Angelina Jolie and Breast Cancer Fears


Angelina Jolie Voight June 4, 1975

Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy 

Dear Readers;

Before getting into Angelina Jolie double Mastectomy it seem my prediction of a “full restructure of the IRS” posted/published last year became another of my undeniable gift in predictive astrology. Who could have imagined or believed over a  year ago that I saw tomorrow and the news on CNN?

While thousands of people read prediction #4. “A new internal secret financial police will “merge” internationally to better control its citizens business credit cards activities. Expect a full restructure of the police force/secret services the IRS and a serious increase in civil servant deaths or suicides. Secrets disturbing endeavours from the CIA and the FBI in Russia will come to the light.” the fact is now many of my prediction became a reality!

(CNN) – In a letter to Internal Revenue Service employees, acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller announced “with regret” that he’ll be leaving the agency in early June.

Yes they are so many cosmic unconscious psychics, mentalists, astrologers  prophets wannabe be  out there doing “predictions” and they are all Neptunians at heart but there is only ONE Dr. Turi giving solid printed proofs of its legitimacy. Remember Dr. Turi is a “Human Detector” dedicated to speak, write, deal and expose the undiluted truth, the question now is…can you and are you ready to handle the truth? If so you found Dr. Turi, if not join the 78000 morons who think they, one day will fly to Mars! You better invest on the human spirit and saving mother earth! Warmer oceans, fewer fish

The current Scorpius Draconis is relentless and demand all secrets to be exposed while offering endless “wake up calls” to souls in need to wake up to reality!  And the reality is if you can perceive my worth, dedication and legitimacy God sent you to me for more because there are no accidents, only cosmic circumstances humanity is slowly uncovering with my advanced spiritual/cosmic teachings…

Note, June 11th, 2013  I was supposed to do a FREE  Global Teleclass on “OCD and How To Deal With It!” but in  “THIS IS IT”  newsletter I gave you another piece of reality! thus I cancelled this free presentation and also cancelled my weekly Cosmic Code radio show, listen to my last show archives if you missed it!  I will write a long educational Cosmic Code newsletter instead for my VIP’s where I will explain it all in great details. Note also I will also privately reach and tell my VIP’s to join me  for a live presentation from my own “Cosmic Code website” chat-room to debate and answer all the questions they may have on OCD! Yes only those who belong to the “Cosmic Coders Only” group will be catered because they rewarded me for my teachings.

Now on to Angelina Jolie decision to mutilate herself  and why other women should NOT follow her desperate act which is based upon fears and cosmic ignorance.

Wikipedia – “Jolie suffered episodes of suicidal depression throughout her teens and early twenties.” My book “I know All About You” will give you all the details about what it means to be born a Gemini and much more on the medical aspect of my work and what the cosmic code/God has in store for your body, mind and soul!

Currently Angelina receives the Scorpius Draconis right on her 6th house of health thus if she had a copy of my “2013 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast for all signs” she would read…

2013 — Dragon Forecast For Those Born In June (note this is a VERY small sceptre of my book.)

Personal: On August 30th, 2012, the Dragon moved from Sagittarius/Gemini into Scorpio/Taurus and will stay in these signs until February 19th, 2014. This new “Change of Guards” will stimulate all affairs regulating your 6th house of work, health and service to the world and your 12th house regulating your subconscious affairs, secret enemies and general mental state. The imposed karmic changes may induce stress leading you to the investigation of the reasons of your own self destructive imagination. Souls born in June will be tested on how to deal with insecurity, uncontrolled imagination, and fear of the future coming from the Dragon’s Tail forcing deep psychological changes. Indeed, 2013 could mark the beginning of a new you on both the physical and spiritual planes forcing you into a better life. The lucky June born soul, will make a good use of the intuition and gain much from the dream state living behind all the restrictive past, possessions for more freedom of action, peace and even true love. The challenges ahead involve controlling an abnormal fruitful imagination and fears and avoid “feeding Evil” //////////////////////////////////////////

Note also the Scorpius Draconis does not allow anyone or  anything to be kept a secret for long and she HAD to come public with her actions produced by deep fears. I am a cancer survivor myself and my message to all the insecure women out there is; DO NOT MUTILATE YOURSELVES! 

There is much more you do not know about Cancer and natural healing, my Universal Natural Blood Transfusion and no cancer can survive in an over oxygenated body – Watch this TV show where I explained my experience with Cancer at the bottom of this page!   JOIN now to read my crucial information!


UPDATE 05/17/2013 – Yes as always I was ahead of CNN

99% don’t have gene

Gil Welch: No need to panic over Angelina Jolie’s mastectomies; 99% of women don’t carry the BRCA1 gene.  FULL STORY

UPDATE – The Stars and Fate of Agelina Jolie  is now finished VIP’s. I explained it all for you, science manipulation, her deep fears/phobias and even predicted her demise and it won’t be cancer!


The Mayans pyramids destroyed and world karma is also ready for my VIP’s and tell you the expected  karmic results for such an act… 



 Sharing Emails;

From Linda;

Dr.T and Terania, I am listening to last nights show and want you to know how much I have learned from you.I wish I was a millionaire.I have worked very hard myself trying to share your work with others.I took a break from radio myself because I was still getting negative feedback about myself of Craigslist.I had hoped your show would have done better but I’m so sick of people and their stupidity.I have shut down somewhat in what I share with people. All I have is the wisdom from what you have tough me and my mission is to keep my kids from being a statistic.I am in the process of getting a second job and hopefully a trip your way this summer sometime.My mother and I will always be your loyal VIPS forever and always.Stay strong and please don’t let those ungrateful jerks kill your spirit.Im worried about that cough you have.Luv you two xoxo

P.S Hal Ginsgerg of KRXA had to sell his radio station for half of what he bought it .I knew that station would be gone soon.Aries, tail in 2nd house wealth and possessions are going bye bye for Hal the jackass………………..LOL



From Pedro – Portugal;

Hello dr Turi, i hope this email will find you and all your beloved ones in good health.

 I have read today your email regarding stoping giving your knowledge pearls away, and I confess I understand how you feel quite well, well i mean, at least I think I understand you, I hope I’m not too pretentious.  This is not an attempt to make you change your mind, just to give you some feedback of your influence on people’s lives, and maybe argue he case of the destitute that unfortunately aren’t like beasts, and still have a brain to think…

Sometimes this can be a real curse. You know? Sometimes a person just cannot help your work because; the person is on the brink of collapse. Let me be more precise, I’m writing you from Portugal, well since you are from Provence I’m sure you know where I am.

I’m speaking to you from a small Portuguese village named Setubal, a place that had a huge bronze Poseidon statue, which was melted when napoleon’s army came to free us from the church, to make cannons.  Of course, destroy art and build weapons!!  How appropriate place for a Pisces to be born.

 Right now in this place most persons work 9 hours a day to receive at the end of the month between €350 and €500…a month…nope I’m not a liar just consult euro stat figures… A normal 1 room flat rent around here is €250 upwards, how do people survive in here? Well…do people think there’s a hell waiting for them on the other side? Just come and visit me, you will have a glimpse of such a place right here.

 You can ask me, why the heck do you live in that place? Why don’t you just leave??Mainly because I have a 78 year old mother, lying in a bed, with tubes coming out of her orifices…but her mind still works and she can feel, think, smile…knows if she is loved or just ignored. Being a Pisces I have already worked with elderly and disabled persons in hospital and asylums.

 And I know what will happen to her if I take her to one of those places, in here they are just a place to die, fast if you have luck, more slowly if you have no luck in this life…and I really want to be able to sleep a little bit at night, so I will not throw my mother into one of these places. Trough your work I have found for the first time in many years an explanation for things are the way they are and I’m trying not to be just another planet slave or robot.

I must thank you from the depths of my heart for your work, I have acquired a copy of all your books and I cherish them dearly but…right now…it’s impossible for me to do any more… I still have some medical bills from my mother to pay, if I don’t they will deny her assistance…welcome to the united fascist states of Western Europe.

 I still have a small gold ring my grandmother gave me long ago and I’m going to sell it today, in order to pay for the medical bills…I have no idea how I will pay the next ones. So please accept my apologies if this email seems quite ridiculous but, not everyone of us is spending money in stupidity relating to Mars, or living the good life…and your work really helped me.  So I thank you for everything you gave away, I really mean it.

 In here I can see the signs of the storm in the horizon, there’s definitely a war coming our way, I doubt anyone will survive this one. But besides working 10 hours a day and taking care of my last family member in this hearth. I’m doing my best to keep in shape; at least I intend to sell my life quite expensively. I wonder if what’s happening to you wasn’t exactly what happened to Nostradamus in the last years of his life.

 He gave advice to the Medici family and royalty of Europe, but it seems he looked at his fellow man in a very…how shall I say…heart breaking manner??? I wonder if this makes any sense…I have the Portuguese words under my tongue but…it’s difficult in English… I can only say thank you the Portuguese way, if you ever come to Setubal in Portugal, please let me know, you will have a very humble but clean bed available and  a nice view to the fishing harbour.

 I will be able to offer you some very fresh fish caught by my fisherman friends.  People will tell not to come, that this is a very hard place to be, people are rude and though.  And yes on the outside they are…but many have a big heart and will always receive a fellow traveller with open arms…well the catholic priests will not receive you well…they have much to loose if people learn what you know…

 I hope all the best to you and your beloved ones, and I understand why you must do what you must do and connect with the ones that have the karma to learn what you know. Thank you for everything Dr TuriJ and I hope all the happiness in this world to you and your beloved ones. And if you ever read many negative things regarding the persons of this country or the persons of my city, don’t take that account into consideration…the Neptune delusion can be so great in these days.

 All the best my friend and my offer will always stand, a simple humble clean place to rest will always be offered to you.



A thought or two from a relative newcomer to your world.

A few months ago I was in a very bad space.I wrote to many people
In desperation.I was virtually at my witts end.I was living in my car with my girlfriend and two dogs.I had no cash and was stuck in a foreign country no job no food no nothing.

You were the only one person in the world that came to my rescue.
You were the only person that said without expecting anything in return to hang in Brian.
You were the only person in the world that made any impact whatsoever in my life without asking upfront for a wad of cash like that moron Adain Powers and a few other who categorically stated they hold the keys to changing my existence if I paid over a huge number of dollars.

People in desperate situations do desperate things and having the be Jesus scared out of you by using subtle powers of suggestion they have perfected they are fooling the masses by using free numerology software free astrology software and good sales tactic by scaring the daylights out of people like a few other so called psychics I forget their names madam Zara madam Tara medium and so from Romania etc etc.Recently some of these people have been exposed one guy was acting as madam so and so and offering gypsy like readings and tarot readings etc etc turns out he was actually a guy posing as a psychic female!!

That’s the underbelly of the psychic underworld DT.One girl even claimed she works with the FBI in solving missing persons cases or assisting in solving cases of homicides etc etc.I wrote to her 2 years ago asking assistance in solving the mystery around my brothers death on the 4 th March 1994 oh ofcourse she could help at a price you know.Her name is psychic T or something like that.

The long and short of it is that when real people like you get lumped in the same basket as these people by default because of ignorance and lack of education into the field of the divine science things go bump in the night.

I am waiting for some money to begin my study with you.Not because I have no other choices in teachers etc etc but because I believe in you Dr Turi.I am a small man in a big world but I am Sharp as a knife regarding my intuition.

The sad fact as I see it with my current outside look into your universe of which I am by no means an expert and only met you and Terania a few months ago and therefore can only give my opinion based on my personal experience with you guys is that if you give in to the dark forces plaguing you at present by making you unsatisfied or unhappy and willing you to give up your God given duty and talent because of the excuse they planting in you ie lack of financial reward.Dear sir I can only urge

You to reconsider for the sake of humanity at large.Your talents have not even began to be recognized in Africa for eg simply because people don’t know of you!!
I for one in my own circle promote your divine intelect and talent at every opportunity possible.For God sake you my hero man!! You saved my life DT

I am awaiting cash to begin my study with you.This is taking longer than expected and my girlfriend is munching away at the little money I have at present so I need to wait there is nothing else I can do.In monetary terms your course offering is highly affordable even given it costs nine times more in my own currency

Kind regards and please let me know you get this letter

Dr Brian Faul
South Africa

Ps the crux of the matter DT is I want to put you on the map in Africa.I can only do this after studying under you.It’s my small way of thanking you for literally saving my life.Scorpio don’t forget ever


Dear Dr. Turi,

Certainly, you have heard the quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come”. It is obvious that the students are not yet ready. That is not your fault Dr. Turi, and I empathize with your frustration. I constantly try to “open the eyes” of those who are self-destructive, relying on pharmaceutical toxic drugs to achieve some kind of cure for what ails them, to no avail.

But let me offer this to you…… like the ripple effect, throwing a pebble into the water…..if you can change the course of just ONE person’s thinking,….that ONE person’s destiny… the ripple effect, others will also be affected. Trust in that knowledge and know that your efforts are NOT lost and that you are making a difference, even though you feel you may not be. There are many who admire your cause.

Be Well,



Thanks for all the cosmic codes you gave me free. Sorry  You and you sweet wife have a wonderful life! I’ll miss you   Blessings Katherine and Criters

Katherine  Reno Nevada


If you are not happy its because you do not live your destiny!

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