Presidential Dinner and The Hollywood Matrix Deceptive Famous Faces


In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

When and where the rich and powerful meet the rich and famous…

Washington (CNN) — President Obama slipped into the role of comedian-in-chief Saturday night and took jabs at journalists, lawmakers, celebrities and — most pointedly — his own administration’s botched roll-out of

Dear Readers:

While ego, power, entertainment dined, danced and joked all night long, does this wealthy privileged crowd realize the damage their movies productions are inflicting to the children and that; they are all “Living In The “End Of Times?”


What top Obama adviser Susan Rice  got by getting chummy with “Duck Dynasty’ star Robertson and his autograph along with big smiles, laughs, and a hearty handshake?  I wonder what she got from a bearded swamp man who lived in the past, a religious fanatic double faced actor who hate gays and black people? Yes the stars do not lie readers…

With such a universal short memory, its amazing how the media can get away with murder and portray so much lies with some celebrities… What about Joe Bidden or Senator John McCain, did they get Honey Boo Boo’s autograph too?

Do you see the irony, the lies of Hollywood readers? Indeed EGO, fame, power and wealth rules all those people and NONE of them  could care less for what the children do or what type of program they watch on TV!

As long as it is entertaining, represent, endorse and stimulate religion, science, violence or drastic movies productions like “Born Killers” they will be tolerated and promoted!

The $92 Million Box-Office movie speak of two victims and their traumatized childhoods becoming lovers and psychopathic serial murderers irresponsibly glorified by the mass media.

And you wonder why more and more  lost souls want to follow Adam Lanza’s desperate act? Police: Woman’s gut feeling thwarts planned school massacre, family murder.

“Evil Lead Men’s Tainted Spirit”


Suspension lifted
Phil Robertson, Was Jesus Gay?
Indeed ‘Duck’ star Christians get Bible wrong!
God, Black America Phil Robertson and Bigotery

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“psychopathic serial famous LIARS irresponsibly glorified by the moronic mass media.”


You will NEVER/EVER see Dr. Turi at any of those public events, even with the best most expensive FREE seat! I must be a very special case knowing those people would pay a fortune even kill for sports! 

Brazilian Fan Killed by Thrown Toilet in World Cup Host City

Stampede after Mayweather fight

Yes Hollywood, or the entertainment Neptunian, deceptive matrix HAS to mingle with politicians and this may explain why, away from the public eyes, the President’s daughters, secretively met and party with Justin Bieber to get such special emigration treatment? And you wonder why they “embrace” when they meet in public? This tells you a deep their “private” connection truly is, and that’s OK with me, I wish I could hug Obama too!  I am just making you aware of the facts!

Yes lies and deception rules Hollywood, but true and productive Cosmic, educational, spiritual reality shows, that glorify God’s Universal Divinity and offer answers to what it means to be human, spiritual grounding and spiritual regeneration to the children, does not appeal to any of today’s Hollywood producers…

Instead “Cosmos” financed and produced  by the scientific “educational” matrix and numerous biblical movies financed and produced  by the religious “educational” matrix reach the gullible, God fearing media!

Cosmos series are rational and do not speak of a Cosmic spiritual God in charge of humanity – To them all the stars are just far away rocks depraved of any spiritual values that could benefit or hurt humanity! Science challenge God and religions promote a false God. Both have lost the cosmic spirit of our Universal Creator

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a 2014 American science documentary television series. The show is a follow-up to the 1980 television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which was presented by Carl Sagan on the Public Broadcasting Service and is considered a milestone for scientific documentaries.

This series was developed to bring back the foundation of science to network television at the height of other scientific-based television series and films. The show is presented by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who was inspired by Sagan as a young college student. Among the executive producers are Seth MacFarlane, whose clout and financial investment was instrumental in bringing the show to broadcast television, and Ann Druyan, Sagan’s widow and a co-creator of the original series.

The series loosely follows the same thirteen-episode format and storytelling approach that the original Cosmos used, including elements such as the “Ship of the Imagination”, but features information updated since the 1980 series along with extensive computer-generated graphics and animation footage augmenting the narration. The show is produced by Brannon Braga, and Alan Silvestri provides the backing score.

The series premiered on March 9, 2014, simultaneously in the US across ten 21st Century Fox networks. The remainder of the series will air on Fox, with the National Geographic Channel rebroadcasting the episodes the next night with extra content. The series has been rebroadcast internationally in dozens of other countries by local National Geographic and Fox stations.

DT Rebuttal: Imagine for a second if instead of storytelling and being deceived by the  “Ship of the Imagination”, I was allowed to lead humanity into the “Ship of Spiritual Cosmic Reality” with extensive computer-generated graphics and animation footage augmenting my cosmic teachings/narration?

Quotes About Horoscopes Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

“A scientist places an ad in a Paris newspaper offering a free horoscope. He receives about 150 replies, each, as requested, detailing a place and time of birth. Every respondent is then sent the identical horoscope, along with a questionnaire asking how accurate the horoscope had been. Ninety-four per cent of the respondents (and 90 per cent of their families and friends) reply that they were at least recognizable in the horoscope. However, the horoscope was drawn up for a French serial killer. If an astrologer can get this far without even meeting his subjects, think how well someone sensitive to human nuances and not overly scrupulous might do.”  ― Carl SaganThe Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

DT Rebuttal: Like Carl Sagan, I would be the first one to deny the  values and handling of modern Astrology but amazingly, Sagan does reflects 150% his Scorpio  rational, logical, scientific astronomer born natal UCI!

Did Sagan recognize his Scorpius UCI  in the horoscope and got scared of the power of the stars landing in the wrong hands? Little do people know that, you ARE a reflection of ALL the signs of the zodiac and in one of the 12th houses you will find a direct relationship with anyone else, even a murderer!  But no one explained this fact to Sagan and company 50 years ago…

But without cosmic consciousness it is impossible for Carl Sagan or  anyone else to practice precise auto-analysis correctly mostly because they are totally oblivious of the dynamics of basic Astrology!

Let’s be fair, are you serious? The add was placed in Ici Paris on April 16,  1968, run by California Psychological Inventory and the National Council for Geocosmic Research to test Astrology?

Let me laugh please, all those “experts” are the least knowledgeable on the subject of Astrology (or the spiritual values of the cosmos) and all are ill fitted to deal with supra-cosmic consciousness by the Cosmic Code jurisdictions (or God himself!)

 This crowd is scientific at heart and indeed, unable to enter the archetypal realm of spiritual consciousness… Its like trying to teach French to a blind and deaf person who is missing the senses needed to assimilate the language! Without hearing or seeing how can anyone acknowledge anything?  This is exactly what happened there with Carl Sagan and company!

Carl Sagan dealt with modern astrologers and based his “findings” on a single article written in 1968? He could never be proven wrong back then because I was not around to offer the grounding needed to accept the mother of all science as it really is!

Fifty years later, I am offering solid proofs of all my predictive claims but you must investigate my repetitive work and not lump me with Mrs. Cleo and investigate my methodology and the software I use instead of assuming I am a psychic!

 Indeed I am a different type of scientist, an Astrogeologist an Astropsychologist operating 50 years ahead of science leading humanity to the awareness of a Cosmic God speaking through the Zodiac!

“Four blood moons” April 15/16/17 and 23/24/25 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross Predictions

Would he be alive today, I would directly challenge Carl Sagan, like I challenge the scientific community to DEAL with me personally and TEST me instead of finding every excuses under the Sun to avoid dealing with me!,  Society for Psychical Research (USA Version):
Institute of Noetic Science:
Peer review Neurology magazine:
American Academy of Neurology: 

But the scientific community will NOT take a chance with Dr. Turi because they ALL know he is the real thing and well able to prove them wrong! Note also they saw this TV program and the UNARGUABLE predictions!

Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

More than any other groups, scientists’ 3rd eye is totally shut and can only see what can be touched!  Thus intuition is neutralized and unless taught by a real Cosmic Conscious Master they will all be left in total darkness!

“It is a miracle for curiosity to survive education”


Note also this “scientific experiment” was conducted nearly 50 years ago and I was much too young then ( only 18) to really bring real wisdom to the subject of Astrology! Gee I am 64 and still learning… Meantime, since 1991 I have offered unarguable dated, printed, published proofs that Astropsychology does WORKS!  Chances are, today, all those people are either dead or too old to think progressively!

My clientele are from all walks of life, some are accredited doctors, NASA TOP scientists, FBI agents, psychiatrists  etc. and they are not all crazy to trust or judge my work accurately!

Their endless feedback speaks a truth that can only be challenged by the born skeptical morons who thinks they know better than my curious clientele, and all without any form of testing or real investigations from themselves!

Only a donkey will refuse to change his mind, and to those who are familiar with my work and my predictions, there is NO doubting my predictive gift using Divine Astrology. Yes all of those people speaks from their heart! Incidentally those who ridicule my obvious cosmic predictive work as the least fitted mentally to grab it! To them the world is still flat… perfect for a lazy donkey unwilling to take on the mountain of investigations needed to upgrade to a normal human being…

“I urge Dr Turi to apply for the James Randi million-dollar prize; so he can take his rightful place among the true visionaries of human history.”

The generation of OCD born  and organizations  like are all cosmically “tuned” to the rational thought only! Those young souls .i.e. Michael Shermer,  David Epstein and James Randi are endorsing both atheism and creationism  but they were all born “psychically” inferior human beings and this is very dangerous for humanity spiritual welfare.

Using the science of Astropsychology, I will produce Carl Sagan’s UCI for my VIP’s and if you are a skeptic or simply curious,  the solid cosmic explanations of his Scorpius UCI will be there for you when you join.  And if you find another excuse to deny the cosmic truth I own, it simply mean you are not ready for the divine just yet!

But do not worry, you have eternity to upgrade to a more sensitive, intelligent and curious human being… Indeed there is so much more behind the cosmos than its physical manifestation and God willing one day, the world will appreciate a more divine spiritual exploration…


Its seems this world and all its famous elites are unconscious false “stars” endlessly rewarding, pimping, pumping, endorsing, duplicating and supporting themselves. It is a hard physical world designed and ruled by a rational science and its counterpart and mortal enemy, the deceptive religious matrixes.

Supremacy means total polarization and general control of all types of information where the true Divinity of a Cosmic Universal God is denied and ridicule by the “educated” and the religious norm…

The goal is quite simple, that is to keep hijacking your spirits, numb it with weed, medications or religious fears  and use a multitude of entertainments options to captivate and freeze your mind! For if you start thinking outside of the controlling mental boxes you fell in,  you could become a danger to the establishment and the status quo!

In a world where political leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.

Dr. Turi

You must ridicule supreme cosmic wisdom, you must ignore a true Cosmic God and ridicule UFO and the reality of extraterrestrials. You must NOT exit the controlling path imposed by all those deceptive media ruling matrixes and all accepted religious and/or scientific disciplines.  You MUST ridicule Astrology and ignore Dr. Turi’s cosmic warnings and in 50 years this dance of evil will bring an end to humanity!

Thanks ALL the matrixes in charge of your controlled “education” because the ” Presidential Dinner and Hollywood” are the core of the evil destroying your children fragile psyches.


“Nostradamus tells us that in the Last Days all his prophecies will finally be proven true.  Unfortunately it will be too late for them to benefit anyone in a highly skeptical and doubting modern world.  The Seventh Millenium of mankind’s civilized existence on this planet witnesses an age of high technology and amazing scientific achievements.  God and His prophets are soon relegated to a rather insignificant position in a world more concerned with following its own path to perfection. “

I still have faith to turn things around because I know what the evil is, how he operate, where is is at, and how to beat it!  Incidentally, it all start with all the curious teens landing on my work using the Internet with their electronic devices… I do not have much faith in the adults mostly because the vast  majority of them are already religiously poisoned, too skeptical or much too busy making a living and dealing with their responsibilities!

Of course I can not count on the financial support of any academical recognized organizations because they are already financially involved or trapped into the deceptiveness of the religious or governmental accepted scientific matrixes.

If those teens manage not to fall for weed and own a brilliant curious spiritual UCI they will all find spiritual regeneration they strive for and real hope to build a better future for themselves through the teaching emanating from my Cyber Cosmic University.

And I guess this is why I keep writing about the reality of a Cosmic God their peers, parents, teachers, science, religion and the world at large has lost!


Lastly; remember for Mother day I am offering a serious discount super deal for any of my cosmic services.  Why pay $700 when you can give her a long lasting spiritual present and pay only $200 instead?

But you can only get her this deal if you call Terania at 602-265-7667 to schedule her FREE 5 minutes “psychic” reading experience with Dr. Turi.  Only then will she realize my gift, qualify and benefit for the ONE DAY ONLY on her special Mother Day!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi



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 If you are not happy it is because you do not live your destiny!

A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”

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