Deadly school shooting in Santa Clarita Prediction – The reptilius at work again!

November 14, 2019

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“We can stop school shootings only by teaching children cosmic consciousness” Dr. Turi


Dear readers;

Sad enough, the current SOS to the world deadly window has spoken and as anticipated my dramatic forecast took place. But what is tragic, without your help, school shooting will never stop! Back in May 11, 2019 I wrote an article titledSchool Shootings will never stop! Unless…

All I can do now is to refresh your memory and ask you to read it again and share my warnings and my critical cosmic wisdom to the world! Changing the guns laws will not work and teaching children “Drag Queen Tolerance” all over the US will not work either!

This is what both parents and children should learn in all US libraries, schools and Universities…

The reptilius infected California shooter and all his victims are the results of the US Department of Education, learn all about the infested shooter’ Scorpio natal Plutonic UCI in the video below!

Pluto Governs the Mighty Constellation of Scorpio

“The Eagle (save life) or the Lizard (take life)”

Holder of all the secrets deep
Never speaking for they are mine to keep
For those who plunder without care
Tread carefully for I see you there
I am SCORPIO, child of Pluto.

Characteristics For Those Born In November

scorpio star signThe planet Pluto and the intense sign of Scorpio govern the month of November making all Scorpio born FBI/CIA agents. On a negative sign many pimps, prostitutes, sexual educators, predators and vile priests aiming for children  were born in November.

You are classified as the “Eagle” (positive) or the “sexual Lizard” (negative) in Divine Astrology.

Scorpio rules sex and the reproductive area making the negative Scorpio (Lizard) extremely magnetic, sexy and promiscuous.

There is no other sign more logical and rational than Scorpio… Until he DIES and rebirth and gain a much more spiritual perceptiveness of the cosmos.

“Carl Sagan dim perception of the stars” is due to the extreme rational Scorpionic scientist UCI  *atheist mental process confining him to study the hard physical values of the cosmos only through rational Astronomy. All the while missing God’s cosmic Divinity  and the spirit.

Many cosmic unconscious Scorpio work for NASA the police and the NSA. In fact Ex- CIA Director “David Petraeus” was born a  sensual/ sexual Scorpio with an unlucky Dragon’s Tail, in Leo (love/romance/children) and paid the price for his cosmic ignorance and unawareness of the Universal Scorpius Draconis. The stars do not lie!

 If you are a Scorpio, (the Eagle) you inherited a powerful will and you are attracted to the unknown; the medical professions, the police force, metaphysics, politics, finances general investigations and the universe secrets.

You are quite private, secretive even mystic and once you reach the Eagle in you, like all other water signs you excel in the study and use of metaphysics and Astroforensics. Unless you are aware of your innate witchcraft powerful residue you are well advised not to sting yourself with your own revengeful dart. You carry in your soul the element of life and death, witchcraft power,  reincarnation and pure sensuality.

On a negative note, your magnetic thoughts can reach anyone (including yourself) anywhere for good or for worse, bringing its accompanying karma into our own life. The young Scorpio soul will experience drama, despair and imprisonment during the course of his life. However, the destructive energies of Pluto can be channeled positively to accomplish tremendous results and incomparable career achievement. Your sign rules the Mafia, the police force, the FBI, CIA supreme finance, rational sciences, political investigations, and with it, the absolute power of creation or destruction, including sex and prostitution.

The message is quite clear when representing anyone born in November, deal with one and your life will change drastically. No one should take chances under Pluto”s command. Realize the Eagle (save life) or the Lizard (take a life/ Pistorius) in you is your challenge and your own birthright for creation or destruction.

These souls have no known fears in the face of death. Many advanced Pluto children will “fly” like an eagle into the cosmic code well above the destructive Lizard emotions and legendary sarcasm and jealousy. You can use your inborn rational and mystical gifts to succeed where others would fail. Strong, private and dominant, you were born with a practical mind and an acute intuition that demands you to become more curious with God’ omnipresent divine presence in the cosmos.

Your lesson is to control and direct constructively your deep emotions and use Pluto’s ultimate investigative power for the well being of society. You regenerate with rational investigations and deep spiritual matters when presented in a way you can decipher and investigate.  You must also uncover your unique mission in life. You are interested and aspire only for the undiluted truth and supreme power. The women of this sign are seen in Divine Astrology as “la femme fatale.”

They are sensual, classic, intellectual, reserved, and supremely magnetic. They also tend to use inner sexual power and physical beauty to reach their high goals. However, even as a powerful Scorpio, you are very weak with affairs of the heart and tend to be in love with love. A word of caution for you: Do not use your poisonous stinger against yourself or society. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as your awareness and Moon planning will become a major contribution to your happiness and success.

The location of your natal Dragon’s Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Pluto in your chart. (See Nostradamus Dragon Forecast for more information).

You can learn much more about yourself or anyone else by ordering my new book entitled “Beyond The Secret”, “I Know All About You“, “The Power Of The Dragon” or “And God Created The Stars”. But a 90 mn taped Full Life Reading or a live Skype session is the ultimate experience with Dr. Turi – Check the endless chain of great endorsements

Carl Sagan Birthday and NASA Masquerade – Can you handle the truth?

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Full Moon — October 12, 2019 in Taurus: Disturbing news from financial corporations and the stock market are to be expected.  Venus, the queen of security and love will suffer and bring serious setbacks to your security.  Dramatic deadly developments and transformations in the world of finance and the banking industry are ahead.  The impact will induce a form of death and rebirth for some people and large corporations, and others will have to merge to survive.  Sad news from Switzerland and the arts are on the way.  This dramatic Full Moon will also shed some light the shameful manipulation, sexual and financial secrets of organized religions and some of their religious leaders. Be cautious of this upcoming deadly window.

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Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – Possible difficult news about your finances and a deal or a trip may worry you.

Taurus – Trouble with a contract or corporation be safe don’t sign anything now.

Gemini – Stress may be coming from your past… A business or emotional partner has to go.

Cancer – Don’t worry about your friends or your kids don’t stress at work.

Leo – Career romance and new career or moving will get you worrying.

Virgo – A trip or a study may be a problem, be patient work diligently.

Libra – The mail or telephone may bring you sad news be strong.

Scorpio – Expect a restructure of your entire life, control deadly emotions with others.

Sagittarius – Don’t take any chances with your health or at work be patient.

Capricorn – Let go of your past….Eliminate all guilt with love or children and no drinking.

Aquarius – Family matters or your home life will stress you for a while deal with it.

Pisces – Your words can be destructive to you and others…So, no complaining be positive.

 SAT., SUN., MON., TUE.,WED.,THU.. — NOVEMBER 9,10,11,12,13,14,15:

RULERS — Mars (Danger/action) Mercury (Travel/sales) and Venus (Love/presents):

Work, Career and business:  With the New Moon upon you until the 12th, don’t miss opportunities that could be used to improve your business endeavors.  The feeling of Xmas is starting and will make the general attitude positive and this trend will strengthen your chances of success in the near future.   Trust your ability to communicate with Mercury and follow your intuition.  The next few days will be vital for launching your business, and Venus’ lucky touch will bring additional developments.  Use the remaining positive days to maximize your promotions for business.

Partnerships:  This timing is perfect for many to do the right thing for those you care.  But remember, Mars is around so you should use his strength instead of impatience when dealing with others.  This week is a pivotal turning point for a key relationship.  As always consider the long-term implications and respectability of the offer before making up your mind.

Family and friends: With the “Lord” of communication Mercury in charge these days, expect your telephone to be busy.  Everybody will have something to share with you.  Use Venus’ loving touch in your verbal exchanges and avoid Mars’ invective remarks towards an unlucky friend.   Don’t be shy and pass on your message.  Be confident and direct in your approach; your impact on others will surprise you.  Enjoy those days with the children but Mars will make them restless.

Love affairs: With kind-hearted touch of Venus are upon us, and you will treat someone you truly love with your best intentions.  The timing is perfect to discover what it is you can offer your loved ones.  Early gatherings and great times are ahead.  With them, your social life and romance is up; a trip is on the way for some.   If you were born in June a Sagittarius, a Libra or an Aquarius may fall for you.

Travel and Communication:  Anything related to general communication will go particularly well and progress is imminent but keep in mind Mercury is retrograde.  This week promises to be worthwhile.  For the more creative souls, your writing skills will improve dramatically.  Under Mercury and Venus’ auspices, especially in time of a new moon, great gifts can be found.   A trip to Vegas will pay off for some.  Don’t let Mars make you impatient or accident-prone on the road and be patient.

Environment:  Let’s hope that Mars’ destructive temper will not produce tornadoes, earthquakes, explosions, high winds or flooding. Fires is high on the list!

Today: 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Ternate, Maluku Utara, Indonesia
Yesterday: 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Famous personalities: Be ready for some good news about famous people’s creativity, or great projects to come to the light. This will change after the full moon…

Events:  Remember Mars is around; don’t take any chances with weaponry, confrontations or the police.  A positive attitude and diplomacy will keep you out of trouble.  Impending breakthroughs with medicine or science is expected soon.

Shopping:  Before the full moon it is a great time to buy interesting books, and electronics for your business.  As Mercury rules transportation it would be a good idea for you to take care of your wheels but shop for a new car when Mercury goes direct.  Toys bought for kids now should bring great happiness later.

SAT., SUN.,MON.,TUE. — NOVEMBER 16,17,18,19:

RULERS — The Moon (Big changes) and the Sun (Expectation)


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November 2019 SOS to the world deadly windows

Better be prepared or suffer the penalty!



“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom” Paracelsus


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“If you are not happy it is because you do not live your destiny!” Nostradamus

A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all cosmic laws and universal order!” Dr. Turi


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