Goodbye Draco, you will always be in our hearts

Dear Readers;

Exactly a year (9/16/2014) after being forced to let go of our dogs, our beloved Doberman Draco died… We received the call tonight from Roberta telling us that Draco died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 10. Terania and I are still in tears trying  hard to support each other…

PuCkEr W-U -F-F-UP!

Terania and I are quite upset and our hearts are badly broken.  The wonderful memories of this majestic dog will stay with us for ever.

The Dr. Turi and Dr. Draco H20 Experiment

Dobermans are sought as “vicious” animals but Draco was a gentle loving giant and always ready to love and protect us! Macho lost his brother and at 3 years old he has many years to enjoy life with his new adoptive family.



When we were forced to let them go, we received many requests for those wonderful dogs, but we were very cautious and wanted to make sure those dogs did not end up in the wrong hands.

After weeks of searching and debating, Terania and I finally found the right family in Phoenix. We took Macho to the vet before giving him away and, like Draco was, he is now neutered!

I wanted our dogs to come with us in Florida and  I bought and worked on a this trailer for days. We wanted the best for our animals. I purchased expensive chrome wheels, a shell and new tires.  I even had it customized to look like our black Hummer.

While on the road, people were mesmerized and took pictures of both the dogs and the trailer.

It's a DoGgY - dOg World

How can you not feel sad looking at your past with your pets? At least we gave them the best while they were with us.

Run Babies Run

Letting go of any pet is extremely difficult emotionally because you associate the animals with wonderful memories you can not always let go.

Daddy & the Doggies

Letting Draco and Macho go was like dying myself inside.  It feels like  a new section of our life is over with Draco’s passing and holding tears is not always an option… Our dogs strength, beauty, love and dedication is a representation  who we  are… A special breed of  spiritual human beings you can only love or hate!

Swimming with daddy

One of the reason for giving our pets away was the size of the backyard. Those big dogs need room and while they had plenty love from us, they have no enough room to truly be happy. The nice, caring and trustworthy people had plenty room for them, so my dogs can live happy ever after with their new family! They love to swim, in the river or the pool!

They did not like too much to be left alone for long and made sure I knew about it…

Real Smart Doggies

They are very disciplined and will not eat until I tell them to do so! Pets are like kids, they are a reflection of the intelligence of their parents and those dogs are very well mannered. All I can say is while he was alive Draco was the King of the house. I felt very secure to go knowing those digs would take care of Terania…  We have replaced them with security camera but nothing really beats a dog warnings.

For now, little Lady is helping to deal with our loss and she feels something is wrong in the family.

Draco, lamp to the soul – This is Terania’s own creative way to say goodbye to our beloved dog Draco and teach what cosmic wisdom and true love is all about.

Draco is now looking after us from the above and protecting us from all evil forces. We were all born to live a life and die and I know, you and I will see all the departed souls we once knew and loved. I also know that Draco and all our other beloved pets  will also be there awaiting me when my turn will come along and God finally calls me back home.

Cats and dogs in time and space

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


About Dr. Turi

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