Alligator attacks toddler at Disney hotel Reptilius at work!


If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate, fear, ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!  – Dalai Lama / Dr. Turi

Alligator attacks toddler at lagoon at Disney hotel

Disney has closed all beaches in its resort area “out of an abundance of caution” after an alligator attacked a 2-year-old boy in a lagoon outside the Grand Floridian hotel Tuesday night, a Disney spokesperson said Wednesday.

Dear readers;

If you take the time to read the compiled horrific news produced by this current SOS to the world deadly window in “French terror attack Trump’s prediction” there is no denying the dark forces at work killing even innocent children.

The Power of the Dragon


As always religious parents have been conditioned to pray for the safety of their children while the traditionally “educated,” cerebral  minds will use their rationale to offer answers logical answer to what their perceive as another “act of God” or a banal accident.

Meantime both are oblivious of the cosmic code jurisdictions used by the reptilius imposing all dramatic news cursing humanity. Its only when parents accept to raise to full cosmic consciousness that their children will be safe by planning in accordance to the rules they keep infringing daily.

A trip to any of Disney parks should be memorable, happy and unforgettable to any children. Not end in the horrific way experienced by this family. My SOS to the world deadly windows are not a joke but only to the unconscious brainless morons!

This child did not have to die had his unconscious, “church goer” parents read my forecast instead of  avoiding or fearing my cosmic work. How much do you think those parents would pay me today to have their kid alive because of my warnings? But as mentioned so many times before, it is only when you are touched directly by the forces of evil that you may become more curious to find closure.

$10 this is what they would have to pay us for a month trial as a VIP to become more vigilant after reading my SOS TO THE WORLD PREDICTIONS! for JUNE 13, 14, 15, 16, 17!

Memo: Note: Attention: Pluto is back with us for a few days Expect dramatic happenings all over; control is a must. Don’t be a victim; be aware of Pluto’s destructive power. Anything you say or do under his power will follow you for the rest of your life. This is the time to use extreme caution, even in the time of a waxing (positive) Moon.  Alligator attacks toddler at lagoon at Disney hotel.

The trip to Disney may have been booked in a waning moon. This mishap would seriously contribute to the child’s demise because of his own personal cosmic biorhythms, putting him at the wrong place at the wrong time!

It is insanely dangerous to ignore or refuse to acknowledge and respect those cosmic rules, because the reptilius will use all negative cosmic winds to kill humans of all ages. But, while extraordinary important, building cosmic consciousness to avoid tragedies is the last thing the majority of my readers will attempt doing!

And while humans have full control over their destiny, without it,  the endless news of death and drama will never cease. But my cosmic work can only  serve its critical purpose with more advanced, spiritually inclined future generations. Today’s humans are much too blind and much too indoctrinated to perceive the bright possibilities of learning all about God Cosmic Divinity!  

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

Thanks to our very active Internet enemies, the parents never heard of me or my forecasts trustworthiness.

Facebook corporate “Psychic Twins” astrology/tarot websites attracts millions of gullible people enjoying their daily horoscopes, not realizing the difference between my solid guidance and predictions and “For Entertainment Purposes Only!

There is no way to compete with those wealthy corporations deceptive, financial endeavors and professionally designed websites. They are making a fat return not by serving you accurately but because of hundreds of their sponsors advertisements.  The real art  we practice and its obvious proven values are forbidden, remain in the dark, repressed, ridicule and muted.

In fact, today Facebook muted me again, thus I will not be able to reach anyone’s group and post this article headline as I always do. It will only appear on my own FB page, which, like all others pages, became seriously constricted. My page may be deleted in the process and I do not intend to create another one! These are obvious signals for us we must heed and for you to make a commitment to us and join our VIP’s to get the real guidance and predictions you deserve!

Regardless of my requests to share my articles, only an extreme minority of my readers re-post my articles. This lack of commitment forces me to spend more time on many groups trying to warn as many people as possible of the dangers you face for ignoring my warnings and the reptilius’ agenda.

But again, I have had my wake up call and realized my pearl of wisdom are not for everyone but those who willingly can make good use of them and with good intentions only!  Thus as mentioned a million times before, I will finally stop today serving a selfish public and may be this time, serve and put our VIP’s first.

There is no pushing true wisdom into anyone throat or force anyone to make the difference between a truly gifted Modern Prophet and the “Psychic Twins” entertaining only purpose work.

The mass of  gullible, unevolved kids desperate for directions they attract daily serve their immature mind seeking endless spiritual regeneration. They know how to sell their simplistic no brainer horoscopes while our more sophisticated cosmic wisdom demand a mature, perceptive curious intelligent mind.

And I begin to realize Facebook blind “herd”  is far from fulfilling our high expectations involving the divine and the acceptance of ET’s reality. We are well pass demimondaine discussions where hundreds of brainless people waste precious time on topics created by so many Facebook “talking heads.”

Those who read and watch will always learn much more than those who fight their differences and this is why there are no fights on the cosmic code and why my our VIP’s learn at their own pace in silence. Even our webmaster Tom is smarter and for good reasons, staying clear from Facebook.

I had my hopes rigged much too high with Facebook only to learn that there aren’t many mature spirits on those so called popular websites! And those crowds of religiously poisoned, cerebral, atheist idiots I encounter all along, confirmed my suspicions that our VIP’s are more of an extreme minority; of rather intelligent super-humans.

With this in mind, enjoy Facebook and all those trivial topics because this is where many of you are trapped, reflecting your current level of psychical evolution. I will still fish in this  pond with short bulletins only. Don’t get me wrong, because those who are ready for us will read this last public article and resonate with us.

Those are the ones who will swim through those tumultuous murky waters looking for us, looking for sanity and for the undiluted truth! Those souls will be the “saved,” educated and taught all the secrets involving the cosmic code and UFO’s when they become ready for us.

The right teacher will always appear but only when the student is ready! That is a lesson I learned through Facebook and all other websites who felt for the evil of darkness’ lies and succeeded in removing all my cosmic teachings.

Not everyone is ready to assimilate the real cosmic reasons to why there are accidents and many more children will perish in the process. All in the name of their parents’ inability to seek and ask pertinent questions, as so many are unable to exit their deep religious convictions or atheist indoctrination.

If you have any question about anything, simply Google it. Write your question and add Dr. Turi and let technology take care of the rest. For example Google “Google dr.turi” and you will land on one of the thousands of articles I wrote over the years.

Remember readers, all matrixes, including CNN hire professional writers who will take on topics they know nothing about and offer their own personal limited perception to something well above their understanding, i.e. Maria Duval CNN and French Psychic Astrologer Dr. Turi.

Those young “educated political correct” journalists can only expose what they perceive as the truth through their five limited human rational senses, and at 66 years of age, I can assure you 99.9% of them are wrong because they lack cosmic awareness. Opinion: Why millennials struggle? The Hard facts by Dr. Turi.

Young “experts,” fresh out of college will assume they own the facts when they are so far from the true cosmic puzzles all are enslaved to discover… The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism by Dr. Turi.

Other fabricated famous doctors and astrophysicists alike will ridicule the cosmic essence of all the erudite, wise men of the past, and through their blind “educated” spiritual pride, blaspheme Divine Astrology,  the mother of all science… What makes a true Genius?

There is no end to what you can read if you can formulate your questions, but ultimately “Dr. Turi Blog” can get you to all those articles if you just take the time to search for a topic of interest if Google did not help.

This young child’s life was stolen and so are the one of the 50 people killed in Florida just because this world is much too indoctrinated by so many abusive controlling “educational” matrixes. And regardless of my endless efforts so far, nothing has yet been done in the right direction to change anything! Omar Mateen, ISIS, Trump and an inefficient FBI.

But while the entire world is blaming  thousands of killers, responsible for murdering so many innocent people, I now appeal to your critical thinking and not your emotions!  Lost infected souls like Omar Mateen and Adam Lanza for example, once upon a time were innocent children cherished by their parents and loved ones.

While the reasons to Adam Lanza’s and Elliot Rodger  ignoble acts has been provided for years to the world in this video, it will never get viral because the world is more into taking pictures of themselves, entertainment and I am technologically speaking, muted by a controlling system unwilling to take responsibility for the massacre.

What happened to them and all other killers, why did they turn into such deadly monsters? You must realize they were all were created by thousands of various groups, particularly the religious matrix. at least as far as terrorism is concerned.

All of those souls have something in common, they know nothing of their cosmic design or their personal karmic UCI. Thus like the journalists and “experts” alike writing about a story, they can only judge life and their own existence through a set of stars that rules their own perception to life, their own reality and their destiny.

All victims and all their killers are the end result of a universal cosmic ignorance and their own perception to an indoctrination or religious radicalization.  This inescapable “brainwashing” is imposed by the ruling political party of the geographical location and the country they were born in.  And currently with over 875 different religions, countless customs and growing, differences and separatism becomes unavoidable.

This lead to the human aggressive animal instinct, fear and racism used by unevolved, dangerous politicians thirty for power.  As long as religious archaic teachings constrict and petrified the human spirit into fearful submissions, terrorism can never be stopped!

Life is a constant and very painful process of changes, and even the man made god created by man’s imaginary folly over the centuries must be eradicated and replaced. This is exactly what’s going on on planet earth today and its not happening without the cancerous matrix growth of atheism and terrorism.

Indeed my 1995 prediction of a religious war between the US and the Middle East is unarguable and, 21 years later, it is impossible to deny this vision if you listen to Art Bell and I radio show! 

Thousands of reptilius infected atheists gather in DC for ‘Reason Rally’ 

The only way humanity can better itself is to willingly upgrade its perception to a universal religion or God’s real cosmic divinity peacefully and start the humanitarian Aquarius New Age of reunification. If you do not want your children to be killed or kill others, as responsible parents, you must STOP helping the reptilius using religions and the supra-conscious to destroy them.

You must start introducing them to God’s real cosmic divinity and allow them to regenerate their spirits productively and intelligently! You must teach them that; there is nothing they can not do or become and tell them they own a part of God because they are part of a magnificent cosmic design they must uncover. They are children of the universe, children of a cosmic God before being your children.

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

Tell them hell is real, its right here on earth, and not after death! Assure them paradise is on earth if they learn all about the part of the Universe God has blessed them with!

You must stay clear from inducing any form of fears and chances are, if you are religiously poisoned or indoctrinated yourself, so will your children! Do not tell then UFO’s are not real. Tell them, like humans, there are good and bad ones and to learn more about them…

Tell them the more you fear UFO’s the more they will attract the nasty ones who depend and feed on their fears to manifest and exist!

If you keep indoctrinating your kids with man made religious junk or replace the divine with science, you are creating future religious wars or cold atheists!   You must guide them and not stop your children discovering their cosmic identities and thinking for themselves.


If you insist and your kids’ UCI is above yours, they will either divorce you for believing in a false god or endorse atheism!   And if you are really unlucky they will sign up for ISIS caliphate or commit suicide.

We can do so much to guide you into the divine readers but ultimately, the choice is only yours.

Come and drink at the source of all wisdom JOIN US SUPPORT THE MISSION

 Whole Foods gets FDA warning

Should you worry? Knowing the current Neptunius poisoning dragon is getting strength and the reptilius (through an infected greedy science) keep poisoning Mother Earth and the food supply all I can do is to strongly suggest my VIP’s to read all about my Universal Blood Transfusion. But if the “poisoning” is more spiritual and induce depressions, panic attack, dementia, do not wait!

Remember your caring loved ones are not cosmic conscious, they maybe religious and too fearful to trust astrology or deny the reptilius phenomenon. This can and will lead you to traditional psychologists and their medications, and this is the worse thing they could do for you.

Are you sleeping more than usual, are your dream very active? Do you lack energy or hopes for the future? Are you susceptible, over emotional, over sensitive or depressed? If so you need my help and as a VIP Terania will work with you! If you recognize those traits in your loved ones, ask for a taped reading, I will give you the right directions so you can help them efficiently while battling those demons… VIP’s If you have any questions, go ahead talk to us, we can help you on the chat-room too! 


Blessings to all  our readers, if you want the truth , real guidance and prediction become a VIP! 

Dr. Turi

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