The Victims Of Science and Education


Dear Reader;

UPDATED – As Many as 3 People Shot at Gardena High School in California?Suspect Reportedly Still at Large

Again because the world need answers this is a follow up to the previous “essays” dedicated to the families and the victims of the awful Tucson  tragedy…Please make sure my work reach all those people because they need to understand what really happened to their loved ones.

Do you know why the world is still stuck on this terrible tragedy and why the media needs to talk more about it?  Because the victims and the world at large  needs answers and a for a form a closure they will never get, at least not when traditional psychology affirms its inefficiency and lack of plausible answers.  But you are one of the extreme minority allowed by God to get a glimpse of the truth just because you intuitively know I have the tools, the gift and true wisdom to explain it all thoughtfully to you reader…

I will be in Tuscon doing a TV show on January 28th from 6 to 7 PM with Jim Roger where I will offer the viewers much of the badly needed information science and the police  failed to provide them with…

“The blind “accrediOted” psychology of a Jared Loughner”…


“As with any complex event in human behavior, this one cannot be explained by any simple univariate theory. There is a kernel of truth in much of what”s been written, which is precisely why none of it provides a correct or complete explanation.”

Wait a minute, science may be lost but not every one think like those “educated” heads stuck in the traditional, accepted psychological theories  “Box.”

Remember reader…“there is only one thin air between Divine information and pure imagination” and  “Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.”

Dr. Turi



Dr. Turi explain to them what happened to me please! I was full of life, a happy normal kid, what when wrong?


Indeed  conventional psychology and psychiatry limited perception of the truth will never offer the victims families and the millions of people real closure but I will and I trust you to pass it on to others so this horrible tragedy can be explained and avoided in the future.

NO Jared Lee Loughner was NOT a schizophrenic, YES Loughner was very conscious of his planned attack against his victims and like Christina he is also victim of an failed educational and judicial system that MISSED THE OBVIOUS ENDLESS SIGNS. Now if the Law Enforcement administration, our infantile science, the current US educational and political system, USGS, NASA, NOOA and the NWS, the producers of “Race To Nowhere #1” and all the TV and radio “talking heads” I have contacted and now reading my work have  MISSED the OBVIOUS PHYSICAL SIGNS, imagine them UNDERSTANDING the  type of SPIRITUAL SIGNS I have trying to convey them for so many years?

Again, your churches, government, science and the US educational system are at lost and ALL of them are UNWILLING to take responsibility for the dreadful results including ALL the future victims I see in a morbid plague that is about to unleash its destructive mental virulence upon all colleges and universities in the US and the world at large. If you think Jared is the only one making plans today, right now because he is not undertsdood by his peers and teachers you are in for some serious deception reader. And if you think your UNprepared educational system will detect the future killer in time you dream too…So be ready to take a chance with your kids if my message and true wisdom still unheard or unheeded.

While new stronger regulations are in place to save the butts of those concerned and in charge of your kids” education and safety NONE of these will work because the true signs producing a “Death Wish Generation” lost soul like Jared will be MISSED! Again it should be mandatory for every teacher to read my book explain what a natal dragon will do to its owner and be prepared but what makes you think, bombarding teachers endlessly to do so for years, they will/can grasp a different educational light? Oh but all Dr. Turi”s rambling is nonsense, ridiculous and unproven OMG are wrong these people truly are just because they never took the time to dig into my 61 years of ” UN – acrediOted” hands on experiences.

Indeed my “vision” of a total restructure of education is taking place reader – and one must be really thoughtless NOT to see some of my “updated” visions unfolding… The terrible Tucson tragedy is just the tip of an iceberg I see coming back to AUNT them all until they finally understand to hear and see God in action and learn more about the Cosmic Code jurisdictions. Note that my TOP Astropsychology students were ALL “like Jared Lee Loughner” born in September is this is NOT an accident. But what type of references your school system and teachers can fall back on when they lack Cosmic Consciousness themselves and treat each student as equal mentally and physically? Nothing can be more erreneous and some of them are sleeping volcano ready to kill because of a lack of crucial spiritual regeneration. Then the innocent victim, the nice harmless gently kids turns into a demon because of the humongous ignorance plagging the both the parents and teachers alike.

As much as I predicted a new life for souls born in JUNE (the victimized congresswoman) and for those born in September (Christina/Jared) to end their lives in a violent death what do they have to fall back on when they do not understand the dynamics involving the human spirit and its inner relationship to the Cosmic Code? But are  they/you willing or able to handle the truth, the reality of a hidden scheme of things that produced all those “accidents?” a phenomenon that will undoubtedly repeat itself too soon. An horrific drama that makes all the traditionally educated “experts” loaded with “Piling Higher and Deeper” giving you NOTHING tangible but ridiculous assumptions to explain what makes Jared thick and why this awful drama took place again somewhere else?

Our school, churches and educational system failed us all…

Are you a mom or a father dealing with a handful lost teen? Doe she drinks, takes drugs behave or dress weird? Is he a bully? – What Makes a Bully a Bully – updated Oct 16 – are you wondering, afraid and concerned, you may have given birth to a “Death Wish Generation” child born like Jared with Pluto (death) in Scorpio (death) and dealing with a time bomb…Do not expect any help with traditional education to give you the answers you need to understand him/her and drugging him/her legally to control his “attitude” and moods is the last thing to do.

Once Upon A Time That Was The Face of One of the SERIAL Killer… Innocent, loving, vulnerable and ready to go either way but…


I am only a humble servant blessed and cursed by God himself  through an advanced UCI *Unique Celestial Identity to fulfill a mission to upgrade humanity Cosmic Consciousness and my  highly spiritual material may appear so controversial, even too much for some morons who will mingle myself with the killer”s deplorable  obnoxious attitude and deadly Plutonic UCI. And that is the price I have to pay for working endlessly to help a serious messed up world and force them to realize how important it is to work in harmony with God”s celestial will and the heavens he created above for us to use a signs. Let me  help your kids, my wisdom is real…

All Is That And That Is All

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God”s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world. Dr. Turi

Remember being a VIP means also vibrating  at a higher spiritual level and concerned with the facts of life… The type of crucial information current teachers and accredited colleges and Universities did not have for  Jared Lee Loughner trapping his spirit into madness. As mentioned thousands of times. In his desperate act to be heard crazy Jared behaved exactly like others lost souls and used the very place or the school, the University, the college to act out an incredible bottled up destructive energy that finally blew up.

Yes ALL those Plutonic fated karmic born lost souls choose the same theaters, the same circumstances, the same deadly weaponry to kill their teachers, their students comrades trying so HARD to make the education system aware, of something so vital but missing for their depleted spirits. Don”t you think it is now time of changing the Status Quo and accept/realize that my “vision” of a full restructure of the educational system IS taking place? So what are you going to do about it, wait for the next carnage is already see in the near future and say, DAMN ! Dr. Turi was right again (as I did so many times in the past) or will you act with me and give me a voice or donations so I can make those badly needed changes for your kids education and safety? Join the world, build your own Cosmic Consciousness and help me before it is too late for other victims of ignorance.

”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein


Once you watch this video and get the hell scared out of you, please remember Pluto the planet of “death and rebirth” resides in the sign of Capricorn and this sign is an earth sign (the earth) and rules also politics or my prediction of a full restructure of the government and the sad results of the Tucson tragedy. Note if you read my last newsletter titled “Astrology Versus Astronomyon January 12th I offered the world this warning for January 19thNote that I offered this “SOS to the World window in my last two radio show January 6th as well –

Did you miss the show and the prediction about “shocking News?” here it is


Nature To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many


Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Destructive weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many.

Major earthquake 7.4. strikes southwestern Pakistan

Doctor: Giffords out in ”days to weeks”

What”s going on in Tunisia?

Regis Philbin is retiring

”Baby Doc” in custody

Iconic TV Host Regis Philbin Announces His Retirement From Long-Running Morning Talk Show

Results as we approach January 19th date posed all over the Internet be prepared to experience the Master at work! Then check what USGS, NASA, NOOA and the NWS received in their mailbox years ago to check Dr. Turi”s unarguable gift in predictive astrology.

Of course no reply from them and I count on you to pass on the word to the world that someone truly gifted can see and read the sign God enslaved everyone of his children to uncover.

Do you know why the world is still stuck on the terrible Tucson tragedy and why the media needs to talk more about it?  Because the victims and the world is looking for a form a closure they will never get, at least not when traditional psychology affirms its inefficiency and lack of plausible answers.  But you are one of the extreme minority allowed by God to get a glimpse of the truth just because you intuitively know I have the tools, the gift and true wisdom to explain it all thoughtfully to you reader…


“As with any complex event in human behavior, this one cannot be explained by any simple univariate theory. There is a kernel of truth in much of what”s been written, which is precisely why none of it provides a correct or complete explanation.”

The psychology of a Jared Loughner

(CNN) — Twenty-two-year-old Jared Lee Loughner is the latest in a long line of young men to capture infamy. Mercifully, his name, though never the deed, will soon be forgotten.

DT Rebuttal: Yes maybe for your own very subconscious purpose Mr. Kassin but not for the victims’ family that will live this tragic day endlessly without closure.And that is the problem, like a lazy person sticking the dust under the carpet hoping it will go away…With this attitude there is NO wonder why Saul Kassin, like his educated comrades will avoid giving you answers they don’t have and save their faces in public. Yes indeed the public has a shirt memory and they bet on it until my upcoming prediction for another school disaster refresh their latent memory of their inability to offer closure.  But rest assured they are not short of prescribing nefarious drugs making the situation worse for the lost souls.

From the University of Texas massacre of 1966 to Columbine, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood and countless others of more recent vintage, the names, dates and places may change, but the underlying problems are very much the same.

DT Rebuttal: Yes to their limited perception and educated guesses these “accidents” cannot be avoided and the real reasons are still a mystery in the darkness of the human complex mind they dissociate with the subtle Cosmic Code regulations… Yes Astropsychology therapeutic, preventive science is all natural at its core and does not add more chemicals to an already unbalanced mind.

Nineteen people were shot in the heinous Tucson, Arizona, massacre, six fatally. The most critically wounded survivor was Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Each victim”s story is its own tragedy. Each leads Americans to wonder why it happened and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

DT Rebuttal: Yes they know as much as I do it’s just a matter of time before it happens again but they have NO debatable clue of the inner reasons why it happened and will happen again and again… Astropsychology is free of dangerous prescriptions their “Piling Higher and Deeper” prescriptive know better authority poison the public with.

This past week, news commentators and bloggers have scrambled to lay blame on America”s culture of violence, its failing schools, a lack of family values, hate-filled political rhetoric, financial cuts to mental health services, a lack of security for lawmakers, and easy access to assault weapons, to name just a few culprits. As with any complex event in human behavior, this one cannot be explained by any simple univariate theory. There is a kernel of truth in much of what”s been written, which is precisely why none of it provides a correct or complete explanation.

DT Rebuttal: Did it occur to science that their accepted kernel of truth may be wrong? If the essence of the word kernel or the “most important part” of truth is not more then something is either wrong or missing in their unarguable findings yes? But when will science finally realize the difference between education and intelligence and accept the fact that ALL they have been taught and accepted as TRUTH may not be so?  When will science removed the preconceived ideas they know it all and start to look outside of their accredited box? But do you really think when I wrote and exposed my “visions” for 2011/2012, still posted at to expect “a full Restructure of education” they would catch on?Or is the Universal regulations they are so ignorant of, those rules imposed by God’s celestial will upon the human psyche or the Cosmic Code rules too “ridiculous” for those educated heads to accept?

Over the past 100 years, research psychologists have studied the root causes of aggression. The list is so long that it begs two sobering conclusions: First, some degree of aggression is inevitable to the human condition. Second, certain types of individuals and situations increase that risk — sometimes with perilous consequences.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed souls born with a preeminent Mars (The Lord of war) in their UCI *Unique Celestial identityby sign and masculine house will indeed be much more virile (aggressive)than those born with the same “red” planet in a feminine, passive sign. But to the scientists, the work of the ancient Sumerians and erudite Greek philosophers means nothing because yes, they all know better…But who’s to blame them? Who was there to teach those well intentioned, well read logical kids about the Cosmic Code spiritual jurisdictions? Indeed all nonsense and ridicule because they did not spent the time to educate themselves in the right direction and doomed to speculate wasting our tax dollars in wasteful ridiculous scientific experiments. While the option is offered to them and the world at large to perform real mental / spiritual gymnastics digging in my archives some are much too self important to even consider dealing with someone who is indeed well above their “accrediOted” wisdom…

Let”s start with the types of individuals prone to violence, which might stem from a genetic predisposition or past experiences.

DT Rebuttal: As I teach my students “there is a big difference between education and intelligence!” Now I will explain in the best way I can my own conception of UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity.” Again the mind is nothing more than a computer interacting with the outside stimuli provided by the stars (Universal Mind). Your very celestial program inherited at birth dictates all your strengths, weaknesses, fate, health and all that it means to be human. Now there is a big difference between a “286” computer program (that would be the young souls, skeptics, religious lunatics, scientist and imbeciles) and a “486” (the more advanced souls).

Thus men are NOT born equal in mind, body and spirit. Young souls will display the worst of human behavior such as; crime, jealousy, drug addiction, lies, unproductivity, and reflect a multitude of negative behavioral expressions. The old soul will use his natal “486” hard drive and will display, love, intelligence, curiosity, compassion, practicality, spirituality and will become; as intended by his UCI, very successful in time.

Like DNA, the spiritual make up or UCI between the mother and the child (or anyone of your family members) is also unique, and will become easily understood to one who builds cosmic consciousness through Astropsychology. However, regardless of your efforts to help some young souls to perceive the facts, you may never get through. A limited UCI combined with an early upbringing of either scientific or religious nature will seriously alter the conception and perception of the UCI manifestation.

UCI is a sophisticated inner spiritual blueprint, unique to each individual (including identical twins), which determines his spiritual make up and true potential. You inherited your celestial code from the Universal Mind and your karma. All the combined experiences in one”s life will lead the soul towards the positive or negative manifestation of those stars in your housing system.

To the erudite man, those stars are much more than dead rocks hanging there for the sake of beauty. 99.9% of the general population does not possess cosmic consciousness and are robots of the stars. They are unable to apply their will because they are ignorant to the ultimate celestial order above. The purpose is real and in time, science will come to acknowledge this fact. Thanks to all my faithful students, they are furthering the Age of Aquarius and helping me providing cosmic consciousness to the badly informed masses.

Research shows that men who are diagnosed with psychopathy betrayed signs of antisocial behavior as children by cutting school, setting fires, harming animals and the like. As adults, they lack empathy or anything that resembles a conscience. They remain calm in the face of electric shock or images of crying children, an attribute that makes them fearless.

This is not meant as a diagnosis of Loughner — a young man who had become isolated from friends. In high school, we are told, Loughner drank excessive amounts of alcohol, a lubricant of disinhibition, sometimes to the point of passing out. He also used other illegal drugs. His behavior further indicates paranoia and a deep-seated mistrust in government — in his mind, the perpetrators of 9/11. When he tried to enlist in the military, he was rejected.

DT Rebuttal: At this point the total lack of Cosmic Consciousness makes the psychologist oblivious to another source of information that HAS all the missing ingredients that could offer scientists the golden key they are all so desperately looking for.All I can suggest if for Saul Kassin to catch up,  show curiosity and read “ Jared Lee Laughner “The Mind Of A Killer”, “Astrology Versus Astronomy” and “Science and Astrology.” Hopefully he inherited a UCI advanced enough to enter the intuitional domain of my work and challenge himself outside of the traditional box scientific accepted disciplines.

It is important to realize what everyday observation tells us as a matter of common sense: Historically and universally, men are more violent than women and responsible for the vast majority of homicides. In the United States, all but two in the rash of school shootings were perpetrated by young men.

DT Rebuttal: Is traditional psychology common sense or a study that offers more than assumptions? How many times did you read on CNN of a father driving his car in the river with his kids still inside? How many times did you hear of a father killing his own children? If you take the time to investigate some horrific news of the past you will be surprised to find out that women can be as ruthless (if not more) than men. This assumption could also mean women are not as good as men and should not operate on a man’s world, Navy, Army, police etc. Total nonsense…

This gender difference is stable over time and place and has led many researchers to examine the link to testosterone. Studies with animals and humans have shown a positive correlation between testosterone levels and aggression, hence, the “roid rage” too often seen in men who take anabolic steroids.

DT Rebuttal: Not knowing anything about Astropsychology the rationale can only apply where vital, spiritual information based upon a rare disappeared wisdom misused used for wasteful financially oriented horoscope type endeavors. Basically what I am trying to do here is to converse with a fish (the write) stuck in his watery world (scientific box) or a tank where he is unable to comprehend a much more sophisticated world above his own. And this is why after 61 years of an independent research science still perceive me as a psychic or another Mrs’Cleo, just because they did not thread on my turf and assumed too quickly.

Still, most people who are prone to aggression never lash out in a mindless determination to annihilate everyone in sight. A predisposition needs a trigger to spur action.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed we all know what it means to get up on the wrong foot or feeling under the weather or “lunatic/moody/crabby etc.but again how much Moon consciousness the writer possess? Or does he think the moon and the stars are nothing else than lifeless rocks depraves of spiritual life? You see reader, the challenges are much too great and the gap much too wide for any soul born with a earthy UCI. Thus, the impossibility or inability for the soul to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness… The soul is only allowed to operate and apply its critical thinking at a much lower rigid earthy intellectual value. Consequently the scientific community is karmically set to learn the hard way that because they do not see the fishes in the ocean does not mean the fishes are not there…

One classic theory states that frustration increases the drive to violence, either directed against the source of that frustration or at innocent scapegoats if the source is not available. Frustration can stem from personal, social or economic failure. Road rage is a prime example. In someone who is predisposed, other noxious triggers include physical pain, excessive heat, insult, jealousy, loss of self-esteem and social rejection.

DT Rebuttal: Well in time a full moon chances are, as the moon regulates human emotions the situation will get worse or out of hand easily and that is a fact that science is slowly forced to accept…We all know in time of a full moon how the police and emergency services gets busier yes? Well science has not yet figured this one out reader.

Social rejection is a particularly major risk factor for violence. Being bullied in school, excluded, neglected or otherwise ostracized are significant sources of frustration. In school shootings, many of the perpetrators were social outcasts, rejected by the classmates they targeted.


DT Rebuttal: Again I do not want to sound redundant thus here is more spiritual “food for thoughts”for the curious willing to expand their perception outside of the box  “What Makes a Bully a Bully – updated Oct 16” – “ What Makes A Bully a Bully?” and of course, using Astropsychology  my personal views  about “Rejection and How To Deal with It!“

A U.S. Secret Service study of 37 such shootings showed they were not impulsive acts but carefully planned out. As in this case, almost every attacker had done something before the shooting that concerned at least one adult. Many talked of their plan to classmates who, tragically, did not alert parents or teachers.

DT Rebuttal: Well Jared was born as a Virgo, this sign rules organization, details and planning furthermore his natal Dragon’s Tail is also located in Virgo thus making his “planning” aptitude indeed very precise. Sarcasm, high criticism, supreme perfectionism, an attraction to numbers, details and cleansing plagues the psyche of its owner. This constant attitude finally alienates the soul from dealing with others. Exaggerated this behavior neutralizes the seat of attraction between human beings and makes the subject repellent… But what do a traditionally educate psychologist really knows about the true power of Astropsychology?

It is often said that life imitates art. When it comes to exposure to depictions of graphic violence in movies, video games and YouTube videos, people, especially children, are suggestible. The constant exposure not only makes acts of violence seem more acceptable but has a numbing effect on our tolerance levels. People learn by example, which is why seeing someone preach or model violence, often drawing praise from others, can set off a contagion of copycat crimes. It is why certain high-profile types of violence, such as school shootings, tend to happen in clusters, with each event serving as a catalyst for next.

DT Rebuttal: The fact is each and every school shooting happened under specific moon fluctuations and constellations that affected the killers own UCI in negative way making him much vulnerable to “act out” the worse of his stars.But again this is my turf and I spend years of observations that lead me to create a service that is so accurate and so crucial for any endeavors.For instance, Jared succeeded in his terrible killing act because the moon was not only waxing (positive) but riding his natal Dragon’s Head. Thus as the stars (or God) does not rationalize, a killer can also be successful if his stars and the Cosmic Code (current stars) are in harmony. This will supports the positive or negative act and bring it to a successful end. But who’s’ to really understand and use my 61 years of spiritual discovery at their advantage? 2011 Universal Dragon Dates

Then there is the matter of guns. The finger pulls the trigger, we are told. Guns don”t kill people, people do. Yet in laboratory experiments, subjects administer more painful electric shocks to an innocent stranger when a weapon is visually present than when it is not. This is an effect that has led social psychologists to conclude that “the trigger may also be pulling the finger.” To complicate matters further, recent studies show that merely handling a gun can increase a man”s testosterone level.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed people kill not the gun, thus we aggress on this one. However this ridiculousin this yet ridiculous laboratory experiments fears triggers involuntary actions, because anyone would perceive any gun as dangerous. Jared was born with a Dragon’s Head in Pisces and this sign is highly addictive to religions and/or chemical addiction. Thus he was as high as a skunk then and this may not be divulged to the public just yet to protect his privacy or for legal purpose.

Indeed the “alleged shooter” is now going to cost us millions of dollars that will feed an army of media attorneys i.e. O.J. Simpson case  who wants to share the infamous light and make big box in the process. Call it America’s justice where the truth and Astropsychology, closure for the victims and truly understanding the facts are NOT considered.  Thus 99.09 % of the people pulling the gun are doing it under the influence of alcohol or drug and not because of testosterone levels.This accurate logical explanation also applies for women of course…

These findings are reinforced by the correlation that shooting death rates are substantially higher in states that boast the highest per capita rates of gun ownership than in states with the lowest rates.

DT Rebuttal: Gee in Europe guns are outlawed thus the same amount of crimes happens with knifes because that’s all they have to fight with. This applies for “home / jail made knifes” because of the impossibility to bring a gun to any correctional facility.  Meantime drugs and alcohol is BIG business there and many evil/lost souls found premature death because of it.

The rampage in Arizona is a simple act demanding a complex explanation.  Loughner was troubled and therefore vulnerable. He had a motive, possibly incited by the tone of the politics of our time. He had opportunity by virtue of his access to an assault weapon.

DT Rebuttal: Do not blame a lost soul and the inefficacity of the school system, the medical science and the Law enforcement combined because ALL were blind to the obvious physical signs he repetitively offered everyone around him. He was MADE vulnerable by the very school system that was supposed to help him regenerate his spirit and highly creative spirit turning it into an evil of destruction.

None of this by itself can be blamed in a postmortem rush to judgment. Rather, this worst aspect of human nature happened in a complex web of known forces yet to be uncovered.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Saul Kassin.

DT Rebuttal:  Indeed Rather, this worst aspect of human nature happened in a complex web of known forces yet to be uncovered “and all I have done last few years is to expose this hidden/subtle aspect of the human experience by offering science the opportunity to breach the impossible, the inacceptable, the intangible and I did endlessly it in a repetitive unarguable way.

It is a shame for my work reaches thousands of “educated” people in high places to  fall in dead shameless ears…There is not a single US department; ie. the Law Enforcement Agency, the secret services, NASA, USGS, NOOA, the US d Department of education police Chiefs, concerned parents, cops, nurses, teachers, teachers, bakers, cooks, nurses, astrophysicists, astronomers, astrologers, psychics from lawyers to brick layers. And ALL of you are still afraid of the ridicule, unwilling to help me saving future lives. i.e Christina and introduce humanity to the divinity of the God’s creation.

All you have done is failing me and in the process failed your own self and your children because the fact is so OBVIOUS to my students and I, science do NOT know and do NOT have the answers that could bring a desperately needed closure to such an horrific drama. God be my witness for I have worked endlessly, unselfishly for a blind, religiously poisoned society offering and shading light on the darkness side of humanity. A monster / victim named Jared Lee Laughner this very society of experts has created and cannot recognize in its own shadow…

From the above God is watching me as much as he is watching you reader for all you gain and what you give to make this world a better place for you all…and even if I said this is my last FREE public newsletter my spiritual gift is also a curse that runs like a wild horse that will always lead you to drink at purified water of true wisdom, but time is running out for you and me…

Billions of dollars are exchanging hands legally and illegally every day, very large donations are given away to worthless organizations your blurred spirit trust it will help the children but the fact is NOTHING really significant has changed and will change soon, unless you finally yourself become conscious of my aim, my mission and the crucial time to act with me…


Wait for the next carnage is already see in the near future and say, DAMN ! Dr. Turi was right again (as I did so many times in the past)

Until then you have only those who have so far failed you to fail you over and over again for without true wisdom there won’t be true answers but more questions than answers about the “Death Wish Generation.”i.e. Boy accused of killing kin

UPDATED – As Many as 3 People Shot at Gardena High School in California?Suspect Reportedly Still at Large

Help me with your donations please, the little voice inside you tells you I am the right person to invest with, so I can finally rest knowing I reached my goal to free humanity from fear and ignorance of God’s universal laws.

“There is only one thin air between Divine information and pure imagination.” “Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.”

Dr. Turi

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”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

The final explanation about the “13th planet” and science”s ridiculous understanding of the zodiac being off by about a month will also be fully explained and will be ready for your eyes as soon as I find the time to write it for you.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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