Asteroid flyby discovery! A warning for Humanity?



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

Asteroid flyby yields startling discovery

Dear Readers;

I like science, I really do!  NASA images released Monday reveal the asteroid, officially known as 2004 BL86, what a picture… This is wonderful but do you expect Neil DeGrasse or any NASA astrophysicists to translate the spiritual meaning of the Cosmos for you?  I can already hear the laughs of all the skeptics landing on our work! Little do they know of the crucial omen any and all asteroid activity have for humanity…

But atheists, as a rule knows better than all erudite men of the past! 

 “We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.”  (Carl Gustav Jung)

…perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself – Plato

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician”  – Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

But what is the point for me to elaborate on what is to come to you publicly? Join us to learn more if you are able and willing to learn because, I will not waste my cosmic pearls of wisdom anymore.

Let’s start by explaining what a “Supernova window” out side of conventional wisdom mean and what a Mercury retrograde motion is doing to the world. As explained in Jeffrey and Allen program, the planet Mercury rules ALL forms of miscommunications and transportation.

During this window, people mind is not meant to work full speed forward *Pilot runs out of fuel, ditches plane in ocean. This cosmic wind induces chain reaction accidents *Icy roads cause hundreds of accidents from Philly to New York and Connecticut and misjudgments *F-16 hits other planes, kills 10.

This planet goes retrograde three times a year and produce the type of news mentioned above, curse the weather and bring people and affairs  of your past to the fore. *The ’90s: Reliving a decade.

Of course, I have to adapt to the rational thinking of atheists and make sure they understand that; retrograde does not mean  up a sudden, by magic the planet Mercury is turning back or goes reverse in the solar system…  Mercury has and will always go forward…  

let’s call it an optical illusion, which mean it appears to be going backwards through the telescope of astronomers…  But like the asteroid that flew by on Monday, NASA scientists have not be trained to deal spiritually with the cosmos and have no clues to offer you!

While they elaborated greatly on all the physical manifesto, I am here to explain the rest of the story per say, because all NASA’s or Neil DeGrasse lectures have absolutely no impact nor meaning to your personal life and those you care!  Its purely and greatly educational and entertaining at best!

My cosmic work has much more values because it touches your life directly, that is if your UCI is advanced enough to accept and assimilate my spiritual cosmic  work!  

Mercury retrograde has a purpose for all human beings though, its like a big train driven by a God’s cosmic Divinity that went by too fast and you missed it… Thus three times a year, the planet of critical thinking (the mental train) slows down, then stops and goes back to pick you up!  This is your opportunity to jump in the train and trace back what you missed. Or Dr. Turi speed of light cosmic wisdom…

When Mercury is direct, the news are going too fast and many souls missed my previous warnings of what Mercury had in store for humanity…

During this period, human are more “reflective/objective” and able to think harder and deeper, and this is why I also mentioned in Paranormal Central show, “this energy works in my favor to reach the young misinformed, “know better atheists!”

As you all know,  I while I like and respect science I refute all Neptunius religions! Indeed I do support unmanned space and Mars explorations! However for SpaceX’s non cosmic conscious elites decision to experiment during such negative cosmic wind or my 2015 Mercury retrograde periods – Supernova windows shows their educated idiocy and why billions of dollars went up in smoke.

I shouldn’t  have to be cautious towards expressing myself about science, just because the undiluted truth is not for  the over sensitive educated atheists…After all, they’re atheist and that is a disgrace in itself!

Incidentally, back in 1986, the SAME exact cosmic configurations were present, when I tried all I could to warn NASA weeks ahead of time, not to send the shuttle on this day! The results for their unfounded skepticism is; 7 astronauts dead and billions of dollars wasted! The Titanic and Concordia also suffered Mercury “miscommunications” curse and thousands of people died.  Indeed so many astronauts lives could have been spared had they put their educated ego on the side and used Astrology!

Since then NASA wised up and concentrated on wasting money on rockets instead! Since the shuttle explosion and the death of 7 astronauts NASA wised up! The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA – Dr Louis Turi

Icy roads cause hundreds of accidents from Philly to New York and Connecticut Why this occurred? its happened because of a cosmic wind the majority of my readers know nothing about!  Of course its winter, is this your only explanation?  But I also predicted  the El Cajon Pass deadly chain reaction accident  June 10, 2009, well after winter time! 

While the atheists are desperately wishing me wrong, waiting impatiently for my failures, when forced to accept the reality of my predictive work, they become enraged and “tune off.”

“It is very easy to ridicule Astrology when the gifted soul is muted or absent…” Dr. Turi  

It becomes much too painful for them to realize they know less than Dr. Turi and still reject the obvious!   A true atheist will always display an enormous spiritual pride (educated ego) and truly believe the dry logic is the only reality to accept and follow.

“Reasoning with a donkey is easier than to change an atheist mind!” Dr. Turi

Imagine for a second if I was challenged by Neil DeGrasse , then bring the facts as they really are a few weeks later pertaining to Divine Astrology to the public?  Do you think they do not watch Paranormal Central or never heard me on George Noory?

Do not be fooled readers, they know I am real and this is why James Randi and his moronic atheist associates made sure to shut me down from all their websites and to this day, not a single atheist organization had me to speak! This is what atheists do best, they mute, silence or fire those who are a serious threat to their idiocy!

“If we teach only the finding and products of Astrology, no matter how useful and inspiring they maybe – without communicating its critical methods, how can the average person possibly distinguish Astrology from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi

  • How can you explain to a scientist like Neil deGrasse that ALL the stars,  are in involved in a perfect harmonious spiritual  dance that affect, control and support life on earth?
  • How can you explain to any atheist and scientist like Neil deGrasse that; they are not allowed, nor able to master such a spiritual cosmic valse during their insignificant lifetime on earth?
  •  How can you explain to the public God’s cosmic plan  does not involve living on unreachable dead planets and ignore Mother Earth serious signs of distress?
  •  How can you explain to the public the financial masquerades of corporate America speaking their will through TEL E-vision?
  • How do you explain to any neuroscientist that the human mind is a fleshy computer responding to the Universal mind subtle stimuli only cosmic conscious souls who took the time to master Astropsychology or the “Soul of the Cosmos” can acknowledge?
  • How can you explain to all astrophysicists the importance of  challenging themselves outside of their rigid education and upgrade their perception of the cosmos outside of what their educated mind impose?
  • How can you explain God’s cosmic Divinity to all the God fearing souls when all managed to sank into Neptune’s deceptive waters?


Cops shot during city meeting
FBI: NY Russian spy ring busted
Gunmen attack luxury hotel
Cops shot during city meeting

All I can tell you is;  we are currently in one of my SOS to the world UNIVERSAL window, but  ALL the people involved in the news above ARE  also under their own Personal 2015 Cosmic Biorhythms!  And this is what make them prone to suffer or initiate those “Acts of God!”  But how can I teach you the dynamics of the spiritual cosmos  in one articles when it took my entire life to decipher?

I may sound redundant but the price for ignoring my warnings will cost greatly to humanity… By now the normal human being can easily recognize the obnoxious attitude of any atheists! These are dangerous people driven subconsciously by hate thinking they are better than religious or spiritual people. They are no different than the NAZI movement hatred for Jews and other minority they perceived as subhuman.

Life is a constant process of the same changes at a universal scale, and like the weather and the seasons, the human affairs are also repetitive… The cosmic code is as real as the million of constellations making up the cosmos, and being the first human cosmic cop introducing those laws to humanity is a colossal task!

At 65 I had the time to learn my trade and certainly know better than any kid  who wish so hard for me to fail and get all the attention needed to feed an insatiable ego… But I know better and to those who know me well, the future has, and will always be my utmost faithful witness.

It is instinctive to the subhuman to feel superior or different to someone else, this is why we have bullies and gays. Indeed the complexity of the human UCI is as spread as they are stars above and you wonder why we can only agree to disagree with each others? Cosmic education is the only key available to atheists, to relearn what it mean to be a sensitive decent human being! Indeed people will kill for their obnoxious beliefs .i.e. ISIS!

But the US Department of Education will not let the reality of the cosmic code be taught to the children, especially when there are so many different cultures and belief systems. The parents would most likely be at war and pull their kids out and send them else where.  They are breeding of the “monsters of the future” or the children of today’s atheists will have, like the NAZI’s be exterminated!

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi
Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

While many of you perceive me as an egocentric or a deranged lunatic, there is always a bit of craziness in all genius cosmic make up and when my cosmic God proves me right on my next SOS to the world, the atheists will flare up in anger like an exploding star! But I could not care less about their feelings, the rest of humanity is worth saving…

What is unreal to me, is the atheists and some more truly believe Sandy hook was a hoax! How can those people ever realize they are the psychical victims of Saturn (fear principle) in Capricorn or Scorpio, steering those unconscious souls to fear any form of power structure, especially the government!

“There is only a very thin hair between Divine information and pure imagination. When Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only subtle cosmic consequences at work the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” Dr. Turi

But the conspiracy kings needs this nonsense to exist and debate with their inherited UCI… Did they ever watched my video explaining what happened to Adam Lanza’s mind and if they did, can they still get it?

All I can do now is to keep pushing forward and wait for my 65 years of cosmic work to unfold, then bring you back to the future when its time for me to do so….

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Cosmic Consciousness – is the awareness of God’s celestial divinity and use it wisely to read the future and help others build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!”

2015 Mercury retrograde periods – Supernova windows

Check the full results of a Supernova window


Dr. Turi Predicted Tropical Cyclone Phailin on George Noory Nationa…

 Mercury, the planet regulating general communications, transportation and all moving parts now in its retrograde motion. This mean, a chance for the people and affairs of the past to comeback into your life – Roma family in Ireland, daughter reunite – but to also experience all sorts of problems, on the road and in some cases death! I-10 closed for crash with multiple fatalities –  89 killed in India temple stampede  – Mercury will try all he can to stop you and all moving things!  and ALL you are trying to on earth in the water Craft capsizes off Miami; 4 dead or in the air – Spirit Air passengers delayed 12 hrs. – 2 killed in crash of vintage aircraft – Plane blows engine, lands on road – 3 killed in medical copter crash – Plane full of skydivers crashes – Parachutist dies at Florida air show –  Dozens reported killed in Laos plane crash – Wingsuit flier Victor Kovats dies after cliff crash horror  –  Passenger lands plane after pilot falls ill –  L.A. airport has ‘small evacuation’  –  Obamacare site is a disaster  – Glitches could kill Obamacare  – Computer Glitch Blamed For Nationwide EBT System Shutdown On Saturday – Two 747s nearly collide  NO skeptics those news do not happen everyday!

“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

Carl Sagan Birthday and NASA Masquerade – Can you handle the truth?
Astrology and Sir Isaac Newton Unique Celestial Identity
Neil deGrasse, Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Sagan and Astrology
Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse unilluminated perception of the stars!
James Randi Versus Dr. Turi’s predictions nine years later!

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“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

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