Neil DisGrace Tyson, The moon is a planet!




“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi on the air explaining all about the moon and UFO

Jeffrey Gonzalez, Paranormal Central  January 18, 2015  6:45pm to 7:30pm PM-MST
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The moon is a planet

Dear readers;

Are you ready for the truth and can you handle the truth readers?  here we go…

The moon is a planet video is nothing else than another cleverly design advertisement generated by the scientific matrix who hired some actors to sell Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s products to those who shares his rational views on the moon and the cosmos!  But the misinformed gullible public is not aware of the endless financial masquerades going on TELL e-vision designed to bring more people to his public events!

 The “Soul of the Cosmos” has much more to offer the public, especially to the atheist born OCD generation!

I also know, the sarcastic title The moon is a planet and  idea was generated by the famous astrophysicists himself who truly believe he knows better more about the cosmos and the moon  than all erudite men of the past and Dr. Turi!

“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to you Mister DeGrasse, not all human spiritual DNA or UCI are “cosmically” designed like yours… And thanks for that!


Neil DisGrace, I am a non cosmic conscious educated agnostic  Libra idiot

Heckler’s Inc.


It seem this imbecile never read “ Police shame and disgrace – 2015/2016 SOS POLICE WINDOWS“ posted December 12, 2014, or a full month prior to the predicted 01/07/2015 Paris terrorist attack!  He never clicked on any of the FBI warnings links either!  And those are the atheists people I am trying so hard to help? God have Mercy on those lost souls…

Those who are the least knowledgeable on the science of Astrology can only deny its veracity and worse, never studied it. The same apply for the moon perceived only as a lifeless rock  orbiting around the earth!  While the moon is our closest satellite, it is considered by Astrologers as a luminary,  and her gravitational forces exerted upon the oceans and the subtle effects on the human psyche, while undiscovered yet, are simply extraordinary.

Its crucial to teach your children that; the impact of a full moon will drive human insane and steer an upsurge of activity in all emergency services and hospitals! Indeed the worlds “lunatic, moody, crabby” were created as a subconscious response to our close satellite!

A full moon will always steer the sins and the deadly animal instincts of cursed human beings! Add to the Full Moon a personal negative cosmic biorhythms, and all killers, rapists, terrorists and criminals on earth tend to get ” magically activated!”

Human are nothing else that robots of their stars and the moon above, psychically, neurotically, and subconsciously forcing them to act out their karmic UCI, all for good or evil!  And this is why, investigating your inherited Cosmic Identity is the only way to apply the human will against the planets and avoid the penalty.

But morons will never get it and will spend time trying to hurt my integrity instead of growing up psychically!


The human will, or the part of God in each one of us,  is still much stronger than the stars, this mean, only if you own cosmic consciousness will you be able to make a good use of your celestial make up!

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.” 

~ Paracelsus

Furthermore, it is a recognized scientific fact that; people do suffer sleepless nights during a full moon. “Full moon may disrupt sleep, study says ” Moon’s Cycle Tied to Heart Surgery Outcomes: Study.”

But even with proven scientific researches about the moon effects, hard core agnostics like Neil DeGrasse will never change their mind nor question the validity of his own educated compatriots findings on “Moon Power!”

 This explain why I usually refer to many scientists as “educated” stubborn donkeys!  But I’m sure not all scientists were born morons and those are the ones I am trying to reach! Then again, they are the paid insiders to not share this type of information. Only those born with an above average intelligence can grasp our spiritual cosmic teachings! Indeed there is a big difference between education and intelligence…

Now this is where my readers, including the atheists, agnostics and skeptics alike must use common sense and try to think progressively for a change!  Once more, while it is formidable to educate our children on the physical compositions, distances and marvels of the cosmos and all the planets through Astronomy, what will humanity be left with, they can use in their daily lives?

A great educational  entertainment on the solar system mechanics is all you will take home with you… But what about the “Soul of the Cosmos” and the spiritual purposes imposed by God upon humanity?

The beauty about my work is that it is repetitive and well documented, and with it, the option for  rational scientific investigations. All I have to prove my claim is; the constant repetition of a gift that can serve humanity to adhere to a subtle cosmic phenomenon induced by a cosmic God, atheists deny and Christians fear!


God is an eternal, universal cosmic energy referred as “Dark Matter” by an infantile science and man created religious folly!” Dr. Turi

Atheists & Christians, A Cosmic God is Really Pissed Off At You!

Typhoon heading toward Pope in Philippines, nears planned outdoor Mass

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

Even Pope Francis, the sole Christian God representative on earth can not read, nor does he heed the signs and I do not want my nasty prediction to come to pass… 

2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions

Thus what chances do I have to reach those groups dedicated to exterminate each others and educate them when the facts of my undeniable chain of predictions involving the police can not be assimilated or are rejected?


Think of Neil DeGrasse’  teachings for entertainment purposes only and what you can do with them while living on earth… You’ll take it home and ponder on the marvel of a universe you belong to no one taught you how to use!  You may as well go to the circus and watch those like James Randi do his magical tricks then believe it was all real!

And if you think one day you’ll be going or living on Mars, then you are the perfect candidate for the  scientific matrix endless televised financial masquerades!  But think of what I am trying to do when warning the police, the FBI and society at large! I am only transcribing the passage of the moon through the belt of the zodiac.

Don’t you think those fortunes should be used for humanity psychical welfare instead when the world is slowing going insane and Mother Earth is showing serious signs of distress?  Indeed, within the next fifty years, science will destroy the world if you do not do your part to help end the growing wave of atheism cursing the world!

And if you think my predictions are to be trusted, you have been warned and if you don’t just remember what you are reading today…

How is it possible for anyone not to relate to my work when my quatrains and the keywords I write are so easy to assimilate?   But there is a confusion, a miscommunication I must clarify, sorry for being French and using a foreign language to reach you and your spirit!

I do not predict ANYTHING readers, using a modified software, I only expose a timing, a cosmic pattern  that has proven, over and over to be unarguable, not only with natural disasters and  earthquakes, but also with all human terrorist affairs!

January February 2015 SOS To The World Deadly Windows Police Warnings!  posted originally December 20, 2014 in  “ Police shame and disgrace2015/2016 SOS POLICE WINDOWS!”

Neil DisGrace’ obnoxious educated attitude is induced by Saturn (the mathematician scientist born, the astronomer the atheist)  cursing his 3rd house of critical thinking. And it is not an accident for Sir Isaac Newton and Carl Sagan to own and suffer the same cosmic limiting influences, to reject Astrology and turn to Astronomy instead. Looking through a microscope or a telescope will never offer any scientist the keys to what it means to be human…

But it’s not easy to prove this case when everyone  ridicules our work, mutes it and fires me? Indeed it is easy to deny the values of the Mother of All Science when Dr. Turi’s work is denied. And this is why, I can only work with the past and the future to help you comprehend my work.

Back in December 20, 2014, I gave the dates of January 14/15/16 – January 20/21/22 and February 1/2/3/ – 10/11/12 in future “SOS POLICE windows.”  I did this to make the same points I made with my latest “predictions.”

A five year-old could easily assimilate my work, but fear or the egotistic spiritual “educated” pride of Neil Disgrace and his sarcasm about Astrology, the Mother of all science,  is not helping YOU and your children!

I would never ever dismiss nor ridicule Astronomy, because I studied the subject and know it to be a reliable science! But the skeptics should further investigate Astrology before assuming anything about it is only amazing to us…

I am NOT a psychic and all my students, clients and patients are not gullible morons! Little do they know that; many of our supporters  are very accomplished people, and intellectually well above the majority of all the young souls rejecting Astrology and God’s cosmic Divinity.

Once more   I DO NOT PREDICT ANYTHING, never did, never will! I only point out a cosmic wind depicting the very high possibility for natural disasters and all human affairs!  And since 1991 I have been using the moon to make my endless unarguable “predictions!”

What Neil DeGrasse has to say about the moon is regurgitating anything anyone can read on Google! Or the work of all other people before him! Ingenuousness can not be duplicated but generated by gifted people only. And Neil deGrasse while being famous, very educated and entertaining,  is far from being a genius! 

And YES many more cops will die before, during and after my windows, as well as many other people; something Astrophysicists and astronomers alike can never understand nor teach!  But it is because both the cops and criminals are not only affected by the Universal cosmic code jurisdictions, but also by their own personal  Personal Cosmic Biorhythms.

Understanding the dynamics of a spiritual cosmos can only be done by studying and building cosmic consciousness and this demand time and intellectual efforts.

And this is why I told those young FBI agents, when they visited me, a few days ago,  “NOT ALL CALLS ARE DEADLY,” only those taking place during my SOS Police windows are!  1/15/2015 Man shoots, kills officer.

It is crucial for all police officers to have access to my software in their cars and check their Personal Cosmic Biorhythms, or if at all possible, check also the UCI of the person they are about to meet.

The FBI, the Police Administration or the police academy have so far been unable to recognize the gift I own and make a good use of it when only scientists words and  their rational education count and is considered sacred. Will they ever get it?



 And this is what makes the difference between life and death! And, for all the  sub-human young souls to crucify me in 2015 does not show much of their intelligence!



 Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature, man’s religion bloody folly reign


 Russia/ Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police /FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

HELLO HELLO FBI will you wake up this time?


Update 1/14/2015 RIGHT ON THE DOT! 1/14/2015

– Four at Secret Service lose jobs  FBI? Secret Service cleans house after scandals – scandals?

Results – FBI, CIA, NSA POLICE WHAT THE HECK? Time for your wake up call! VIDEO

How ludicrous it is for anyone to think ET and UFO are not real?

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?

I gave my Moon Power book for free every years, including my 2014 version, but my work is not appreciated nor understood by the public and this is why this book is the last version I will ever offer. Only my VIP’s will enjoy the true power of the Moon affecting the human experiences daily!

Now comes your choice, its Neil DeGrasse teachings for entertainment only or join us to read my daily, universal and personal guidance and predictions you can use to live a safer more productive life!


January 2015 Moon Transits…
January 2015 Daily Guidance and Predictions
January 2015 SOS To The World Deadly Windows
January 2015 Elaborated Horoscope For All Signs
2015 Mercury retrograde periods – Supernova windows
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Will you die today or win the lottery? 

Moon Power scepter: Pluto is back with us; Be VERY careful of what you say, where you go and what you do! Unaware police officers and/or criminals will meet with their death. Many other unprepared souls will pay the ultimate price by losing their precious lives and this could be you too. Please DO take my heed VERY seriously! Plutonic windows dates depict EXTREME criminal activity and police VULNERABILITY. No one is safe when EVIL reign on earth! 

The Do’s and Don’ts

Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and if there an EVIL energy you must recognize and control it is indeed Pluto. Now do not fall for a bunch of moronic educated astronomers who; depraved of cosmic wisdom Pluto, the moon and the stars as pretty rocks hanging above the earth for the sake of beauty only. First I would suggest the reader to read What The Bleep Do They Know?

Once you acknowledge Pluto inner life and its karmic influence upon humankind you will be ready to assimilate the DO’S and DON’TS – This long list of advises can make the difference between life and death or/and a very costly dramatic experience you and your loved ones certainly do not need.

The DO’s:· Time for you to dig into deep secrets, Pluto loves bringing back dirt so you will meet the people or get the information you need.

· Time for you to dwell with magic and do some Cabalistic ritual to cleanse your home and spirit from low entities. My Cabalistic Cleansing ritual is a good start. Don’t ask for it unless your are a VIP.
· Time for you to dig into your bank account and see any fraud activity.
· Time for you to get rid of your current credit card and ask for another one
· Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma?
· Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real.
· Stay clear from haunted houses; bad entities could succeed stealing your mind, body and spirit.
· Stay clear from prostitutes an STD or AIDS is lurking around.
· Time for you to visit your departed ones and ask them for guidance and protection.
· Time for you to take serious notice of all your dreams or learn all about a prophetic or imaginative dream.
· Time for you to for you to dig into my long list of newsletter to find what you really need or the answer of a question you may have.
· Time for you to think about your own mortality and write your will.
· Time for you to investigate any form of legal or corporate endeavor.
· Time for you to regenerate your spirit and learn more about witchcraft.
· Time for you to look for ghost’s manifestation.
· Time for you to enjoy a horror movie or sex movie, yes nothing wrong with porn if you are French or if you are normal. God made sex to feel good so we do it often.
· Time for you to tell the truth to anyone but be cautious doing so.
· Time for you to deal with the police if the moon is waxing.
· Time for you to join the Law Enforcement Agency if you UCI endorse such a dangerous job.
· Time for you to clarify your situation in court of a cop did you wrong.
· Time for you to visit or deal with an attorney to sue anyone who deserve karma.
· Time for you to look where your spirit is at in your life.
· Time for you to wake up to religious poisoning.
· Time for you to listen to your intuition about certain people.
· Time for you to realize your strengths and your weaknesses or be reminded soon.
· Time for you to do what you are the most scared and win.
· Time for you to realize you are actually on hell and fighting for survival.
· Time for you to tap on the Plutonic forces to stop smoking or drinking.
· Time for you to apply your will to do the impossible.
· Time for you to listen to your intuition.
· Time for you to learn the hard way why you went to jail and learn from your errors.
· Time for you to cry your eyes out and feel sorry for yourself.
· Time for you to realize you cannot hide any longer from the undiluted truth.
· Time for you to die and rebirth into a much better, wiser person.

The DON’TS: especially if the moon is waning or if you are under any of your personal native Dragon dates· Stay clear from large public gathering, may religious lunatics died in stampedes.
· Stay clear from suspicious people, your intuition won’t let you down.
· Stay clear from an offer than sound too good to be true.
· Stay clear from fast money making schemes, jail or death is next.
· Stay clear from the low life, you could get hurt or killed for a dollar.
· Stay clear from gang’s activity or recruitment, your death is near.
· Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma?
· Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real.
· Stay clear from haunted houses; bad entities could succeed stealing your mind, body and spirit.
· Stay clear from dark alleys and empty streets, chances are you have been followed and you are watched.
· Stay clear from gambling with loud people Vegas or not, your sense of security is very wrong.
· Stay clear from far away bathrooms and be very cautious of long dark corridors including elevators.
· Stay clear from practicing witchcraft with uneducated people.
· Stay clear from signing anything without a witness.
· Stay clear from anything that is dark.
· Stay clear from any and all animals, Pluto will turn them into killers.
· Stay clear from trusting anyone asking for money.
· Stay clear from using your heart it could cost your life.
· Stay clear from the Full Moon light where ever you are.
· Stay clear from ingesting anything you don’t trust
· Stay clear from accepting a stranger’s drink, Pluto is inside.
· Stay clear from wild lonely places.
· Stay clear from trusting anyone during any of my future Plutonic windows.
· Stay clear from fighting with your loved ones.

Do not let your kids out without supervision. During one of my TV show in Tucson I mentioned the death of a kid by drowning trying to save his friend that fell into a canal in Phoenix. Had the mother read my Moon Power Book or read my VIP Cosmic Code newsletter forecast, she would have been aware of Pluto. Like millions of preventable deaths she did not and for the rest of her life she will cry her loss and never be the same mother ever again. Don’t be left behind, knowledge is power ignorance is evil. Join my 8000 VIP list ASAP.  Read Dr. Turi endless Cosmic Code Newsletter – As soon as you become a Cosmic Coder you will be with us for the next 12 months and enjoy more of my educational material. A real spiritual Master is a very rare thing join the world, be warned!


Join my 8000 VIP list ASAP.  Read Dr. Turi endless Cosmic Code Newsletter solid guidance and prediction for 2015 – As soon as you become a Cosmic Coder you will be with us for the next 12 months and enjoy more of my educational material. A real spiritual Master is a very rare thing join the world, be warned!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


Come and drink at the source of all wisdom


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