Actor Gary Busey faces sex offense! The man, the legend; by Dr. Turi


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Actor Gary Busey faces sex offense charges at Monster Mania Convention

Gary and I had a very close relationship for years and while nothing surprises me with him anymore, I am very sad; not to be always available to guide him, when he needs me the most!

Gary Didn’t have his “cosmic” Guard up and there is a huge amount of greedy spectators; that look for opportunities to sue actors… And he is an easy target!

I hope this article will bring some light to his complex personality and bypass his psychical shortcomings by concentrating on the wonderful, loving, caring, genius-like side of Gary I know.

He had my back and I had his for years and no one does understand Gary better than I do!

It is not the first and the last time that Gary will find himself in big trouble.

This exasperates all the people; that truly care for him…   

Call it uncontrolled self-destruction?

And it can become a very serious challenge, to get him to listen!

Years ago, we had a big fight in Las Vegas and I really thought our relationship was over, but it did survive the day and the test of time…

My friend Gary  Busey giving me a top-of-the-world endorsement…

The fact is; like many of us, Gary is a human being fighting his own demons/reptilius, but be sure, there is true love and true care in his heart…

There are NO accidents in life, only subtle cosmic circumstances at work so many of you are oblivious of…

And I am not saying this in a  negative way as to diminish your intellectual potential, my friend… But the fact is that; some of you will never gain anything, from my cosmic wisdom… What upset me the most; is the morons who bash such a great man that has accomplished more in one lifetime, than what they will accomplish in ten of theirs!

Again, when you are a celebrity envious people who suffers inferiority and/or insecurity complex will always go to great lengths, even lie, to bash those more creative and more successful! 

All I can do is try giving you some light on his spirit…

The annual Monster Mania Convention at the Doubletree Hotel took place on August 12-14 in Cherry Hill during some negative cosmic winds. And knowing Gary’s Capricorn negative Dragon’s Tail; I knew he could get himself in serious trouble.

Well before today’s dramatic sex offense news, while at Seaschool in Alabama, studying for my Captain license,  I received a few telephone calls from him.

He told me he was “fired” from the popular event and was wondering about possible legal action against him.

He asked me if everything was going to be OK and if he was going to be able to return to his loving fans. 

I told him “Gary, the moon is waning and you are right into one of your 2022 Negative Cosmic Biorhythms! This is the worse “stars” combination you can ever deal with!  “What does this mean” he replied! 

“Gary you are in the worse timing possible to deal with the public since your Tail of the Dragon is in the sign of Capricorn right in your 7th house which rules contracts, the public at large, and your own public image/standing,” I replied!

“Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil! 


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This depicts in many ways why Gary, such a gifted actor has and will always find himself in peculiar situations; with others, that will ruin his life and his image.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn “The Great Malefic” this karmic planet can trash you down your high position; if you make a mistake.

The goat is climbing the long, hazardous, dangerous, tasking mountain leading to public recognition, career, and achievements after many years of hard work.

A high position; in the public eye, is the reward. 

Just before the bad news, I spoke to his wife Stephany and their son, Luke and she was quite distressed; about Gary driving to Phoenix, since I invited them to go boating; to celebrate my Captain license. 

Gary is a Cancer, totally under the jurisdiction of the Moon, and many times he called me; mesmerized… Watching the white splendor, over the ocean from his Malibu home in California.

Currently, the tail of the dragon is in Scorpio right in his 5th house of love, romance, speculation, creativity, and children… 

Thus anything related to love, showing love, (appropriately or not) Gary is walking on a razor blade…  Anything he would say or do that involves love or showing his feelings; becomes a very dangerous endeavor.  A few times I tried to send him his 2022 Cancer forecast but Gary is very old fashion…

He is totally deprived of technological skills and does not know much about emails, computers, and texting. Thus the critical astrological information he needed to avoid “teasing” the nasty dragon never reached him. 

“It is a miracle for curiosity  to survive education…”  ~ Einstein

And while anyone reading this article has FREE access to their personal forecast, only a tiny minority of curious and smart people will email to become a cosmic coder and read it to heed my warnings! 

The excuses are endless, this is New Age junk or I’ll end up in hell; if I deal with Astrology!

People have been so conditioned by science or indoctrinated by religions that looking for God’s Cosmic  Divinity speaking his will through the signs or Jesus’s Cosmic Ministry “outside of the box” is for some, at that level of spiritual evolution, simply impossible!

Pope Francis Astrology UFO’S Centuries of Lies

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I always told Gary to pay more attention to the stars but event promoters from all walks of life (like 99.9% of society) are not cosmic conscious and do not use the stars!

And his excuses when traveling to many public events have always been valuable since the rational and, not the lunar calendar rules our business lives, our planning, and our travels! But this time, I was not there, to caution him of the karmic dramatic implications; of ignoring the Cosmic Code rules. 

He told me (and the police) that during some picture taking at the event, he had his hands on the back of some ladies but he did not do anything wrong! He told the police he was willing to take a lie detector but, unlike him, the ladies refused to do so.

But Gary is not the only one with the tail of the Dragon cursing his public life! Gary like Trump,“Grab them by the pussy… You can do anything when you are a celebrity.” Mike Tyson and Taylor Greene (to name a few) share the same unsophisticated “Bull in the China shop” rogue personalities because their natal UCI “Unique Celestial Identity” is very similar! And all were born in June with their own Pluto (power/sex) in the 3rd house (the mind!) 

But unless you study my work you would have no clue of the similarities…

President Trump/Russia/China FBI/CIA/Police and Pluto

And it is because I reached full cosmic consciousness that I am able to accurately expose anyone’s character and fate and be more understanding of their psychical shortcomings. 

Not knowing anything about your natal, karmic UCI (your stars and fate) is the biggest damage you can do you own yourself!

Refusing to challenge yourself and bypass skepticism or religious poisoning is like being blind and trying to drive a car in a world of blindness.

Knowing nothing of your stars is like asking a blind Captain to take you on a ship that is doomed to sink…

And taking a chance on me is a sure ticket to being on the right road to reach all your goals! 

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Sad enough a rational, skeptical scientific community has lost a priceless amount of wisdom due to skepticism! Using legal or illegal drugs to “fix” your problem can only make your situation worse and endorse the reptilius agenda!

But who’s to blame them when the real cosmic conscious teacher is not available for your kids and ridiculed by the US Department of Education?

The norm is to accept and support archaic religious/indoctrinating teachings or science, and not someone your intuition is telling you is right!

If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you: but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you 

And you wonder why the children’s fragile psyches become an easy target of the reptilius who hijack their bodies, minds, and souls? The results are quite clear, depression, degeneration, confusion, alcohol, drugs, an endless chain of suicide, and never-ending school shootings!  

When Cosmic Consciousness is lacking, science, religion, conspiracy, and imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, just cosmic circumstances, the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” Dr.Turi

Unevolved people can not be blamed because they can only judge Gary’s idiosyncrasies logically and negatively by assuming he did too many drugs in the past or fell off his motorbike and cracked his head!  That’s ALL they have!

While all the above did not help, the real reason is his cursed stars which have and will always affect his “bully” attitude toward the public. Imagine for a second what it means to be famous, loved, and put on a pedestal by everyone!

I have seen a very tired Gary lashing out at some of his fans who could not understand the endless stress produced by fame. 

In my next video, I will tell you another incredible story about Gary and me at the lake and why fame and being a celebrity is so unhealthy.

Yet, the deep reasons for “Why So Many Celebrities are Dying? are unknown to so many!

The ego is overwhelmed and going back to a “dull” normal life can become a serious challenge.  And it is all dictated by the powerful karmic stars we inherited at birth, something the majority of humans again, are oblivious of… 

If such critical cosmic wisdom was readily available in our schools and universities, traditionally educated psychologists and psychiatrists would understand why some kids were born bullies and others are much more refined and sensitive! 

But wealthy people would rather invest in the Stone Ages Supreme Court Backs Use of Tax Dollars at Religious Schools or Mars’s ridiculous financial, deceptive endeavors than help me make significant progress for humanity by investing in my critical Astropsychology schools! 

Mars Deadly Cult Shams, Help your children and Dr. Turi instead!

Jordan Maxwell RIP introduced me to Gary many years ago… 

A tribute to Jordan Maxwell! His stars, his life, career, and friends

Description: DT will be discussing everything under the sun, regarding the moon’s fluctuations and its effects / the power of the dragon and its impact – directly and indirectly, / the UCI / the subconscious in time and space / UFOS – the benevolent and reptilius.

Sharing emails:

Dr. Turi and Terania,
First off, THANK YOU so much for everything you do for humanity. Words are simply not enough so I hope you can feel the love and light that myself and others are sending to you.
Second, I apologize for getting this to you later rather than sooner. But it’s here! As DT said in my reading (and as he has said for the world as well) there are a lot of beginnings/endings happening. For me, it was a new job that was happening at the time of my reading. And I love it! It has also been keeping me very busy. Hence, my tardiness in writing this.
I suppose the real purpose of this and other testimonials is to maybe help people that are on the fence about Dr. Turi to give them a reason to consider his words and the gifts he has to offer. So, that’s how I will finish writing the remainder of the letter. My advice to anyone that’s still on that opinion fence: Give it go! – you already know what you have without him, so just say yes and give him a chance to show you how things can be with him.
So, a little about me: I’ve been following Dr. Turi on the radio for over 20 years. Yes, it took me that long to convince me he is the real deal and not a charlatan. Please, do yourself a favor and don’t wait as long as I did before you decide for yourself. My one regret in life is that I didn’t trust DT sooner!
As of this writing, 10 August 2022, many of DT’s visions have come to pass or are currently happening. The Russia/Putin war; monkeypox; gun violence and mass shootings; and verdicts of all those involved with the US Capitol insurrection. All of these events were recorded and documented years ago. They’re happening now. Skeptical still? Here’s another vision Dr. Turi has shared with the world: August 2023 Russia will no longer exist as we know it now. There will be the beginnings of a new democracy in Russia in just about a year’s time. Wait and see if you must – but don’t wait too long.
Like many of you, I have read the testimonials and some of the comments DT has made. Some of them may seem shocking, but the reality is it was just my ego getting in the way of truly understanding DT’s message. Instead of rehashing everything that’s already been hashed out I’ll just share this with you instead….
I was sexually abused in my childhood. I spent most of my teenage years and many of my adult years in therapy trying to overcome the trauma. It’s affected my interpersonal relationships with others and, as anyone can imagine, it has seriously affected my intimate relationships as well. While the therapy has been useful and helpful, the one thing that therapists could never answer was the “why”. But now I know why! It’s all in my chart, it was literally written in the stars. Perhaps if my parents had been cosmically conscious & cosmically conscience (yes, both versions of the word are applicable here) these traumatic events could have been avoided altogether?
I can’t change the past, but you can change your future. Learning how to become cosmically conscious will not only change your life but possibly the lives of those you love and care about as well. Dr. Turi has changed my life with just a single reading. He gave me healing that I didn’t even know I needed. (The truth shall set you free, anyone?) I’m not stopping with just the reading, it is just a first step for me. You’ll have to discover what you need to do for yourself.
Dr. Turi is a true gift to humanity. Please, don’t let another opportunity pass you by. Don’t live with the regret that you didn’t reach out to him sooner. What he does is more than just reading your chart. He can help change you for the better if you let him. I’m aware what I’ve said about DT could seem almost cult-like. It certainly isn’t. He doesn’t have followers whom he demands obedience from.
In fact, it’s just the opposite. He wants people to live their lives freely – truly liberated. He doesn’t want your obedience. Dr. Turi just wants you to discover there is so much more available to you if you can just learn the cosmic code.
Much love and light to all of you, as well as, Louis and Terania. And may we all help change this world for the better.
~ J.D. Prendergast
I agree with you regarding Dr. Turi’s gift to the world, I’ve known him for 30+ years and he is the real deal⭐️Terania is a partner that supports her husband and works very hard with him! Whoever is skeptical should book an appointment ASAP, while he is still sharing his remarkable gift 🙏
“Dr. Turi, a thousand thank you for doing my progressive reading follow-up as well as my husband’s reading, with the tarot reading at the end of the session…
A thousand thank you will never be enough to express how ONCE AGAIN I’m grateful beyond words for the precious guidance you continue to give us…
It’s the very first time my husband had a reading with you… I have shared with him all the books you published, he watched with me your movies on Amazon, and some of your Youtube videos, including the incredible documentary “Superconscious: the Power within” which he enjoyed, but he still has some thoughts of his own(he’s a Virgo/Scorpio rising )…
I recommend greatly everyone to watch this wonderful documentary…My husband never had a reading before and doesn’t have much knowledge of Astrology…
During his reading, he did listen to you very attentively describing what was going on in his actual twelve houses…He was flabbergasted by the information you provided to him (past/present/future), and the vital recommendation you offered him…
The tarot lecture we had at the end was just amazing…Some predictions were given to us for the future, treasurable guidance that is wonderful to be aware of…
All that I can say is that after having a reading with you, it’s impossible to not have your spirit boosted! Your physical & mental energy are contagious…
I believe in an approaching New Golden Age where peace can reside; “we are all here to evolve and grow to the highest possible frequency we can reach and together we can build a network of awareness about world peace around the globe” and that is why your real predictions and teaching are seriously worth being looked at …
Cosmic consciousness is necessary now more than ever and there are not out there soul teachers like you, humble, genuine, dedicated, and passionate about reintroducing this “lost/hidden teaching of the richer depths of Astrology that the very Ancients held” once…
We have so much evidence at all levels in front of us every minute that goes by, to continue to ignore for some, Jesus’ Cosmic Ministry and God’s Cosmic design as you mention so often…
I’m very honored and blessed to have been guided in knowing you for many years, for your incredible work, your newsletters that is time-consuming and full of valuable information, your teaching, and the sharing of your experiences without forgetting your revealing predictions making us aware of our surroundings…
There is so much Divine Power in your quote: “the Future is nothing else than the reincarnation of our thoughts” …
With gratitude always,
Dr, Turi;

Thank you so much for such an incredible, mind-blowing, insightful, one of a kind experience. Your knowledge & wisdom is something I’ve never experienced and it was an honor to learn from you. I appreciate you and all you do. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. I am really looking forward to listening to our session. I ordered your book and will be receiving Beyond The Secret today. I also joined the VIP Cosmic Codes. So grateful to be connected.

 Many blessings,
An excellent video and article on Putin Dr. Turi. Soon all the other so-called ASTROLOGERS on Coast to Coast am radio will steal your work as they always do. In the past few weeks, all the astrologers are suddenly talking about the danger the Supreme Court justices are in. Of course, you are the one who first predicted that. But they keep stealing your work and pretending they thought of it. How sad! Pete 

“Time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness” Dr. Turi

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