Iran versus the US and the world on nukes



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

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Here is your Sunday free Cosmic Code article sample! As you all know, I now offer only short bulletins designed to stimulate the mind of intelligent, curious readers to join my VIP’s to learn more about the cosmic code and, each month of the year, get real and solid guidance and predictions.

Today’s topic is about nukes and Iran and the answer was offered November 24, 2013 in yet another article offered to the public titled * “Netanyahu and Dr. Turi Iran deal is historic mistake / predictions

CIA head: Iran would build nuke at ‘own peril’

In “Why Putin is hosting Kim Jong Un, be prepared” article posted in BIN a reader offered his logical, rational reasons to a complex cosmic manifesto he, all the politicians and the world at large is still unaware of…

Goddess Avatar – Why? Here, let me explain for you. Your country of the united Fraudulent Fascist states of TORTURE and MILITARY TERROR have Succeeded in Uniting the Entire world together (except isra-HELL)! THE one THING THEY CAN all agree ON IS your vile war mongering country must go! Get ready for an attack that comes from EVERY direction on the compass, ameriiiSCUM! An arse kicking you ALL richly deserve! And, are about to get. Punishment FOR YOUR WAR CRIMES!”

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; logic, science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” Dr. Turi

Little does the reader know the Middle is under the deceptive winds of Neptune jurisdictions allowing me to understand the people and predict their political affairs much better than the FBI and CIA combined

If America fail with the Middle East is not because of man’s political affairs only, but because of God cosmic divinity and his Universal will, I alone seem to be able to read, translate and offer regularly to the public.

But nowadays, humanity is ill fitted to perceive tomorrow using the “signs” because the US Department of Education, science (atheists) religions  (ISIS fanatics bullies)  do not train their children to read the cosmic hieroglyphs…  When and will this ever happen? 

How many articles, like the one you are reading today has been posted to social media by other psychics, astrologers, mediums or spiritualists and new age teachers you trust?   Indeed you will find their names, pictures and “teachings” heavily advertised on all social media because their parents names and wealth has been used for that purpose… 

But where are the facts of a supreme, undeniable cosmic wisdom you can witness, attest, read, judge, confirm and trust? Indeed false prophets are everywhere… 

Will my honesty and undiluted truth delivery be perceived again as an ego trip or a legitimate effort to expose the rulership of science, religions, the danger of atheism and the veracity of the Soul of the Cosmos?  Only those who do not feel mentally inferior to Dr. Turi will learn from me and not the professional students or “educated” atheists alike… 

 I am offering this old article to those who missed it back in 2013, its content is for you to read and judge but be sure the warnings are very real! 


“There are specific Universal Laws written through the signs – Cosmic Consciousness – is the awareness of God’s celestial divinity and use it wisely to read the future and build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” Read the future –  Watch the future!


Dear readers;

Before elaborating on other topics, it looks like my predictions  for November 21/22/23  2013 are very hard to deny even for atheists! 


November 21/22/23

Nature To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Man

Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Destructive weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many /  Changes Imposed.


Netanyahu: Iran deal is historic mistake  Video

“We’re dealing with people who are not only untrustworthy, this is a murderous regime that murders their own people, creates chaos and mayhem throughout the whole world, the largest sponsor of terrorism. And we’re treating them out of sync with who they are. That’s what bothers me so much. This deal doesn’t represent the fact we’re dealing with the most thuggish people in the whole world.”

Iran reaches nuclear deal with world leaders — now what?

11,000 kids killed, some tortured

Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life?

Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other – Nature To Strike Hard?

In order to receive one must give, this is a law that must be maintained in order to upgrade your spiritual vibrations and benefit from good karma.  Enjoy your Sunday cosmic code newsletter sample because on 01/01/2014 only my deserving VIP’s will read my work.

Yes I am the first cosmic cop making you aware of the celestial forces in charge of our common destiny and indeed we only have 50 years to turn things around to avoid self destruction… 

First serious error against the Cosmic Code! Signing or making any deal after the full Moon show the perils and trust all those cosmic unconscious politicians have on the Scorpionic deadly, devious leader of Iran.

None of those political leaders realize the inner fixity involving the sign of Scorpio on a mission to self destruct. I tried to explain this phenomenon with “Miley Cyrus has a big problem…She is a Scorpio!” and in an article titled “Hello Mr. President Obama you are deceived.” I wrote September 27, 2013.

I am not into politics not religions, those rational and/or deceiving religious topics are part of the human experience imposed upon the  “norm” needed to survive with everyday. Instead  I am into the divine and I translate the cosmic code jurisdictions and expose through my predictions the never ending costly price humanity has to pay for ignoring  God’s celestial signs.


 Iran deal may define Barack Obama’s legacy, for better or worse

Knowing President Obama was born, like the US July 4, 1776,  with a negative Aquarius Tail of the Dragon (nukes) in time, such an elective  mistake will cost greatly to this country  and the world at large. There is still time to save the world, indeed we have only 50 years or less but who’s taking me seriously?  

Some people would rather dismiss my work and look for a more gentle religious approach to regenerate their spirit in church every Sunday than to face the harsh reality and help me in the fight everyday! Selfishness, insecurity, atheism, unconsciousness, fears and idiocy are the perfect mental food for evil to succeed…

Some people are so sensitive than, instead of helping me and my messages, they will instead turn off the radio and the TV!  With such an helpless defeated attitude how can humanity survive my visions?  We might can turn things around if you are able to understand the cosmic code, the superconscious forces and work with us.

Indeed, while I made it to 65, I want to enjoy a long retirement with my beautiful young wife!



The problem is; all the politicians in charge of maintaining peace through diplomatic means today, do not adhere, nor can they comprehend the fixity of purpose, the deadly and committed purpose and UCI of  Scorpionic President Rouhani.  

Regardless of their political position and accomplishments, those traditionally educated politicians are cosmic unconscious and act humanely (Obama) and think logically like any other human beings. Worse, many of them were born atheists .i.e  Ron Reagan making the situation with nukes pointed to the US and its allies, a certainty! 


“I’m Ron Reagan, an unabashed “Taurus” atheist, and I’m alarmed by the intrusions of religion into our secular government. That’s why  Atheism – I’m asking you to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation — the nation’s largest and most effective organization of atheists and agnostics, working to keep state and church separate. Ron Reagan, lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in hell.” 

The very opportunity to see behind the mirror of cosmic deception is non existing for many politicians because; like the frogs (politicians)  riding  Rouhani’s back, (scorpio) they could never anticipate this could be their last voyage over the watery pond. Be sure  Rouhani will do all he can, lie, cheat, manipulate and wait for the opportune moment to kill those who made the mistake to trust him… 

This is not an universal assumption made for ALL Iranian people, in fact I have a LOT of good friends, clients and students from Iran, but curse only those born under the deadly power of Pluto, especially souls born during theDeath Wish Generation!  But what the heck politicians, science, the police and atheists know outside of their logic?

Lana Del Rey is one of those desperate unconscious famous lost soul pushing the envelope, and here’s her message, delivered with a languid pout: “21st-century America is a rotting corpse, deadlocked culturally, economically, and politically, and since there’s nothing we can do about it, let’s enjoy ourselves as the body-politic disintegrates,…”

Plutonic born kids can’t get enough or her album “Ultraviolence” which topped her hit debut “Born to Die” to land at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

“I wish I was dead already,” she confides to the Guardian in a kittenish voice (interview clip here). Asked if she thinks an early demise a la Kurt Cobain is glamorous, she murmurs, “Um, yeah,”… [emphasis mine]

Incidentally Cobain, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga And Suicide, Miley Cyrus  and millions of kids  ‘Suicide Girls”  were also born during this deadly wish generation but can the current OCD scientists/atheist health fanatic generation  get it?

we NEED HELP DR. TURI  traditional science is clueless…  

Teen ‘knockout’ game assaults spread 

This potent combination of women, sex and death is going to be one of the calling cards of late-stage capitalism. We are experiencing fearsome global dislocations and distorted social and economic systems that are killing our life-affirming instincts.

Suicide Girls, Ouija Board, Supernatural, Exorcism and Faith Leaders Karma

Evil Sexual Predators Everywhere, Miley Cyrus, Cops, Rabbis, Priests, Scoutmasters etc.

Explaining why Army/Navy suicides hit record level

Educated idiots believe the death drive is “perennial,” because they know nothing of Astroforensics and the cosmic code jurisdictions,  but when a society seems to hover on the eve of destruction, these Eves of the Apocalypse — suicidal brides, young women fixated on pain and death — emerge to speak our well-founded anxieties.

They signal that just now, the death drive is very strong. Indeed those kids are cursed and all are into witchcraft, tattooed themselves and need STIMULATIONS of all sorts… This explain why it is easy for ISIS to recruits them!

 Adam Lanza was one of those suicidal kids but how many people watched or learned how to deal with this”death wish generation” when I have no significant voice and battle conspiracy? 

Pluto in Scorpio: “The Death Wish Generation” Pluto then inhabited, from 1983 until 1995, his own daredevil sign of Scorpio. Those very young and wild children have already made dramatic news by executing each other and murdering adults for any reason. Such as in Rachula, Missouri on December 28, 1994, an off-duty police officer had been shot to death by his girlfriend’s 9-year-old grandson.

The child was born with Pluto in Scorpio on his Dragon’s Tail (negative). Many of those “kids” have been reported killing adults for money to buy drugs and guns at the tender age of 10 years. Again in May 1997 a brutal slaying follows a beer drinking in Central Park, New York. Two teen-agers stabbed a real estate agent at least 30 times and tried to chop off his hands so police couldn’t use fingerprints to identify him before dumping him in a lake in Central Park. Perpetrators, Daphne Abdela, 15, and her boyfriend, 15-year-old Christopher Vasquez, “gutted the body so it would sink.”

Both of those young souls are from the dramatic Pluto generation, “The Death Wish Generation.” More than previous degrading generations, these children need constant spiritual regeneration and a good reason to be alive.

Note- So far this drugged US generation produced over 800 murderers age 15 or younger in 1995, many of them raised in environments that included abuse, neglect and violence. However, youth violence is neither new nor confined to the United States.

Well, governor. Mike Huckabee you can offer all the sympathy of the world for the victims of the school shooting, and like millions of others lament on a culture that would breed such a tragedy. That is NOT the answer, as you already know that it will happen over again.

You, including the educational, psychological, police and governmental system are loosing the battle and will soon watch the breaking down of our young society. Scientists from all levels out there are mesmerized and baffled by the awful events that took place on March 25th, 1998 in JONESBORO, Arkansas. Unless you cast aside your fear of the ridicule fueling your academically oriented ignorance, EGO and your mental snobbishness, you will not be able to even get closer to the golden key of true knowledge.

You might have to challenge your precious books, pass the limitation of your rational mind and realize that the higher truths were never been printed by your kind. It’s time to look above your head; into the Universal Mind, with a different attitude. If you have any hope what so ever, to provide serious help to this “Death Wish Generation.”

Thus, our society is already witnessing “The Dramatic Death Wish Generation” in action. They are strong-willed, unwavering in thought and action, immensely emotional and totally fearless in front of death. Pluto (sex) is making them very active sexually at an early age, and they will look for a mixture of sex, crime and drugs to survive their harsh young lives.

At the tender age of 12 years many of those children have already experienced the use of drugs and sex and some others have committed repellent murders. They are already imposing and displaying their powerful, destructive will on many televised talk shows, where helpless parents complain about their awful behavior. Other much older generations are at bay and baffled, unable to relate to this Plutonic generation.

The passion for self-discovery is extreme and if left without legitimate spiritual food, the worst can only happen to many of these children. They will not react to dogma and common religious teachings as they parents do.

Those kids subconsciously understand the principle of life and death and the motivation behind all manifestation. They simply lack the regenerative forces produced by the mystical knowledge to deal with their passionate and rebellious nature. The miserably failing psychological field won’t be any help understanding the plutonic motivation behind this upcoming killer generation. Unless the old science of Astrology is reinstated, (Astropsychology) in our colleges and universities, there will be either no understanding or therapeutic healing measures available for these children.

A few years from now once in power this unyielding generation has the awful potential to destroy the world with the use of irreversible atomic weapons. Let’s just hope that the worst elements of this “Death Wish” generation get spiritual guidance quickly, or imperatively auto-destroy themselves, for the sake of all of us.

If God’s implacable Universal Rules have been broken and ignored for too long, a serious penalty is awaiting mankind. There is no room for ignorance at any level of consciousness or any other worlds above or below us.

Slowly but surely, mankind is witnessing the slow and painful suffocating end of another young generation. Hopefully, our scientists will cast the “ridicule” aside and a solid investigation of “Divine Astrology” will bring it back into the traditional educational system.

Only then, the real therapeutic deeds involving Astrology will begin to heal and regenerate the psyches of all of these unquiet spirits. We, the people, in the name of knowledge, love and happiness, still have time to make the change.

That’s why I am working fervently to produce this work, for the children of this specific generation. For if they get the right spiritual help, and do rebirth from their own ashes, the incredible potential of this Eagle generation can uplift humanity and the world to its highest and most glorious potential.

The parents need to be educated first, as the numbers of requests from the concerned parents will make the badly needed changes and save future lives.

DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK FOR MY SERVICES IF YOUR CHILD OR YOU  FEEL DEPRESSED AND SUICIDAL! Medications will make the situation worse and lead to suicide… 

Share my messages all over, to all that you know, even the skeptics or religious lost lambs waiting for their deities to fix the problem. Their ignorance doesn’t give them the right to be blind, but denotes warm hearts for children and your gesture may help them to grow and perceive my work.

While one wish is to have Astroforensics and Astropsychology schools, it already is available with my work because the system will never do it and reluctant to make those crucial changes! Your help is important.

If you can do anything to help the children of tomorrow PLEASE DO SO and invest in my work. Your gesture and donations will make a serious difference in the lives of the children of the future.

While there are many forms of knowledge that can be used to help support the cause please do so. Invest in the future not the past don’t be a promoter of atheism, or any religious institutions, invest in the FUTURE of those CHILDREN!  Thank you…

Gee if I was able to give you the exact date for 7 exploding volcanoes last year in my book 2013 Moon Power and post my warnings weeks ahead of time on all major social media, I think its time for the world to pay attention to my predictive work! Nature DID Strike Hard on the given window did she?
And by the way was any warnings offered by  NOOA USGS, NASA or any geologist or independent scientific matrixes out there sucking our tax dollars? Yes what excuses will the skeptics, the agnostics, atheists,  and scientists born will find to deny the UNDENIABLE irrefutable values of my work? Don’t you think they would gain more instead of ridicule it?

But without cosmic consciousness they can not realize the Middle East cursed religious Neptunian roots or what a true Scorpio is truly capable of.  Like Syrian leader,  Bashar Hafez al-Assad, Saddam Hussein was born with the moon (family/internal affairs) in Scorpio (death) and not only his close family members were killed but also thousands of Iraqis.  I do not know how more dry and non-perceptive all those religious leaders can be when the satanic spirits of such leaders are so deadly obvious! Report: 11,000 kids killed in Syria

Note: Religious figure and Christian evangelist William Franklin Graham, Jr. was born on November 7, 1918, in Charlotte, North Carolina, is this an accident or a serious strong need to “sensually/sexually/mentally” control others?

Historically, the deadly legacy of Saddam Hussein’s Scorpius moon (infrastructures) spoke of those Scorpius deadly regimes and Iraq total destruction. The negative Age of Pisces (religious/irrational/deceptive) infatuated Middle East must change and give room to the New Age of Aquarius (freedom / humanitarianism / nukes  and technology.)

But born with a Dragon’s Tail in Aquarius and a non cosmic conscious President, America is cursed to suffer another “surprise attack” as history tend to repeat itself. All I am doing is to warn all the non cosmic conscious young souls from all walks of life to pay attention to the signs or pay the heavy penalty.  The current Scorpius Draconis Head is in its own sign in Scorpio, this mean the Cosmic code is working in favour to this sign and dictate why President Rouhani got his deadly wish granted.

There is no logic,. there is no rationale, there is no possibility for our leaders to assimilate and realize my warnings because like President Rouhani they are all acting out, neurotically, subconsciously their karmic UCI stars. In fact their very logic, rationale, traditional education and inborn humanitarianism enhanced by skepticism and fear of the ridicule BLINDS THEM ALL and become the main reason for  this “historic mistake.”

This will stimulate the 2017 Neptunian Draconis with yet another prediction I made about a world wide religious war. Then America will start to drill for oil on its own shores because of the danger and turmoil in the Middle East! There are many more predictions awaiting my readers by becoming a Cosmic Coder VIP.

Once more none of the leaders in charge of our safety, welfare and life in general are cosmic conscious, this very fact is making the  religious, scientific, educational  and political  “experts” once again, the least informed on the seriousness, danger and terrible damages ahead of humanity.

In a world where political leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity. Dr. Turi

Remember readers, I am not into politics, nor religions, my predictions involving the Scorpius, Arian and Pisces dragons does not make me a hater of German, Middle Eastern people or any other human being, regardless of their colours, race and beliefs… If you think this way, you are indeed FAR from the crucial message I chose to deliver today!

In fact those varieties are the spices of life, and for any spiritually immature young souls to assume and  judge me negatively shows total imbecility, insecurity and enviousness of my predictive talents.

 “We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.”  (Carl Gustav Jung) 

This world has lost its connection with God’s divinity, its egocentric scientific community believe they know better and will, one day offer you the keys to life. Indeed all God fearing children are all lost,  lead by religious figures regimenting their abusive corporate financially oriented matrixes. None of them can can hear, see or heed the creator magnificent celestial identity. Life is a constant process of changes and so are countries and their imposed perception of a new God’s consciousness…

The forces of evil are endlessly at work through an army of deceptive, unconscious crowd of born tele-evangelists Neptunian born, leading and keeping the deceptive show alive on national TV.  The flow of this religious ridiculousness and its psychical poisoning starts at a very early age and the repercussions can only be quite dramatic for all the people involved with  the cursed soul’s mental foolishness.

But God has a plan for all of us, from the moronic, uneducated, gullible moronic mass of human, all the way up to the abusive controlling leadership…. All I know is a life lead without cosmic consciousness is a very dangerous ship in a violent storm unable to control its direction and avoid sinking…

A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order” Nostradamus

While being at least 50 years psychically ahead of humanity, time is the essence and all I am doing with my premonitions is to make my readers aware of the very powerful cosmic forces at work moulding your character and your destiny!

It sadden me to realize that there are so many cosmically blessed human beings living a mediocre life falling deeper and deeper each passing day into the abyss of despair. Life’s challenges overwhelm them all and many scared souls, who have the potential to turn things around, are doomed to endure “a wasted life.”

Who knows better than  Dr. Turi when from hell, back in 1984, I took the biggest gamble in my life and flew from Europe to the US, then I raised to heaven!   Yes I know what it means to be disrespected, abused, depressed, lost, homeless, sick, depressed  living day to day, pay check to pay check.  

Those who know nothing of me assume I had it all when I left home and experienced the dangerous streets at the age of 13 years old. Yes digging into garbage for food, sleeping in basements, beaches and buildings was my load but I also knew how to avoid the wrong crowd, drugs and crimes…

Today I have it all and even got a second chance at life when I battled cancer thousands miles away from any of my loved ones… Why would anyone look for real directions in life or healing the body, mind and soul with someone depraved of cosmic wisdom and real experiences on the subject?

People are so much into themselves and, some end up paralysed with  fears, unwilling to investigate real gifted people thoughtfully.  Those fears unable them to listen to the only little voice they should fully trust or their intuition that will never lie to them…

Stop feeding evil is the first step you mast take, then trust God will finally hear your prayers by leading you to me. Then the psychical  cleansing and cosmic education will do the rest and you will let the world know how happy you really are because I will rebuild not only your faith but your life. Indeed there are no accidents readers, its only when you are ready for me and supreme wisdom, that the door will open because the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of your thoughts….

Name: Jacqueline J. Jarvis – Dr. Turi, via Santos Bonacci I’ve found you and by way of the invisible network my spirit is following. Yes, I am supposed to be listening. I intend to learn, to evolve and fly…..

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