Danish reptilius infected inventor Peter Madsen given life sentence! FBI pay attention!


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Over the years, the police has grown drastically with weaponry but not in spirit… There are cosmic reasons for them and their public victims to invite a premature death!  I own all the answers they all need and seek! Astroforensics should be taught at the Police Academy.  

Danish inventor Peter Madsen given life sentence

Peter Langkjær Madsen is a Danish engineer, entrepreneur and convicted murderer. He co-founded the non-profit organization Copenhagen Suborbitals but left it in 2014, becoming the founder and CEO of RML Spacelab ApS. Wikipedia

Dear readers;

Before getting into the core of the infected killer’s karmic UCI and explaining his terrible actions, let me vent my frustration with a corrupted, indoctrinated system unable  to seek the answers I own!

Indeed, it is a miracle for curiosity to survive education Einstein once wrote and what bugs me the most is that; I have tried all ways to help the FBI and the police authorities since 1991! I even took serious chances trying to get their attention with my terrorism predictions using offensive titles ( see below) but they deny and reject my visions and refuse to investigate me or Astropsychology / Astroforensics.

Years later, when the FBI visited me for the second time, following my “vision” of another accurate terrorist attack, I thought I made some progress, but I did not! They missed the boat for the second time! 

Please DO NOT lump Dr. Turi with another Mrs. Cleo! Dr. Turi is NOT a psychic! I use a software modified and designed by my request through Halloran software based in California. 

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After many years, undeniable predictions and countless articles involving terrorism and my Astroforensics teachings yet, the Federal Bureau of  “educated” Idiots  did not budge!


 The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism by Dr. Turi – Human are much more than Blood, Bones and Flesh! 

I did the same trying to reach the scientific community offering them with an impeccable and repetitive proof of earthquakes predictions through direct emails and countless of articles I generated over the years, yet those  atheist “educated” idiots  would rather be caught dead than to admit I know better than them all!

There are too many of those predictions for me to collect anymore and I can only offer my audience the latest article proving my latest claims… Watch the Sky Fall Before the World ‘Ends’ on Monday – Real predictions by a real Prophet! 

I did the same on national radio with George Noory on his Coast to Coast am syndicated radio show offering two weeks ahead of time the full prediction and a total devastation induced by hurricane Katrina, including accurate dates for large earthquakes, at no avail. I did the same on countless of radio shows over the years but as incredible as it may sound, Paranormal radio hosts removed the show offering the solid proof of a gift so many envious and religious lost souls despise me for! 

The battle and ridicule I suffered much of my life did not deter my valiant spirit or determined will. I have been helping humanity rekindle its connection with  God’s Cosmic Identity  that has been replaced with man made religious junk and scientific rationals convictions… Pope Francis 6 teen suicides in 6 months, the reptilius at work!

If you are into psychology, neuroscience or any type of research involving the human brain or what it means to be human, pay attention! After graduating one of my students Dr. in psychiatry wrote to me… “

Dr. Turi I have learned more in your one week crash course than the 7 years I spend in an accredited school, I am so glad I trusted my instinct and I will always be grateful for giving me such deep knowledge I could only get with a gifted teacher like you!” 

 Read more endorsements from some of those rare spiritually advanced people! 

 “You’ll know the essence of a real genius only when an extreme minority of very smart people can relate to his work and decides to learn from him… ” Dr. Turi

I will now translate the UCI manipulated by the reptilius who hijacked Mr. Madsen body, mind and soul and forced him to commit such horrible acts! I will explain in plain and simple English terms WHY he became an engineer, what was his subconscious motivations and what made him very vulnerable to the reptilius.   I understand religiously poisoned people and  traditionally educated people have difficulty to relate to my cosmic work  but unless you alone, decide to upgrade your psychical vibrations and satisfy your thirst for true cosmic wisdom you can only assume.

Others who do not vibrate at a very high cosmic speed. They would rather  stay with  video games, sports, religions, rap and rock and roll music, Facebook free wasteful astrological websites and look and share the latest utmost ridiculous video on You tube! 


Since those who need help the most… “The dunces,” the religiously poisoned souls, the atheists, and others do not read or investigate my cosmic work,  I decided to make some videos on my You tube channel where I will explain Nostradamus 16th century methodology and do more predictions. The dates of those future videos and all my “visions” using a software I designed, will serve as the ultimate proof of all my predictions…  Subscribe to my channel now!

The translation below are much too sensitive and much too advanced for the general public consumption thus become a VIP and read another very educational article on the Cosmic Code website! Enjoy our various horoscopes, daily guidance and forecasts and so much more more! Join us now! 



(HOUSE) DIGNITIES Sun 21Cap38  (1)

Moon 02Leo22  (8)

Mercury 29Sag02  (12)   detriment 

Venus 05Sag03  (12)

Mars 23Sco20  (11)   dignity  (traditional) 

Jupiter 29Sco41  (11)

Saturn 15Tau45  (5)

Uranus 13Lib33  (10)

Neptune 02Sag20  (12)

Pluto 29Vir40  (9)

MNNode 23Aqu49  (2)

MSNode 23Leo49  (8)

BlackMoon 14Vir35  (9)


DISPOSITORS: Sun disposited by Saturn Jupiter disposited by Pluto Moon disposited by Sun Saturn disposited by Venus Mercury disposited by Jupiter Uranus disposited by Venus Venus disposited by Jupiter Neptune disposited by Jupiter Mars disposited by Pluto Pluto disposited by Mercury

ASPECT PATTERNS: Grand Earth Trine Pluto Sun Saturn Talent Triangle Moon Pluto – focus Jupiter Neptune Venus Talent Triangle Pluto Mars – focus Jupiter – focus Sun

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet Points Percent Cardinal

4 33 % Fixed

4.5 38 %

Mutable 3.5 29 %

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent

Fire 5 42 %

Earth 4 33 %

Air 1.5 13 %

Water 1.5 13 %

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon): Mercury Venus Uranus Pluto


LATITUDE: 01 N 55 MOON DISTANCE: 398423.3 km. Far Distance MOON SPEED: 12.27758 deg/day Slow Speed OUT-OF-BOUNDS DECLIN.: None DOMINANT CHART HARMONICS: ODD LOWER-ORDER: 9 0.97285 1 0.98687 EVEN LOWER-ORDER: 6 0.96702 8 0.99497 ODD HIGHER-ORDER: 119 0.96441 147 0.97454 EVEN HIGHER-ORDER: 132 0.94288 110 0.94580


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