Manchester bombing victims and bee tattoos – DO NOT!


For those who know my teachings, my UFO’s predictive legacy and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… Cosmic consciousness is the awareness of a cosmic God speaking his divinity through the signs and use it wisely to serve humanity! ” Dr. Turi

Poppy Howarth getting a tattoo by artist Paul Taylor at Stingin Ink parlor in Bolton, which is a town in Greater Manchester.

Manchester residents honor bombing victims with bee tattoos

Dear readers; 

UPDATE: 6/3/2017 –  Yes I did it again! AT LEAST 20 HURT IN LONDON TERROR ATTACKS – Once again this terrorist attack was fully anticipated/predicted using Astroforensics or Nostradamus 16th century methodology, and only if you are a VIP will you be warned ahead of time!  For years I have proven over and over again that Astroforensics is a reliable science but the Federal Bureau of IDIOTS can not behave as real detectives and investigate my cosmic work!  IF you are a cop or working for the secret service READ and SHARE pls.. Police requiem!

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June 5/— (48 hrs centering the dates)
Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

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Continued from 5/28/2017:  Getting a tattoo to commemorate or support a  tragic memory  may be an honorable act but  anything you do to your body will be permanent  and  evoke forces you may not be able to control! 

 Helping  all the victims of such an horrible act  is indeed  something anyone can be proud of, however there are metaphysical rules, all cosmic unconscious respectful loving souls  getting those tattoos are oblivious of… 

As incredible as it may sound, even a tattoo becomes a “talisman.” The  chosen design “attracts” energy that can  rise your  cosmic vibrations, help you build confidence or attract unwanted experiences…  

The reptilius will use absolutely anything and everything to hijack your mind and stimulate your actions even a tattoo!  Thus before tattooing your flesh, may I suggest you to read the following because at 67 I had plenty time to connect the dots and the results imparted by my choice between an Eagle and a bee! 

Neck Tattoos on Women, UFO’s and Predictions

Prophetic Alien and Tattoo Talk with Dr. Turi:

First let me explain a few things…   The reptilius agenda is to hijack and poison the body, mind and soul of human and destroy the food chain.  No one can deny this fact by looking at the endless CNN horrific news.

Jeremy Joseph Christian was charged with aggravated murder and attempted murder.

FBI joins Portland stabbings investigation 

The reptilius hijack the mind of infected people through fear, hate, drugs, crime, greed, sex and religious poisoning… The phenomenon is very real, yet, humanity (and all UFO’ speakers) are oblivious of this fact! 

How can a beautiful bee and its productive symbol can be negative you may ask? Bees are like the benevolent Draconis  group of ET’s, productive and positive for humanity. Without them there would be no pollination possible and sad enough, bees are disappearing at a record rate! Zika spraying kills millions of honeybees 

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But there are many groups of nefarious ET’s, not only the reptilians (snake, lizard alike) but also the insectious (scorpions/mosquitoes) and  part of their agenda is to poison humans and lead them to commit horrible crimes.  Those entities products on earth and enslaved “mignons” are real and, would it be a snake, a mosquito or a anyone pictured above,  your life means nothing to them!

For a lack of cosmic wisdom, religions refer to this phenomenon as the work of the devil or Satan, and I should not be “burnt on the stake” for educating you on this  fact!  

Those infected souls become more vulnerable in the jungles of Central America  and like a cancer will spray  in all our US cities contaminating more teens into gang activity. Much like ISIS  is contaminated by religion, another endeavor created and used by the reptilius to kill humans! 

But you are not safe at home either!


Authorities investigating the deadly stabbings on a Portland commuter train Friday are looking into the suspect’s background and trying to determine whether the man will be charged with federal hate crimes.

Indeed when you elect a President with a negative UCI cursed with foreigners, the reptilius will make good use of his influence; to infect those who vibrate at the same low racist mental speed! Donald Trump President?  

Yet idiots are not mentally wired to disassociate me with politics  or make good use of my cosmic wisdom by  exposing  a human being’ stars and  fate publicly!  Once again, realize my work as NOTHING to do with politics or your political choice. Your decision is solely based upon your natal UCI because 99.09% of human are unconscious robots  of their stars and I am a bit too much and much far to ahead spiritually not to “vex”  some of them.

The reptilius hijack the mind of infected people through fear, hate, drugs, crime and religious poisoning… The phenomenon is very real, yet again, humanity (and all UFO’ speakers) are oblivious of this fact! 

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The Universal reptilius infestation is undeniable and geared to destroy humanity food supply!  They need your fears, discord, insecurity, troubles and wars to survive in “Dark Matter!” The forces of darkness as as real and as powerful as the forces of light! Time for some of you to grow up and understand life is based upon two very powerful, equal forces (yin and yang.) 

Get to know God as he really is and not what the religious matrix indoctrinated you with! 

Introducing the world to cosmic consciousness

Time to join us and fight because soon, the reptilius will kill more children, more famous people and produce terrible weather and natural disasters never seen before!

Justin Bieber, children and the reptilius infestation!

All I can do is to warn you using Nostradamus’ 16th century Divine Astrology methodology and to our VIP’s there is no doubting my cosmic work!  As much as I predicted  serious water damage “2016 water year” Be certain 2017 is a fire year! 

2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public)
2014/2015 Arian Draconis Predictions  (public)
2012/2014 Scorpius Draconis Predictions (public)


Sun High Burning Sky Month
White Moon Speak Glory

Man Lost Challenge God In Vain
Wasted Souls Drown Fear Real 

August 7th 2017!  (48 hours centering the dates)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


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Your  chosen tattoo IS a talisman  that has a significant power  many of my readers know nothing about!  Those cosmic forces birth in the cosmic code which is then used by the reptilius to influence your  karmic natal UCI and your fate!  

The Magical Power of Talismans! 
UFOs Health Wealth Love Talismans 
Talismans, do they really work?
UFO Talisman Contact – Become a Chosen One! –

And when there’s no support from certain well known speakers (C2C), all infected UFO’s organizations and their talking Heads bashing me,  we’re up against the world.

In no way can society (and all gangs members) comprehend such phenomenon without  a serious cosmic education. But with the supremely wealthy corporate religious, scientific, sports and entertainment matrixes monopolizing all information, our challenge is colossal!

Indeed the reptilius recognize the danger we represent for their success and will infect and enslave more people  into darkness and against our voices! 

Without cosmic consciousness, the monsters of the future (or the reptilius) will win the battle against humanity!   You have been warned, time is the essence! 

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi –  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!


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Check how those 2017 SHOCKING stars will affect you and those you care personally in this upcoming crazy cosmic dance? Knowing all about those celestial winds will allow you to be ready and prepare for the changes a cosmic God has imposed upon the world, America and all its children…


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