A bright harvest moon, a dark omen to the world!


Photographer Greg Hogan captured this image of a harvest moon early Friday in Kathleen, Georgia.

God created the stars and the heavens for interpretations and to be used as signs! 

(CNN) The last eclipse of the year appens Friday night – Stargazers will have one last chance to see an eclipse this year when the last lunar phenomenon of 2016 occurs Friday night. The eclipse will be difficult to observe, with the Earth only casting a slight shadow on the moon. But when the Earth completely blocks the sunlight, the moon will appear red or orange.

Dear Readers;

Sad enough, not only the scientific community has lost the spiritual values involving the “Soul of the Cosmos” but still ridicule Astrology, the Mother of all art and science!  Little do they know of a magical cosmic phenomenon in charge of all human affairs at a personal and universal level!

Building cosmic consciousness and using “Moon Power” on a daily base becomes a major contribution to make a good use of the heavens. But, learning a new “Moon language” demand curiosity, time and a drive to master God’s cosmic secrets. Can the Moon Make an Earthquake Worse? Yes much worse!


September 26, new moon: The Tail of the Dragon in Pisces combined with Neptune’s deceptive power (Middle East, ISIS, religions,  oil, gas, water, oceans, drowning, poisoning, deception, terrorism,hospital, etc.) in the 7th house (public) can only produce all anticipated news currently posted on CNN!

incidentally, to avoid panic, the word terrorism must be used cautiously but my predictions are simply undeniable and trustworthy!

Thailand boat capsizes, killing 10 – Ocean
Ex-French President Chirac hospitalized – Hospital – Famous Death?
Desmond Tutu admitted to hospital – Hospital
Mall attack: Man shot dead after stabbing 8 Terrorism
War of words after US airstrike kills Syrian troops Terrorism

Meantime the next SOS to the world deadly window (see below) will confirm the UFO’s predictive gift I was blessed/cursed with!

September  20

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic Death News / Police news / FBI / CIA / Secret services / Secrets to light / Porn / Mob / Scandals / Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Porn / Life and death / Serial Killers / human / Undiluted truth / nature wake up Call.

The quatrain and obvious keywords used above speak of what the future will bring to the world… Be cautious the reptilius will use those deadly cosmic winds to lead you to the wrong place at the wrong time! READ!


Update 9/19/16

GOT HIM: Suspect in NY, NJ bombings in custody after shootout Terrorism?
3 US attacks in 1 day: Hunt for answers Terrorism?
‘Sound of Music’ actress dies Famous death?
Nick Gordon found legally responsible for death of Bobbi Kristina Brown Famous Death?
Putin’s party wins majority in Russia vote Russia?
Russia is seriously running out of cash Russia/Finances?
The truth about the Trump kids Secrets?
Canadian teenagers sold for sex Sex?

Update 9/20/2016

Tulsa Police Department

Tulsa police shooting investigated by Justice Department Police?
British lord’s daughter killed in Manila, victim of drug war  Mob?
Show of force in the South China Sea Russia?

Update 9/21/2016

Protesters clash with police early Wednesday in Charlotte after an officer shot and killed a man.

Charlotte police shooting: Protests erupt after officer kills man

Update: 9/22/2016

4 cops hurt as violence follows police shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC - SEPTEMBER 21: Police clash with protestors as residents and activists protest the death of Keith Scott September 21, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scott, who was black, was shot and killed at an apartment complex near UNC Charlotte by police officers, who say they warned Scott to drop a gun he was allegedly holding. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)


Update 9/22/2016Tulsa officer’s emotional post after NC, OK police

I can only hope for my readers to share my visions widely, because if you are a cop or know someone involved with the FBI, be very careful during those deadly cosmic winds. Be sure many police officers and  members of the general public will be killed by reptilius infected terrorists.

There is no reasons for me to harass the FBI directly again with my warnings, they do  not hear me! But, as usual, I will be there to post my predictions right here, when they come to pass…  Video to watch and share!

Sadly, Facebook/Google attractive and deceptive corporate astrological websites warning “For Entertainment Purposes Only!”  is not perceived as a total waste of time by a misinformed, gullible public.

The full explanation on how this  lunar / solar eclipses will affect society or your  personal life, by sign and house, is offered to our VIP’s in various professionally produced monthly horoscopes on the Cosmic Code private website.

Only my long lasting supporters can assure you I am CNN before CNN and I WILL proved it again soon with all the anticipated news soon to read on CNN!

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There is no risk of virus coming from this extremely safe website, then later on, chose an affordable subscription to respect the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and learn how to speak God’s cosmic language.




Dear VIP’s;

Remember, new VIP’s joined us and read the following for the first time!

As always, we may sound redundant to our older VIP’s who have been with us for years. Some newcomers may also post questions in the chat room and we ask our cosmic family that if you land on it before we do, to provide them with the help they need to navigate this website.

So please bear with us, the proper introduction any of our forecasts is very important.

If you ordered your 12 months “Cosmic Biorhythms,” do not expect those cosmic winds to be obvious in your life right away. Some people expect immediate gratification but, because of other cosmic code influences, some of those life changes are much more subtle while other will be very obvious.

One needs to practice patience and observations to make a good use of this service.

If you do not see anything unusual during those windows, it is mostly because you are not yet trained to perceive  the changes taking place during your 2016 given dates.

But for Terania and mines trained eyes, ALL our cosmic biorhythms, personal and universal never went unnoticed.

One must be patient, as it may takes weeks even months before you realize how crucial it is to be aware of those Universal/Personal cosmic timings and how to use this work properly.

All long lasting planets information and predictions for each personal sign only – such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto;  are incorporated in the new and improved “2017 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Dragon forecast for all signs.”

This  eBook is now available and we can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to get it.You may notice some deep psychological changes taking place in yourself or on your loved ones and knowing where those cosmic winds affect you at a personal level is the option to control the outcome.

Sad enough, cosmic unconscious people will run to traditional psychologists who will prescribe dangerous antidepressants making the situation much worse. A natural chemical imbalance could be the result of both the effect of the 2016 Neptunius Dragon which will always fade away naturally after a few months if you know about it.

And if you don’t, those depressions will turn into panic attacks and dementia. Thus my sad prediction of an upsurge of drugs, alcohol abuse, untimely deaths, and suicides. RIP Patty Duke another victim of medical prescriptions!

 And in the years to come if humanity makes it, many of those  new laws will be retracted. It’s all about lobbyists corporate money and making you the docile zombies they need to dominate and survive.

This Universal watery, nirvanic dragon is very deceptive and will lead to the legalization of weed all over the US because the greedy lawmakers can NOT think rationally! This dragon allows for many Americans, including women to be treated without respect publicly by those unruly, bully politicians also aiming for the white house… It doesn’t seem that the whole world will wake up before its too late.

Thank you again VIP’s.

The invasive, aggressive 2014 /2015 Arian Draconis  devastating war like energy is now over but its legacy is still cursing the world each passing day with more wars, fires, more emigration disputes, more deaths, more racism and more human political stupidity suffering the power of the stars!  Read more and share Pls.

“If you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code” ask and you shall receive!

September at a glance – Note this colorful calendar is not part of  the “Divine astrology” methodology work and used for rapid traditional dates/moon checking only.

The red dates should not be used as a part my SOS to the world 3 days windows (universal) or as your negative (personal) cosmic biorhythms days.

The following is the current / monthly modern astrology calendar, complete with universal astrological information, including planetary aspects, void of course Moon data, and Moon signs. Note: Time is Eastern Time (Daylight Savings Time is observed).

Astropsychology is very different and use no time… Only for rising readings if requested or Astro-Carto-Graphy relocation charts involving precise longitude and latitude.

We always use the time you provide us with but Divine Astrology methodology is much more objective and undeniably accurate, in  forecasting natural disasters and personal events.


Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance For  September 2016 

 The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony. — Dr. Turi

Mercury retrograde is a phase that happens about 3-4 times a year. Each destructive “window” is operational for three to four weeks, thus caution is strongly advised during this period.   Chain reaction accidents, Heavy loss of lives due to nature’s devastating forces, aeronautical disasters and structural damage is to be expected. Once more, realize that we do not use traditional dates found in popular ephemera. Years of practical observations lead my husband to extend the Mercury retrograde motion and period of time.

NEW MOON —  September 1, 2016 in the practical, health-oriented sign of Virgo: Much progress is ahead of you in terms of employment and foreign affairs.

Mercury rules this critical sign, so the affairs of work and health will be on the rise.

Expect an overwhelming feeling of perfection and an unusual worries about health and working on foreign grounds… Do not let this lunation pressure you.

This trend will play an important part in your health and working life and in some ways will affect your environment. Some may be forced to let go of a deteriorating work situation and forced into a new one.

All the changes you may be forced to experience should be positive in nature, and in the long run, should further your deep desire for a better state of affairs.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries • ///////////////////

Taurus • //////////////////

Gemini • //////////////

Cancer • ////////////////////

Leo • /////////////////////

Virgo • //////////////////////

Libra • //////

Scorpio •///////////////////

Sagittarius •//////////////////////

Capricorn • ///////////////////

Aquarius • ///////////////

Pisces • /////////////////////

THU., FRI., SAT., SUN., MON. — SEPTEMBER 1, 2, 3, 4,5:

RULERS — Venus (caring) Mercury (siblings)

Work, Career and Business: Your mind will wander about your position in this world and what to do to make it better. The deserving hard working may not benefit with well-earned bonuses or new opportunities and it might not be the time to promote their careers just now, be patient until the next lunation. Mercury will make you think fast, driving and running errands will have to be done. Be aware of the possible tension tension and maybe ready to change your schedule. Wait for the next new Moon to face important deals.

Partnerships: Some of the people you know will have to move away, or you yourself may decide to relocate to a better place within the next few days. Expect the beginning or ending of important phases of your life and others’ too. Venus will endorse many gatherings with some colleagues you have not seen for a long time. Be ready to control your emotions during a waning difficult Moon.

Family and Friends: Expect a brother or a sister to surprise you. Someone might show up uninvited and thus affect some of your plans too. You may receive an invitation to visit with faraway friends or family members; use this opportunity to grow closer to them if you can. Against all odds, endure patiently this Supernova window, and enjoy the good old days… Don’t forget though that when the Moon becomes full and is waning, things may still not go your way. Wait for the next positive auspice outside of retrograde. A family member needs your advice. Be willing to consider the issue from his point of view; but avoid emotional involvement or forcing your opinion. Much time will be spent around the children taking about the upcoming Christmas vacation plans. Prepare to enjoy the warmth of mother and the good food of your friends and your family.

Love Affairs: Considering we are in “backwards motion” again, do not expect much progress if you are looking for that special person just now but you could still have fund. Some of the people from your past may also become weighty; stand for yourself without guilt. Friends will bring good memories; have fun but don’t get caught up in the nostalgia. If you are a fire or water sign many will try to steal your heart. Again, have fun, but don’t make any commitment if the person in question was met for the first time; after the Full Moon.

Travel and Communication: You shouldn’t have to run like mad to keep up with all the things you must accomplish. You will stay busy with all this activity and come in contact with interesting people. Combined with Supernova window you may still expect all sorts of delays, forcing you to think twice as fast. Slow down; be cautious and prudent in your driving, too. Watch for crazy drivers around the city; they might not have read this forecast, so don’t let them hurt you (or your car). Many will fly to faraway places early and could still get caught in bad weather or find themselves stuck in congested airports. Keep in mind that Mercury may decide to confuse some electronics and bring chaos. Chain-reaction accidents, bad weather and black outs are very high on the list; be careful out there.

Environment: Though the moon is waxing, expect surprises and explosions soon. Be aware of fire and keep an eye on the children. Chances are that nature will go berserk soon, so you don’t want to be a victim. She may demonstrate her power with shocking weather. Thousands of people may be forced to relocate, fleeing disasters, flooding or bad earthquakes.

Famous Personalities: A famous person (or his child) will make dramatic news. Expect news about famous or infamous people who have made history. The past will turn alive for a while.

Events: Electronics may suffer or fail to function properly but this is still a good time to purchase new ones. This could produce another dramatic air crash… Not a time to take any risks in the air, unless you made reservations during a waxing trend. Expect the beginning or ending of an important portion of your (and other) lives.

Shopping: Think about spending money on wisdom and on those for whom you care.You can still find good deals on big-ticket items by comparison shopping. If you decide to visit Las Vegas’ casinos during the new moon’s mercury retrograde phase, you may encounter stress but you may also get lucky. Still yet, while someone will hit the jackpot in a waning Moon in Vegas, but the money will be spent on paying bills or tax and little will be left… Better to make all your important plans after the next New Moon for your own sake.

TUE., WED., THU., FRI., SAT. — SEPTEMBER 6,7,8,9,10: 

RULERS —Pluto (Death /Secrets) and Jupiter (Law/Doctrines)

Work, Career and Business: You are now walking on a fine razor blade and it’s windy. You know what I mean! You’d better use all the “savoir faire” you know. A serious wake-up call will come to many unaware skeptics of predictive Divine Astrology’s powers. The possibility to lose it all (and rebuild it) will be a serious matter for some karmic souls. You will be able to see exactly what’s wrong in your business life soon. The new Moon will help you make all the changes needed. Have faith in yourself.

Partnerships: Many ugly secrets may surface now. You could learn something sexual or financial about a partner. Keep his trust; do not divulge the secret. Money will play an important part of this trend; listen to your intuition in all you do. Venus will help tone down the stress induced by Pluto.

Family and Friends: Be patient with all. Do not expect anyone you care about to be diplomatic to you during this trend if Venus (diplomacy) is weak in his or her chart. Again, do not fall for Pluto’s destructive or sarcastic remarks; words of love will pay off in the long run. Be ready for some dramatic news from someone…Whatever happens, be strong; life must go on. Pluto will work to your benefit.

Love Affairs: Passion is in the air. Secret affairs involving sex and passion may be publicly divulged, forcing people to take stands to destroy and rebuild relationships. This might happen to you too. In any case, use tons of diplomacy to save unwanted trouble in your love life. If you are a water sign such as Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer, this lunation will touch you directly. Leos must take it easy at home and avoid traumatic experiences involving the police force.

Travel and Communication: Expect news pertaining to the police force and crooks. Nature’s destructive forces will be obvious in some parts of the world. Be careful of what you do or say during this trend. Drive carefully, and stay clear of weird strangers and strange places. Again, if you learn about someone else’s secret, do not tell, you may be asking for trouble. Your intuition will be accurate; listen to the little voice within.

Environment: Pluto belongs to the Divine family and has specific regenerative work to accomplish, and his impact on earth and its people is needed. As Pluto destroys all, it also gives the opportunity to rebuild stronger and better. Be ready for all sorts of dramatic news everywhere. Stay safe; don’t try the devil.

Many people will lose their precious lives.

New Mexico Officer Killed in Shooting

An Alamogordo, NM, police officer was killed in a shooting at a domestic Friday morning.
GA Murder Suspect Arrested After Firing on NC Officers
Police in Gaston County, NC, arrested a man who is wanted for murder in Georgia after they…
Video: Nebraska Officer Charged Over Traffic Stop Shooting
According to court documents, Payton is being charged with second degree assault for…
Philly Officer Accused of Having Tattoos with “Nazi” Symbolism
The Police Department also said its Internal Affairs unit would review the photo, which…
Video: NAPO Slams 49ers Quarterback, NFL Over Socks Showing Police as Pigs Worn During Practice
The head of a national police organization blasted San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin…

Famous Personalities: Some famous people will be called back to God. A famous person’s secrets will be made available to the media.

Expect news such as: Death of a legend: NBA great Wilt Chamberlain found dead at his home in LOS ANGELES — Wilt Chamberlain, a center so big, agile and dominant that he forced basketball to change its rules and the only player to score 100 points in an NBA game, died Tuesday at 63.

Secrets comes to light under Pluto jurisdiction such as October 12, 1999 – MIAMI— O.J. Simpson called 911, saying he was trying to get help for a woman he said, had been on a two-day cocaine binge with a former baseball player. Simpson, 52, placed the call Sunday night from the townhouse of his 26-year-old girlfriend, Christie Prody, in southwest Miami-Dade County.

Events: Hopefully with the New Moon, lovely Venus in the sign of Libra and knowledgeable Jupiter in action, we can only hope they will stop Pluto from damaging us by way of dramatic happenings.

With the Lord of Hades in Sagittarius (religion/foreigners) we can only expect drama in these areas. If you are a Police officer or a security guard, be very careful during this trend. The wildest crooks may be facing you soon. Don’t take any chance and stay alert.

Often the police still make dramatic news and kill people. – Union 12/26/05: Nigerian police kill 10. AJUBA, Nigeria (CNN) — Ten protesting strikers have been shot dead by police in Lagos, a top union official said. If you know someone involved with the police or dealing with death on a daily basis, offer him a copy of my book. He may well avoid serious trouble and perhaps save his life.

CNN 08/05 — A Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department helicopter that crashed Saturday in the yard of an Albuquerque home was brought down by a bullet, Sheriff Darren White said

Under Pluto’s explosive power, in 1988, at American Pacific’s plant near Henderson — Pacific Engineering & Production Co. of Nevada, or PEPCON — a series of colossal explosions left two dead, injured 300 and caused $75 million in damage. Clark County fire investigators blamed the blasts on welders, cramped storage, messy conditions and wind. Company officials disputed those contentions. Shortly after that, the company moved the operation to Iron County, Utah, and renamed it Western Electrochemical.

Shopping: As Jupiter is with us, a SKYPE reading, taped full life reading, progressive reading, etc. reading with your favorite psychic/astrologer or looking for God’s guidance through work like ours, will do you well…But beware of Neptunian – Psychic accidents? Anything bought now, that can be used for metaphysics will bring unusual power to you. Alarms bought now can help stop the crooks.

Image result for world trade center explosion dr turi

September 11, 2016:  The anniversary of 9/11 and the memory of what took place on these days, will affect many people all over the world.

All the memorable activities will take place on the day of the New Moon at the lowest time of the month and many unaware people will travel within the Waning Moon to be present, while many other souls will suffer this depressive new lunation.

Just be ready to provide as much help as needed and do not lose faith in the future. Let’s hope the reptilius infected terrorist will keep quiet.

SUN., MON., TUE., WED., — SEPTEMBER 11,12,13,14:

RULERS — Saturn (politics) and Uranus (explosive news)

Work, Career and Business: You better keep a good attitude or eccentric Uranus could jeopardize your job or image. With the waxing Moon, some of your wishes may take place. Keep in mind that sometimes a full breakdown is needed if you hope for restoration. Be ready for anything to happen these days and accept the challenges with a sunny disposition. A beginning and ending of an important phase of your life could  take place. Many ingenious ideas of rebuilding or investing will come to fruition during this trend.

Partnerships: Like Pluto, Uranus is a rebel and he likes to destroy relationships, so caution is also advised in all you do or say to others. Be patient or suffer the consequences of impetuosity. The light is green for friendship and hope, and so much can happen if you participate in life. Try something different this weekend; you’ll be surprised by the payoff. Throw a party; you may bring a wish to you or a dear friend.

Family and Friends: Help a friend in trouble and meditate on the world around you. The more positive people think, the more definite things will happen in this world. Don’t turn down any opportunity to socialize but be responsible with children. Some of them need to burn off some energy and will be begging for a boisterous outdoor romp. A trip close to nature or to the nearest electronic attraction will do wonders for the entire family. Make the most of what is left of this New Moon trend.

Love Affairs: Absolutely anything can happen this weekend; stay alert and participate with the best of your social life. A chance to find love or reach a dream will be given to you if you try hard enough. You may encounter funny people or be involved in strange situations; make the most of it. If you were born in June, a Libra or a Sagittarius may want to know you.

Travel and Communication: Your desire to travel will become intense. Some will plan a very long trip by airplane. As always, make your plans and try to travel after the New Moon. Be gentle with words and realize your inner mental power; promote your future. Remember, the future is the reincarnation of all your thoughts and you may use the universal mind to influence your fate. Knowledge is power.

Environment: I have noticed also that the sudden release of Uranus’ energy has in the past produced serious explosions and terrible accidents such as the U.S. shuttle explosion, so be aware of his discharging power. Both U.S. attacks on Iraq happened under his command and I wonder if our Presidents were just lucky or if they follow the advice of wise astrologers! Remember, Uranus rules the future; computers, avionics, atomic and aeronautics, and both wars were very much “electronics-oriented with the introduction of the Patriot missiles.” Keep in mind that Uranus also rules earthquakes and volcanoes; many surprising things take place on these particular days. Be ready for the ending of important phases of your life and expect the government to make serious decisions pertaining to other countries… Japan, France and China may be on the news soon.

 Expect news such as: September 20, 1999 – 6:01 p.m. ET, when a powerful earthquake rocketed Taiwan, toppling buildings and knocking out power across the island. The U.S. Geological Survey measured this quake at a preliminary magnitude of 7.6. A series of aftershocks added to the chaos.

Famous Personalities: Many “crazy” souls will fall for Uranus’ desire for originality and some will do all they can to make weird news. Famous people will be caught doing silly things, such as a movie star slapping a police officer, or a well-known actor caught having sex in a car with a prostitute, not to mention a famed British singer could be caught doing weird things in a public restroom. Japanese and French personalities may also make the news. Some scientists will gain fame for their accomplishments.

Events: If you are into UFO’s, now is the time to look for them. Uranus rules the incredible and extraterrestrial may need this sophisticated energy to manifest in our dense physical world. Don’t forget your video camera! Uranus also helps produce explosions, volcanoes, tornadoes and with the Supernova, strikes are very possible, so be prepared to hear about these kinds of situations. Every day, we watch the Cosmic Code in action, messing up people’s lives just because of their ignorance of God’s rules and signs.

Remember the stranded people trying to cross the English channel for sixteen hours in 2009…They never planned OUTSIDE of a dangerous Supernova window. All police executives, Eurostar and British Airway managements do not possess Cosmic Consciousness and fall very short of understanding what really took place with things the unprecedented simultaneously six trains break down.

Shopping: The futuristic spirit of Uranus rejects anything religious or traditional and promotes the new age. Uranus hates dogma and needs to deals with the future only. Use his advanced energy to tap into your own subconscious or visit your local psychic or astrologer.. But remember that you get what you pay for, so do not to give your psyche to nonprofessionals that may need more help than you. Others may just decide to update their stereo equipment or buy some of those flashy trendy fashions as seen on those famous Paris runways.

FULL MOON — September 16, 2016 in the religious sign of Pisces: “Dr. Turi’s famous 911 prediction printed a year before the WTC destruction.”

Important Memo: The same Neptunian energy produced the terrorists WTC destruction of September 11 in New York. Note also that on March 26 1995 DT made this prediction on Coast To Coast with Art Bell. “The U.S. will undergo a religious war with the Middle East in a few years from today.” Two years prior to the attack this is what what was written in the previous Moon Power Star guide. This exact portion of Moon Power Star guide and its deadly message was posted on the main site www.drturi.com two weeks prior to the destruction of both towers.

Pisces rules the Middle East, religion, drugs, alcohol, deception, the difficult abortion dilemma, the Pope, the church, oil, etc. This could also mean bad news for denominations where religious figures will “pass over.” Deception, illusion and secret affairs are on the agenda.

This lunation marks a significant point involving the U.S. and the Middle East conflict and will negatively affect the young generation. Many souls will suffer this disturbing lunation. Just be ready to provide as much help as needed and do not lose faith in the future.

More devastating forces producing destructive weather and floods will make themselves known in the very near future. Expect a general feeling of hopelessness to plague the media and church authorities. Deceiving news will take place and affect many of us; some desperate souls will fall for Neptune’s suicidal tendencies, and some will end up in jail or mental institutions. This trend will be very difficult for some, but do not lose faith in yourself and trust the Universe; get all the help you can to fight Neptune’s depressing tendencies. Amuse yourself, keep busy and let go of the past… Life must go on.

Anticipate shocking news about volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. Expect anything surprising, even incredible to happen soon; see in action the real power of both Uranus ruling sudden releases of energy, and Saturn forcing the government to take drastic action.

GOT HIM: Suspect in NY, NJ bombings in custody after shootout Terrorism?
3 US attacks in 1 day: Hunt for answers Terrorism?
‘Sound of Music’ actress dies Famous death?
Nick Gordon found legally responsible for death of Bobbi Kristina Brown Famous Death?
Putin’s party wins majority in Russia vote Russia?
Russia is seriously running out of cash Russia/Finances?
The truth about the Trump kids Secrets?
Canadian teenagers sold for sex Sex?

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries • /////////////////////////

Taurus • ////////////////////

Gemini • //////////////////

Cancer • //////////////

Leo • //////////////////

Virgo • /////////////////

Libra • ////////////////

Scorpio • //////////////////

Sagittarius • ///////////////////

Capricorn • //////////////////

Aquarius • ///////////////////

Pisces • ///////////////////

THU., FRI., SAT., SUN., — SEPTEMBER 15,16,17,18:

RULERS — Neptune (oil/middle east/religion/deception) and Mars (war/blood)

Work, Career and Business: Be practical at work and clean around the office and don’t challenge authority. Don’t initiate actions these days and slow down. With Neptune in charge, many of your wishes to further your career may just be a deceiving dream and you should be practical in your expectations of all the promises made.

Partnerships: The Full Moon’s energy will induce depression to some sensitive souls. Hope and activity will once again show the way to a better future after the New Moon, just be patient. Neptune will sharpen your intuition and your creativity; many will ask you for direction in their personal lives. Support your partner and build self-confidence. Peace of mind can be found close to the water.

Family and Friends: Give spiritual support to those you care for, but don’t get emotionally involved in their personal problems. Don’t let them waste too much of your time talking or complaining over the telephone. If you feel blue yourself, know that it is Neptune’s deceiving power and use your will to fight him. At home, stimulate love and attention to the ones around you and be careful of fire (Mars) or water (Neptune).

As always, don’t overindulge in alcohol, as it will only make things worse. Narcotics will only further those gloomy thoughts of your past and promote accidents. A trip to the local playhouse or a Movie Theater may be just what your soul needs for inspiration.

For those with a laid-back attitude, some good tunes and a walk by the ocean will do the trick. Get close to God and meditate about your life in general; Neptune may reward you magically.

Love Affairs: Under Neptune’s auspices, secret love affairs flourish. Whatever you choose to do, make a solid decision about your own relationship and be aware of deception. Aggressive Mars may stimulate your desire for action; dancing and music would be a good outlet. Mars is far from being diplomatic; use gentleness if you intend to have a smooth evening. If you were born under the sign of Virgo, a Pisces or a Taurus needs your help.

Travel and Communication: Use Neptune’s dreamy nature, and consider spending time by the water away from the city’s stressful activities. If you have to drive a long way, remember to take plenty of rest beforehand, because dreamy Neptune could make you sleepy. Some will have to take a trip to the hospital to visit a person. Others may hear deceiving news about a legal decision pertaining to arrest and imprisonment. Come clear with what you mean these days and control your imagination. Watch your possessions.

Environment: Mars is an aggressive planet. Like Pluto, he could put stress on some of the earth’s faults, producing tremors and terrifying the inhabitants above. This negative trend of calamities will be with us for a while, and caution is advised in all you do. Let’s hope that Mars will be tolerant for the people living on this earth and play somewhere else in those worlds above and below us.

Famous Personalities: The cinematography industry will prepare many great movies, and numerous actors and actresses will parade all over. Some will be caught doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and others will pay a visit to an “alcoholics anonymous” organization. The unlucky ones will be caught doing something nasty and will pay a heavy price for it.

Events: With this powerful duo, Neptune (oceans) and Mars (explosions) the worse that could happen is another devastating oil spill, earthquake or chemical explosion. Mars is a warrior and favors accident on the road. Be extremely careful when driving. Boating is something you should forget about, especially after the Full Moon. Bad news from the Middle East and terrorist activities will trouble the media.

Thailand boat capsizes, killing 10 – Ocean
Ex-French President Chirac hospitalized – Hospital
Desmond Tutu admitted to hospital – Hospital
Mall attack: Man shot dead after stabbing 8 Terrorism
War of words after US airstrike kills Syrian troops Terrorist
6.0 magnitude earthquake near Norsup, Malampa, Vanuatu Earthquake

All news as such from 5/12: A magnitude 7.0 earthquake rumbled under the Mojave Desert east of Los Angeles before dawn derailing an Amtrak train passing near the epicenter. Irene heads for Carolinas after soaking Florida North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt declared a state of emergency Saturday as Hurricane Irene threatened to let loose a new round of serious flooding in the already flood weary state.

With Uranus around expect this type of news soon – Evacuations ordered as Ecuadorian volcano threatens. Clouds of gas and ashes rise from the Tungurahua volcano 120 kilometers (75 miles) south of Quito, Ecuador, on Sunday — The Ecuadorian government has ordered the evacuation of some 25,000 people from a popular tourist town as a nearby volcano continues to spew ash and appears on the verge of a major eruption.

Again, NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico (AP) — In what was Mexico’s second fatal fireworks accident in a month, an explosion in a candy store, illegally selling fireworks, killed at least five people in the border city of Nuevo Laredo.

Shopping: Use Neptune’s sensitivity to further artistic talents and become more creative. Finishing a metaphysical study will favor this lunation. Visit your spiritual friend but avoid a trip into your future; Neptune will blur his intuition. Neptune will offer bargains on alcohol and paint, and by Mars’s sharp tools, but invest in those items before the Full Moon. Do not invest in any chemicals or dangerous tools during this lunation.

MON., TUE., WED.,THU. — SEPTEMBER 19,20,21,22:

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