Who is Who” in the international world of medicine, I explained the relationship between depression, ADD, women’s menstruation, breast cancer, chemotherapy, and its direct relationship to the fluctuations of the Moon.

Have you written, or are you planning to write a book?
Yes, I write constantly my blog is a busy place.  My books are available on Amazon.com. I have 4 books on the market right now, “The Power of the Dragon”, ” I Know All About You”, “And God Created The Stars”, and “Beyond the secret”, which is my incredible life story and my best seller! I also generate every year the Nostradamus Universal and Personal horoscope for all signs. I have also written for magazines, newspapers in Europe, South America, and the US.

How long have you actually been working as a psychic?
I started counseling people back in 1976 when I was a student at the Royal School of Music in London. The urge to do so started after my second UFO experience. That took place when my sister Noelle and I got lost in the French Alps in November of that year. I have a few videos on this incredible topic, and again, when you are a real actor and the ETs are real it is particularly dramatic.

In which area of psychic ability do you consider yourself strongest?
Spiritual regeneration or regenerating someone’s subconscious. I also seem to be able to tap into the Superconscious in time and space and “see” and teach forces from a higher order. I do not know how I do it, but I do! Do you have memories of your birth or womb state?

How have these affected you?
No! It’s only after cutting the umbilical cord that the spirit enters the physical body. Once the Doctor cut’s you off from your mother’s warm uterine life, the spirit becomes independent and receives its celestial karmic legacy (astrological chart). My wish is for the many women out there to be educated in metaphysics. They will know that if they had an abortion for whatever reason, they did not kill a baby. The physical part of the body is like a wart, a mole that is being built for the soul to operate in and will be removed naturally, usually after 9 months of gestation if all physical conditions are brought to term.

Do you have recurring dreams?
Yes. Every night for years, from the age of five up to the tender age of twelve, I had the same nightmare. In it, I am tied down on a large rock table in a cave. It’s cold and I can see the snow picks and eagles flying outside. All my family members are against the cave walls and they are silently watching me. A moment later, two Chinese soldiers come into the cave and plunge their long knives into my upper body. As usual, I woke up screaming. Later in my life, I finally made a conscious connection to this ugly dream. Just before my birth in 1950, the Chinese invaded Tibet and killed all the elite Tibetan monks! That’s probably when and where I learned the secrets of the Universal mind.

When did you first know you were able to “see” things others could not?
It was soon after my first UFO abduction from the attic of our very old house in France. I was about 7-years-old. All my family thought I was mentally disturbed, when the next morning I innocently reported, as only a child could conceive, the “monkeys with big eyes.” I was obviously dealing with either the Grays or the dignified physical ET robots.

What were some of your first experiences?
Before the ET’s visitation, I often used to watch myself sleeping or rising to the bedroom roof. This is commonly called “astral projection.” I used to fly right through the window and all over the little village where I was born. I still do so and meet with my brothers and sisters by the village fountain, in France. We used to do that physically many times when we were kids.

Were you frightened or did you just take it in stride?
No, I was not afraid at all, I actually enjoyed the freedom. I asked everyone if, like me, they could fly too. The UFO abductions were a very different situation and came later. They were very frightful to me because I did not know their purpose. I was completely paralyzed when the small, big-headed, black-eyed entities materialized in front of me.

Were there other psychics in your family?
Yes, both my mother and grandmother were attracted to natural forces and the healing power of plants, and quietly practiced their psychic work for the neighbors. Neither my mother nor Grandmother thought of making a career out of their inner powers back then. My mother was a very reputable psychic in France and like me, she’s overloaded with demands. Mom is really good, frighteningly good, and has foretold things well before they happened to me.

How did your family react to your UFO contacts and how did this affect you?
Nobody in my family reacted or even understood or supported my UFO experiences. I was by myself in the attic and quickly realized I had to deal with it alone, and learned to keep it to myself. All the incredible details of those dramatic experiences will be in my book “From Hell to Heaven.”

What nationality are you, and do you think that your heritage affects your ability?
I am French but my dad was born in Italy, No! My stars are very different than anyone in my family; Only Mom and Grandma had the stars to deal with the spirit. They were both Scorpio, the sign of witchcraft. None of my seven brothers and sisters feels, acts, or has a similar fate to me. We are all connected physically and genetically, we even look like mom and dad, but the inner celestial program is very different because we were not born on the same day, month, and year. Thus your closest family member is often your biggest stranger (or enemy). Only the star pattern determines your spiritual “connections” with others, including your family. There is absolutely NO connection between family heritage and the spirit. However, if your dad is a singer or a dancer, chances are you will be also a singer or a dancer. You can train anyone to be an artist; this is a learned physical manifestation. In the realm of the spirit, your load is the natal load, or your stars only. You will not teach anyone like Einstein to become a genius; he had the stars at birth. You will not teach Mozart or Beethoven to play piano the way they did, they were musical geniuses because they studied music in many past lives. The beauty of being human is, with education, you may trigger your own genius power and may also become an Einstein, or a Mozart. Where were you born?

Do you think that your place of birth affected your abilities?
Like the notorious Nostradamus, I was born in Provence, France. There is no reason for me to believe that either France or Nostradamus himself has anything to do with my psychic aptitudes. However, the star’s pattern above your head at birth determines the spiritual or physical gifts you inherit from previous past lives doing and practicing a specific work. The only similarity between the great Prophet and I is that we both were born under the same south-of-France stars. Nothing else. I would never pretend in a million years to be as great as Nostradamus, I leave this attitude to those insecure souls who need publicity, not me!

How does your family feel about you and your gift?
They love me and respect my gift, especially when it brought me notoriety and wealth. I am a self-made man. I came to the US in 1974 with only $50.00 in my pocket. No job, no place to stay, no friends, no car, no food, no savings, nothing at all but a powerful will, real knowledge, and an incredible destiny to unfold. Not only my folks but also anyone who knew me then can appreciate my accomplishments so far. Did they understand you when you were a child?

Did they encourage or discourage your psychic ability?
As mentioned earlier they did not understand me, or what was happening with the ET abductions. They did not do anything to understand my UFO encounters or support me. Nobody in my village in the sixties knew how to handle such a thing.

When you decided to claim your gift, what strength did you gain, what did you lose?
I was never aware of my gift at an early age; I thought everyone could ” fly.” I never really claimed to be special or anything. My psychic aptitude has been a part of me since I was born, as dictated by the stars. It’s like being born with beautiful eyes, they are a part of you, and they belong to you. However, it was only after my fourth solid UFO experience in California, with Brigitte my ex-wife, on August 11th, 1991, that I felt a strong urge to educate myself in metaphysics and astrology. Those incredible experiences have happened to me regularly, that is, every ten years! I am due in August or November 2001 for another one, but this time it will be very, very special, I can feel it.

Were you trained as a psychic, did you study with any certain people or groups?
Yes, both. I taught myself and did a lot of home study with the Progressive Universal Life Church in Sacramento, California. I graduated and got my Doctorate in Metaphysics. Much of the knowledge gained did not do much to further my natural aptitude until I mastered the science of astrology. Anyone can be trained to become a psychic, however, the result is based upon your celestial identity and your true inner gifts. It’s like a runner, you can train anyone to be a professional runner, but the ones born with longer legs will be naturally faster and will win the race.

What is your formal education? School College etc.?
I was thrown out of school at the age of fourteen because of an ADD problem. As explained in “The Power of the Dragon,” this “disorder” is a gift from the universe. Einstein, President Clinton, and many other famous historical people, and I had ADD. This is the best gift the universe can offer a soul, as it is born different, if not unique. Sadly enough the “Mental Snob” scientists (psychologists/psychiatrists) destroy the chances for the child to become a genius by prescribing Prozac or other destructive man-made chemicals to slow him down. Regardless of how doomed my education was from their scholarship, and “educated” findings, I still managed to get my CED, and CAP and I have an FPA in engineering ASME section 9. I worked for the US Government Naval bases in San Diego and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I also graduated from the Royal School of music in London with honors, and I love to fly helicopters. There is a big difference between formal education and intelligence. I always imagined a battle of IQs between a parrot and myself, with the “scientists” doing the testing. Because the parrot will be able to remember and repeat a full book, word for word, he will graduate and get higher IQ marks than I! I have no memory and can barely remember my own telephone number, thus the teacher would fail me. To me, in my line of work, this “disorder” acts as a protection. Imagine if after an intense week of astrological readings, as I usually do in Las Vegas or major cities, I could remember everybody’s problems. I would lose my sanity really fast! The educational system nowadays stinks. There are books available to educate teachers about the unforgiving will of the Cosmos, which reacts to the Divine determination of the Creator through his celestial manifestation.

What abilities do you use to help people?
I rely upon the twenty-five years of knowledge and experience about the Universal mind (the stars), and the solid and positive effect that it has on the mind, body, and fate of my client. How do you keep your abilities “tuned up?”

They never shut down, it is a curse! I regenerate in my work, the more I do it, the better it feels and the more accurate I become. In my case, ADD (attention deficit disorder) is a gift that allows me to forget immediately, not only my client’s face but also the poisonous trouble or stress he may leave. Thus, I take nothing home and can read ten hours straight for a full week without feeling exhausted.

Have you been formally tested for psychic ability?
I am tested every day by the thousands of people reading my daily guidance, all over the world. The waves of incoming faxes, letters, emails, and telephone calls tell me I do not need to be tested! See the “Testimonials” section on my site and read some of those emails for yourself. My well-documented predictions of the Kobe earthquake on television, the 100 church burnings printed in Fate magazine on January 1st, 1995, the O.J. Simpson dilemma on 91X radio station San Diego, the Bill Cosby’s son Ennis death, certified mail from the White House and NASA from the WWW, etc., proves me right. Go to the “testimonials” on my site www.drturi.com and read those for yourself. These are my daily tests, just reading books, watching TV, or listening to the radio, it’s all there.

Do you think that psychic ability can be truly tested? Why or why not?
Yes, it can. If I predict something using my psychic power (knowledge of the stars) and it is well documented before unfolding, then when it does happen, it becomes a fact, thus it works. I did it and will do it again and again. Just read my daily forecast on the site and see for yourself again. Anyone pretending to possess psychic ability should be tested, but be ready for deception. It should be mandatory, especially when a service is offered to people. It is just a hair’s breadth between Divine information and pure imagination; only legitimate psychics should be allowed to deal with the fragile psyche of their clients. This is why those “psychics” on national television protect themselves with “For entertainment only”. You get what you pay for! In my case, unarguable proof of my predictions of the KOBE earthquake was taped two weeks prior to the disaster on Channel 10 in Phoenix, AZ, and channel 3 in Tucson Arizona. The channel 10 televised show was also sumptuously broadcasted on KTAR 620 AM on the radio. Two weeks later the TV station got swamped with calls and I was called back to do another show. The same happened on channel 8 in Las Vegas when my predictions came true. I’ve got all the proof from as many solid tests as you need.

What sort of problems do you help people with most often?
You name it. Career, love, money, and health are the most commonly asked questions. Some need spiritual support in the painful loss of a loved one. Some invest all their possessions in a business venture and need to know about their partners. Some are seriously and mentally ill. In some cases, I have to deal with disturbing psychotics dealing with sexual urges, depression, loneliness, past lives residue, killing, and various psychological problems.

Do people benefit from your work? How?
Obviously, I could not make a living as an Astropsychologist or become famous so fast. Also, CEO’s and Presidents of large corporations take advantage of the stars to improve their business. See “Corporate America” or “Smart CEO” or Startheme.com. Go to the bulletin board on my site and read it all there. The caring, understanding, and direction I give, allow them to “recharge” their shattered spiritual batteries and educate themselves on the universal rules, in order to avoid serious financial losses. Most of my counseling is extremely practical. After the two hours of taped meetings, the magic touch is there to stay. Many of them honestly tell me that they listen to my work on a daily basis, and I give them the support they need to keep going. The solid direction I offer my clients is based upon respect of some forgotten universal rules. My primary interest is to give them sensible direction, accurate predictions, and the rebuilding of their self-esteem. Regularly, many of them, as they leave my office, will leave something behind. Sometimes it’s a jacket, a book, a cell phone, a wallet, or even a checkbook. Once a client of mine left without the enormous boom box that he brought to tape the session. It’s simply a subconscious desire to stay where the healing took place. Thus their higher selves make them forget something, in order to come back again. This doesn’t happen if they go to the dentist!

Do you use your formal education in conjunction with your abilities?
Most of my abilities are inborn, but I use my intuition in conjunction with my education. Many past lives were spent educating myself in metaphysics, the stars, etc. Common sense dictates that the paperwork I did back then got lost in the winds of time -:) Sorry, I’m being sarcastic.

As you understand them, please explain what is meant by the following: Magic, black or white.

There is such a misconception pertaining to magic. Paracelsus wrote, “Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person, being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.” However, when one decides to use magic to harm others, it then becomes “black magic.” Any standard dictionary defines magic as, “the pretended art of producing effects or controlling events by charms, spells and rituals supposed to govern certain natural and supernatural forces.” Again, both the words “pretended” and “supposed”, are used to represent the skeptical attitude adopted by the “educated.” Trust me. Magic, UFO and spirits are very real.

Rituals or ritual healing or magic? Do you use them in your work?
We all use rituals on a daily basis, the majority of untutored people use prayers. This pious behavior is nothing less than a religious “ritual.” The Indians use different and more perplexing rituals than the common man. Many disappeared civilizations all over the world such as the Incas, the Sumerians, and the Atlantians, etc., used an even more complicated variety of “rituals.” Yes, I do use “rituals” by suggesting specific physical and spiritual cleansing techniques based on the laws of nature. I also teach the Universal Law, and also a specific candle ceremony to celebrate the New Moon to honor her blessings upon the earth.

What are the relationships between the physical/spiritual body and the Moon?
Our bodies are vulnerable to EMFs (from AC wiring) because the AC frequencies (Harmonics of 60Hz) are so close to the frequency that nerve cells use to communicate with each other. This is also similar to the frequency (10Hz) that emanates from the earth herself. This frequency or “celestial energy”, changes in intensity from distant stars (suns), planets, and our own close satellite, the moon (gravity/magnetism). The earth is a spinning magnetic field with a core of iron. Our bodies and the earth herself have evolved in relationship to that “subtle but real” outside stimuli, or harmonics.

Hypnosis, do you use it, are you Board Certified?
I took the course in 2003 from SWIHA Institute in Phoenix, AZ and with education, my attitude pertaining to Hypnotherapy has changed dramatically. Unless one is fully educated about the connection between the Universal Mind and its relationship with the subconscious, no one should deal with anyone’s fragile psyche. Sadly enough many Hypnotherapists out there do not possess cosmic consciousness and do not realize the tremendous advantages of Astropsychology. Following a session with one of Dr. KC (SWIHA’s President) students and with her support (she wrote a letter to her strongly recommending I to add Astropsychology as a complement to Hypnotherapy to the curriculum) she totally ignored our requests. Doing so was not exactly progressive for the students and SWIHA. I have in the past always been reluctant to use hypnosis mostly because I was aware of the damage that can be inflicted on the subconscious mind of the patient, especially used in conjunction with drugs such as Sodium Pentathlon. Some souls were born with a Neptune (illusion) in the hard aspect with Saturn (fears/depression) or the Moon (emotion) in opposition to Pluto (death) or malefic Saturn in the hard aspect with any planets or a Dragon’s Tail in Pisces. Thus a natural negative reaction, not only to drugs (prescribed or not) but also to any suggestions that may challenge the subject’s belief system or his “reality” would become detrimental. More damage is often inflicted upon the patient’s fragile psyche after many hypnotic sessions, especially if the “perpetrator” has no cosmic consciousness or lacks the awareness of the working of the universal mind (astrology.)

Native ceremonies from ancient cultures?
Divine Astrology with all its implications reflects the legacy left to us by many ancient cultures. In my judgment, Astrology is primarily a pure art where mathematical tasks do apply, but must not blur or eliminate intuition. Astrology, as practiced today, is chiefly a financially oriented operation. You will find the daily horoscopes generated by prominent people with an inborn business mind. Those televised “psychic/astrologer/tarot-reader” enterprises are also found in major newspapers and magazine publications all over. That type of endeavor, and many other “900″ psychic lines, has seriously hurt the integrity of the old discipline and taken away the real information I am able to offer. The gullible consumers are taken for a big ride. But how can you control these “enterprises” and deceiving practitioners, when the lawmakers themselves are ignorant of the real celestial spiritual laws or are themselves, are religiously poisoned?

Sorcery. Do you use sorcery; is it effective in helping people?
The Subconscious fear behind the word sorcery is a signal of caution to anyone who dares to tread the forbidden world of spirits. Someone who understands and uses sorcery for any higher purpose possesses Supreme Wisdom. Only those gifted at birth with phenomenal Pluto aspects to Neptune, or the head of the Dragon similarly aspected, will be attracted to the art, and able to deal safely with spirits. Sorcery properly practiced can thoroughly free someone from low astral entity invasions or disturbing thought forms. Spells, curses or hexes, what are they, do you use them?

There is a formidable variety of positive or negative spells, curses or hexes to choose from, and readily available to those interested in using black or white magic. However, be aware not to foster magic negativity, as “for every action there will be an equal reaction”. Karma will always find a way to reach you if you willingly decide to hurt anyone. Yes I do use positive spells on a regular basis.

Removal of spells curses or hexes, what method do you use?
It is seriously advised to understand the forces you’re dealing with before attempting to do any ethereal removals, especially when curses are involved. Protection should be the number one concern to the practitioners of white witchcraft. Those malefic forces could see you as a target and literally invade you. Specific incantations, invocations of higher protective spirits, amulets, and talismans, combined with protective circles of candles and incenses rituals, are some of the protections used by the magician. Timing your removal conjuration under a positive astrological trend is also strongly advised. I teach all these very carefully to avoid possession, and for the healing of those spiritually and physically poisoned.

Why do you think that rituals have powers?
Because they interact with the laws of nature and everything in both the spiritual and physical worlds are connected. The incantations have stimulated my thoughts, my faith and my Supraconscious in time and space. Thus, some of my clients and I have experienced the solid results of many of my magic rituals.

What is a talisman?
A talisman is an object made of a specific substance, usually metal or wood. A learned Divine Astrophile can produce the most effective talismans. Because of its astrological wisdom, knowledge becomes the essential element in order to “time” and induce specific celestial energies into the matter. Thus if you were born with a weak Venus you will experience problems in love matters. By making a talisman with copper (Venus metal) during the Venus hours, or when Venus is rising above the ecliptic, you can “collect” more Venusian energy. This can be used to enhance your personal magnetism and stimulate your fifth house or the seat of attraction between human beings. These talismans, rituals and charms are designed to stimulate faith, and both the celestial and physical laws attract a specific wish. Also, when done efficiently, a “money ritual” will elevate the expectation thoughts and activate the faith grounds. This process will in turn arouse the Supraconscious subtle forces to bring about wealth. Again, a strong knowledge of the mechanics of the universe and the perfect timing of all rituals becomes a major contribution for the success of the operation. A full knowledge of the physical and spiritual conception of the stars and their relationships with color, sound and metal is indispensable if you intend to become a proficient magician. I teach of this marvelous wisdom.

Do you think that any of the above is truly psychic ability, or do you place them in a different category, as religion or superstition?
I am firmly convinced of all of the above-mentioned topics to be truly psychic in nature.

What cannot be seen, conceived or understood just yet by the scientific community doesn’t mean it cannot be a possible reality. I have had many unarguable proofs and have experienced such phenomena myself. I am also aware of a number of psychotic’s problems plaguing many disturbed people nowadays. In many cases, they reflect an early form of induced religious or superstitious poisoning that allows the psychic invasion in question. Combined with a regular use of drugs, alcohol or medicinal narcotics (including Prozac), the situation gets rapidly worse. Under such stress, slowly but surely, the physical brain deteriorates and the mental sanity worsens. Then, the physical and spiritual vibrations of both the body and the mind are altered to a slower pitch. Deprived of his protective higher vibrations, the etheric body becomes an attractive recipient for lower entities scourging the astral plane. I unconditionally believe that their inner fears become the consequential ingredient allowing forms of possession or madness.

Have you ever crossed an energy threshold while working? What happened?
Being ultra sensitive by nature, I feel energy everywhere I go. Sometimes when visiting people I can feel their thought process bouncing back from the inside their living quarters. Often, others generate positive or negative thoughts that can reach the privacy of people’s homes, where I strongly react to them. Most often I counsel people to see, enter or touch their future house at a specific time. I also teach the importance of doing a candle ritual to negate the built up energy generated by previous owners. Someone might have been very sick or depressed and may have loaded the house with an undesirable energy. In some cases, a person might have been killed there and the awful thought form is still very strong. Sometimes the owner of a young soul cannot let go of his earthly property, and can still hang around, producing a haunted house. There are many good reasons for the new owners to be aware of the energy. The impact in their lives can be disastrous and “cleansing” becomes a necessity for their own spiritual well being. In New Jersey, I worked hard to cleanse an old house. A light green candle turned completely black in one of the rooms where a child died years ago. The lost soul was finally allowed to “go home” after the incantations and the haunted house was cleaned.

What is your purpose in this lifetime?
That is a sensitive question to me, mostly because it means so much for me to do something valuable for the children of tomorrow. Most of the knowledge of the stars (the real face of God) was taken away from us around the 15th century. Politically oriented churches at this time were not exactly interested in passing on wisdom, mostly because knowledge brings power and power leads to freedom. Keep in mind that back then, pen and paper was expensive if at all available. Thus the rich and the monks got the education. Educating their countrymen was a serious task and somehow impossible. Thus, the government then (the church), changed the complexity of astrology (which had been around forever), into ten intelligible commandments to fit the uneducated masses and discipline their minds. The possibility to live in harmony became likelihood. Without physical or spiritual rules, there are no chances for order. This was good for them at that time. The point is that we’ve grown and the world need more today. I am confident that with the new ruler Uranus, in this new age, the old ruler Neptune (religion/dogmas), is slowly and surely fading away. Renegotiating God’s celestial tools should help bring forth the golden truth and a constant wind of spiritual regeneration, faith and love to the world but the system is against reinstating the old art and science of divine astrology as it conflicts with ones free will, religion and science.

Have you ever worked as a psychic detective?
I did, but not as a psychic per say. I was asked to check the stars of two suspects involving the Jon Bennet Ramsey murder drama. I also worked for a financial corporation corporation where my findings on the character and potential of his business partners helped him make certain business decisions.

Do you find lost objects, animals or people?
Well, I used to do dowsing work when I was employed as a welding engineer at Pearl Harbor US base in Hawaii. I used two welding rods between my fingers to detect underground expansive telephone lines. A backhoe was about to dig right through them, and I stopped the operator in time. The accident could have caused significant financial damage and unwanted delays to the company.

Have you ever worked for or with law enforcement officers?
 I haven’t but maybe if they would have listened to my work, maybe more would be alive today. Educating police officers to the direct relationship between Pluto and their dangerous endeavors as well as specific timing involving Pluto and how to avoid wasting police officers lives. But again, the police authorities, in the name of ignorance or ridicule, are the souls responsible for future losses.

Please tell us about a couple of your most interesting cases.
I sent ‘certified’ mail to Daryl Gates, ex L.A. Chief of Police, a copy of my prediction pertaining to the Rodney King dilemma. I also gave him the exact dates for what was about to happen. I did the same with San Diego Police Chief Burgreen, giving him a “certified letter” with the exact date of August 15 1995, an unarguable prediction directly related to the police force. Exactly two weeks later, they arrested one of their own, (Hubbar, the Torrey Pines-San Diego rapist police officer.) Of course all my work is well documented and I have copies of the certified mail. Incidentally, none of those police authorities had the decency to acknowledge my predictions or had even wasted a stamp to answer my mail. Weeks before happening, I also posted on this on the Internet at alt.prophecies.drturi

DRAMA – POLICE – DEATH- see the Supernova window posted a few weeks ago.

on the window for Dec. 25th- refer to “dejanew”for solid proof of this post entitled

“Dec. 25th, 1997 – The police will make the news”

Skeptics- it is not everyday the police take HIS own President and put him in Jail! Police take former Zambian president into custody. LUSAKA, Zambia –Waving a white handkerchief, former President Kenneth Kaunda appeared calm as paramilitary police with AK-47 assault rifles took him into custody on Christmas morning after surrounding his house for nearly three hours. Kaunda, 73, was transported to police headquarters in a high-speed convoy of pickup trucks filled with 40 paramilitary police. After about an hour, he was bustled into another vehicle and taken to the Kamwala prison. I have so much to offer the police and I sincerely hope to be able to do so in the near future.

Have you found this work interesting? In what way?
I find it not only interesting but also badly needed, and if I can save a single life, then I make great progress in educating the police force. Do you use clairvoyance, medium ship, or intuition in your work?

I may add, education and natural gift! I use a combination of all of the above, but my work is artistically and scientifically oriented and involves a solid understanding of the dynamics of our universe and its relationship with the human psyche. There is a fine line between Divine Universal information and pure imagination, and I must be practical in my research.

Have you ever been asked to locate someone who was missing or deceased?
Yes, but I know my limits. I usually recommend someone tuned (gifted) to do this type of work. I tend to concentrate on my teachings and educate people, thereby hoping to avoid those drastic results. The reason why someone is missing or deceased is my forte.

How do you know if the person or animal you are asked to find is living or deceased?
If I were to do the work, I would check first on the 8th house of death, all the facts, the timing, and let my subconscious do his subtle work. Again, I’d rather do the preventive work and will recommend someone else to find the deceased.

How do you feel when you sense death, and how do you “know” death has occurred.
I don’t really know how, but I do. Back home in France, I was in Toulon doing my Navy orientation (les 3 jours) as we say in French. By law, all French residents must do “Le Service Militaire” and you’re called (drafted) around your 19th birthday. What we usually do is drink, smoke, eat and play hard with your new found friends, while the government staff deals with all sorts of questions and medical tests to find out if you’re suitable. After the second day I was with the rest of the obstreperous boys eating in the usual noisy and smoky cantina environment. Then for some incredible reason, I lost my appetite, stop talking and felt very strange all over. It is not Iike me at all to feel that depressed and I knew right then, that something incredible was taking place. I tried really hard to hold back my tears, (especially with the boys around) and then I ran to the privacy of the restroom. I burst into tears. A very strong feeling of sadness enveloped my entire body and mind, and I just could not contain myself. I try to rationalize with that desperate emotion but could not really understand both the depth and the reason behind it. Then I heard my name through the speakerphone; soldier Turi, report immediately to the Captain’s office. I knew right then that something was very wrong. As I walked to the Captain’s office the feeling of despair intensified and tears were now running down my face freely. As I opened the door, the Captain said “Soldier Turi, its time to show that you’re a man and you can handle anything.” His face was tense, his gaze cold and magnetic, but I could perceive past the mask his intense emotion and a pure feeling of compassion. He passed me the telephone and said, “Your brother Jo has something to tell you.” I heard my older brother crying and before he could say anything I told him, “I know Jo, Vincent is dead!” He painfully explained to me that a drunk driver killed our younger brother about 30 minutes ago. In my new book ” From Hell to Heaven ” I give explanation pertaining to the higher subconscious communication process, the thought’s energy and its interaction in our dense physical world.

Is this type of work something you plan to do in the future?
No but if asked to check on someone’s death I would rather use my divine astrology or my Astro-Tarot cards. A day before my friend Larry committed suicide, my tarot established the sad possibility, and his suicidal stars were obvious. He was born with the Dragon’s Tail (negative) in his 3rd house (the mind) in Scorpio (death). However, the day before I called Larry to wish him Merry Christmas, I did a tarot and the death card (arcade 13) came on the 8th house of expiration and usually indicates an upcoming death or a serious drama.

What places in the world have you visited that are considered spiritual?
My management requested an astrological video as a complement for my audio-taped album class; thus we shot it in Sedona Arizona. I found the red rock areas area not only extremely beautiful but also very magnetic. I am hoping to lecture inside the Pyramids and other wonders of the world, and I believe each area will leave me with a different feeling.

Did you receive insight at any spiritual place?
One of the most spiritual places I recall, is an old, well hidden cave in the mountains of the south of France where I used to go when I was a child to escape this dense world and its painful reality. For some reasons, I could feel all the people (and animals) that were there and all the experiences they had been through.

What is your understanding about the world we live in?
It is a dense physical world where all souls are learning the power of thought and ultimately, their own created reality. A world of pain and suffering seems to be the only way for humans to learn, but again there is such a thing as karma. There is no time or space, no past, no future, only the present, and there are infinite worlds above and below this one. Those worlds vibrate at a different level of consciousness and are designed as a part of the whole.

What is your understanding of God?
You mean Gods? There are millions of Gods out there. Those deities were created by man’s imagination and rooted in fears or hopes of a better future. If you were born in a different part of the world, based upon your specific religious upbringing, you would believe and preach only your specific God. God cannot be classified within man made dogmas. God cannot be confined to any man made buildings. There is much more to God, especially if you decide to explore the creator with an open mind without fear. Based upon the law of opposites, there could not be good without evil and God cannot be without the Devil. Without opposites there would be no room for life’s experience. Man was created in the image of God! What is the difference between two images? None, you are God and your future is nothing else than the reincarnation of your thoughts. You were born with God’s spark in your soul and you are the sole creator of your destiny. No one will send you to hell, as you already are in hell, right here on earth! In time and space you (God) decided to come down to this earthly plane. However as God, you’re much too big and too powerful to do so, thus you simply take a tiny fragment of yourself (God) and bring it here on this earth. Another words, you’ve set it up for your own growth, but because you are caught in this low vibrational system you can only conceive or accept this fact, as your true perception is seriously hindered. Then after 100 years or so of experiences, often very dramatic, you’ve learned much. Then it’s time to go back home to God (to you) and in the process you bring more power, more knowledge, more awareness to you, to God. Again you will learn more in my new book “And God Created The Stars”.

What about God and the Devil?
Could the positive and the negative somehow, sometimes meet? God cannot be only good things such as love, beauty, health, joy, education, intelligence, and ultimate knowledge. All of these beautiful expressions cannot take away the reality of evil. How can you measure good or God, if you do not have bad or evil? Thus, this is a reality of life; I had to include good and evil, God and Satan in my early research for the truth. I came up with my own plausible and sensitive answer that I often use to reach many of my students, clients and friends. Replacing positive (+) for God and negative (–) for the Devil, this puzzle may become comprehensible in your research to understand God and evil. Let’s take this example: Paul is 10 years old, and Marc is 15 years old. Being five years older than Paul, Marc (+/God) is more aware, knowledgeable, officially more educated, well mannered and better equipped to deal with others in his environment, than his younger brother, Paul, aged 10 (–/Devil). So, Marc is more mature (positive or God) than Paul who is less knowledgeable (negative or Devil) on the scale of a simple judgment. Let’s say that for some unlucky reason, disaster strikes Marc and following an accident to the head, he is now in a serious prolonged coma. As the years go by, young Paul (–/Devil) celebrates his 15th birthday and five years later, graduates and becomes a very successful man. In the meantime, what used to be Marc (+/God) has now turned into a negative (less educated –/Devil) because of the dramatic circumstances affecting his life. Now, Paul becomes (+/God) and Marc becomes (–/Devil). This simple example tells you that education, intelligence, happiness and love are progressive positive energies commonly called God, while the contrary, stupidity, destruction, emotion, sadness and hatred are a representation of the negative energies, or the Devil. Generation after generation, we become more educated, refined and knowledgeable, (+/God), and we become less and less ignorant (Devil). So, we all have been, to a certain extent in past incarnations, “the Devil.” Now, a chance is given to us to join the real God through education, knowledge and happiness. For those who have a problem understanding this simple theory, consider this: If almighty God is the all-powerful creator, then why the hell did He create the Devil? It might be because without a Devil (negative), there would be no chance for a God (positive).

What is the difference between body, mind, and soul and spirits?
The body is the temple of God; the mind is the physical program that deals with the bodily functions only. The soul is the eternal source of light inherited by God, and the spirit is the celestial program inherited in previous past lives. In other words, you are related to your family genetically only, that’s what’s DNA is all about. However, within the spiritual conception, you will not think, create, feel or display the same gifts, sins or virtues than any one of your close relationships. This includes your own children, brothers and sisters, mom and dad! Thus, man was not created equal, both physically and spiritually.

What is Karma?
Well, karma is the ultimate justice designed by the law of balance and harmony. Many young souls cannot conceive the law of karma and think that they can get away with murder. Man and his laws will impose karma upon our society but nothing compares to one’s own judgment after death when facing and dealing with the akashic records.

Do you believe past lives are important to this life? Why?
Yes indeed, the result of your actions in your previous past lives (for every action, good or bad, there will be an equal reaction) produces karma. If you did good, through the ultimate will of God and his creation (the stars), the universe will bestow you with a set of good stars in your next life, which will translate to health, luck, gifts, creativity, etc. Thus a much easier and happier life is the result.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Why or Why not?
Yes, mostly because it is undeniable for any advanced soul. We experience “reincarnation” every year with the passing of the seasons, we also experience reincarnation when nature changes a worm in the water into a butterfly. From the water element, into the air element, is to me solid proof of the reincarnation principle. Those who do not believe in reincarnation were simply born with Mercury (reasoning) in an earth sign, or a 3rd house (exploration) badly aspected by Saturn (rationale). The location of Saturn (restriction principle) in Sagittarius (mental exploration), could also contribute to the young soul’s inability to understand anything metaphysical. Many of these souls turn into rational scientists, mathematicians or simply mental snobs. Their spiritual senses are not yet developed, and one of their lessons is to accept that which cannot be seen or understood, as it nevertheless exists!

How have the religious beliefs of the world encouraged or discouraged the use of psychic ability?
This very question could indicate your own religious poisoning. Fears were used by the church (the government then), to control the psyches of people, and later their behaviors and lives. Mom never taught me to follow a God full of hell, devil, fire etc. Thus I have no fears of God or the devil for that matter. However, once I asked the local priest why the bad people who had gone down to hell, had not gone up to the sun where it’s hot. He told me, “the Bible says its down, and you should not question the word of God.” I also asked him why his nose was always red and why his breath smelled like wine all the time. Thus I got fired from my church (and school) at an early age, and had to look for God and what it means to be human in my own way, away from the regular, deceiving religious dogmas. There were a couple of passages in the Bible that really struck me. The first one was, “and God created the stars and heaven” and the other one, “God made man in his image”. If that is so, then I am God somewhere, somehow and so is everyone else. Consequently, no limits were imposed upon my curious mind.

Do you believe psychic ability is a gift from God or a natural talent?
It is a result of the soul’s previous past life work with the unknown and its relentless search for the truth about itself and its realization as a God. Thus it became both a gift from God and a natural talent.

Do you think it is time that the religious community takes another look at psychic ability and re-examines their stand? Why?
I doubt very much that the religious community would even consider the word psychic, period! They would see this as a plague. Centuries of induced fear and dogma poured upon the masses will not be easily cleaned. It is a “mortal” sin for them to deal with this “wicked” material. Replacing ignorance with cosmic consciousness will take a long time, but it will be done. Ultimately the truth cannot and will not be repressed forever. When will the uneducated masses realize that the amount of controlled information given to the population has shaped their education? Politically oriented churches in those days had an agenda to protect. Thus they used fear, and promoted ignorance in order to control future generations, thereby assuring their supremacy and financial security over the rest of society. They are also quite proficient in real estate endeavors, where they can convert and control more souls in nearly every corner of each block in all cities!

Do you think the story of creation is a myth? Why?
Yes, indeed. In a time when paper and pen were not easily accessible, knowledge was passed by word of mouth. With nothing other than religious doctrine available, it could easily be accepted later as the only truth. I always said the Bible is the biggest child’s story ever written by man. You certainly will freak out when you read my new book “And God Created The Stars”. Over the centuries, those in power manipulated the god-fearing masses with the Bible. Thus they could only write that which they were taught to accept as the truth in their time. Do you think those who had the privilege to write the Bible would have allowed me to put my thoughts in it? I would have cooked really fast just by mentioning the stars, trust me. Only monks, priests and privileged selects were able to educate themselves then, and the ruling church was their sponsoring school. The church authorities of this time condemned and killed Galileo for his different views of the world, while millions of people were burned at the stake in the name of fear and ignorance. Like a cancer, those fears are still subconsciously alive in many people (that was the purpose), which indicates the true power of mental control via controlled information.

Do you believe we come from other planets?
Let me ask you a question. Are we on a planet right now? Of course we are! Thus our planet is a form of transportation throughout the universe, of course it is! As I am talking to you, right now we are space aliens, cruising the universe on our spaceship earth. Hence, to other intelligences out there we are coming from a different planet. Yes, we come from different planes of consciousness on different planets. We constantly reincarnate ourselves in time in space, in the future or in the past, as we choose. If an advanced soul, for some karmic reason, decides to help a generation, he may choose to reincarnate from the future and go back to the past to do his work. However, the reality of you being God, or the reality of any extraterrestrial lives, may not be a possibility due to the dynamic structure of the physical manifestation you are in. Ask a fish in the ocean if he can conceive of another world above his. Can he conceive this fact? Not like you, he is in a lower vibrational system that does not support or cannot help accept this fact. Do you think a lion or a bear realizes why he is being darted by the scientists?Would that explain why so many UFO abductions involve physicals checkups?

Do you believe in UFOs?
There is nothing to believe, this is not a religion but a real phenomenon. There is no doubt in my mind, mostly because of my own four solid experiences. It is reality, and there is such a thing as different extraterrestrial lives out there. Each star above is a sun, and by the law of mathematics, some of those billions of suns must support life. It would be quite pretentious to believe that we are the only ones to benefit from life on this earth. Again, a magnet will not attract a piece of wood, those willing to accept the impossible may attract these incredible experiences, other rational souls will never be able to do so. A specific celestial identity, such as mine, which is loaded with futuristic Aquarius, (television, radio, computer, new age, the incredible etc.), has predisposed me to experience UFO occurrences. A magnet will not attract a piece of wood, and extraordinary experiences breed extraordinary people. Unless you open yourself to such a phenomenon, you will never experience it.

Where do you think they come from?
Some extraterrestrials come from “The Pleiades” or the “Seven Sisters” in the constellation of Taurus. UFO’s are coming from this and other solar systems. In our case, this solar system. A soul born under a sun sign has its relationship not only with its sign ruler, but also the unseen forces (and/or UFO) coming from that planet. Thus, if you are a Sagittarius, UFO and energies coming from the planet Jupiter will affect you directly. If you were born in February, like me, then Uranus will display his original powers to you, and UFO’s coming from Uranus would be the ones in charge of your destiny.

Why are they here?
They all have different purposes in their missions. Some are the Guardians of the earth, some pass on technological information to advance a purpose, some protect our solar system from wandering debris, others deal with the medical aspect of our race, etc.

Do you think the public really understands psychics?
Not at all, their conception is based upon the psychic or tarot reader performing a deceiving act on national television, and the financial aspect of it. Well, with what’s going on with those false psychics nowadays, who can blame them? Sadly enough, the real Astropsychologists will have to pay the price of this commercialized aspect of their perceptive talents and many people will not give them a chance, throwing the baby out with the bath water. As mentioned previously, I am an astrophile, and I’d rather use the stars in my work. The general public out there, and I can see it happening on the Internet newsgroups, is like a ferocious hyena, trying all to dismiss my work, even when my well documented predictions take place. Jealousy, financial insecurity, inferiority complexes, and religious poisoning, combined with ignorance, fuel those people into expressing themselves aggressively.

Why is it so difficult for the public to get a clear picture of who psychics are, and what they do?
Well, if the commercial psychics are the only ones the public sees, then what kind of picture can they have? Again, the majority of people making up the public are usually pretty innocent, but some of them are really stupid. Just watch them behaving like animals in public places such as a sporting arena and you will have your answer. Also, their inborn celestial identities could be confined and restricted to a more rational plane, thus they would be incapable of entering the subtle domain of more advanced souls. It’s like asking a short-legged person to compete with a runner that was born with long legs. In no way can he win because of his physical, or in this case, spiritual limitation. To answer your questions, the majority of the populace wears thick and dirty glasses, while I, my students, and my readers don’t need glasses.

Is there anything to fear from psychics?
Only if you were born with a negative aspect to your 8th house of death, a Pisces Dragon’s Tail or a Saturn badly aspected to Neptune, then you are taking chances. Nobody should let any uneducated “Psychic” play with his fragile psyche. Again you get what you pay for and those $3.00 minute readings could prove disastrous for some. Read my Ten Commandments to Detect a Real Mentor in www.drturi.com to learn more. While you need to regenerate your spirit, an unqualified person trying to make a few bucks could enter the privacy of your superconscious accidentally, and stimulate your own subconscious forces to turn against you. This would produce confusion that could lead to depression, even serious panic attacks or psychic invasion. One must understand the dynamics of our universe in relationship to the Superconscious in time and space to be safe. To become an efficient, responsible astropsychologist, you must educate yourself accordingly. My course by mail teaches all you need to know pertaining to the secret of the universal mind and its impact on the human psyche.

Why do you think that the psychics were and are persecuted in life?
Mostly because of induced religious fears, and some of those psychics are really gifted and can make a difference to someone’s world. One of the main objectives relentlessly pursued by any and all organized religion, is to accumulate as many as possible souls and their financial support. Doing so again will allow monopoly, spiritual control and financial superiority. There is an agenda out there and controlling the amount of information is a primordial endeavor. Realize that any time “organized” is used, it is generated and controlled by the Government’s secret agenda. That’s why many denominations do not pay tax, only government agencies are tax exempt. There is no use for or any gain for the church and their real estate endeavors with psychics, thus they must be eliminated in every possible way. Fire was a favorite practice in the dark ages.

What will change public opinion? Can it be changed?
That is a tough one! You can’t really counteract centuries of religious poisoning. Remember this country was build upon “puritan” principles, and once fear is induced there is not much that can be done. The church knew how to manipulate the preservation instinct and bashed ignorant God fearing, hard working peasants. They used hell, devil, and damnation for eternity etc. and did the intended damage. It will take a long time to expose the plain truth by educating the populace. With the New Age of Aquarius upon us, the changes should hopefully take place in time but with so much chaos we may not have much time. In one of my conferences in Pasadena California, a young girl (armed with the Bible), sat in front of me and tried to “save” my soul from evil. She couldn’t speak for herself; her entire rational mind was totally poisoned with numerous passages of the Bible. Her own objectivity was completely gone. She was poisoned to the core and it was impossible for her to deal with life outside of what the book (bible) was saying. When I asked her to use her critical senses and explore my world, she fearfully refused to deal with the subject of astrology. She was requested (for free of course) by her local church to “save” as many souls as she could (trying to save her own soul) and tried all she could to bring me to a bible study. I finally told her that with so many religious doctrines to choose from, I would rather serve a God who had no hell and damnation in his teachings. Very frustrated she left, only to come back the very next day trying to sell me a vacuum cleaner given to her by her church to sell. Did she subconsciously realize that she needed a turbocharged vacuum cleaner to suck away the dirt poisoning and blinding her young soul? I do not think so. Other religious lunatics out there have in the past knocked on my door and have tried to impose another deity of their particular church. To me it is the same sewer but a different dirty pipe. She was simply programmed to be deceived by her karmic stars and did not ask, thus did not receive anything else from me than frustration.

How has science affected the understanding of psychic ability?
As a rule, scientists are ignorant of true metaphysics and need to seriously educate themselves before doing any research to understand this phenomenon. They often miss the forest looking at the tree, and are by birth, loaded with earth elements. They are trying but lack the natural tools (a sensitive or intuitive Mercury location), and not much progress can be really accomplished.

Do you see a new understanding of psychic phenomenon by the scientific community?
One can only hope! They would need to be born a good, loving soul. Then a hell of a lot of study, and mostly an open mind and persistence. What could be researched more in order to bring about an understanding between scientists and psychics?

Scientists deal with the physical manifestation, psychics with the intangible, this will be a tough one. However, scientists could start by studying and understanding the workings of the universal mind and its direct relationship to the human psyche. Mastering the dynamics of the universe (astrology) would be their first challenge. Then they would realize that the psyche of some gifted individuals are programmed in a much more sophisticated way, allowing them to “see” into the future, as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce as many real Prophets used to.

Do you believe humanity would profit by such research, how?
For sure, each one of us would be able to recognize the celestial gifts. There would be no room for ignorance, and taught at an early age, the stars would bring about the potential for the greatness that is available to each and every one. However, replacing the awareness and consciousness of mankind won’ t be an easy task, but with the help of the Age of Aquarius, it will be done, it is written in the stars.

Do you believe that thought has it’s own energy? Explain.
Indeed thoughts are things. Only a couple hundred years ago, there was nothing where you stand right now. The future is the reincarnation of thought, and there is no doubt about it. Matter is a concentration of atomic molecules, thoughts are of an electrical nature and surely able to manipulate, attract even affect matter. A magnet won’t attract a piece of wood, a succession of positive thoughts will lead to action, thus change. On the other hand, negative thoughts also produce a reaction, and a concentration of negative thoughts can easily affect the temple of God (the body) or anything else for that matter. With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (awareness) the world is slowly becoming aware of this fact and with it the possibility exists to mold the course of human destiny. That’s why I try to neutralize all those negative thoughts generated by lunatics and religious fanatics promising the upcoming apocalyptic time etc. We have been made in the image of God, thus we have a part of God in our selves. Ultimately speaking, it is a fact, even if it cannot yet be conceived or accepted, that we are God!

Do you believe that there is a connection between quantum physics and the energy of the mind and spirit?
There is no other possibility! Everything is interrelated, interconnected and those who cannot conceive this fact should be thrown in a mental institution. A young spirit “usually a scientist”, because of his shortcoming or ignorance, must realize that what he cannot imagine or accept just yet doesn’t mean it cannot be! But that’s why they choose to reincarnate by the millions in this dense physical world. Nowadays one can learn quite a lot and promote one’s awareness faster by assimilating about two thousands years of man’s evolution.

What area of the brain houses psychic ability, in your opinion?
None! The brain is just a computer responding to an outside Universal stimuli produced by the stars. This unseen phenomenon is imposed on both the physical and spiritual design of the soul. One cannot disassociate the physical brain (our computer) from its direct relationship to the Universal Mind’s positive or negative afflictions programmed at birth. The brain is solely a physical tool “connected” with the physiological and physical parts of the body only. We are all alike in the atomic structure and physiological design of the human brain, but what is different, is the discriminating celestial programming. In some cases, the brain is physically distorted due to physical ailments, genetics or accidents, and cannot operate as prescribed by the higher order, like a computer built with a defect or dropped on the floor. Distortion of the reception is all a physical manifestation. Some parts of the afflicted brain will not operate accordingly and produce a myriad of mental problems. A scientist will not be able or allowed (by birth) to understand or enter the sophisticated psychic element, and can only try to rationalize it. A few scientists dissected the brain of Einstein trying to find out why the man was a genius! They don’t realize that the golden keys to human nature are to be found in the Universal mind, by looking up, not down on the physical mass of a dead piece of meat!

If the mind is more than just the brain, what is psychic ability?
It is simply a gift owned by the soul from previous past lives in research and development of the phenomenon. Simply stated, a sensitive set of stars. It might take a few lifetimes for a soul to get “the gift.”

Can some drugs help psychic development or abilities?
Absolutely not! It’s a sure path to insanity and mental distortion and will not bring anything positive to anyone. Drugs are the artificial way commonly used to unlock the subconscious forces and enter a world where your thoughts (positive or negative) will become a reality. Neptune the (Lord of the subconscious), will manifest his subtle often destructive powers upon the human race, with drugs, uncontrolled imagination, religious fanaticism, gases and alcohol.

How does electrical stimulation affect psychic ability?
How would a powerful surge of electricity produced by lighting affect your computer, is my question back to you? You may lose your hard-drive and erase your saved information, or simply fry it all. Surely not advised at all. In the ER, the surgeon will get positive results by “electrocuting” and restarting a heart beat, but he won’t get the same results with the sophisticated, fragile brain of his patient. Frying the mind partially will not improve anything and will not enhance psychic ability.

Acupuncture has been known to have an effect on psychics, sometimes triggering visions, what do you think?
The normal electric flux generated by the mind is being interrupted and channeled to different parts of the mind, producing distortion. If the flux neutralizes nerves, stopping pain in the body, then its positive. On a negative note, stick a screwdriver in an electric socket and see the result, is my answer. You will see lots of stars!

Would you advocate the use of drugs in psychic research, why not?
Absolutely not. They are a way to escape reality by entering a much higher vibration. Cocaine, LSD and hard chemicals are very dangerous to the psyche and will distort the subconscious message, leading the soul to insanity. Secret drug experiments were done on soldiers in the 60s and many of those poor victims are now suing the Federal Government for what was done to them. The government also experimented with men in the Philadelphia experiment, where many soldiers became mad and burned to death.

What do you think we must learn to bring the paths of spiritual, psychic and scientific knowledge together to help mankind develop?
It might take a few lifetimes for the “scientists” to develop this psychic phenomenon to understand. Reintegrating Astropsychology in our colleges and universities would be a good beginning to master the Universal mind and realize what a psychic is all about. In the dawning of the new Age of Aquarius man’s cosmic consciousness will undergo a natural growth, and many teachers like me will be busy reeducating the traditional world of science.

Do you think all people have psychic ability? Why is it dormant in some people, and honed to a fine edge in others?
Again your celestial identity and accompanying spiritual karma is the sole answer. For every spiritual or physical action, equal reaction is to be granted by the celestial order of things. Those who worked hard in previous past lives in that specific area get the rewards as they reincarnate in this dense physical world. It’s a God given gift, and like painting, singing or writing, one must earn it.

Can a person be taught to have or enhance their ability?
Yes, it is possible, but only for those advanced enough to ask or grasp the phenomenon. However, you will always have to deal with young souls unable to comprehend the mechanics involving the spirit.

Many of the psychics of today have never studied with anyone, can you explain?
Yes you will see some of those psychics working at Sunday fairs. Some got a lucky break and operate in the public eye on television or radio. But your first impression of them is usually unmistakable, by the words and dressing they use, their look and attitude. They are simply selling wind. Others are real and you must consider that those souls have studied in previous past lives. As in my case, I took many studies but the vital seed was already there.

Do you teach psychic ability? What area of ability do you believe is the most important?
Yes I do, but first I must investigate the hidden celestial identity of the anticipated student and see how old his soul really is and, most of all, where his Mercury is (learning capability), or the Dragon’s Head located by house and sign.

What is the second important information you are looking for?
Certain aspects in their celestial identity. When someone requests any form of mental exploration, there is a strong sign of spiritual ability involved and it is a very good sign to start with. A young soul will not request cosmic consciousness and will spend most of its time watching sports on television or drinking beer. Those people usually inherited a Saturn (fear/limitation) in the 3rd house (study) or in a bad aspect to Jupiter (mental exploration) in the 9th house (higher learning). Others are victims of religious poisoning and will not ask, thus they cannot receive the divine manifestation of God.

Do you think that all psychics are mediums? Why?
Absolutely not! There are many levels of psychic abilities. Again, those who inherited an extreme sensitivity (good aspects) to Uranus (the future) or Pluto (death) can be classified as a real medium. A serious study in that appointed sphere is needed, to detect those who could be used by the police for detective work.

What is your ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal is to for true love and light to come to the world and purge it of ignorance. I know that ignorance is evil… Because of “educated mental snobs,” such as lawmakers, teachers and a myriad of religious promoters, stupidity reigns, and many are paying the ultimate price with death. The frustration is very real, the message very painful. It all starts at home with the parent and at the core of their teachings as well as with their school teachers right in front of them acknowledging their despair. The children are trying hard to advance their own disturbing message to a blind bunch of imbeciles in charge of their education and welfare. The deadly signal is obvious and the children’s distressed cries are loud and clear, but unheard as of yet. Hence, over and over, nothing can be done to save them from their self-destruction.

Unless the lawmakers and teachers, the entire system become properly educated, this deadly phenomenon, as I predicted clearly years ago in my books, will keep haunting us. In my book, “The Power of the Dragon”, I call this generation The Death Wish Generation.” Your local school psychologist doesn’t know how the Universal mind affects your child’s fragile psyche and at the first signal of your child’s powerful set of stars, a deadly prescription is recommended to the worried parents for the “afflicted” or ADD child. Well, this traditionally educated “Mental Snob” will reject the therapeutic values of Astropsychology in the name of religion or education. His rational education, skepticism, ridicule or pure stupidity, is probably due to a lack of a progressive Mercury in its chart! Moreover, with it goes the only real help your child needs. However, what about the pharmaceutical industry in this money-oriented United State of America? Astropsychology does not use harmful drugs but should help your child regenerate his spirit, if he is willing as this where all the trouble is really coming from.