Phil Robertson DUAL Unconscious Codified Petrified Mind At Work!


If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dalai Lama Dr. Turi

Phil Robertson Under Fire AGAIN After Another ‘Gay’ Sermon


Presidential Dinner and The Hollywood Matrix Deceptive Famous Faces


Dear Readers;

Yes the epidemic is getting worse and the 2014 Arian Draconis is having fun with all the unconscious people suffering its jurisdictions.  Phil Robertson screwed up for the second time!  Born a DUAL mean everything in life has to happen in pair, or twice and in this case, it happened again, Its just amazing how powerful and accurate the science of Astropsychology truly is but; only my students can acknowledge this unarguable fact!

A dual UCI depict also a very strong Mercurial/Gemini sign cursing or blessings the soul and this is why Phil Robertson will never understand why a cosmic God lead him to be part of a TV series / episodes… Nothing in his life will ever happen only once and more than anyone, my cosmic work will lead him towards his natal Dragon Head located in the critical thinking sign of Gemini.

Exiting the swamps and the churches of Louisiana and joining my Cyber Cosmic University teachings is the only salvation he has left and if you are one of his fans, you may be able to save his drowned soul by suggesting him to put his ego and false God aside and join the cosmic code website!

My good friend Gary  Busey giving me top of the world endorsement…

And if you think my good friend Gary Busey (a Gemini) is screwed up, you may be right, but remember his phenomenal acting accomplishments and the Hollywood drug environment that nearly killed him before judging him… Many losers are fast diminishing Gary’s ingeniousness but will never/ever compare to his legacy and the man I know he is…

God thanks the world is not only loaded with morons… 

Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show
Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

Famous dual people like Floyd Mayweather Jr.,  Mohamed Ali, keep winning titles and fights and so did Mike Tyson  “The Stars and Fate of Mike Tyson” another born dual like O.J. Simpson, (2 dead, 2 judgments, 2/4 attorneys?) Van Der Sloot, Edward Joseph Snowden and  Michael Jackson (from black to white?) to name a few were also born DUAL! Indeed Astropsychology and Astrology HAS to be ridicule and removed because this is too much power to give away to the Iluminati servants!

Because to them, you are only a bunch of gullible, innocent followers and you need only your abusive infantile science, your deceptive religions whoring around with a controlling news-media. The truth has yet to be served…

Phil Alexander Robertson is not only a DUAL but also a God fearing Neptunian and it is practically impossible to reach those souls out of the depth of their own cursed psychical deception.

Born a preacher he is oblivious of the cursing power of his Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail destroying his life and soon his career. The rules are clear, dwell on your Dragon’s Tail and pay the price because this cosmic fluid will bring down the house and you in it. So watch my prediction unfolding soon and acknowledge a cosmic God speaking his cosmic divinity through the Cosmic Code or pay the same heavy price!

Again let the atheists, the skeptics, the young souls pay the ultimate price for ignoring God’s cosmic divinity, the Universal rites and eternal cosmic ceremonies, you are a much better, more sensitive, smarter and curious human being…

A life without cosmic awareness if a life loaded with endless drama and serious troubles!

Dr. Turi

Dual Neptunians are the prime and easiest targets for the religious matrix to convert into walking righteous bible heads! This makes them impossible to think for themselves or use any form of critical thinking and end up totally self- deceived. Indeed the false God Robertson is fearing and selling to the world infuriate souls born with an earthy more logical UCI.

The religious matrix at work, feeding  a young Phil Robertson and the world with a false God!

The natal UCI of a born Neptunian is extremely vulnerable to any and all forms of education because the book will never be challenged and everything is sucked in, unchallenged and taken TEXTUALLY as is!

The same apply for well read scientists, all  produced by the “accredited” institutions birthing another crowd of “educated over rational fanatics/” These are the atheists, the skeptics and agnostics who blindly trust only science and ridicule a cosmic God they know nothing about.

 200,000 More Morons apply to live on Mars?

This pious dangerous righteous attitude give birth to extremism/religious fanaticism and  the atheist growing movement when the natal UCI is largely earthy.  And you wonder why the religious and scientific matrixes are dedicated to exterminate each others?  OMG! Have Mercy on your lost children!

God is an eternal, universal cosmic energy referred appropriately as “Dark Matter” by science and faith by Christians!

Atheists & Christians, God is Really Pissed Off At You!

“They were mad at me. … because instead of acknowledging their sin like you had better do, they railed against me for giving them the truth about their sin,” he said of those angry about his past comments. “‘Don’t deceive yourself’ — you want the verse? The news media didn’t even know it was a verse. They thought I was just mouthing off.”

Robertson went on to further explain his interview with the GQ reporter, paraphrasing the Bible verse that first landed him in hot water. He said that the reporter asked him if he believes homosexual behavior is a sin.

Then, he told the congregation how he responded.

“I said, ‘Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Don’t be deceived. Neither the sexual immoral, nor the idolaters, nor adulterers, nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves, nor greedy, nor druggards, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherent the kingdom of God,’” Robertson recounted, reciting Paul’s remarks in 1 Corinthians 6:9.

Phil Alexander Robertson  was born April 24, 1946 with the Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Sagittarius (religions / books / codification of thoughts) and this wild dragon make him brutally honest and act like  the “Bull in the China shop!” 


Key words for a negative Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail

Your philosophy, religion or your guru is the only right one
You won’t change your mind, your views or your beliefs
You believe that animals are better than humans
You won’t challenge what has been written
You are afraid of pursuing real education
You have been religiously poisoned
You think you are above the law

But born a DUAL and  in April Phil Robertson also suffered TWICE the direct impact of the 2014 Aries Draconis  cursing his Aries Sun sign! Thus if you are an Aries or a Libra (or any other of the signs for that matter) a $15 dollars eBook will prepare you to its direct impact in your life! Its either you pay the heavy price and lose it all, like Phil is about to experience or you invest $15 in my supreme priceless cosmic wisdom.

But in all, Phil, Ian, Adam Lanza are all innocent souls  and the victims of the religious/ scientific abusive educational matrixes. They did not get the opportunity to be educated on God’s cosmic divinity and never landed on my Cyber Cosmic University or any of my articles!

The  opportunity to refine themselves psychically and control their stars was not an option because the monopolizing religious (for the Christians) and the scientific (for the atheists) matrixes had them first. Indeed Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!

Dec 28, 2013 Recovered article; Phil Robertson America New Found Jesus

Phil Robertson, Was Jesus Gay?

 Indeed ‘Duck’ star Christians get Bible wrong!

 If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology, love and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.” 

~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

I once wrote, its amazing what cosmic unconscious people invent to bring justice to what they perceive in their own mind! I also wrote many times that; being cosmic unconscious does not mean you are an idiot and below Dr. Turi’s  intellect, all his VIP’s and students.

 Again if you feel insecure, invaded, offended, inferior and below us, it is YOUR problem and the result of your own cosmic identity. What’s crazy is; most of those people do not know about their UCI and can not auto-analyses themselves correctly.

Meantime it is important for the new comers to understand what I mean when I mention “Cosmic Consciousness.”  A non cosmic conscious person is someone who judge the world, people and everything else in life through their OWN UCI mental power only and do not realize God’s cosmic divinity.

They are the one fast to criticize, eliminate, band and mute those who think, act and behave differently! You must adhere to their high expectations in their “perfect” world or else!  Gee all the morons I know that kicked my butt out of their jurisdictions and mind lolol – But be sure they will all be back reading me again and again…

Indeed there are natural born killers, natural born Geniuses, natural born mathematicians, natural born artists etc. The fact is; no man is born equal, physically and psychically and all is is hidden in the karmic Unique Celestial Identity  or your (MPSI)  Matrix Personal Spiritual Identity.

 The fact is; 99.999% of the world is cosmic unconscious and will see life through their own five limited human senses. Most of the time, those senses have been refined with both experiences and specifically through traditional education.

Knowing the traditional religious and scientific controlling educational matrixes run the show, the chance for the norm to get “Cosmic Consciousness” through the established systems is ZERO! Not only there is no platform for practical “cosmic spiritual studies” those matrixes teach their students to either fear (religions/hell) or ridicule (pseudo-science) Astropsychology!

Once you become cosmic conscious the option is now given to you not only to auto-analyse your own idiosyncrasies correctly but to perceive others through their natal UCI. Another word, you are now seeing the world through different eyes or you now use your “3rd eye.”

For example; a born conservative (Rush Limbaugh / Glenn Beck, friends and followers) will vibrate at their “cosmic speed” and own a serious dose of “religious puritanical” critical thinking and will “subconsciously” HATE gays and lesbians.   But this phenomenon does not stop with those media “talking heads” and because of the fast approaching 2014 Arian Draconis WILL become, as predicted,  an epidemic with society at large.

Another Cosmic Unconscious celebrity who paid the price of  God cosmic ignorance!

Was he just expressing his beliefs or spewing bigotry? Either way, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson was sidelined after controversial remarks to GQ magazine.  they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

Amazing how those God’s fearing souls who knows nothing of God cosmic will become obnoxious conscious or unconscious robots!  Meantime,  unless victimized by one of their “cosmic biorhythms,”  none of those born religious perfectionists celebrities will ever admit openly the depth of their puritanical thoughts and feelings to the world! Rush did once with “slut” but he is so wealthy he and other conservatives,  now practically own a good chunk of “Clear Channel.”

Indeed, I can now add Phil Robertson and Ian Watkins to my prediction of a new beginning/endings of important phases of life offered to the public in “December 17/18/19 and December 27, 28, 29 Predictions!”

But while those unconscious souls are paying the price of their cosmic ignorance, millions of people in power and in charge of your life are also under the power of the stars, and this is quite a scary proposition…


Did you notice nearly every week another reality show is popping up? And again it seems all the producers are aiming for the brainless easily entertained Joe Six Packs and Sallie Sues out there! What an offense to the many of us born smart and curious but again, the creation of a show and its success depends on its ratings/money revenue and not exactly in providing a spiritual service to humanity! Imagine for a minute if I was the star of my Cosmic Code reality show readers what could be offered to the English speaking audience. But maybe one of those spiritually refined TV producer will be smarter than others, realize my talent, my gift and the true potential of making it a REAL top reality show!

I guess its not too difficult for the easily amused mass of human watching those TV shows to assimilate the banal DUCK daily matters than the “Dark Matter/God particles” I am proposing through the Cosmic code educational show!

While the controlling scientific educational whoring around with the news media and Hollywood *matrix” The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences offers a platform for recognition to all deserving rational souls, and my accomplishments in the conception and applications of a spiritual Universe is ridicule or sought as pseudo-science only?

Now for the record, remember I do not endorse politics nor religions I know too much about the unconscious mass of human under the jurisdiction of the stars. Now I could not care less about anyone taste for food, wines. music, politics, religions or sex as long as they do not infringe the law. By the way did you check what happened to a British rock star child rapist today?

I guess my prediction for December 2013 involving serious endings of important affairs of life did touch those guys directly! Watkins, the lead singer of rock group Lostprophets is on for  a new life in jail and religiously poisoned Phil Robertson is on for a new less glamorous life!  Can we all agree that I was once again right or will the skeptics still deny the obvious?

Now this crazy singer and TV series actor were only responding to their natal UCI, but when you combine drugs, alcohol, vice or religious, righteous convictions, only the worse of the stars will manifest in their life!

But why Ian Watkins would be having sex with babies? Born July 30, 1977 and his Mercury (the mind) is in the sign of Virgo (purity) and his Sun sign is Leo (children) there no mystery there! And as ALWAYS, when all unfolded when he was under one of his “unlucky Cosmic Biorhythms.”  He was born in the Chinese year of the Snake (Scorpio) and with  an Aries (self centered/baby of the Zodiac) negative Dragon’s Tail RIGHT in his 10th house of career… ET VOILA! how, in a few words, how the science of  Astropsychology explain someone’s dramatic  fate…

Again had Watkins be taught of his Plutonic UCI at puberty, he would have been given an option to control his destiny, but like you and your children the controlling educational system is not offering this option and is currently building more of those “Monsters!”

But how can the educational system can be improved when all its elites are themselves cosmic unconscious?  

Wilmington, Del., has a big problem: Large groups of black people are going crazy. And this collective “mental illness” is causing record levels of crime and gun violence in this mostly black town of 70,000.

The above mentioned nonsense is not only offending to the rest of the black American community but total bogus and comes from the logical mind of yet, another “expert.”  It seems obvious the deadly 2012/2013 Scorpius Draconis has spoken its impact and my endless warnings about the  2014 Arian Draconis  is becoming a reality each passing days… But the Chief diagnostician is black herself and this will allows her to get away with her nonsensical “educated” findings.

Black mob violence blamed on collective ‘mental illness’ is a Joke!


Chief diagnostician of this crisis in public health is city council member Hanifa G.N. Shabazz: has absolutely no clue of what she is talking about because she is herself a victim and the result of the controlling educational matrixes who mouldered her formal traditional hard core “education.”

Hanifa G.N. Shabazz, a native Wilmingtonian raised on the Eastside, was educated by the Wilmington public school system and is a graduate of Wilmington High School. 

While I will make sure this article of mine will reach her department, you may also tell her personally what you think of my work to introduce Astropsychology in her jurisdiction.

Meantime I am convinced, like all the educational “experts” she is very concerned for the welfare of her community but how can she fix the problem when SHE IS PART of the problem?  And by this I mean to say, she is part of the educational controlling matrixes building the future  ”monsters.”  May be she and all her “educated” kind should take some of their precious times and heed my warnings in this video and realize how they are endlessly producing more Adam Lanza?

Many of those institutions, schools, Universities and God knows what else are ingrained with religions where Dr. Turi is the evil! But the fact is there is no much the Vatican does not control financially secretively in all its financial masquerades.   Indeed I become the evil for exposing too much! Vatican Bank Scandal — JP Morgan, HSBC Cease Doing Business with Vatican

The Vatican bank faces a crucial test this week with European regulators set to decide whether it should be allowed to continue operations in its current form. The Council of Europe’s money laundering watchdog meets tomorrow to discuss the Roman Catholic church’s secretive financial arm after last year’s scathing report on its controls.

My good friend George Noory is offering me a regular national platform on Coast to Coast am while I can not recall the number or radio and TV appearances  I did and keep doing over the years.  And be sure readers, without any doubt, there is a secret Facebook and You Tube Gestapo MUTING me!  This particular video should have millions of hits already but the “Cyber Matrix” is set to stop me reaching you with my crucial cosmic messages.

Knowing the Iluminati in charge of all forms of media communication will do all in their power to mute Dr. Turi, you, my dear trusting readers must become more active and help me reach more curious people looking for the truth they can only get from the Cosmic Code website. And all my pearls of wisdom will stop reaching the general public on 01/01/2014!

The main reason why I will stop posting for the public, is because I am muted all over anyway and not really appreciated where ever I go with my free  ”spam.”  Thus there is no point for me to waste my time any-more with my precious pearls! YOU will have to come to me, become a cosmic coder to drink at the pure source of cosmic wisdom…

Memo: “I received a direct email from Facebook they are refusing to run my adds and You Tube never answered my emails to promote this video! 

 From –  indeed the controlling matrixes at work stopping my cosmic wisdom reaching you readers… Amazing our the Iluminati in charge of the news media will try to keep you in the dark! Indeed the pharmaceutical adds there bring them billions, all at the expense of the truth and your children…”

The fact is; for my own safety I must now become less transparent and build my own powerful voice force  with and for all my VIP’s only… A lot to think about and soon join Dr. Turi in the Cosmic Code website!

A true leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

John C. Maxwell



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A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”

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