Evil Was Above New Orleans On Mother’s Day!


 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

19 injured in New Orleans parade shooting

Dear readers:

All I can do is to remind all my readers of the Scorpius Draconis  impact upon the mind of the “Death Wish Generation” and my 23 set of predictions posted November 15, 2011 to the public from my website. Meantime you should pay more attention to this phrase I wrote then, also posted there…


The police, the media, the victims and the criminals themselves have no clue of this phenomenon and your government and science have no answers to explain this dramatic upsurge in deadly acts… I have yet to remind you again of what I wrote in my free Sunday cosmic code newsletter before the New Orleans drama unfolded in ” Is Ariel Castro Born a Monster?


“There is so many more children slowly turning into monsters because science, religions and your incomplete educational system is not able yet to perceive the divine and lost the spirit a  long time ago!  Parents do you really think you are safe with God’s children you do not know?  The current  Scorpius Draconis is drastically steering the deadly Plutonic forces in all human beings, including children and yet, my work is perceive as “pseudo-science” only!   This Dragon is with us all the way to February 2014 and the dramatic news ahead of you involving children  and adults alike won’t be pretty!

Updated – Scorpius Draconis at work!  –19 injured in New Orleans parade shooting –  4 bodies found shot in Indiana home – PCSO: Four injured during shooting at motorcycle club

This Dragon’s purpose is to offer you and humanity at large a serious wake up call where nothing can or will be kept under or secret for long…‘Lost continent’ discovered underwater? Somehow, even YOU  my reader, will have to experience a metamorphosis, physically or spiritually you must * apathetically speaking, die and rebirth into a much more refined, smarter, curious spiritual human being. Ignore your or your children Dragon and pay the price of your cosmic ignorance because, for months now I warned you… this dragon is after your children!”

‘We don’t have monster in our blood’


Well readers, do you think again it is an “accident” (like Ariel Castro’s daughter said in an interview) for her uncles to mention the word MONSTER too?

Watch this video

Ariel Castro’s brothers say he’s “a monster” who should rot in jail and they “want the world to know” they had no idea their brother was holding women captive. 

Updated – May 15/2013 – The word MONSTER is being used again, and again, and again…will you get Dr. Turi’s deep message?

‘Depraved monster’

The horrific Cleveland case brought back dark memories for Alicia Kozakiewicz, kidnapped at age 13 .FULL STORY

If you read “Jodi Arias A born Killer Mind Exposed” or “Nancy Lanza, science and education killed Adam first!”  published December 27th, 2012 you will acknowledge that the word MONSTER was used well before Ariel Castro’s daughter (and now her uncles) used it subconsciously. But its not the word monster you should concentrate on, but the deep spiritual message I am conveying you with… You must realize that;  your unconscious scientific community, your educational system, your political and religious organizations and all the mind “experts”  are creating  MONSTERS in the name of cosmic ignorance, fears, ridicule and scepticism.

  Sad enough the majority of this cosmic unconscious world will never be able to appreciate or discern the deep values and the crucial messages I own for humanity, unless they decide to become more curious.  The young sceptical souls are fast to assume that; I always present the news after the facts and this dated, printed unarguable material will give me even more justice proving my claims, but rest assured it still will be rejected regardless! They are simply not ready for my work and I!

Maybe he wanted to get caught. Maybe time was up.

No readers, remember if you read previous newsletters, I mentioned the current Scorpius Draconis cosmic fluid above is bringing everything to the light and many more shocking secrets will come to the media before  this Dragon exit the world February 2014.  For now the  sceptics  including much of the media can not comprehend the depth and values involving my work because rare is the true gifted visionary. All  those young cosmic unconscious souls need is time to develop their psychical perception of the Divine. This Scorpius Draconis is working overtime in my favour forcing, through repetitions of undeniable facts/predictions  that you should pay attention to my warnings and my visions.

This world is growing fast in all technological aspects where science has lost the spirit a long time ago and the majority of you are still wondering about a celestial/cosmic God you are slowly uncovering with my teachings…

No one was there to teach you about the Cosmic Code and how God speaks to his children trough the signs as all the vital truths found in the dead sea scrolls were taken away from you and replaced by deceptive religious doctrines.

Will you join the Cosmic Code and let me guide you for the next 12 months or will you wait for next Sunday free newsletter to learn more? Time is the essence start your journey upstream to free your spirit and own your salvation right away, because no one will do it for you. Cast aside your fears, all you have to do is to read my work and listen to that little voice inside that will never lie to you because its easier to win the lottery than to find a real, true, gifted spiritual master willing to offer you the light through legitimate wisdom!

I could change my work and adopt  the “sugar coated rose coloured glass style” used by all the Neptunians souls you read, listen and follow but dealing with the undiluted truth demand you to be strong and willing to learn and master the truth.  The non ready over sensitive  souls will opt for the Ostrich style refusing to grow spiritually, like a capricious child unwilling to go to school and learn.

Remember there is only a very thin hair between Divine information and pure imagination, the more comfortable you are with a “teacher” the less you will learn! God designed this world as a place of HELL where you are stuck often locked in your fears and cosmic ignorance.  I have learned all that I know today and assimilated the truth not because I was safely listening to my momma, warm and safe at home readers… But because I took the world as it is, a karmic place where human can only learn the hard way and went on learning with pain and suffering!  Get out of your comfort zone, do not blame me for the endless chain of dramatic news, don’t shut me down because you can’t handle the truth, instead learn  the hows and whys and participate in the re-birthing of the human psyche.

Imagine if all the people in this world were to live with their heads in the sand, including me! Be special, be a fighter, remember the rules of happiness, there are so simple!


  • Make a commitment to be happy and do not feed evil
  • Make a commitment to create anything big or small everyday
  • Make a commitment to share my work with others

You are doing this for the children of the future and doing so, those kids will not wait for Mother Day to KILL others as we just experienced in New Orleans.  Remember readers…

If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dali Lama and Dr. Turi

The question now is are you going to read yet another of my newsletter and wait next Sunday for another one or are you going to participate to help me salvage the human spirit while we can? Do you still think like science and the media my work  and the Scorpius Draconis is only “pseudo-science” or are you going to show me your support?

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.”

– Edmund Burke

Join the Cosmic Code today take on the journey to the divine you’ll get much more than what you bargain for but you do not know yet! Take a chance  because you are not reading my by accident, in fact as incredible as  it may sound, you asked for real answers and you will find them all with me!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

Evil Was Above New Orleans For Mother’s Day is public, enjoy it from the cosmic code website – Also help me find Leila Alyssa Fowler brother’s DOB and get a FREE VIP pass. Once you do email Terania with this note at teraniapromdir@gmail.com Thank you


Brother of 8-year-old California girl arrested in her stabbing death

Leila Alyssa Fowler

June 30, 2004 – April 27, 2013

I will write all about the mystical reasons leading to her demise and why her younger  Plutonic born brother killed her once I have his DOB!  Help me find it and get a free pass to the cosmic code website – This educational newsletter will not be public but for my VIP’s only.

After the stabbing, the 12-year-old brother said, “I’m not saying goodbye to Leila. I’m saying ‘See you later.’ There are no goodbyes.” 

Regardless of his young age, a born Plutonic soul is subconsciously  aware there is no death and is not afraid of death… Stand by for more about the psyche of a typical Plutonic born child – Help me to find his DOB Pls.


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ask and you shall receive!

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