Sex, Secrets, Murdering Children and Obama

August 22, 2013


”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dear readers:

I know, regardless of my undeniable accuracy, there will be many skeptics unwilling to accept any of my predictions! The series of  “shocking news”  due to the August SOS to the world Uranic surprising explosive cosmic energy has been quite significant. I collected those news  in “Princess Diana and Area 51” for you to acknowledge and I will soon give more explanations and the next  September SOS to the World on in a  short You Tube video.  But for now I would like to bring to your attention to my prediction pertaining to President Obama that also came to pass…

This window also involve news about television and on the exact given date for August JAZEERA AMERICA was born in 42 million homes and this type of news including a volcano eruption, plane crashes, explosions, college drama, Nuclear plant leak, deadly flooding, B 1 Bomber crash and   3 kids killing an innocent Australian man DO NOT HAPPEN EVERYDAY. The news were CHOCKING and unusual as anticipated and one must be quite blind or unwilling not to agree with my “visions.”

While I mentioned to George Noory’s audience about Obama popularity failing drastically I offered this warning to dozens of FBI/CIA /NSA/Homeland Security offices  via the Internet May 7, 2013! Indeed the sexual 2013/2014 Scorpius Draconis keep revealing all sorts of secrets where it will be impossible to keep any skeleton in the closet!

Weiner’s sext pal Leathers may have been exposed to HIV by porn film co-star: report

With my VIP’s millions more readers world wide read the following… FBI/CIA – Obama’s Impeachment” More secrets come to light to tarnish the President’s image, hopefully the Homeland security and the NSA will take my warnings seriously, especially August 18/19/20/ and 21st! which will be  the lowest days of his Presidency! 

Updated August 21, 2013 –  “NEW YORK – President Obama’s half-brother in Kenya could cause the White House more headaches over new evidence linking him to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and establishing that controversial IRS supervisor Lois Lerner signed his tax-exempt approval letter.” Read more

On my July 14th 2013 Gaiam George Noory TV show I offered the dates of  August 18/19/20/and 21st  preparing millions more viewers to expect a duplicate of the incredible shocking/surprising  development news and what the future has in store for President Obama’s administration. I again mentioned his administration will be at its lowest and endure tough time! 

Do you think Obama's doing a good job?

Do you think Obama’s doing a good job?

“The president stands at 47%-49% approval/disapproval in an American Research Group survey conducted August 17-20.”

Remember my goal here is to make you aware of my predictions, the cosmic code jurisdictions and are NOT political oriented. It is certainly not a surprise for me for such dramatic news and secrets to come to the light reflecting the deadly Scorpius Draconis aiming for the children and show the challenges President Obama is facing with the world!

When I mentioned for you to be ready for SHOCKING NEWS in my video did I exaggerate? Do you really think this type of news happen everyday?

We are the innocent victims of the 2013/2014 Scorpius Draconis and our leaders folly


Many women and children were among the dead. The area reportedly bombed is residential

Hundreds of children’s bodies piled high after nerve gas attack near Damascus leaves up to 1,300 dead


Watch this video

Watch this video

Police: Australian baseball player killed by Oklahoma teens — just because! *shocking?


Watch this video

Teen arrested and charged in killing

Cops say Delbert Belton, 88, was brutally beaten by two teens outside a lodge where he loved to play pool. It’s the second time in a week that a seemingly random attack by teenagers has claimed a life. 

Audit finds IRS can’t keep track of its own software

Note: Those Predictions were posted November 15, 2011 to the public!

Memo from prediction # 9. Many large financial banking Corporations, including the IRS itself, will be forced to implode and suffer their own restructure. Expect much secrets and abuses to surface from the IRS. New laws will be written to protect the IRS auditing its own self.

Blood test may predict risk of suicide


In “UFO, Born Killers and the Internet Matrix” I explained how abusive corporations are benefiting from each others by sharing millions of tax dollars to find the  “gene” responsible  for  crimes or for producing gay tendencies. Its seems looking into the human blood to find the answer to suicide or sexual orientations is yet another incredible waste of time and money! The fact is your tax dollars is interchanging hands between scientists and corporations but at the end, it all comes right back in the same abusive pockets.

The nerds born OCD scientists kids fresh out of their accredited colleges and medical universities  have absolutely NO clue of a subtle cosmic phenomena interacting with the human psyche creating all forms of preferences and / or destructive suicidal emotions… The human blood has nothing to do with the mind’s psychical composition produced by a inner cosmic design science has been cursed to uncover.

But dealing with the human spiritual DNA or the UCI is not an option for a rational approach to life  because those cosmic unconscious kids know nothing of the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and its impact upon the human psyche… Its about time for those educated kids to realize they are on the wrong path for unique discoveries, God thanks I am here to offer them the opportunity to dig into the cosmic code. Until each student grasp the values of his/her personal cosmic identity there will be no chances to truly comprehend what it means to be human and get the real answers about sexual orientation, suicides and crimes.

*The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.” 

~Albert Einstein*

The latest Uranic window involved the very old and the very new and finding an old Astrolabe is part of the shocking “cosmic” news. Remember readers, Astronomy is a by-product of a much older science called Astrology and an Astrolabe is nothing else than a computer used by early astrologers.

Cosmic unconscious Astronomers would never in a million years incorporate the sign of the Zodiac to their science but they will never be able to disassociate Astrology from this fact!   The history of Astrology is timeless while Astronomy is a fairly new science developed with the invention of the telescope.  In fact Wikipedia cosmic unconscious writers are far from the truth when they mention “Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences.

DT-rebuttal; Fact –  Astrology is the oldest and mother of all sciences.

“Prehistoric cultures left behind astronomical artifacts such as the Egyptian monuments and Nubian monuments, and early civilizations such as the BabyloniansGreeksChineseIndiansIranians and Maya performed methodical observations of the night sky.” However, the invention of the telescope was required before astronomy was able to develop into a modern science.

DT- rebuttal; Monuments are not artefacts but solid astrological devices built to mark and follow the movement of the stars and the seasons. The word ASTRONOMY did not exist then and the ARTistical, symbolic  science  of astrology and its study/correlation with the Zodiac was always present but unseen by non cosmic scientists. Change the word astronomy with astrology and scientists with Astrologers and you will be much closer to the truth.  Read  “The Birth of Astrology.

Swedish castle museum to recover missing rare astronomical astrolabe made in 1590

“two-dimensional model of the three-dimensional world.”

This August 2013  narrow range Stats depict how educational and interesting my website and my articles became, indeed my Universal Cyber Cosmic College is operational.  For  621 curious souls to spend over one hour learning from me is an honor knowing 5 seconds is the attention span generated by the normal human being.  Thus if you run a business website you must find a way to get people to stay, read and investigate it and most of all have an independent one collecting your clients feedback! If you are the real thing and provide a real good service to society you will be successful and stay very busy!

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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