Vision Restoring Breakthrough Stolen From Dr. Turi by Dr. Benjamin Miller


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Dear Readers;


One thing is sure readers, back In 1974, while working as a trainee nurse at St. Mary’s hospital in Eastbourne Sussex, England, ,  I was already working on improving vision and well ahead of Dr. William Bates and Dr. Benjamin.  In fact Miller’s dad started his researches back 1980, and used Dr. Bates findings in 1982!

“Until late one fateful night in June of 1982, my dad found himself reading the writings of a man named Dr. William Bates.” 

The question is, did Dr. Bates (or Dr. Benjamin) read all about ONMT (Optical Muscles Nerves Trainer) knowing I sent all the details to thousands of companies and optometrists since then?

Sorry Dr. Miller, I knew better then and know better now, legally I own and have the plans for the final product!

Yes, Dr. Turi’s initial ONMT or Optical Nerves Muscles Trainer invention, idea was somehow stolen, read more…

Vision Restoring Breakthrough Bought Over For $600,000

The good news is, like my spiritual work on the moon and Forbes India financial astrology, my eye work was also posted years ago on the Internet offering ONMT and my ingenuity to the world.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”- Buddha

D – ugh! The sun, moon and truth have been obvious already since forever and well before Buddha…All you have to do is look up, down and all around…For without it there would be no light for life.

I also posted another article on AHHHA – ONMT – Idea offering all the details but again, not even today, “normal” people are not smart enough to tap on my ingenuity  to safely become financially secure using my many talents. I am well ahead of everyone involved in this eyes research and also designed the software program and the tool needed to get your vision in shape.

I still have all the original drawings in one of my box in the attic. Sad enough I had no money then and no legal guidance and could not even patent my invention.   I actually since 1984 submitted my idea  twice in the UK, three times in the US and once in Japan.

The latest attempt was with Invention Corporation located at 3420 E SHEA BLVD in Phoenix, AZ, about 2 years ago. But found out that they too were a scam and while many inventions never make it out and some people soon realize that after thousands spent, even with a patent which isn’t necessarily needed either; and where sometimes even any  definitions of the invention can end up being too narrow  causing a competitor to possibly  make major or maybe only some minor changes to your invention but it still ends up producing a functionally-similar but non-infringing product.

At the same time, I wouldn’t want to limit the long term commercial value by my pending patent and it may have already been. Committing oneself to all the claims can be dangerous in some cases and as there isn’t always a way to completely know attorney’s previous experience of the technical field or the examiners either for a full understanding of the draft for the invention, one could find himself in a prosecution phase.

I still have all the paperwork, and while ONMT idea was submitted to many corporations, not a single one offered me thousands to keep my mouth shut because, everything about my idea was already publicized and I am not an ophthalmologist!

Now on to the original article posted many years ago; Note this section is also published in one of my books.

Back in 1974, I was in England and spent some time on the pier in the arcades watching kids playing the first video games ever created.

I was amazed by the technology and wondering; when applied productively for space and science where these new tools would take the human race.

I was standing behind a kid for a while but a bit too close for comfort and without taking his eyes away from the game, he shouted, ” Off man, you’re in my way”.

I moved back and kept watching him handling the stick and winning game after game. When the game was finally over, I congratulated him for his talent, and while staring at me he smiled and ran out of the arcade.

His gaze amazed me and the “energy” he accumulated in his eyes was like electricity. His stare was powerful, penetrating, glowing, and somewhat magnetic. For a second I wished I had this shine in my own eyes thinking how many pretty girls (I was only 22 then) would fall for me.

I went by the beach and pondered a while about the incredible gaze and the impact the kid’s eyes left on me. Then after a while I realized what took place and what brought the glow to this kid’s eyes. This kid was there every single day and did not know that he was performing heavy duty “exercise” to his eyes. The coordination of hands and eyes brought a tremendous amount of blood to the eyes and gave it an abnormal supply of blood and oxygen.

Not knowing better I went back to my little room and began to move my eyes in all directions, a decision I lived to regret dearly for the next few days. I am very stubborn and I wanted to see if I could get the magic glow I saw on the kid’s face. I kept doing all sorts of movement, left, right, and up/down; making an imaginary cross, circle, looking up left and right, down left and right for hours. At this point I did not know that my untrained eyes would have serious problem eliminating the tremendous amount of blood and oxygen.

I went to bed that night totally whacked

The next morning I was petrified looking at myself in the mirror, I looked like if I had a boxing match with Ali…My eyes were as black as can be and it took me a few days to become normal again. I was scared to death, but I wanted to know more so I decided to go to the local library and educate myself on the complexity of the eyes formation and its common diseases. I spent hours on end reading all that I could and finally the idea came to me to build a device that would heal or prevent eyes disorders.

My reason was very simple, those exercises created a physical reaction and obviously prove that if any exercises work for any muscles in the body it has to work for the eyes too.

I kept studying about many eyes disorders and to my surprise read that the majority of eyes disorders are from an UNKNOWN source. Even nowadays medicals scientists cannot tell you the reason why and where certain eyes disorders are from.

In the vast majority of the situation, the cause is infective in nature with physical damage being done by the infecting organism. Much work has been done to correct the problem with surgery but nothing has ever been done to prevent degradation. Incidentally we all heard of the “lazy eyes” or Amblyopia, usually optometric doctors gives patients some exercises to perform.

So I went to work and designed a device that incorporate sophisticated technology and simple natural laws of exercises. I also realized that REM are the natural way to get eyes exercises as we are sleeping, but again “the mental snobs” will challenge any idea that seem taboo to them. In the waking state the entire body get its regular workout and nature has its own way when it comes to the eyes.

I found out that we have three pairs of muscles in each eye and that we are barely using a third of these muscles nerves pull while the neck does the rest. My device blocks your chin forcing each muscle to move to their maximum length. This piece of equipment also involves a unique computerized diagram of exercises that I designed, forcing all muscles to pull in all many directions we naturally do not, forcing action, elimination and vitality in the complexity of the eyes structure.

This methodology requires the patient to ingest natural herbs and vitamin specifically designed to bring more life as to slow down, stop or reverse the flattening of the eyeball.

To prevent serious eye disease or correct eyes problem the three pairs of muscles in each eye must be exercised and ONMT can only bring more food, more blood, more oxygen and more strength and will help in the elimination of dead cells microorganism and foreign body which is the seat of all eye infections.

The unique device can be used in many fields from private residences to hospitals and the software can easily be written for any software. The specifically designed screen will help people using computers all year round to regularly exercise their eyes in the privacy of their home. ONMT usefulness is both preventive and curative and can help in the restoration of health following a surgery.

In this high technology age, the field of medicine is constantly changing and simple natural laws of exercise must be taken very seriously. ONMT is a unique but simple tool where its feasibility, use and financial prospect are phenomenal because of limit of innovative eye tools and most of all the need for a large part of society suffering eye problem.

When I finalized my project I sent a letter to Aston Science Park in London and they were amazed by the idea but when they asked me about my medical background they quickly dismissed my invention and me. I tried my luck in other scientific institutions and experienced the same response.

I thought a protocol would help and I and submitted ONMT idea to many optometrists doctors in California and all of them asked me for the prototype and test it on their existing clientele. But so far no one has sponsored my idea and I have to wait for the world of medicine to grow up too.

There are exercising machines being made and selling every single day, each one specifically designed to work out a part of the human body, why not making a machine to exercise the eyes? I have the plans, I have the idea for the software and I designed a specific screen for your computer that will easily fit yours. The chips for the exercise program are easily available and the plans ready to go.

Someone out there might be interested in my invention, but then again people want immediate gratification and there is so much of these being sold already by people with the same type of idea. Starbucks and McDonald started with an idea but look at the bad effects of McDonalds and peoples bodies. Eye exercises are much healthier but the fact is that many people are too lazy. I for one am much too much busy, don’t have any more money to waste or to give time and go through all the processes and waiting to even see if this new product would ever be made  even if  someone might be willing to  and invest in ONMT, there are still many disadvantages to avoid getting burned.

Another thing to also remember is even though, inventors end up usually being often unhappy with how companies use or not use their inventions. Once you sell and invention, most often the amount is modest or it is in the form of royalties on sales or profits. There is a wide amount of variation in how much royalty and invention can command depending on the market for the product, strength of the patent(s) and other business factors. In general, most royalties range from 1% to 10% with lower end of the scale being the most common. Note also that this idea is protected and patented (with Invention corporation in AZ) but of course I know I can’t sell it because there are some of the same machines out there already. Maybe it’s easy to safely divulge some of the concept to the world.

The drawings are ready, the “tool” very affordable, very easy to wear, quite inexpensive, the  diagram of exercises electronics needed are already in existence and this billions dollars idea is still sleeping. What’s next a legal battle,some type of prosecution or maybe Dr. Benjamin could work with  the prototype?

Do you have a great idea? Are you really smart? Are you a genius? Show your talent to the world!


The Eye Is the Window To The Soul!

ONMT or Optical Nerves Muscles Trainer

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Are You A True Genius? Public

ONMT is Copyrighted 1978 / 2011 dr.turi


It’s a conspiracy so horrifying… Even fellow Optometrists couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Did you know these irresponsible “professionals” and the eye care industry are plotting to rob us Americans of our eyesight?


You won’t believe what they are doing…  And not just that, more shocking evidence has emerged…proving glasses and contact lenses damages and worsens your eyesight… year after year.

Of course, there are natural ways to improve youreyesight… and it is true. You can do it without surgery, LASIK or useless “eye exercises”.

You’ll not hear about this because the eyecare industry will do its very best to suppress such information…  So as to not hurt their $35 billion a year profits.

Responsible doctors are already telling their patients to throw their glasses into the trash.


Life is a constant process of changes that affect everything, including science deplorable perception of the divine. Little do they know of the power of the supra-conscious forces altering the atomic structure of the human physical/spiritual body and the marvels of magic and the true power of Talismans!

The Magical Power of Talismans!

WARNING! A talisman is an object created for the purpose of adding and using specific cosmic energies in respect of the soul’s Unique Celestial Identity. The cosmic code eternal rules and universal ceremonies are  “trapped/casted” in the periapt and contain magical cosmic sacramental properties providing good luck for the possessor and offer protection from evil or harm.

 A full awareness of judicial divine / medical astrology must be acknowledged and respected by anyone making talismans. Any talisman casted or purchased during the “Blood Moon” period of October 8th, 2014 or under any other negative astrological auspices will induce drastic repercussions on the owner. Consequently, purchasing or making talismans without proper cosmic awareness is not only a waste of time and money but will prompt negative consequences on its owner. 

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