Can We Stop Science Destroying The World?


Cosmic Code

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science  conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just cosmic circumstances the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

Hello Cosmic Coders:

From Liz Oertel-Connors

Earth Day April 22nd

“Do you suppose we can do a group intention/meditation/prayer organized online for Earth Day?  Maybe set up a time and ask people to join in prayer what ever way they use, prayers for our Beautiful Mother Earth.  Maybe you could write some beautiful words to center people’s intention.  The Earth does want her children back!”

Blessings and Love,


Dear readers;

Like Liz I am also very much concerned about Mother Earth health knowing we are currently riding her back through the solar system and we have only ONE spaceship! Sad enough too many human beings were born with serious shortcomings such has greed, ego where wealth and power overrule humanitarianism and care for others.

The earth is like a big dog, well suited to take care of all her fleas so to speak because she was designed by God to offer the best of herself so we can all live a happy and secure life.

But her resources have a limit too if we keep taking endlessly and suffocating her at the same time! All she needs is good management and time and that is very cheap…In fact time is the essence so she is allowed to regenerate her forests and produce life giving oxygen we all need to survive. Like a tireless dedicated worker she does not have much rest to recuperate since the industrial boom and the endless wave of new mouths she must carry and to feed everyday. Mother Earth can support much more human beings that are currently living on earth, there is unlimited amount of water in our oceans that daily transform into rain but with the overwhelming amount of carbon produced by fossil fuel thew protective ozone layer is dissipating fast…

Like other uncaring civilizations before us, Mother Earth one day may decide to “check off” her abusive fleas and start all over again because we do not pay attention to the increase and abnormality of large earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural frequent disasters. She is showing serious signs of despair and lots of warnings but who’s to stop the capitalist machine and their privileged select supremely wealthy lifestyle?

Yes she did it countless time before where entire cities much more advanced that our current civilization lays a few hundreds miles melted down into her red hot lava entrails… Of course there is nothing to see nor touch down there thus our infantile cosmic unconscious science will never be able to conceive or accept this fact!

The only difference between human and Mother Earth is that she has millions years to work with before like all that was once born will die burned out by our Sun…But there is still plenty new “ET” experiments she must fulfill before the priceless human genes of the “chosen ones” are transported to yet another Mother Earth ready to offer her new virgin back.

Gee all the “educated” human are so smart yet they see and know nothing of God’s celestial divine cosmic mystery and the ET’s agenda to breed some of us as to save their accredited asses! yes, the eternal battle between the forces of evil (science)  against those of the light (spiritual human beings.)

Mother Earth depletion directly affects its precious human cargo just because science has forgotten  and laugh at the spirit… And you wonder why children kill their mothers, assassinate each others and commit suicide? Our physical connection to Mother Earth is directly connected to our spiritual welfare too but tell this to any scientist and hear them voice their spiritual ignorance through their loud physical laughs!

A society of Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics and skeptics is the result and the core of any and all born scientists which are unable to realize the very scientific progress they made cost nature great sufferings too. Not that science is bad for those miracles serves us well but how many scientists knew of the real deadly effects of the first atomic bomb detonated in the White Sands of New Mexico?

While I aim to save Mother Earth like you do readers, prayers alone can not and will not save her but educating and controlling science madness will bring real results. You can pray and ask God to stop the next natural disaster or the next crime or the next suicide and you already know you wasted your time and prayers because it is already set to happen through the Cosmic Code eternal exact timing. And this is why when I wrote in my 2013 Moon Power  book of universal guidance and predictions to expect “EXPLOSIONS” many months ago, on the exact given dates CNN is reporting EXPLOSIONS all over…

Yet the envious young soul who only assume and never read my work is fast rejecting the obvious and my gift in predictive astrology! So how can we save Mother Earth you may ask! Is there any hopes at all to reverse the damage or are we doomed?

This dense physical world was created because of the progressive thoughts processes of millions of people working independently for specific or common goals. Science is part of the equation with the greedy wealthy corporations they sleep with as a mean of survival for their scientific researches… And they are very smart to get to your pockets..Let me explain, for year NASA has accomplished tremendous, admirable Discovery work and you paid for it all all along with a good chunk of your taxes. Now the spaceship is in display in CA and you still have to pay just to look at it when in fact you own all spaceships ever created by NASA –

I always teach my students that God did not put human on earth to end through a suffocating end mostly because the very cosmic spiritual forces at work our infantile scientific community is unable to rationalize with can and will work for us if you understand and agree with me that “the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts.”

You can not and will not stop progress period, but in this day and age a new breed of highly spiritual scientists are cruising the Internet, subconsciously looking for the spirit they lost along the way… The sad reality is today’s  controlling media and educational system is not offering the cosmic fluid needed for those searching souls the option to rekindle their spirit where all  divine affairs start and finish with archaic, deceptive Neptunian poisoning religious teachings.

Again the Illuminati at work controlling the information stalling your curious spirit to find out what the Cosmic Code and God is all about… If enough people decide to pray a few times on a specific day the humongous amount of thought form will reach its target and the target is the mind of the new scientists who MUST reconnect with the spirit itself. Balancing the physical and spiritual earth vibrations starts in the minds of all its residents aiming for the answers of what it means to be human…

So when you pray, make sure to talk not only to your guides, your angels, to God, to Mother Earth but to the latent spirits of those souls who had no opportunity to learn about the divine, the cosmic code, God’s celestial manifestations so when they work hard in experimental researches, the conscience of doing the right things for humanity never leaves their conscience. Our combined thought process is an unseen but powerful psychic force to reckon with and the target is the mind of other non curious karmic UCI and with it the option to become more refined productive spiritual human beings.  Most of all never forget this is a dense physical world and if my words strike a cord in your being, it will do the same in someone who vibrates at your spiritual speed. Thus SHARE my work both physically and spiritually with those you feel need a good dose of spiritual logic instead of deceptive religions. You spiritual and physical involvement is all we need to make significant changes in helping others build more perception to the divinity of the unknown.

We are living some incredible time where humanity is finally given a chance to recognize and accept the spirit, the scientific community has distanced itself from the spirit but much of the answers they all have been enslaved to discover are within the spiritual realm and with your help we can and will bring the balance between the spiritual and physical manifestations because one can not exist without the other… And that is the current challenge for science…

So on April 22nd 2013, all day long, when ever possible, I am asking all my Cosmic Coders to join me to better Mother Earth by reaching the minds of all young souls and all the committed scientists working hard to better the human experience…

Remember the secret of life…

  • Make a commitment to be happy and do not feed evil
  • Make a commitment to create anything big or small everyday
  • Make a commitment to share it with others

Tell your friends to join ITS FREE!  send them this link we need their constructive thoughts!


Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

I am looking for a volunteer knowledgeable on the spiritual purpose and legacy of  any native willing to monitor, maintain and bring more life in the “Native American Wisdom” group. If you trust you have enough wisdom on the topic and willing to post, talk, answer those interested in Native Indians please let me know and you’ll be in charge of this group.

This group is public and for those interested in Native American Wisdom and their connection to Mother Earth…If you have experienced or know anything related to the Mayans, Sumerians, Atlantis or any of the disappeared civilizations and willing to save Mother Earth, animals etc. share it with other Cosmic Coders. I wrote “Explanation of the Mayan Calendar” as an example for you. Enjoy!

The same apply for “Help me Deal With Life” if you life has only been about struggles your experiences, battles wins and losses are priceless for so many people who are currently suffering. Do not be afraid to write and share your life’s experiences and help each others on how to cope with challenges.

The first step to heal anyone from anything is to talk about it… These groups are designed to bring this mental healing energy to all the readers while sharing your wisdom to others. Remember the secret of life..

Make a commitment to be happy and do not feed evil
Make a commitment to create anything big or small everyday
Make a commitment to share it with others

Those simple rules will assure you good karma, spiritual regeneration and a good use of the Supra-conscious creative forces because the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts…



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