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Shaping Up The Human Spirit!


Dear VIP Reader;



HOLMES MILL, Ky.—The U.S. Postal Service plays two roles in America: an agency that keeps rural areas linked to the rest of the nation, and one that loses a lot of money. Now, with the red ink showing no sign of stopping, the postal service is hoping to ramp up a cost-cutting program that is already eliciting yelps of pain around the country.

Beginning in March, the agency will start the process of closing as many as 2,000 post offices, on top of the 491 it said it would close starting at the end of last year. In addition, it is reviewing another 16,000—half of the nation”s existing post offices—that are operating at a deficit, and lobbying Congress to allow it to change the law so it can close the most unprofitable among them. The law currently allows the postal service to close post offices only for maintenance problems, lease expirations or other reasons that don”t include profitability.

When my first vision occurred back in 2009 of a restructure of the Post office, general communication etc. very much like when I predicted back in December 2007 the US restructure of the economy, no one really either heard me or took my warnings seriously, then as always CNN (like science) with time as my most fateful ally, finally realize and announce the obvious.

And this is why over the years those who truly know of Dr. Turi’s prophetic gift/curse became VIP, students, patients, clients and readers. The newcomer is still at the exploratory state and while still suspicious, at least for a short while, the facts of my legitimate “talent” are poring. Your feedback and support is also endless and keep piling up at and the Phoenix Voyage website and this is where I realize that my message is finally being heard. Yes, in the name of greed, while Mr. Conman and Mrs. Pride threw their evil malignancy trying to stop the light the same evil force is lurking back at them, but like science and astronomy, what does the “real” world really knows about hidden  intrinsic energy, the spirit and the stars?

What sadden me is that the world has yet to learn to hold on preciously to the truth, real values, honesty, and legitimacy and oblige to trust the forces of light. But the reality is the forces of evil are also there because I can see the deplorable results not only affecting me personally but also all over the human affairs and it is not a pretty picture…

Abusive established wealthy corporations are sucking away the life line of America with a tremendous waste of time and resources that could be applied to uncover and use the “light” instead of behaving like a dirty selfish, greedy bunch of hyenas. Yes I wish Mr. Conman and Mrs. Pride where the only human born with tainted spirits but when an obvious killer likes Jared gets the AZ court to enter a plea of not guilty on his behalf Loughner Pleads Not Guilty in Arizona it sickens me and  I can give you the true reasons behind it.

BEFORE – I love You Mommy

First Loughner is a victim of a seriously failed education and I made my case quite clear if you read “Jared Lee Laughner “The Mind Of A Killer”


Second, the judicial system may think of the tax payers being less than morons, we all know without reasonable doubt with TONS of witness present that Jared OBVIOUSLY killed these unlucky souls. Again I made myself clear if you read A Little Angel Called Christina Green

But why entering a not guilty plea in his favor when he is guilty as hell? because we want to save his butt? because we are sorry for him or because he like every one of us has legal rights? All of the above but No reader, while the judicial system is set this way and expedite “normal” criminal case like a wild train daily, UN – famous cases (i.e. O.J. Simpson and others) get a special treatment.

What a legal waste, millions will be gone the wrong way making the economy  recovery more painful.  Because my friend, the legal Hyenas system wants the Lion to share…and gain fame with UN – fame (that’s always good for business) and also make a huge bundle of our our tax dollar in the process! The ugly guilty money making American capitalist attitude that drove Mr. Conman and Mrs. Greedy to behave like rats with me has no shame and they will hold on to their evil soup (your stolen donation or taxes) as long as they can.

Become and criminal get on TV watch and lean NOTHING!

The news media works on the same principle and if it brings fame and fortune to some dark souls, and get people to talk and watch TV, its good business period! Now who cares what dirt you are forced to watch every day  with  those reality shows honoring gangs, criminals etc. where one must be or come out of jail to access fame…  I think Mrs. Greedy would have a hell of a time “polishing” those characters when in fact, she is subconsciously teaching her victims (you and I) how to project the dirty true image of herself and teach how to manipulate others for the sole purpose of gaining money…

The stars don’t lie

Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Natasha Richardson etc.

But reader you really want to be amazed about those two  abusive characters ? What do you expect when Mrs. Greedy shares the SAME DRAGON”S TAIL in Taurus ($$$$$$) than Bernie Madoff and when Mr. Conman was  also like  Bernie BORN LATE APRIL and shares ALSO the same type of  UCI and fate?  Yes there is a God and he interfered with those evil souls because they are masters of manipulation and do NOT deserve Dr. Turi ”s future the blessings, that”s all…

Bernard Lawrence “Bernie” Madoff” was born April 29, 1938 and is the former Chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange and the admitted operator of the Ponzi scheme that might be “the largest investment fraud in Wall Street history”

Mrs. Greedy teachings…“You never know where your money is coming from,” she informed us,” so always be prepared with your 30 second pitch.”  She told us what to present after youhook the investor – your wish list casting, your return on investment and comparison of other films similar to yours and how they did in the market place.  “It’s never about you; it’s all about the deal.”

What do you think the judge will think reading this? Do I need this type of image? Are your stolen donations in the right hands?

While at the meeting Mr. Conman was repeating “we will make you famous and rich” I stopped him in his track and said ” I am NOT doing this TV show for money or fame but for a mission imposed to me by God to help the world.”

Indeeda magnet will not attract a piece of wood but I can”t help wondering why the hell opposites attracts each others?  Aren’t you disgusted yet reader?  Don’t you thing the human spirit should  teach and feed on something more productive, healthier, and educational that will with time bring us closer and offer respect, love and harmony? Am I the only one thinking this way or what? Why everything is about fame and wealth  and where did humanity fell into and how deep is this evil hole?

Let’s throw every criminal to rot in jail and speedily dispense of every obvious sick killers instead of spending billions feeding the legal rats I say. Give me the money for my schools so my “teachers of Light” and I can start educating and refining society into decency and honesty, if not waste more of your tax dollar building more jails. Until then, rest assured the endless line of convicts will never stop but get longer.

I hate waste let use those low calculated evil souls, those who use insanity to escape karma as scientific “experiments” instead of harming little rabbits and other innocent, beautiful rodents and other defenseless animals I say.

Can you Hear the Call of Justice?

What did these God creatures did to hurt society and where is real justice? Oh but your “philosophy is inhuman Dr. Turi you may feel but you would NOT think this way if your child was raped, tortured and shot in the head by any of these so called human… got me?

The problem is for those religiously poisoned souls in power, they have been trained to forgive and offer the other chick and without Cosmic Consciousness they will never be able to accept or conceive  the evil that inhabit EACH human being deteriorated UCI. Their Neptunian deceiving holy teachings as much as the leaders of an inefficient legal and educational system keep failing the rest of us. This deplorable attitude and lack of real spiritual food victimized and created all evil souls of the present, past and future. As long as human build religious and sports buildings alongside must be build the jails because they do go together. And I do not see the end of this Universal stupidity stopping soon reader… Especially if God keep reminding me of more dirty rats like Mr. Conman and Mrs. Greedy!

Now I know I have tons of support out there and I cannot afford to let the public donations go to waste, thus for legal purpose I am asking every one of you to participate against the injustice I suffered a few day ago by filling this form for me. I will submit this pack of emails and letters of support to the judge to help my case and get your donations back.

Remember I am a very committed man, I am very tenacious in all I do and I will NOT quit because this is YOUR donations and MY mistake to trust others and a good friend”s judgment  too fast. After all why should I doubt my 25 years relationship and the judgment of my trusted friend Elayne who dates the man? The fact is he never fulfilled my request to tape me because he never produced any reality show or know anything or  have editing  facility and misleads me right from the beginning. All he did was to bring another person in to “shape my image” and asked for another thousand dollar for her service.

I thought the $2000 was to incorporate both the “shaping deal” and the taping of the TV show as agreed and discussed earlier, but not so, instead Mrs. Greedy had plan to meet and make another payment plan for her services, while Mr. Conman hang up on me and simply disappeared…To be continued.

The fact is NOTHING of your donations, regardless of my planned expectations and agreement will ever go to the TV taping next February in Phoenix because the money is gone to someone who has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve it.

While I have a good case against them the judge will indeed appreciate your feedback, thus the reality is, I need new donations from you or your help to get it back. Please act in my favor for the world and the children of the future. Thank you all for your help…


Please copy, paste fill up and mail (or email) to: Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi

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After reading my newsletter titled Mr. Conman and Mrs. Greedy Dr. Turi posted January 24th 2011 8:23pm about my experience what would you tell the judge?











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”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein


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The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science,  my message to them is;  this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with love, respects, peace and harmony.

Blessings to All

Dr. Turi


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Mr.Conman and Mrs. Greedy



Dear VIP Reader;

Update  – Sharing more of real good news… Is God and karma working in my favor or what?

GEE there is indeed a God!

Hi Dr. Turi,

This is Chickie, the Administrator of NAPPN writing to you. I”m impressed with your website and content that you have shared with the NAPPN community. I”d like to offer you, your own show here on NAPPN TV for a weekly spot! Would you be interested?

Let me know your thoughts.


Update  – OMG! I CAN”T BELIEVE what some of you already found out on Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy (fictitious names) professional accomplishments and ILLEGAL endeavors. Its really amazing what one can find  about anyone”s secrets and I want to thank a couple of people who are gifted in this type of “detective” work.

You will be amazed when I divulge it all after this case comes to an end…This is amazing , Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy” uncovered  information really made my day! I feel so much better already. Mr. Conman”s butt is indeed cooked and a sorry  Mr. Greedy will learn more about his and her own secret past  (unless they decide to be honest for a change with me and other people). But one thing sure  born with a Taurus (money) Dragon”s Tail (negative)  she won ”t  be able to hold on to the money she did not do anything to deserve. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for your emails of legal / emotional support andthe incredible findings I can not divulge here. Already my attorney has more than needed for this case which seems to be going to court sooner or later if Mr. Conman and Mrs. Greedy do not act as decent human beings with all of us and return the stolen money…

I am on the air tonight with Linda, the show will be about explaining the forces of evil against the forces of light and what and how good or bad karma always unfolds. I will also approach Rep. Gabrielle Giffords” miraculous recovery, Christina and Jared stars and fate.  I will also perform mini readings for some lucky listeners. See you all tonight.

The sad story of Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy

”HAD” kind of a bad news to share with you reader: A good chunk of the public donations or 2000 dollars was stolen from me by Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy and I am waiting for my friend Gary Busey”s attorney feedback to help me recover the money I so badly need to produce my TV show “The Cosmic Code” with Dr. Turi. Before telling more to the big world I have decided to let you know how terrible I feel about the entire deal as to release some of my frustration and share this sad experience with those who are a little more closer to me first.

After all you signed up because you trust my wisdom and some of you have given me donation for the show. You may wonder after telling you in my public newsletters I was making great progress  and why I don”t talk about it anymore and in time why the TV show  may not happen. Thus I have to give you some explanations to cover myself before hand. Damn I hate myself it took me MONTHS to accumulate this sum and it was gone in less than one hour…

Well, all my plans were shattered  with those two people, their names, addresses, emails, telephones,  business etc. can not be exposed to the general public for legal purpose and I will refer to them as Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy. That is if I do not get your donation back of course. But what happened? After all I should know better yes, you bet I do…

Being an ADD and extremely fast why should I doubt Elayne, a 25 year of great friendship and her  judgment when she dates the guy? She called me last week telling me how wonderful he was and how knowledgeable he was with television etc. Little did she know the guy never handled a camera, did not know anything about editing or sound system.When we first met in my office I had a suspicion when Mr. Conman told me he could sell “fridges to Eskimo” and he never had a problem gathering people and equipment he needed.

The bell rang loud and clear but again why should I doubt my good trusted friend Elayne and his words?  All I wanted was to spend the money for the TV production in my next UFO event in Phoenix, that”s all. I was so excited, so happy to finally have found someone one of my best and long standing friend knew so well… Right away Terania, listening from the bedroom told me, NO honey, no don”t deal with him I have a bad feeling…damn she was right and why did I doubt my wife”s feelings?

Gee people I HATE Myself now for being so trustful, so stupid, so innocent and I learned that not everyone is as honest and real as I am for sure…

But the fact is, being a Taurus Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy, his partner in crime being a Scorpio, there is an obvious and very strong attraction and he probably wanted to impress her and make some money in the process too.  Yes his very words while talking about Heather on the phone were, “Yes indeed I would love to F…her.”

Mrs. Greedy is running a business from Phoenix, AZ and you will know all about it if she does not reimburse YOUR money, note also that many of you may be attorneys or could give me some help in this case, the more legal advise I get the better yes? So I will email you all that I have if you decide to see deeper into this mess and provide me with your help. Gee  be patient because I am expecting tons of emails from many of you, once you read this sad “adventure.” But I will try to explain it all next… Basically her job is to shape up people so they become at their best on television and dealing / facing the public and her first move was to remove everything  I had to do with Nostradamus. But there is no lies there, I was born in Provence France, under the same stars, rekindled and use his 16th century methodology and my unarguable set of predictions and the tons of support and feedback speaks for me when people baptized me ” Nostradamus reincarnated or the New Nostradamus” or what have you.”

In fact this has always worked for me and I would not be Dr. Turi without it. Damn I have your money stolen to RE-shape me? Into what” do you actually see the type of people and programing going on on reality show today reader? Do I or do they need shaping up lolo –  Let me know what you think of that idea ( and the best feedback will be used in the public newsletter I will generate to warn the large public in my city and those all over the world reading my work about Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy. Also all the people that have offered me donations, please send me an email ASAP I need this if this case goes to court.

All the emails have been saved for legal purpose just in case I need to show the legitimate documentations.  Then I will elaborate of course of the reasons why she wanted to clean off the Nostradamus thing from my “image.”

At the meeting in my house (I had no idea) she began to tell me how important it is to be top knock on TV and she started to correct “my speed” yes indeed my weakness is that sometime I do not listen…and she knew it well. Then after a while Mr. Conman simply asked me for the sum of 2 thousands dollars, when we AGREED on the phone to launch the project with only 1000 dollars. I did not think much about it because I thought well this money is incorporated for the TV show and this investment will go the right way.

Then the next day I demanded  Mrs. Greedy for a contract and a receipt for  tax purpose… note that Mr. Conman sent me an email where he emphasized how much I needed to be “shaped up” and money but NEVER mentioned a contract or the TV show. He went further and told me on the phone that I said we did not need a contract lol damn, I knew I was in trouble right there… But what really made me suspicious is the email I received from Mrs. Greedy saying “I need to see what is involved to come up with a PRICING structure.” This means of course Mr. Greedy had plans to suck more money from you and me” Shaping me up” for what ever period of time she judged necessary and this could be taking months for what I know!

Then I realize that your donations did not go to my primary TV show production request but to her business… We had a meeting the next day where she would start her first shaping up session with me, luckily for me my fist attorney saw thought the mascarade and was quite pissed off at me for giving money away without a contract and asked me to STOP immediately until I get a form of agreement (which I still do not have received /SAME WITH THE RECEIPT from any of them.)

When I asked explanation and confronted Mr. Conman he told me he had nothing to do with the money and  the check was made up to and Mrs. Greedys” business name not his. Thus he got his share of the Lion and simply removed himself from all responsibilities…This type of guy must be either in trouble or hiding something  yes? Then my attorney checked his background and he had ONLY a year invested in graphic design and his page, after our conversation,  like by magic is not available anymore on the net…

I emailed Mrs. Greedy, explained my case, telling her that my expertise on TV and radio, while still wild was acceptable and my image is just fine. I am sure many of you saw my last TV show and I think I did well, apart from the shades due to allergy congesting my eyes. Then I told her where your donations should have gone as I thought it would go, but they had another plan to use your donations I guess. My plan was quite clear and simple, all the money should be invested for the TV production ALONE, and if she wanted to “shape me up” a small amount of it could have been used for that purpose and NOT all your donation or the 2000 dollars. You see reader, do you get what happened here?

Of course I told Mrs. Greedy, because she has done absolutely NOTHING for me, to return your donation but so far nothing…Gary”s attorney is in N.Y. right now and she is very busy and  while she will friendly look into this situation but one of you reading this personal private note can jump in or advise me legally.  Her retainer is above $2000 thus she can only stay back…If this was my money I would let it go, karma always comes at the end, I know so much better than them two, but this is the public money, this is your money so I feel right to expose these two to you to my private list now then the world later if the money is not returned.

If I had the time and the money, or more of your donation, I am certain with the little time I had to check their stars, both Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy have the right stars, dedication  and experience to deliver the goods and  I know that for sure. But GREED took over, they knew my intention from the get go. Indeed in both the Entertainment Industry and politics the dirty ugly games of manipulation and back stabbing and sweet talking,  Mr. Conman, the artist nature is perfectly designed to sell me well and not “fridges to Eskimo” as he mentioned when we first met.

When I suggested him and Mrs. Greedy to keep the money and work another deal with me as “partners” he refused. Yes he managed to steal 2000 dollars  from  the public”s donations when he could have made millions with me had he fulfilled my initial request, instead of conning me into a deal to appease his ego to “shine” with a Lady he is interested in and gain from both of us. I explained to  Mrs. Greedy we were BOTH victims (or not?) but she still refuses to heed my perceptive nature. I guess she must be financially starving and totally unashamed to steal the public”s money and done NOTHING to deserve it…

Indeed I donot wonder why Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy attracted each others but in my case who has to learn something me ot them? or both maybe? Time will tell for sure but  while being sorry to thave trusted these low spirits, I still have a really good feeling about it all…

I will keep you posted about Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy story goes on reader and hopeful she will realize this money should be back to you, to me so I can use it as I fist intended to, and that is to produce my TV show and help the world at large. It is my duty, it is my dedication to do ALL I have to do to get your donations back reader.

Blessings to all

A very sorry, sad Dr. Turi

Sharing emails:

DT. Thanks for sharing this with me, I am sorry this happened. It”s a lesson though that you will never forget, and a lesson for all of us that we should not be so trusting, should listen to our wives (ha ha!) and if something seems to be too good, it probably is! Stay strong and good luck with this, I hope this gets resolved peacefully. That was brave, egoless and courageous of you to tell everyone the whole story. Keep me posted please


Dear Louis , sorry to hear about the misfortune. There”s a lot of sleazy people out there, and you know that, you just caught up in it all. Don”t be so hard on yourself, you”ve unselfishly helped people for so long, I believe good things will still come to you. You”ve just had a learning experience, I believe you will recoup. Blessings, Cheryl

Dr. Turi:  Even when a website is taken down, many times there are “cached” mirrors of it saved on servers.  (This is a back-up mechanism in the event a server goes down, it has a mirror.) In doing a standard background check, this might not have been looked into.  If you can send me the name of the website, I”ll do a quick check to see if there might be a back-up of the website.  If so, I”ll save a copy of it and send it to you. Remember, there are a lot of decent Taurus people out there! 🙂

Love , Juanita

Dr.T and Terania,

I am so so sorry. What has happened to you is a criminal act and I can only hope the people will be brought to justice. Please don”t be too hard on yourself as you are human and we all make mistakes in life…I”m here for you as a friend and loyal VIP. And remember you always teach your students this .Karma is bitch and they will get theirs in the end. I know you will get that reality show up and running very soon . This is a minor setback. Luv


DT, you see, special things happen to u, if u didn”t post the wrongdoing , maybe Chickie wouldn”t have had a reason to offer u the show. Kudos my friend. Everything happens for a reason. Now all I need is the NY Jets to win today. Love,


Halloween – Should You Fear Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo?


Dear VIP Reader;

This is an updated version of an older article published 1/22/2011, enjoy and share it please.

“Turn off your TEL- LIE-VISION, and turn on your 3rd – EVIL- EYE-VISION!

End of religions the birth of a new Cosmic God

 The Magical Power of Talismans! 

“Victimus Reptilius Dritus Satanus” – The spell cast upon my enemies…


jknbt – start gathering your rock pile, now!

Pulsating Gelatinous Pillow in a Fish Tank
Great idea. Some people should be beaten with rocks.

DT rebuttal: You are a disgrace to humanity. The subhumans are no better than ISIS and all of you are targeted by the cosmic karmic forces you could never understand until they reach you. Be prepared for the same very forces of evil speaking through your tainted, reptilius infected souls which will never  beat the light I own!  Time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness… 

Google, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi

God’s Evil Children

For years I have been fighting the ugly forces of evil generated by various people particularly the religiously poisoned subhumans. While I could ignore stupidity, I prefer trying to educate  those lost souls and can only respond to those unevolved  tainted souls psychically!

But the atheists, the skeptics, and scared pious souls do not believe, nor do they know of the evil forces they created witch will always comeback to the ones who generated the evil flux!

Create a negative though and be ready to suffer it in time. Call it karma or the perfect justice imposed by the universal rites and cosmic ceremonies which so many young souls ridicule!  Little do they know that; there is no space in time and the “force” they fear so much or simply deny will always find its creator.

My cosmic wisdom is real  and astrology, magic spells,  witchcraft, black magic, voodoo and  The Magical Power of Talismans! may be sought (like my cosmic work) as pseudo-science only, but the fact is the power coming from the  underworld is as solid as the world you live on. The power can be channeled for humanity progressive purpose or ones’ personal gain.

In fact, I had a few “forced” occasions in my 66 years of metaphysical endeavors to thread on both sides of the coin. I tested and witnessed this awful power in action and the results can only scare the hell out of any unlucky recipients. It is only when you experience it mentally and physically that you realize there is much more to the world of metaphysics than science could never explain!

Countless people are victimized daily by reptilius infected people’s envious, destructive thoughts knowing nothing of the dreadful channeled Plutonic energy poisoning their lives. But before explaining how the force of darkness (negative) can be cleansed out or channeled safely, let me start by explaining how the forces of light (positive) work through white magic.

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

While I am a master in handling all forms of metaphysics, I was born with the gift of a true “light worker” and I refuse to teach Witchcraft to anyone and for good reason. In life, we are forced to cross the path of certain evil people for specific karmic purposes that can and must be fulfilled with their interaction.

Some souls are real blessings, sent by God to offer true help and further unselfish wishes while others are sent from the infested dark forces to stop  your progress.

But in all, a very serious lesson has  and will always be learned from all parties involved,  usually imposed by unfolding drama. Maybe you know someone who never had to deal with enemies or someone who has not been a victim of a con man or got lured into a situation where he/she becomes a victim of an abusive greedy soul.

Certainly everyone has and while karma always takes his sweet time to show its ugly face to the perpetrators, only a real gifted metaphysician  has the cosmic wisdom to direct and control both the constructive or evil dark forces at their advantage.

So if you are doing something wrong, you do not need me to tell you about it. Your very conscience (your safeguard) is just  trying hard to save your butt.  And if you think you are safe from karma or the evil eye, think twice because there is no time or distance in space!

Once launched, the evil eye will reach its target and its victim forced to experience a streak a bad luck, sleepless nights, cold sweat, depressions, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, health problems, accidents and in extreme cases, even death.

Some people rely on a deity and pray God to stop the poisoned flux to reach you, but most of them do not have the wisdom needed to stop the evil. They will begin slowly deteriorating from the inside out as soon as the dark spell is carried away in the insidious Plutonic wind.

 One of the utmost metaphysical rule is very clear reader. Shared knowledge means also loss of power, unless you are me of course and know more about the supra-conscious, the stars, metaphysics and the reptilius agenda! The unevolved, pious, skeptic, common, unwise soul  may be lead to cross path with me but can never benefit from my supreme cosmic wisdom, period! 

So much power hidden in this symbol.

But before going forward and explaining more about the Plutonic sinister world, realize that life itself; is based on two equal forces, that could not exist without each other’s or its equal counterpart: i.e.

God – Devil

Good – Bad

Day – Night

Yin and Yang

Male – Female

Front – Back

Positive – Negative

Astrologers – Astronomers

White Magic – Black Magic – etc.

Thank you world for your “white witchcraft!”

As predicted then in in my newsletter titled Astrology Versus Astronomy,“ Gabrielle Giffords made significant progress and was moved to a rehabilitation hospital in Houston.

That’s good news but God isn’t really the one making the miracle, it’s the part of God inside each person and their thought who did the job!

But as explained in FEARS feeds Evil, in the “accident” she suffered is a form of powerful  “Wicca” against her own self. Only our VIP’s are allowed to read this section by clicking on the link above.

However the doctors the scientific community and the world at large were perplexed and very clear, Giffords’ progress ‘not normal.’ So what really happened there, magic?

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.” Dr. Turi

Rep. Gifford magical recovery had to do with forces she and science could never assimilate because the “Soul Doctors” are no where to teach society! Indeed the “magic spells” of millions of positive healing thoughts geared towards her fast recovery paid off and did the job!

This is why it is important to avoid doing wrong things to people you do not know, because some people are naturally set (gifted) by the stars to stimulate the subconscious manifesto and do direct those energies to produce things you could never imagine!

Evil and good people alike can and will  “use” the super-conscious and subtle thoughts forms you know nothing about to work for or against you!

I deal with hundreds of thousands of readers that are wishing us well on a daily basis and when my supporters found out I was battling colon cancer, all the “white light” poured to me and my doctors were also wondering how soon after my surgery, I recovered fast and the cancer is now totally gone!


Avoiding karma is like throwing a rock above above your head and hope it will never go back down and maybe you’ll be e smart enough to stay clear from it. This means as much as a person can be nice to others and give the world his best, the same person can become reptilius infected and “switch” then do the extract same opposite.

Intensity, steadiness, pain, passion, revenge and guilt are the perfect fuel to channel the power like a laser beam right to the target.  In other words, the more pain, wrong doing or guilt a person inflicts to others or generates upon himself; the more hateful psychic  “fuel” is available to launch and maintain the evil wind.

 Usually this intense telepathic hideous soup is cooked on a subconscious level and NOT directed willingly, safely and steadily by the “novice” thus taking away a good chunk of power in the process. Do you feel lucky?

There’s more to learn about handling and generating this power in my 550 pages book “Beyond The Secret.” But remember it is all at a karmic risks, because the stars and the subconscious will not rationalize with you! Thus make sure you read the sections properly and understand the risks involved in dealing with Plutonic forces!  

The good news is; Some evil eye reptilius infected souls, while interested in using witchcraft  to destroy their enemies, do not have inherited Plutonic UCI needed to handle the sinister forces properly nor  they possess enough of the “deep dark” cosmic knowledge to safely avoid the karmic repercussions.

Indeed hurting someone from distance is dangerous for both the evil creator and the unlucky recipient. But there are vengeful situations so intense that true evil spirit  do sell their soul to evil in order to become Voodoo Master dedicated to psychically destroy their enemies. These people are busy fulfilling diabolic requests. Time to wake up reader and learn a few things from this, free again; cosmic code newsletter sample.

Now remember, as a proliferated writer reaching many people every day, as soon as I expose one of my enemies wrong doing; the very mass supporting me generates thoughts against my enemies!  And the super-conscious evil forces  does not need a physical address to find you…  And the evil wind act as a solid spiritual wake-up call that will do quite a lot of damage to them.

But in a million years, any young soul will never connect his “bad luck” with themselves as the receiving karmic generator!

Indeed all my enemies have “infringed” the universal laws and brought to themselves an inescapable well deserved karma! Google, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi

Those “young souls” are lucky because while the positive side of my soul help humans from all walks of life, these fouls have absolutely no idea of the  destruction that can be done to their spirits and lives in general. I do not have to add to their own karma unless I am pushed to do so!

So to summarize, Rep. Gifford and I, including any other well known people, i.e. actors, singers etc. politicians, they are tremendously loved and hated by the public!

The human spirit has its imperfections too. Ultimately I used the examples of what happened to us, to show and prove to you that, black or white magic exists and can be manipulated for good or for worse, period. You can learn to master the power at your advantage with good intentions or you may stay in your comfortable religious or atheist zones!


End of all religions, birth of a real God


This may be a sensitive but very real “witchcraft” topic that may easily offend or scare the uninformed or god fearing religious reader! But understanding the conscious or subconscious process involving witchcraft practices should be taken very seriously, because its happening all the time and is very real.

Again this is one of my last public cosmic code newsletter samples and you do much more for yourself if you become a VIP and learn about metaphysics and the cosmic code jurisdictions with us! And with it, all about the real cosmic God will!

Deciphering the mechanics of  Astropsychology, magic spells, wicca, witchcraft, black magic and voodoo, divine astrology etc. is only for the wise older souls! Again my bookBeyond The Secretis a good start.

While I teach how to generate and control the creative and destructive forces of the subconscious and how the supra-conscious works, I do not teach how to channel the dark forces of black magic to anyone!

  Yes I can heal and offer real guidance and predictions, offer hopes and love to people but never forget a razor blade has two sides reader, at least when it comes to Dr. Turi.

The right “Wicca/Astropsychology/metaphysics” education is the only key to apply such power over others, and this is why the Illuminati use, own an guard the mysterious black key secretively.

Imagination play a very important part in directing the “evil” Plutonic energy and some well read black magic practitioners use or draw pictures and stab it repetitively at a very precise time.

The power intensifies drastically when the “incantation” is performed during the victim’s negative cosmic biorhythms, especially after midnight and after a full moon on the day commanding the hidden dragon of the intended victim. At least this is what the Draconis do to all unconscious humans to control their thoughts and actions…

There is such a thing of being at th e right/wrong time and the right/wrong place reader. Like a well oiled gearbox the Cosmic Code rules are impartial and knowing when and how to use those celestial winds can be used to channel the power to avoid or “create” what human call accidents.

Again when write “Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil or do not feed evil” the reader must understand and acknowledge these words to their full extend. Would you trust a drunk or bran new pilot to fly you and your loved one across the US? Would you trust someone with legitimate wisdom to guide and help you to handle those dangerous forces?

All I have to say  to the scientific community and skeptics alike is; beware because you are not informed on certain subjects does not mean the essence of these phenomenons are not real, nor can be applied to benefit or hurt you in our daily life.

Now because our infantile science classify astrology, magic spells, wicca, witchcraft, black magic UFO;s the universal reptilius infestation and voodoo as a joke; does not mean it’s true, because scientists are well known to “retract” and constantly prove themselves wrong.


In the medical aspect of divine astrology, the location of Saturn “The Great Malefic” in a chart can also be used to pin point the weakest area of the body. Because Virgo rules the colon, the elimination principle and nefarious Saturn is in this sign, Astropsychology medical aspect dictates a natural weakness in the digestive track.

Mars “the Lord of War” is also perceived as a dangerous evil planet by the ancients and Rome Master  Astrologers used this planet devastating energy to successfully win all battles.

Mars was surnamed “Gradivus”, which has been translated as he who precedes the army in battle”. In the late 1st century B.C., the emperor Augustus erected the Temple of Mars Ultor (“Mars the Avenger”) in Rome, to give thanks to the god for his victory over the assassins of his adoptive father, Gaius Julius Caesar.

“To Thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul: in Thee, O my God, I put my trust“

Thus in the hands of a cosmic conscious evil master, the location of Mars by sign and house can be channeled to create an accident, break a leg or become the victim of a violent death.

Neptune “The Lord of poisoning” can be used for bringing infectious organism to the intended victim who ends up dying mysteriously.

Uranus can be used to create a freak accident and those cosmic winds are used by the reptilius ETs to curse humanity!


If Mercury (driving) is badly affected in the victim’s chart with Mars (danger) then this celestial aspect can also be used to create an “accident” and the list goes on and on. But again unless the practitioners has your date of birth and owns cosmic consciousness, understanding of the dragons, housing system, planets, and aspects etc. the black magic side of Wicca astrology cannot be used quite efficiently.

Again, one must be highly skilled on the supra-conscious forces at work, paganism, astrology, hypnotherapy and the medical aspect of Astropsychology to perform this type of evil work from distance.

Great consideration must be taking place, especially in the avoidance of the returning residual karmic energy. Remote viewing is also a form of white witchcraft, where the subconscious is used to psychically travel in time and space and spy on the enemy.

What can I do for you Dr. Turi?

The immense power of the Hidden Dragon is the utmost destructive conducting energy to use in black magic. Mostly because the soul is already stuck in the pool of negativity, fears, guilt, uncontrolled imagination etc. and that is where the soul must swim out or avoid  it like the pest. So its location by house and sign is deadly and a vital information at the hand/spirit of your persecutor.

Thus using astropsychology and armed with the date of birth there is a myriad of aspects and possibilities available to start the evil work and get rid of your enemies. And while I am offering the reader the “Wicca for Idiots” this practice is common in Africa, the US and many other places in this big world.

The purpose of me explaining such dark forces is to make the reader aware that; not only karma but the evil forces you ridicule or deny will always reach you if you do evil to anyone around you, period.

Again when I write “the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of EVIL or POSITIVE thoughts” I mean it…

Damn, why me?

For instance someone born with the dragon head or tail in certain signs is very vulnerable on the heart area and the black flux can be channeled rapidly to produce a clog and a heart attack. The more skilled and focused the “Magician” is, the more power will be generated for or against a person! Very much like a dynamo generating a slow or fast, but steady killing psychic electrical current.

Being fully aware of the housing system and the sign ruling a particular house can also act as a “spiritual” dagger carefully directed to hit the far away target.  Other evil souls stick needles into a puppet endlessly, subconsciously looking for the perfect celestial energy and the perfect timing. These evil souls obsessive infected mind will only stop channeling the power when they are notified of their victim’s demise.

Remember reader there are no accidents, heart attacks are not only coming from bad eating habits, lack of exercise or what science wants you to accept, heart attacks can also come to you because someone wishes you evil for what ever damage you did to that person.

And you thought you won a battle and it is all over with them? How wrong you are! Thus let’s say you screwed someone of $2000, be sure you will have to pay thousands of dollars worth of stress, depressions, panic attacks, bad luck and medical bills! That is if; you are lucky enough to escape with your life.

Life is NOT all about love and Light

With me as a  paying VIP, you will get only the truth to what’s really going on behind your rose colored loving glasses. All I am doing is giving you a chance to assimilate another world! The one I deal with everyday and  where I shine and reign supreme by helping you to correct your thoughts and actions as to avoid the karmic Wicca’s  power.

As  a rule, the  more skeptical or fearful an infected person is; the easier the target will become to feel the hideous Plutonic power flowing through their doomed spirit.

Most of the time, the evil power is practiced subconsciously; But when the wisdom and the will is applied precisely and steadily the results are guaranteed. Only a spiritual cleansing, a powerful incantation or a “anti possession”  talisman can reverse and stop the spiritual damage.

Thus if you feel you have done something wrong to someone and you feel somehow guilty, chances are you are already under this person’ conscious or subconscious spell.

Hello is this a evil or healing spirit reaching you?

  The Magical Power of Talismans! 

Think for example of a person and, all of a sudden the telephone ring, or think of someone and it appears in your dreams or in real life just around the corner. This happens all the time but you are probably unaware of it.

This is nothing else than a benign form of witchcraft all humans are able to generate, experience and handle at a subconscious level.

And you think just because you are a Jew, a Christian or sold your soul to Neptune’s deceptive religious world you aren’t dealing with the “occult?” Think again!

Do you think your local cosmic unconscious religiously infected minister or priest knows about metaphysics and will “sermon” you on how to understand the forces of the “occult” (or your prayers) at work and teach you how to avoid getting hurt from the underworld? How much does an ecclesiastic know about Pluto, the cosmic code, the supra-conscious, the reptilius infestation and Astrology? Here is your answer readers!

Stolen light

In time,  the Plutonic demonic, possession or karma will reach its creator and the perpetrators alike!  If you are not educated in metaphysics, your fears and cosmic ignorance will bring about more depressions, dementia, panic attacks, schizophrenia even suicide.

I can only hope for you to never cross and experience the awful destructive power of a real witchcraft Master. To all who offended me and those who will, in the name of your innocence I can only warn you!  Be very aware of the serious karma you brought to yourself by nurturing and propagandizing evil against anyone. And to the skeptics, just wait and see and if you happen to be a victim of such evil power disturbing your dreams at night!

White healing Moon Stone Positive


While I get paid to service my clients and patients with God’s healing white light I sometimes come upon some very peculiar requests.

Once this gentleman called me from New York and asked me if I could do a love spell on someone he fell in love with.

While I do perform physical, spiritual cleansing and healing with a series of Cabalistic rituals, I have also collected over the years tremendous amount of nefarious energy in a rare black crystal ball that can be safely used/channeled for *black magic purposes if needed.

To charge the negative battery while cleansing the person auric self and accumulate the negative Plutonic energy! The person MUST hold on to a black ball *vacuum and empty his/her aura before *recharging the ethereal body, with the white Moon Ball.

It’s pretty much like your telephone battery, you must let it completely die before recharging it. This black ball gets its DIRTY power with the awful collection of many years of spiritual dirt removed from my clients” spiritual residue and wrong doings. Thus my black ball gets a supercharged  surplus of Plutonic energy under certain astrological auspices that I can use against my enemies if needed.

The power intensify, drastically  especially at night during a full Plutonic moon while the white crystal ball recharge itself endlessly facing the full hot Arizona day Sun in my backyard.

While I could make a conscious use of my accumulated *black powers against my enemies, and able to handle the karmic residue safely, I would rather use love and understanding than to battle them. Dealing with jealousy, ignorance, envy abuses or stupidity is not my forte.

God’s power is within the cosmic code secrets and becomes the only safe and reliable way to handle life and my hidden enemies.  I trust forgiveness and  love is the  only answer.

But in a few cases, I was cornered and had to use Wicca to make a point; And what is any sum of money stolen from me compare to your health, your fate or your mental sanity?

Time is the answer reader and as much as the Voodoo or Black magic practitioner try to control himself consciously, the subconscious deep emotional connection accentuate the motivation and become more problematic! Too late, the witchcraft process is already gone and already reaching its victims.

In this case, the telephone session was set for the next day where I advised this gentleman to avoid any form of difficult love rituals. Rituals can be used for money, career, health and protection against evil forces and like the majority of people he had no cosmic consciousness and no awareness of the Wicca power. Thus I strongly suggested him to invest in my “love Talisman.” The Magical Power of Talismans!

Of course science can only deny or even laugh about this nonsensical witchcraft pseudo-science but rest assured, no one is safe against the force. Ask any voodoo or witchcraft (spared) victims for more information if you want to learn more about such a diabolic energy.

There is a “magic” ritual and the right talismans for absolutely anything you need, but most people are all unconscious and will not request the information. meantime, subconsciously (or consciously) all are performing these rituals daily.

Thanks God, it is more on autopilot that the majority of people operates and practice witchcraft. I also explained to him that forcing love spell is sometimes okay but building the seat of attraction would be my first choice.

I suggested him how to improve his own *animal magnetism and attract her *naturally by drinking the Universal Blood Transfusion and using a love talisman. He was perplexed and interested in my “Wicca” expertise and even though I can perform both good and evil at will, I will always steer my client to a more safe approach.

It’s more demanding, more time consuming but very much safer and with time the results are the same at the end.


It is of French and Old German origin, and the meaning of Louis is “famous warrior“.

Many people instinctively realize or feel they are recipients of a nefarious evil wind, some are directed consciously or subconsciously at them by other gifted but often unaware souls *God thanks for that! But ultimately the results are dreadful where the soul endures a physical or spiritual hell bringing challenges and setbacks regardless of the will used to turn things around.


With the dragon’s tail moving soon in the US chart and more evil thought generated by billions of envious people against America “We the People” must unite against the upcoming reptilius attacks. My visions will unfold because I do not have the stage and the support needed to change the thought process cursing this great country…

Conscious or not, many of you will fall for this nefarious power and if you feel you and America are victims of such evil forces, chances are you are!

First make amends and do the right thing ASAP, the reptilius can not survive with positive thoughts and hopes.   STOP the evil force poisoning our lives… 

The US is not  doomed but the enemy is intangible and desperate for troubles, discord, guilt, anger, fears and your inaction against this cosmic evil is unacceptable. Dealing with God Cosmic Divinity is re birthing into a wiser soul, protecting us all against all evil forces!

Start by investigating how those 2017 cosmic winds will affect you and your loved ones!


Dr. Turi

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science,  my message to them is;  this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with love, respects, peace and harmony.


Dr. must

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Question? Help? Talk to Terania – 602 265-7667

Children Of The Future


Dear VIP Reader;

In the tumult produced by our infantile science and their logical, mathematical perception of the Universe I decided once more to challenge their limited educated opinion. Again debating the spiritual language of the stars with an astrophysicist and astronomer is like trying to explain to them why the sun’s ray can penetrate through a glass window without breaking it. Another word they are not mentally/spiritually fit by God and nature to comprehend the intuitive domain of my work.

Tattoo parlor owners must be salivating. An assertion in a Minneapolis Star Tribune article that our understanding of the zodiac is off by about a month – and that therefore people have been identifying themselves with the wrong sign – caught fire on the internet Thursday, and many folks are in an absolute panic on social media.

DT Rebuttal: For the writer to start an article with Tattoo parlor owners” and their wild characters seem to classify those reading the Star Tribune newspaper horoscopes representing the uneducated mass’ true perception of a very rare and dignified lost science he knows nothing about. Indeed  an extreme minority of  supremely intelligent people such as my students, clients and you reader are enjoying and benefiting from real astrology. But again the writer must protect himself from the “ridicule” and emancipate himself from all the Tattoo parlor owners and their wild clientele…

“If my zodiac symbol has been changed to a Libra, what am I supposed to do with my Scorpio tattoo?!?!,” read one tweet Thursday.

DT Rebuttal: Again little do theTattoo parlor owners and their wild clientele” know that they are made of a composition of twelve signs of the zodiac that affects a specific housing system in a specific order, thus because of this lack of education, the world is now in a panic mode? This is so funny, it’s like trying to concentrate on a insignificant point in the for ever endless cold universe because OBJECTIVITY is not science or the common mortal reading newspaper horoscopes forte.

Some vowed to get their tats removed. Others groaned about losing the sign with which they’ve identified themselves for years. The zodiac and related terms – including Ophiuchus, said to be a 13th and neglected sign – were trending Twitter topics much of Thursday.

As much as science removed or “thwarted” Pluto as a planet, the same educated astronomers are discovering new planets on a daily base…laughable really when these planets have always been there but they never saw them until last week! Removing tats is like agreeing with yet another wasteful scientific discovery that makes sense to them only…but don’t you dare asking any astronomer to bypass their logical limited perception of astrology  when all they are doing is to try hard to hurt its integrity and ridicule all the people interested in Astrology.

But before astrology fans scrape the ink from their arms because they think they”re now a Virgo instead of a Libra, they should consider this: If they adhered to the tropical zodiac – which, if they”re a Westerner, they probably did – absolutely nothing has changed for them.

DT Rebuttal: Again, those educated heads are discovering the fact that the number of people interested and dealing with astrology override astronomy by one million to one and the millions of “lost” people complaining about it forced them to RE evaluate their findings and offer a new peace of mind. The fact is there are 85 different way of drawing a horoscope and the scientific community investigated the physical aspect or the movement of the stars within the Tropical against the Sidereal Zodiac. 

Again they are NOT talking Astrology but Astronomy and by radicalizing/ridicule astrology they got bitten in the butt.  Astronomers have NO clue of the spiritual essence emanating from the stars they consider and perceive only as solid rocks. Indeed astronomers should never ever approach a subject they know nothing about, or at least do some spiritual gymnastics with real pro like my students and I before looking like real Astro-jerks in the eyes of the world.

Do not expect NASA and the scientific community to explain what the reptilius agenda is all about when they are clueless of the spiritual values involving our own solar system and the rest of the cosmos!

Bizarre ‘Dark Fluid’ with Negative Mass Could Dominate the Universe

It’s embarrassing, but astrophysicists are the first to admit it. Our best theoretical model can only explain 5 percent of the universe. The remaining 95 percent is famously made up almost entirely of invisible, unknown material dubbed dark energy and dark matter.

Once more readers, the reptilius travel in time and space through black holes into  countless of dimensions. They resides in “Dark Matter” and can only survive with your negativity.  If you have a radio to TV show contact me at  and help me educate the masses of this incredible but real phenomenon. 


That”s worth rephrasing: If you considered yourself a Cancer under the tropical zodiac last week, you”re still a Cancer under the same zodiac this week. That”s because the tropical zodiac – which is fixed to seasons, and which Western astrology adheres to – differs from the sidereal zodiac – which is fixed to constellations and is followed more in the East, and is the type of zodiac to which the Star Tribune article ultimately refers. Two zodiacs. That”s nothing new.

DT Rebuttal: Again the writer must be directly or indirectly involved in the “cleanup process” to have his “essay” on CNN and available to the entire world. It’s amazing reader what transpires behind the scene and what has to be done to clear off science own integrity when the population becomes “vexed.”

Imagine that introducing the “Power of the Dragon” to astronomers?The dragon is representing the South and North node of the Moon but so little has been written or used by modern astrology. Yes scientist’s andf astronomers alike knows only so much of the lunar nodes or the physical “Dragon.” The lunar nodes are the orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic (which is the apparent path of the Sun across the heavens against the background stars). The ascending node is where the moon crosses to the north of the ecliptic. The descending node is where it crosses to the south.

But do you think any astronomer would ever consider reading the 525 page book to improve their Cosmic Consciousness I wrote on the subject? – It’s amazing how truly robotic / neurotic humans of all kinds really are and unconsciously respond to their own UCI *Unique Celestial Identity. It’s so much in their faces but without the proper introduction and education the ability to auto analyze oneself accurately and recognize the dragon’s impact is simply impossible.

“This story is born periodically as if someone has discovered some truth. It”s not news,” said Jeff Jawer, astrologer with The hubbub started with Sunday”s Star Tribune article, which said the following: “The ancient Babylonians based zodiac signs on the constellation the sun was ”in” on the day a person was born. During the ensuing millenniums, the moon’s gravitational pull has made the Earth ”wobble” around its axis, creating about a one-month bump in the stars” alignment.”

DT Rebuttal: First I wonder what Jeff Jawer does really know about the Astro/Tarot or if he ever dealt with it? Maybe if one of my students introduced him to Nostradamus 16th century Divine astrology that uses that specific methodology.Second, why would the writer gather information from a Tarot website when astrology is in question?Meantime Jeff’ scientifically oriented answer denotes a modern Astrologer’s logical, mathematical perception or the astrometry involving the planet’s movement and NOT the spiritual essence coming from them.   And while I am at it, where is Jeff’s dated printed posted predictions on the net that would encourage anyone to trust his gift and perception?  You aren’t going to find such real proof on

“When [astrologers] say that the sun is in Pisces, it’s really not in Pisces,” Parke Kunkle, a board member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, told the Star Tribune. “Indeed,” the article continued, “most horoscope readers who consider themselves Pisces are actually Aquarians.” The article also asserts Scorpio”s window lasts only seven days, and that a 13th constellation, Ophiuchus, used to be counted between Scorpio and Sagittarius but was discarded by the Babylonians because they wanted 12 signs per year.

DT Rebuttal: Parke Kunkle knows nothing of astrology or [astrologers] and uses the Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio and Sagittarius constellations through his own logical unperceptive UCI. All he can offer the reader is yet “windows that last only seven days” in a timeless, shapeless, sightless divine manifesto he is not designed to comprehend or explain outside of his five limited human senses.

True enough, Jawer says, the sun doesn”t align with constellations at the same time of year that it did millennia ago. But that’s irrelevant for the tropical zodiac, codified for Western astrology by Ptolemy in the second century, he says. In the tropical zodiac, the start of Aries is fixed to one equinox, and Libra the other.

DT Rebuttal: Again this discussion is NOT about the values of astrology but the correctness of its so called erroneous timing which can only be measured by astronomy mathematical understanding. Astrology is an art, and art demands creativity, intuition, symbolism, *signs, perception and an advanced, sensitive, perceptive UCI or the real spiritual qualities/blessings both Jawer and Parke are obviously missing.

“When we look at the astrology used in the Western world, the seasonally based astrology has not changed, was never oriented to the constellations, and stands as … has been stated for two millenniums,” Jawer said.

DT Rebuttal: And this is the big problem because life is a constant process of changes and those who dealt with astrology for so long with the same “perceptive” tools used by a rational astronomyare missing the forest for the tree and get lost into a humongous mathematical jargon that evades the divinity of God speaking his implacable will through the heavens.

People who put stock in astrology can ask whether they should adhere to the tropical zodiac or the sidereal zodiac. Jawer argues for the tropical. “Astrology is geocentric. It relates life on Earth to the Earth’s environment, and seasons are the most dramatic effect, which is why we use the tropical zodiac,” he said.

DT Rebuttal: Well it is not the scientific method that is used to plot the planets orbiting the earth that Astropsychology concentrate on. Those constellations while moving a few insignificant degree last two millenniums means nothing to the essence of the timeless zodiac itself. But it is the methodology used that is important for it spiritually translates the core of those planets accurately in the 12 specific areas of the human experience.

Nope there won’t be 13 months in a year soon to go by, nope there won’t be 13 Apostles, and 13 tribes of Israel or 13 mortal sins to fear and nope there won’t be 13 hours in a day or 13 months in a year soon.


You can use the best technological, sophisticated, reliable scientific tools created by man and still fail to explain “the accident” or the fatal error that produced the plane crash in the Hudson River and its precious human cargo in the cold water. It’s all about the right timing, a second that will make the difference between life and death, success of failure by acting in perfect harmony between the Cosmic Code and the supraconscious in time and space. The difference between Divine Astrology is Modern Astrology is so vast just because modern astrologers want to be accepted by science and use the same misleading UN spiritual approach.  Well here is your chance reader, if you missed it, to read more about the “accident” of January 15th 2009 using the true intuitive power of the stars. What Makes An Hero?

So rest assured reader, the very people that deal with the old science of astrology are NOT equipped or able to debate its powers because they do not have God’s permission to dwell into the spirit and the future of humanity just yet… and I do!


Astrology Is An Art Stay With The Master

Sharing emails:

Anyone who questions you about the recent publicity given to the zodiac or a new sign, tell them that is claimed by an astronomer who knows nothing about astrology or even what the tropical  zodiac consists of. Western astrologers became dissatisfied with the sidereal zodiac of the constellations by the 5th century CE, and switched to the tropical zodiac that astrologers in the West have used ever  since. The tropical zodiac coincided with the constellations in the year 221 CE.  It took a couple of centuries, but astrologers did figure out those planets, signs, and charts should be measured from the equinox, not from a particular star. Western astrology starts the signs from the north or ascending  node of intersection between the ecliptic and the celestial  equator, the zero Aries or equinox point. Nodes are the intersections between planes and have always been important points in astrology.  The resulting ecliptic hemispheres are then divided into the four quadrants and each quadrant has a beginning space, a middle space, and an end space, just like life.  These are the signs of Western astrology.  They are mathematically and geometrically elegant, as opposed to the irregular groupings of stars known as the constellations, which is what the Minnesota astronomer and media talking heads are ultimately referring to.  You have permission to quote any of the above for any purpose. Thank you very much for the many birthday wishes.

John Halloran

4 million grant?

Will they ever see the light?

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) – A Memphis organization is battling the teen pregnancy crisis by targeting teen boys.

Be Proud! Be Responsible! Memphis!” is new program that”s reaching out to teen boys as it is introduced to Trezevant, Northside, and Frayser High Schools.  According to Michael Massey at Le Bonheur Children”s Hospital, says the five-year teen pregnancy prevention program was funded by a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

DT Rebuttal: Again and exorbitant amount of money totally wasted because the “Plutonic” generation they are dealing with cannot be either persuaded or molded in what  the Trezevant, Northside, and Frayser High Schools executives want them to.


These Plutonic kids are walking sexual magnet and the dilemma their tutors are faced with was fully explained and anticipated in my book “The Power of the Dragon.” but again what are the chances for those in charge of these kids to bypass the ego, the ignorance and dig into something else than firing thousands of committed teachers and replace them with the same crowd? This is totally insane and so detrimental for those unspoken kids born with Pluto (power) in the sign of Scorpio (sex/regeneration.)  How can anyone lacking Cosmic Consciousness really help anyone else when the over helming Plutonic energy is not taken in consideration and overriding the spiritual values and the body of those often tameless kids?

The program will focus on teenage boys ages 13 to 18.

DT Rebuttal: The age group aged 13 where all born with the Dragon’s Tail in Pisces (drugs/drinking/addictions) and are Neptunian in nature.These kids were born OVER emotional and OVER sensitive thus easily manipulated into their Neptunian quick sand traps and the subject of sex is NOT the right way to reach their critical, health oriented progressive Dragon’s Head.

Yeah Baby.. what our teachers know about the sensual dragon…

Those aged 16 to 18 were born with a Cancer (home/family/children) Dragon’s Tail and both the boys and girls will run full speed into their karmic Dragon’s Tail and give birth as soon as they can. This group needs to understand the pull produced by their Dragon’s Head in Capricorn and secure they luck break in any chosen career.

But again when the executive sitting right at the top are ignorant of God’s rules and the Cosmic Code making up the psyche and fate of those kids NO amount of money will ever fix their problem. Getting a bunch of kids without considering their natal, karmic UCI is a terrible error of judgment from the teachers themselves. This is why I can wait to produce more “teachers of Light” to educate everyone concerned and approach the kids in a way they will naturally and happily respond. Human, your educational system is seriously messed up and the inefficacy is deplorable but who cares, we are only talking about the fragile psyche of the children of tomorrow yes? OMG in what a young world did I land on?


Are You Gay? Do You Want to Understand Why?

Furthermore, the 18 year old age group where all born DUAL with a Dragon’s Tail (karma) in the sign of Gemini. Those kids will be wondering why both male and females will be attracted to them because a magnet will not attract a piece of wood. Who”s teacher can deal and educate the child on this Dragon that lead so many of them to commit suicide so far? Your current teachers???

Thus the tail of the Dragon will force many into sexual experiences others kids would never attract and the females aged 18 are already set to bear 2, 4 or 6 children. Thus many will start very early and wonder why they feel this way regardless of the wasteful costly ($4 million grant program) ‘Be Proud! Be Responsible! Memphis!”  Imagine how many Astropsychology schools and how many “Teachers of Light” positions I could offer society with $4 million reader? But nothing will ever happen until this nonsensical childish careless type of programs is replaced by the teaching of God ‘s Universal Laws and the understanding of the uniqueness of each and every child borrowing life on earth.

“It”s part education, it”s a lot of interaction, and it”s small class settings.  Each Le Bonheur educator will have basically 10 to 15 kids,” Massey said.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed in order for“Le Bonheur educators” to reach these kidsis for them to acquire the right type of spiritual education and not a lot but correct education…I need more students to teach them – Indeed each Le Bonheur educators” should adapt to the specific age group they are trying to reach but rest assured if the teacher’s Dragon’s Tail plagues the 3rd house (communication) or the 9th house (education) of any of these kids, you can be sure of a total failure right from the start… But what the heck do I know yes?

The program is designed to eliminate or reduce risky sexual behaviors among adolescents and teaches them how to develop healthy relationships.  The program will focus on risky sexual behavior, decision making, and establishing good relationships.

DT Rebuttal: In all honesty I can already hear all of those kids laughing their head off, because they ALREADY either know about sex or are heavily involved, and this is why the educated “worried and ignorant” adults are trying to do, stop an unstoppable sexual party? Who are they kidding? The “six Packs” mom and dad who have lost control over their kids a long time ago? I am telling you when dirt is already at the top of any organization, in this case the US department of education; it’s not the kids that will benefit from the $4 million grant but those who have access to it. What a masquerade, what a disaster for a future humanity where the victimized kids are 4 million time worse than the brainless teachers and parents who raised them and no one knows about it…

Worse what if “the bonheur educator” land on a bully? Did they fix this problem yet? well let hope one of them decide to enrich his/her spirit and read these newsletters.

“If you teach them how to navigate and make better decisions, not only are you helping kids now, but you”re helping them in the future,” Massey said.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed the ancients navigate using the stars and this is what helped them to get places safely…Asking Massey to consider a different highly spiritual source of “navigation” is already a lost cause, simply because to those who do not know me, assuming I am another Mrs. Cleo or a deceiving Sylvia Browne is all they can do!

The program includes skill-building classes using videos, games, and role-playing to help build a sense of pride and responsibility in reducing teen pregnancies. “It”s just another way of caring for the kids outside the walls of the hospital,” Massey said. The program will target more than 1,200 students in its first year, and 2,500 kids in years two through five.

DT Rebuttal: Well these are wonderful but worseless words Mr. Masseybecause substituting the Cosmic Code reality and God’s celestial creation with video games is NOT a game to any of my students and I. This is a very serious situation that may sound like a joke to you but a deadly serious reality to those born with a spiritually advanced UCI. My turf is the future and it has always been my most faithful witness I may add, thus I can already assure you reader, this imposture is a total waste of time and money.  For the numbers of teens visiting the hospital (or committing suicide) will still improve drastically. And these are the lucky ones for those born dual will end up in jail because of stealing and those  born Neptunian will end up abusing legal or recreational drugs and dead, and that is a given because…


Your government, your churches and your failing educational system is inadequate and stubbornly refusing to recognize the reality of our celestial communion with God, the stars and the Universe with an open mind. The US department of Education, all school Masters, teachers and parents alike, your kids NEED to know WHO they are and WHAT God has in store for them. Remember Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, Christina Green and all the victims of Jared Laughner reader. It is because of this type of horrific ignorance that innocent children are NOT allowed to regenerate their spirit and become self destructive and end up killing others.


The school has always been the chosen place where the past and future awful drama have and will take place, yet am I the only one reading the children’ subconscious cry for help? Their spirit is seriously depleted, forced daily to swallow 2000 years of a speedy human evolution. Indeed this rigid physical world demands them to exhaust their spirits to please their peers and own a brilliant place in productive, educated society.    But the educational pillars of this spiritually starved society are crumbling under the weight of dogmatic religious teachings, taking away the true answers of what it means to be human and the children’s Universal identity. This is a direct blow to God’s higher order which intended his children to use his sign and heed the signs.

Tucson police, college and students MISSED one of the most OBVIOUS physical sign pertaining to Jared lost spirit and the spiritual sign I have to offer you are much more subtle and very complex. Thus there is no time to waste in reintroducing the Divine and Astropsychology in all our colleges and Universities. Accepting and teaching the kids the rare science of Divine Astrology as a serious discipline that will bring wonderful and healing results.

once upon a time I was an innocent child…

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analysis of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

~Albert Einstein*

It may also be a good idea to emailJamel Major – and offer him a different perspective to what real astrology is all about because the fruits of pure wisdom are desperately needed to bring love, respect, understanding and peace to this world and as always I cannot do this by myself alone…

Help me to reach those involved in educating and molding the future of your children

“Religious War” and Race To “Nowhere”

Please if in any shape or form you can grasp my vision and realize my crucial mission helps us. The project in now in motion right now and we all work hard at it and we all feel real good but more funds are needed. Thus, in order to bypass EVIL himself and finally see my wisdom spray for a better world go to and give what ever you can. Please realize you are NOT doing this for me but for the children of your children and if you feel right about investing in the future spiritual health of humanity and I it’s simply because you are.

‘Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.’

– Albert Einstein

I am sure many of you read my predictions of a “Full Restructure of Education” from and this does not have to be only with your kids learning to speak a sponsored foreign language,(did you read my last newsletter posted at but also other forms of “cosmic ” material only a handful of highly spiritual people are blessed with, and I happen to be one of them. At least when you finally see me out there you will reward your spirit knowing you did the right thing for humanity.


Show your support emotionally and financially please

VIP, please tell the people you send my newsletters to join us in this great memorial movement…




The next twelve months “Universal and Personal transits” including the “Personal Elaborated Horoscope for all Signs” Be prepared you all for what to expect for the future. Learn how God speak to you, master the signs, understand and use the Cosmic Code rules. Be at the right time at the right place, be smart be aware and heed the signs.  I did generate the full year “SOS To The World” deadly window dates soon asking you to either be extremely cautious, work around or totally avoid traveling during these upcoming windows.

God unbending will speaks through the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and let skeptics and ignorant alike become the future statistics.  As you know there are NO accidents but circumstances that are yet to be uncovered by science and with me as a guide you are safe and in good hands.  Remember being a VIP means you also vibrate at my spiritual level and concerned with the facts of life… Join the world and build your own Cosmic Consciousness with me.

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science,  my message to them is;  this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with love, respects, peace and harmony.

Blessings to All

Dr. Turi


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Pluto Lord of Hades


Dear VIP Reader;

Nope I did not forget to write about the “new zodiac and new 12th signs” stand by…Thank you

My name is Pluto “Hades the Lord of Hell”

I wonder how many of my reader watched “Decoded” last night on the history channel with Brad Meltzer but my God this is indeed ignorance and fears at its best…How dangerous and unaware both the “actors and experts” really were in this program. But I started boiling up inside when I saw the faces of innocent people and their children dropping with fears from a Baptist Minister promising HELL to the audience. This is exactly what I have been battling for years on Coast To Coast with George Noory, the total ignorance and misuse of the powerful Supraconscious in time and space and the proliferation of fears coming from yet, another religiously poisoned young soul… Nothing of value was “decoded” in this show than a total and dangerous ignorance of the Universal Code with the mishandling of the destructive Superconscious forces. Call it karma for a lost world if we do not act together to stop all this nonsense and bring spiritual health back to humanity.

This is insanity at its best where everyone from both side of the production  were totally obnoxious and ignorant of the damage they are inflicting on the future of humanity by manipulating dark forces they have no clue of! I wonder how many newsletters I will have to generate before I die in order to reach and change the Universal negative attitude of plaguing humans and turn this nonsensical awful tide into a positive more creative flux.  Indeed my mission to free humanity from their own DARKNESS and Satan himself seems unreachable at time… Ignorance is evil, knowledge is power but without the proper education and true wisdom  to guide humanity to their limited senses all lives seems to be doomed. I guess my predecessors were aware of the humongous  challenges they faced with Satan and fears and felt powerless to change anything .i.e. Nostradamus, the Hopi Indians the Mayans etc.

I am the king of the underworld

Because of the content making up the production of yet another national religious “sermon” in disguise, the  financial support is indeed coming from YOUR donations well invested by some religious groups proclaiming an upcoming “apocalypse” and how crucial it is for you not only to join their congregation but to repent and offer more of your donations. But again, do not expect the “Joe Six Packs” to see pass anything the envisioned colorful depicted HELLor be able to use critical thinking. Indeed the perception of this masquerade is missing especially when I saw some “actors” who had me as guest in their own shows in the past. Indeed those people knows exactly where I stand with religions  and the proliferation of fears and ignorance and this is why they will never invite Dr. Turi and his perceptive nature to go against the fearful dirt they force the US population to “digest”  while eating watching TV.

Where”s the human critical spirit gone?

One of them was talking about a scientist using numbers and code to “predict events” scientifically and at this point, anything goes but NOT anything of anyone that uses the stars like I do, got me reader? . The Cosmic Code, the Torah Code and the Bible Code Dr. Turi Jun 10th 2010

The End of the Pisces Age

Realize also that I actually predicted many events  back in 1995 well before the scientist”s delusional work event existed; .i.e. the 911, Katrina etc. and those predictions were dated, printed and offered in PLAIN English in my books and on Coast to Coast with George Noory – I wonder where the Torah code or anyone doing predictions were in 1995 when I predicted a “religious war” was to plague America and all that transpired with Iraq, Iran etc. in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Indeed the real solid proof and unarguable predictions I generate, the  controlling Illuminati can not and will not promote on national TV – Enjoy –

Stay Clear Dr. Turi You Know The Truth!

Knowing my ability and unarguable God given gift/curse I could only steal the show and they know it and it”s a big NO! NO! Indeed the show demands the producers to get those dated, printed predictionsand expose them nationwide, and this mean a HELL of a lot of people would in time wake up to the truth I offer and  negatively affects their future ratings and productions, got me reader?

The financial support to produce those television shows is endless and available to any producer willing to endorse religious beliefs and “sell them” unconsciously spilling the very core of  SATAN”s destructive stinky breath upon the ignorant God fearing uneducated mass. So next time you watch such terrible “apocalyptic” programs that kills the fragile psyche of children think of me reader and realize it”s NOT about real education or changing the world but ratings , money , sensationalism and fears. Tapping on the natural human instinct of conservation always worked for the Church Inc.  and with it the slow psychological destruction  of an already spiritually sick society. OMG will I be ever to fix the increasing damage inflicted regularly by the Illuminati working to control the information? Pinning down the truth under the blade of ignorance is what”s going on reader…


Lenn, my producer, Heather my publicist and other advanced technical / spiritual  souls (Bryant, Sarka, Martin, Trevor and many others, are working and planning with me to produce my own TV show with the meager donations some of you offered me in the past combined with my own money. But gee do I need you to help me to get this done. It is practically impossible to measure up to the established  wealthy religious corporations that keep investing your donations to FEED EVIL on the national plate.

Please if in any shape or form you can grasp my vision and realize my crucial mission helps us. The project in now in motion right now and we all work hard at it and we all feel real good but more funds are needed. Thus, in order to bypass EVIL himself and finally see my wisdom spray for a better world go to and give what ever you can. Please realize you are NOT doing this for me but for the children of your children and if you feel right about investing in the future spiritual health of humanity and I it”s simply because you are.

”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein

I am sure many of you read my predictions of a “Full Restructure of Education” from and this does not have to be only with your kids learning to speak a sponsored foreign language,(did you read my last newsletter posted at but also other forms of “cosmic ” material only a handful of highly spiritual people are blessed with, and I happen to be one of them. At least when you finally see me out there you will reward your spirit knowing you did the right thing for humanity.


Show your support emotionally and financially please

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The next twelve months “Universal and Personal transits” including the “Personal Elaborated Horoscope for all Signs” Be prepared you all for what to expect for the future. Learn how God speak to you, master the signs, understand and use the Cosmic Code rules. Be at the right time at the right place, be smart be aware and heed the signs.  I did generate the full year “SOS To The World” deadly window dates soon asking you to either be extremely cautious, work around or totally avoid traveling during these upcoming windows.

God unbending will speaks through the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and let skeptics and ignorant alike become the future statistics.  As you know there are NO accidents but circumstances that are yet to be uncovered by science and with me as a guide you are safe and in good hands.  Remember being a VIP means you also vibrate at my spiritual level and concerned with the facts of life… Join the world and build your own Cosmic Consciousness with me.

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science,  my message to them is;  this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with love, respects, peace and harmony.

Blessings to All

Dr. Turi


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Sharing Emails;

Hi Dr Turi, This is Louis Acker again. I have been trying to set up my E-mail all day with tech support. It has been a frustrating, exasperating, grueling process (I try not to tear my hair.), that has taken all day, well over 8 hours. When you have the time read some of the articles on my web site . I fully understand that there is little time to do all these things these days. I have the same problem. You asked me how I was doing, and I don”t know if you received my reply with all the computer problems I have been experiencing, so i will attempt to reconstruct what I sent you here. I turned 70 last year on June 2 last year. My activities and interests relate to the astrology of world trends, quantum physics as related to consciousness and so called paranormal phenomena, UFO-ET interactions with humans, my metal working shop, and alternative energy. You might want to check out my article ” Para physics and new energy technologies” on my web site. This gives a summary of the theoretical basis of much of my work.

I currently and for the last 7 years live in Crestone, Colorado. My mailing address is ///// Crestone, Colorado 81131-1077. My phone number is /////. My e-mail address is . My web site is .
Thanks for the reply,

Louis- Author of ” The Astrologers Handbook,”

Dr. Turi;

Good day to you , Media promotional letter for you.

Sending good vibes and sunshine from warm and sunny Miami Florida.  I am at a seaplane base ( I enjoy flying) and was checking my emails. I feel the urgency , from one educated human being to another, to enlighten you on some very essential information. Perhaps “Information” isn”t the correct term. “Way of thinking” “Reality” “truths” is simply a better way of putting it. A true grain, salt of the earth person is telling you, that I put my skepticism aside and listened.

Unfortunately, with the likes of people like Mrs. Cleo and Sylvia Browne, most of us have turned our heads or completely shunned anyone as soon as they mention the words “Stars” or “Astropsychology” . Simply put, hear this man , bring an open mind to the table and feast. Your efforts nor time will be in vain unless you choose to make them so. At the end of the day, “why not” If we will take an hour to watch the discovery channel and the migration of penguins, why not hear a true soul and the information they can bring.?

I will and can tell you that Dr. Luis Turi is legit. The real deal and no scam artist. For I have seen him personally and was given information for free, which has all come to pass. No bull patties, no exaggerations. I hope this weighs heavy on your heart and mind, it had to for me to get through to the thicker parts of my skull . I have no mal intentions in reaching out to you, only spreading the love and the energy that was given to me that I”m still pursuing further.  Best to you and I hope this reaches you in the best of conditions, I must do my pre flight now and get to enjoying my day!  “Clear Prop” ….


Prior Skeptic, Current Believer.

“There is only one thin air between Divine information and pure imagination.”

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.”

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The Victims Of Science and Education


Dear Reader;

UPDATED – As Many as 3 People Shot at Gardena High School in California?Suspect Reportedly Still at Large

Again because the world need answers this is a follow up to the previous “essays” dedicated to the families and the victims of the awful Tucson  tragedy…Please make sure my work reach all those people because they need to understand what really happened to their loved ones.

Do you know why the world is still stuck on this terrible tragedy and why the media needs to talk more about it?  Because the victims and the world at large  needs answers and a for a form a closure they will never get, at least not when traditional psychology affirms its inefficiency and lack of plausible answers.  But you are one of the extreme minority allowed by God to get a glimpse of the truth just because you intuitively know I have the tools, the gift and true wisdom to explain it all thoughtfully to you reader…

I will be in Tuscon doing a TV show on January 28th from 6 to 7 PM with Jim Roger where I will offer the viewers much of the badly needed information science and the police  failed to provide them with…

“The blind “accrediOted” psychology of a Jared Loughner”…


“As with any complex event in human behavior, this one cannot be explained by any simple univariate theory. There is a kernel of truth in much of what”s been written, which is precisely why none of it provides a correct or complete explanation.”

Wait a minute, science may be lost but not every one think like those “educated” heads stuck in the traditional, accepted psychological theories  “Box.”

Remember reader…“there is only one thin air between Divine information and pure imagination” and  “Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.”

Dr. Turi



Dr. Turi explain to them what happened to me please! I was full of life, a happy normal kid, what when wrong?


Indeed  conventional psychology and psychiatry limited perception of the truth will never offer the victims families and the millions of people real closure but I will and I trust you to pass it on to others so this horrible tragedy can be explained and avoided in the future.

NO Jared Lee Loughner was NOT a schizophrenic, YES Loughner was very conscious of his planned attack against his victims and like Christina he is also victim of an failed educational and judicial system that MISSED THE OBVIOUS ENDLESS SIGNS. Now if the Law Enforcement administration, our infantile science, the current US educational and political system, USGS, NASA, NOOA and the NWS, the producers of “Race To Nowhere #1” and all the TV and radio “talking heads” I have contacted and now reading my work have  MISSED the OBVIOUS PHYSICAL SIGNS, imagine them UNDERSTANDING the  type of SPIRITUAL SIGNS I have trying to convey them for so many years?

Again, your churches, government, science and the US educational system are at lost and ALL of them are UNWILLING to take responsibility for the dreadful results including ALL the future victims I see in a morbid plague that is about to unleash its destructive mental virulence upon all colleges and universities in the US and the world at large. If you think Jared is the only one making plans today, right now because he is not undertsdood by his peers and teachers you are in for some serious deception reader. And if you think your UNprepared educational system will detect the future killer in time you dream too…So be ready to take a chance with your kids if my message and true wisdom still unheard or unheeded.

While new stronger regulations are in place to save the butts of those concerned and in charge of your kids” education and safety NONE of these will work because the true signs producing a “Death Wish Generation” lost soul like Jared will be MISSED! Again it should be mandatory for every teacher to read my book explain what a natal dragon will do to its owner and be prepared but what makes you think, bombarding teachers endlessly to do so for years, they will/can grasp a different educational light? Oh but all Dr. Turi”s rambling is nonsense, ridiculous and unproven OMG are wrong these people truly are just because they never took the time to dig into my 61 years of ” UN – acrediOted” hands on experiences.

Indeed my “vision” of a total restructure of education is taking place reader – and one must be really thoughtless NOT to see some of my “updated” visions unfolding… The terrible Tucson tragedy is just the tip of an iceberg I see coming back to AUNT them all until they finally understand to hear and see God in action and learn more about the Cosmic Code jurisdictions. Note that my TOP Astropsychology students were ALL “like Jared Lee Loughner” born in September is this is NOT an accident. But what type of references your school system and teachers can fall back on when they lack Cosmic Consciousness themselves and treat each student as equal mentally and physically? Nothing can be more erreneous and some of them are sleeping volcano ready to kill because of a lack of crucial spiritual regeneration. Then the innocent victim, the nice harmless gently kids turns into a demon because of the humongous ignorance plagging the both the parents and teachers alike.

As much as I predicted a new life for souls born in JUNE (the victimized congresswoman) and for those born in September (Christina/Jared) to end their lives in a violent death what do they have to fall back on when they do not understand the dynamics involving the human spirit and its inner relationship to the Cosmic Code? But are  they/you willing or able to handle the truth, the reality of a hidden scheme of things that produced all those “accidents?” a phenomenon that will undoubtedly repeat itself too soon. An horrific drama that makes all the traditionally educated “experts” loaded with “Piling Higher and Deeper” giving you NOTHING tangible but ridiculous assumptions to explain what makes Jared thick and why this awful drama took place again somewhere else?

Our school, churches and educational system failed us all…

Are you a mom or a father dealing with a handful lost teen? Doe she drinks, takes drugs behave or dress weird? Is he a bully? – What Makes a Bully a Bully – updated Oct 16 – are you wondering, afraid and concerned, you may have given birth to a “Death Wish Generation” child born like Jared with Pluto (death) in Scorpio (death) and dealing with a time bomb…Do not expect any help with traditional education to give you the answers you need to understand him/her and drugging him/her legally to control his “attitude” and moods is the last thing to do.

Once Upon A Time That Was The Face of One of the SERIAL Killer… Innocent, loving, vulnerable and ready to go either way but…


I am only a humble servant blessed and cursed by God himself  through an advanced UCI *Unique Celestial Identity to fulfill a mission to upgrade humanity Cosmic Consciousness and my  highly spiritual material may appear so controversial, even too much for some morons who will mingle myself with the killer”s deplorable  obnoxious attitude and deadly Plutonic UCI. And that is the price I have to pay for working endlessly to help a serious messed up world and force them to realize how important it is to work in harmony with God”s celestial will and the heavens he created above for us to use a signs. Let me  help your kids, my wisdom is real…

All Is That And That Is All

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God”s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world. Dr. Turi

Remember being a VIP means also vibrating  at a higher spiritual level and concerned with the facts of life… The type of crucial information current teachers and accredited colleges and Universities did not have for  Jared Lee Loughner trapping his spirit into madness. As mentioned thousands of times. In his desperate act to be heard crazy Jared behaved exactly like others lost souls and used the very place or the school, the University, the college to act out an incredible bottled up destructive energy that finally blew up.

Yes ALL those Plutonic fated karmic born lost souls choose the same theaters, the same circumstances, the same deadly weaponry to kill their teachers, their students comrades trying so HARD to make the education system aware, of something so vital but missing for their depleted spirits. Don”t you think it is now time of changing the Status Quo and accept/realize that my “vision” of a full restructure of the educational system IS taking place? So what are you going to do about it, wait for the next carnage is already see in the near future and say, DAMN ! Dr. Turi was right again (as I did so many times in the past) or will you act with me and give me a voice or donations so I can make those badly needed changes for your kids education and safety? Join the world, build your own Cosmic Consciousness and help me before it is too late for other victims of ignorance.

”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein


Once you watch this video and get the hell scared out of you, please remember Pluto the planet of “death and rebirth” resides in the sign of Capricorn and this sign is an earth sign (the earth) and rules also politics or my prediction of a full restructure of the government and the sad results of the Tucson tragedy. Note if you read my last newsletter titled “Astrology Versus Astronomyon January 12th I offered the world this warning for January 19thNote that I offered this “SOS to the World window in my last two radio show January 6th as well –

Did you miss the show and the prediction about “shocking News?” here it is


Nature To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many


Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Destructive weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many.

Major earthquake 7.4. strikes southwestern Pakistan

Doctor: Giffords out in ”days to weeks”

What”s going on in Tunisia?

Regis Philbin is retiring

”Baby Doc” in custody

Iconic TV Host Regis Philbin Announces His Retirement From Long-Running Morning Talk Show

Results as we approach January 19th date posed all over the Internet be prepared to experience the Master at work! Then check what USGS, NASA, NOOA and the NWS received in their mailbox years ago to check Dr. Turi”s unarguable gift in predictive astrology.

Of course no reply from them and I count on you to pass on the word to the world that someone truly gifted can see and read the sign God enslaved everyone of his children to uncover.

Do you know why the world is still stuck on the terrible Tucson tragedy and why the media needs to talk more about it?  Because the victims and the world is looking for a form a closure they will never get, at least not when traditional psychology affirms its inefficiency and lack of plausible answers.  But you are one of the extreme minority allowed by God to get a glimpse of the truth just because you intuitively know I have the tools, the gift and true wisdom to explain it all thoughtfully to you reader…


“As with any complex event in human behavior, this one cannot be explained by any simple univariate theory. There is a kernel of truth in much of what”s been written, which is precisely why none of it provides a correct or complete explanation.”

The psychology of a Jared Loughner

(CNN) — Twenty-two-year-old Jared Lee Loughner is the latest in a long line of young men to capture infamy. Mercifully, his name, though never the deed, will soon be forgotten.

DT Rebuttal: Yes maybe for your own very subconscious purpose Mr. Kassin but not for the victims’ family that will live this tragic day endlessly without closure.And that is the problem, like a lazy person sticking the dust under the carpet hoping it will go away…With this attitude there is NO wonder why Saul Kassin, like his educated comrades will avoid giving you answers they don’t have and save their faces in public. Yes indeed the public has a shirt memory and they bet on it until my upcoming prediction for another school disaster refresh their latent memory of their inability to offer closure.  But rest assured they are not short of prescribing nefarious drugs making the situation worse for the lost souls.

From the University of Texas massacre of 1966 to Columbine, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood and countless others of more recent vintage, the names, dates and places may change, but the underlying problems are very much the same.

DT Rebuttal: Yes to their limited perception and educated guesses these “accidents” cannot be avoided and the real reasons are still a mystery in the darkness of the human complex mind they dissociate with the subtle Cosmic Code regulations… Yes Astropsychology therapeutic, preventive science is all natural at its core and does not add more chemicals to an already unbalanced mind.

Nineteen people were shot in the heinous Tucson, Arizona, massacre, six fatally. The most critically wounded survivor was Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Each victim”s story is its own tragedy. Each leads Americans to wonder why it happened and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

DT Rebuttal: Yes they know as much as I do it’s just a matter of time before it happens again but they have NO debatable clue of the inner reasons why it happened and will happen again and again… Astropsychology is free of dangerous prescriptions their “Piling Higher and Deeper” prescriptive know better authority poison the public with.

This past week, news commentators and bloggers have scrambled to lay blame on America”s culture of violence, its failing schools, a lack of family values, hate-filled political rhetoric, financial cuts to mental health services, a lack of security for lawmakers, and easy access to assault weapons, to name just a few culprits. As with any complex event in human behavior, this one cannot be explained by any simple univariate theory. There is a kernel of truth in much of what”s been written, which is precisely why none of it provides a correct or complete explanation.

DT Rebuttal: Did it occur to science that their accepted kernel of truth may be wrong? If the essence of the word kernel or the “most important part” of truth is not more then something is either wrong or missing in their unarguable findings yes? But when will science finally realize the difference between education and intelligence and accept the fact that ALL they have been taught and accepted as TRUTH may not be so?  When will science removed the preconceived ideas they know it all and start to look outside of their accredited box? But do you really think when I wrote and exposed my “visions” for 2011/2012, still posted at to expect “a full Restructure of education” they would catch on?Or is the Universal regulations they are so ignorant of, those rules imposed by God’s celestial will upon the human psyche or the Cosmic Code rules too “ridiculous” for those educated heads to accept?

Over the past 100 years, research psychologists have studied the root causes of aggression. The list is so long that it begs two sobering conclusions: First, some degree of aggression is inevitable to the human condition. Second, certain types of individuals and situations increase that risk — sometimes with perilous consequences.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed souls born with a preeminent Mars (The Lord of war) in their UCI *Unique Celestial identityby sign and masculine house will indeed be much more virile (aggressive)than those born with the same “red” planet in a feminine, passive sign. But to the scientists, the work of the ancient Sumerians and erudite Greek philosophers means nothing because yes, they all know better…But who’s to blame them? Who was there to teach those well intentioned, well read logical kids about the Cosmic Code spiritual jurisdictions? Indeed all nonsense and ridicule because they did not spent the time to educate themselves in the right direction and doomed to speculate wasting our tax dollars in wasteful ridiculous scientific experiments. While the option is offered to them and the world at large to perform real mental / spiritual gymnastics digging in my archives some are much too self important to even consider dealing with someone who is indeed well above their “accrediOted” wisdom…

Let”s start with the types of individuals prone to violence, which might stem from a genetic predisposition or past experiences.

DT Rebuttal: As I teach my students “there is a big difference between education and intelligence!” Now I will explain in the best way I can my own conception of UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity.” Again the mind is nothing more than a computer interacting with the outside stimuli provided by the stars (Universal Mind). Your very celestial program inherited at birth dictates all your strengths, weaknesses, fate, health and all that it means to be human. Now there is a big difference between a “286” computer program (that would be the young souls, skeptics, religious lunatics, scientist and imbeciles) and a “486” (the more advanced souls).

Thus men are NOT born equal in mind, body and spirit. Young souls will display the worst of human behavior such as; crime, jealousy, drug addiction, lies, unproductivity, and reflect a multitude of negative behavioral expressions. The old soul will use his natal “486” hard drive and will display, love, intelligence, curiosity, compassion, practicality, spirituality and will become; as intended by his UCI, very successful in time.

Like DNA, the spiritual make up or UCI between the mother and the child (or anyone of your family members) is also unique, and will become easily understood to one who builds cosmic consciousness through Astropsychology. However, regardless of your efforts to help some young souls to perceive the facts, you may never get through. A limited UCI combined with an early upbringing of either scientific or religious nature will seriously alter the conception and perception of the UCI manifestation.

UCI is a sophisticated inner spiritual blueprint, unique to each individual (including identical twins), which determines his spiritual make up and true potential. You inherited your celestial code from the Universal Mind and your karma. All the combined experiences in one”s life will lead the soul towards the positive or negative manifestation of those stars in your housing system.

To the erudite man, those stars are much more than dead rocks hanging there for the sake of beauty. 99.9% of the general population does not possess cosmic consciousness and are robots of the stars. They are unable to apply their will because they are ignorant to the ultimate celestial order above. The purpose is real and in time, science will come to acknowledge this fact. Thanks to all my faithful students, they are furthering the Age of Aquarius and helping me providing cosmic consciousness to the badly informed masses.

Research shows that men who are diagnosed with psychopathy betrayed signs of antisocial behavior as children by cutting school, setting fires, harming animals and the like. As adults, they lack empathy or anything that resembles a conscience. They remain calm in the face of electric shock or images of crying children, an attribute that makes them fearless.

This is not meant as a diagnosis of Loughner — a young man who had become isolated from friends. In high school, we are told, Loughner drank excessive amounts of alcohol, a lubricant of disinhibition, sometimes to the point of passing out. He also used other illegal drugs. His behavior further indicates paranoia and a deep-seated mistrust in government — in his mind, the perpetrators of 9/11. When he tried to enlist in the military, he was rejected.

DT Rebuttal: At this point the total lack of Cosmic Consciousness makes the psychologist oblivious to another source of information that HAS all the missing ingredients that could offer scientists the golden key they are all so desperately looking for.All I can suggest if for Saul Kassin to catch up,  show curiosity and read “ Jared Lee Laughner “The Mind Of A Killer”, “Astrology Versus Astronomy” and “Science and Astrology.” Hopefully he inherited a UCI advanced enough to enter the intuitional domain of my work and challenge himself outside of the traditional box scientific accepted disciplines.

It is important to realize what everyday observation tells us as a matter of common sense: Historically and universally, men are more violent than women and responsible for the vast majority of homicides. In the United States, all but two in the rash of school shootings were perpetrated by young men.

DT Rebuttal: Is traditional psychology common sense or a study that offers more than assumptions? How many times did you read on CNN of a father driving his car in the river with his kids still inside? How many times did you hear of a father killing his own children? If you take the time to investigate some horrific news of the past you will be surprised to find out that women can be as ruthless (if not more) than men. This assumption could also mean women are not as good as men and should not operate on a man’s world, Navy, Army, police etc. Total nonsense…

This gender difference is stable over time and place and has led many researchers to examine the link to testosterone. Studies with animals and humans have shown a positive correlation between testosterone levels and aggression, hence, the “roid rage” too often seen in men who take anabolic steroids.

DT Rebuttal: Not knowing anything about Astropsychology the rationale can only apply where vital, spiritual information based upon a rare disappeared wisdom misused used for wasteful financially oriented horoscope type endeavors. Basically what I am trying to do here is to converse with a fish (the write) stuck in his watery world (scientific box) or a tank where he is unable to comprehend a much more sophisticated world above his own. And this is why after 61 years of an independent research science still perceive me as a psychic or another Mrs’Cleo, just because they did not thread on my turf and assumed too quickly.

Still, most people who are prone to aggression never lash out in a mindless determination to annihilate everyone in sight. A predisposition needs a trigger to spur action.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed we all know what it means to get up on the wrong foot or feeling under the weather or “lunatic/moody/crabby etc.but again how much Moon consciousness the writer possess? Or does he think the moon and the stars are nothing else than lifeless rocks depraves of spiritual life? You see reader, the challenges are much too great and the gap much too wide for any soul born with a earthy UCI. Thus, the impossibility or inability for the soul to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness… The soul is only allowed to operate and apply its critical thinking at a much lower rigid earthy intellectual value. Consequently the scientific community is karmically set to learn the hard way that because they do not see the fishes in the ocean does not mean the fishes are not there…

One classic theory states that frustration increases the drive to violence, either directed against the source of that frustration or at innocent scapegoats if the source is not available. Frustration can stem from personal, social or economic failure. Road rage is a prime example. In someone who is predisposed, other noxious triggers include physical pain, excessive heat, insult, jealousy, loss of self-esteem and social rejection.

DT Rebuttal: Well in time a full moon chances are, as the moon regulates human emotions the situation will get worse or out of hand easily and that is a fact that science is slowly forced to accept…We all know in time of a full moon how the police and emergency services gets busier yes? Well science has not yet figured this one out reader.

Social rejection is a particularly major risk factor for violence. Being bullied in school, excluded, neglected or otherwise ostracized are significant sources of frustration. In school shootings, many of the perpetrators were social outcasts, rejected by the classmates they targeted.


DT Rebuttal: Again I do not want to sound redundant thus here is more spiritual “food for thoughts”for the curious willing to expand their perception outside of the box  “What Makes a Bully a Bully – updated Oct 16” – “ What Makes A Bully a Bully?” and of course, using Astropsychology  my personal views  about “Rejection and How To Deal with It!“

A U.S. Secret Service study of 37 such shootings showed they were not impulsive acts but carefully planned out. As in this case, almost every attacker had done something before the shooting that concerned at least one adult. Many talked of their plan to classmates who, tragically, did not alert parents or teachers.

DT Rebuttal: Well Jared was born as a Virgo, this sign rules organization, details and planning furthermore his natal Dragon’s Tail is also located in Virgo thus making his “planning” aptitude indeed very precise. Sarcasm, high criticism, supreme perfectionism, an attraction to numbers, details and cleansing plagues the psyche of its owner. This constant attitude finally alienates the soul from dealing with others. Exaggerated this behavior neutralizes the seat of attraction between human beings and makes the subject repellent… But what do a traditionally educate psychologist really knows about the true power of Astropsychology?

It is often said that life imitates art. When it comes to exposure to depictions of graphic violence in movies, video games and YouTube videos, people, especially children, are suggestible. The constant exposure not only makes acts of violence seem more acceptable but has a numbing effect on our tolerance levels. People learn by example, which is why seeing someone preach or model violence, often drawing praise from others, can set off a contagion of copycat crimes. It is why certain high-profile types of violence, such as school shootings, tend to happen in clusters, with each event serving as a catalyst for next.

DT Rebuttal: The fact is each and every school shooting happened under specific moon fluctuations and constellations that affected the killers own UCI in negative way making him much vulnerable to “act out” the worse of his stars.But again this is my turf and I spend years of observations that lead me to create a service that is so accurate and so crucial for any endeavors.For instance, Jared succeeded in his terrible killing act because the moon was not only waxing (positive) but riding his natal Dragon’s Head. Thus as the stars (or God) does not rationalize, a killer can also be successful if his stars and the Cosmic Code (current stars) are in harmony. This will supports the positive or negative act and bring it to a successful end. But who’s’ to really understand and use my 61 years of spiritual discovery at their advantage? 2011 Universal Dragon Dates

Then there is the matter of guns. The finger pulls the trigger, we are told. Guns don”t kill people, people do. Yet in laboratory experiments, subjects administer more painful electric shocks to an innocent stranger when a weapon is visually present than when it is not. This is an effect that has led social psychologists to conclude that “the trigger may also be pulling the finger.” To complicate matters further, recent studies show that merely handling a gun can increase a man”s testosterone level.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed people kill not the gun, thus we aggress on this one. However this ridiculousin this yet ridiculous laboratory experiments fears triggers involuntary actions, because anyone would perceive any gun as dangerous. Jared was born with a Dragon’s Head in Pisces and this sign is highly addictive to religions and/or chemical addiction. Thus he was as high as a skunk then and this may not be divulged to the public just yet to protect his privacy or for legal purpose.

Indeed the “alleged shooter” is now going to cost us millions of dollars that will feed an army of media attorneys i.e. O.J. Simpson case  who wants to share the infamous light and make big box in the process. Call it America’s justice where the truth and Astropsychology, closure for the victims and truly understanding the facts are NOT considered.  Thus 99.09 % of the people pulling the gun are doing it under the influence of alcohol or drug and not because of testosterone levels.This accurate logical explanation also applies for women of course…

These findings are reinforced by the correlation that shooting death rates are substantially higher in states that boast the highest per capita rates of gun ownership than in states with the lowest rates.

DT Rebuttal: Gee in Europe guns are outlawed thus the same amount of crimes happens with knifes because that’s all they have to fight with. This applies for “home / jail made knifes” because of the impossibility to bring a gun to any correctional facility.  Meantime drugs and alcohol is BIG business there and many evil/lost souls found premature death because of it.

The rampage in Arizona is a simple act demanding a complex explanation.  Loughner was troubled and therefore vulnerable. He had a motive, possibly incited by the tone of the politics of our time. He had opportunity by virtue of his access to an assault weapon.

DT Rebuttal: Do not blame a lost soul and the inefficacity of the school system, the medical science and the Law enforcement combined because ALL were blind to the obvious physical signs he repetitively offered everyone around him. He was MADE vulnerable by the very school system that was supposed to help him regenerate his spirit and highly creative spirit turning it into an evil of destruction.

None of this by itself can be blamed in a postmortem rush to judgment. Rather, this worst aspect of human nature happened in a complex web of known forces yet to be uncovered.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Saul Kassin.

DT Rebuttal:  Indeed Rather, this worst aspect of human nature happened in a complex web of known forces yet to be uncovered “and all I have done last few years is to expose this hidden/subtle aspect of the human experience by offering science the opportunity to breach the impossible, the inacceptable, the intangible and I did endlessly it in a repetitive unarguable way.

It is a shame for my work reaches thousands of “educated” people in high places to  fall in dead shameless ears…There is not a single US department; ie. the Law Enforcement Agency, the secret services, NASA, USGS, NOOA, the US d Department of education police Chiefs, concerned parents, cops, nurses, teachers, teachers, bakers, cooks, nurses, astrophysicists, astronomers, astrologers, psychics from lawyers to brick layers. And ALL of you are still afraid of the ridicule, unwilling to help me saving future lives. i.e Christina and introduce humanity to the divinity of the God’s creation.

All you have done is failing me and in the process failed your own self and your children because the fact is so OBVIOUS to my students and I, science do NOT know and do NOT have the answers that could bring a desperately needed closure to such an horrific drama. God be my witness for I have worked endlessly, unselfishly for a blind, religiously poisoned society offering and shading light on the darkness side of humanity. A monster / victim named Jared Lee Laughner this very society of experts has created and cannot recognize in its own shadow…

From the above God is watching me as much as he is watching you reader for all you gain and what you give to make this world a better place for you all…and even if I said this is my last FREE public newsletter my spiritual gift is also a curse that runs like a wild horse that will always lead you to drink at purified water of true wisdom, but time is running out for you and me…

Billions of dollars are exchanging hands legally and illegally every day, very large donations are given away to worthless organizations your blurred spirit trust it will help the children but the fact is NOTHING really significant has changed and will change soon, unless you finally yourself become conscious of my aim, my mission and the crucial time to act with me…


Wait for the next carnage is already see in the near future and say, DAMN ! Dr. Turi was right again (as I did so many times in the past)

Until then you have only those who have so far failed you to fail you over and over again for without true wisdom there won’t be true answers but more questions than answers about the “Death Wish Generation.”i.e. Boy accused of killing kin

UPDATED – As Many as 3 People Shot at Gardena High School in California?Suspect Reportedly Still at Large

Help me with your donations please, the little voice inside you tells you I am the right person to invest with, so I can finally rest knowing I reached my goal to free humanity from fear and ignorance of God’s universal laws.

“There is only one thin air between Divine information and pure imagination.” “Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.”

Dr. Turi

Enjoy this music


”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

The final explanation about the “13th planet” and science”s ridiculous understanding of the zodiac being off by about a month will also be fully explained and will be ready for your eyes as soon as I find the time to write it for you.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Jared Lee Laughner “The Mind Of A Killer”


Dear  VIP Reader;

Since 1991 – “All I have asked for is a fair scientific investigation of my work for the sole purpose of promoting humanity cosmic consciousness, save time, money and the lives of many people.” Indeed time demands for serious changes.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

(Albert Einstein)

DOB: Sept 10th, 1988


Sun / 17Vir59 / (1) / Soul’s purpose / self – (purification / cleansing)

Moon / 10Vir25 / (1) / Emotions / self – (cold/calculated/critical)

Mercury / 14Lib00 / (2) / Self Esteem / Finances – (Justification  / jurisdiction)

Venus / 03Leo13 / (12) / Love/creativity – (Deception/illusion)

Mars / 09Ari58 / (8) / Death/hidden motivations – (Violent/shocking)

Jupiter / 05Gem48 / (10) / Career/Public standing – (Codified/philosopher

Saturn / 26Sag04 / (4) / Home/Early teachings – (Strict/religious)

Uranus / 27Sag03 / (4) / Home/Family connection – (Disruptive / secretive)

Neptune / 07Cap27 / (5) / Love/Creativity – (Weird/deceptive)

Pluto / 10Sco31 / (3) / Mind/critical thinking – (Power / vengeful / fixed/fanatic/obnoxious/jealous/compulsive)

Dragon’s Head – 13Pis45 / (7) / Partnership/facing the world – (artistic / dreamer/illusive/deceptive/drugs)

Dragon’s Tail – 13Vir45 / (1) / Female Past lives – (puritanical / religious/critical/extreme/purification/cleansing – A NUN)

Hidden Dragon’s Head – 13Lib45 (7) – (Zorro attitude/peace bringer/justificatory/unbalanced)

Hidden Dragon’s Tail – 13 Ari45 (1) / Hidden Motivations / early past life – NAZI female scientist – lost spirit – a loner


Sun disposited by Mercury – (Intellectual)
Jupiter disposited by Mercury – (A reader)
Moon disposited by Mercury – (A doer)
Saturn disposited by Jupiter – (Judgmental)
Mercury disposited by Venus – (Mentally creative)
Uranus disposited by Jupiter – (Original teacher)
Venus disposited by Sun – (Artistic)
Neptune disposited by Saturn – (willing victim)
Mars disposited by Mars – (unpredictable)
Pluto disposited by Pluto – (True Plutonic dangerous deadly soul)

ASPECT PATTERNS: Mars – focus Moon Mercury – reaction  Pluto (Part of the Death Wish Generation)

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet / Points / Percent
Cardinal / 3 / 25 %   (Wanting to become /fame drive)
Fixed / 2 / 17 %  (Dedication to action)
Mutable / 7 / 58 %   (Outside INFLUENCES – easily persuaded – a time bomb)

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet / Points / Percent
Fire / 4 / 33 %   (Hidden Ego – High)
Earth / 5 / 42 %   (Practicality – Carrying actions out – Very High)
Air / 2 / 17 %   (Mental aptitude – Very low)
Water / 1 / 8 %     (emotion/compassion – Very low)

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon):      Destructive emotions / depressions

MOON PHASE: Balsamic Waning (Negative)

Natal Dragon Head Pisces (Progressive) Imagination/creativity/arts
Natal Dragon Tail Virgo (negative) Puritanical/critical – Past lives pull
Natal Hidden Dragon Head Libra (Progressive) Peace/harmony/legality/justice – Current life lessons to master
Natal Hidden Dragon Tail  Aries (negative) Violent, dangerous, white supremacist born, self absorbed, obnoxious, impatient.

I read some comments across the internet that Jared was an anti-Semite who hated the congresswoman because she was Jewish. Well, it turns out so was one of his MySpace friends.

Interests: My favorite interest was reading, and I studied grammar. Conscience dreams were a great study in college!

DT Rebuttal: Born in September the 10th house of any soul born in September is Gemini – This sign rules reading, writing, photography and general communications. Note also his Pisces Dragon”s Head rules the subconscious and dreams while his Virgo Tail rules details, punctuation and grammar. He is set by his UCI to, like any other other human have preferences, gifts and in his case serious shortcomings.

If you’re editing of every belief and religion reaches the final century then the writer for every belief and religion is you.

DT Rebuttal: Jared past lives are loaded with religious endeavors where he (she) was forced into a belief system that perceived Jews are the enemy and Jesus’ killers. He/she was also abused physically and spiritually by the religious politically oriented government of these days. He (she) subconsciously rejects not only Jews but grew up spiritually in this current life and changed his perception of religion.

But as a rule dealing with the affairs regulated by the Puritanical dissecting Virgo Dragon’s Tail can only bring danger and/or death to the soul. Note he shares the same dragon Pisces/Virgo than Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer and many other serial killers. As a child Dahmer’s favorite past time was “dissecting” animals and spent hours reading the bible and listening to the sound of the whales.   The life and fate of those infamous people is fully explained in my 525 pages book “The Power of the Dragon.”

You may also read The Death Wish Generationpublished Mon Jul 18, 2005 Helping the children” from

Interesting that he seemed obsessed with mind control. Like Sirhan Sirhan.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed the Pluto disposition of Pluto created “The Death Wish Generation “ or a (True Plutonic dangerous deadly soul)Furthermore Pluto or Scorpio rule raw power and the 3rd house (mental process) of Virgo, thus my top students were all born in September due to the natal aptitude for investigation producing a healthy spiritual regeneration. This was not the case for Jared.

Accused gunman had no party affiliation

(CNN) – Accused Arizona gunman Jared Lee Loughner was not registered to any political party, and in fact hand wrote “independent” on two separate voter forms, county officials said Monday. Roads said Loughner voted in the general elections in 2006 and 2008, but did not vote in 2010. The county lists his voter status as inactive after mail sent to his address was twice returned as undeliverable.

DT Rebuttal: While I fully explained in my newsletter titled “Astrology Versus Astronomy” that the conspiracy “Talking Heads” are part responsible the reality of Jared awful  actions is much deeper and were dictated by his deadly Plutonic UCI.

“Also recovered in the safe was an envelope with handwriting on the envelope stating ”I planned ahead,” and ”my assassination” and the name ”Giffords,” along with what appears to be Loughner”s signature,” the affidavit states.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed any soul born with a Virgo (organizing) Dragon’s Tail (extremist) the planning power is unarguable, furthermore the fifth house of creativity, interest and speculation of a Virgo or Jared is located in the PLANNING politically oriented sign of Capricorn which happens to be for a Gemini or Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords” her 8th house of death.

A law enforcement official said Loughner asked Giffords a question at the 2007 event and was unhappy with her response. “He never let it go,” the source said. “It kept festering.”

DT Rebuttal: Again Virgo 3rd house or mental process is Plutonic, this mean all Virgo think, investigate  and talk like a Scorpio producing or their famous sarcasm…But the worse traits  of a Scorpio is to be resentful, hateful, jealous, obnoxious, compulsive, ruthless, unforgiving, relentless  and most of all implacably vindictive. And you wonder why Scorpio rules revenge and the Mafia? That is the Lizards or the evil manifestations while the true Scorpio KILL’s himself and rebirth into the “Eagle of the Zodiac” and regain control of all the destructive emotions he is so infamous for.

Investigators have not found anything connecting Loughner to extremist groups, the official said. They believe Loughner was unemployed at the time of the shooting, according to the official.

DT Rebuttal: Again Jared complex and deadly natal UCI is EXTREMIST in its own ways and he does not need to be connected to anything political, being easily influenced any excuse is good enough for him to robotically act out his deadly stars. Note also that Virgo rule physical and spiritual health, including work but with the Dragon’s Tail in this sign Jared was a very disturbed lost soul unable to control his over bearing UCI. Yes all the top government officials, including President Obama were doing their best to heal the families of the victims and the nation at large, but ALL of them are totally UNAWARE of the Cosmic Code rules and will never offer you a real closure.

What Do I know About My Own Dragon in Scorpio?

Worse, the US Secretary of Homeland Security in the administration of President Obama, Janet Napolitano born November 29, 1957, is totally ill equipped to offer any plausible explanations to what happened in Tucson that tragic day. Offering a religious sermon is all the uneducated, God fearing mass is able to grasp. Incidentally she was  born with a Dragon’s Head (luck) in Scorpio (security) and  this is WHY she landed on the job as the US Secretary of Homeland Security. Yesbecause of her own Scorpionic natal UCI endorsed it all from the get go and she had no clue she was led by an unknown divine power above dictating her destiny.

And these people in high places, those politicians depraved of Cosmic Consciousness, in charge of your life  are your Leaders humans?  How can the US Department of Education improves and avoid future calamities when all the executives are blind to God’ signs and totally oblivious of the Cosmic Code rules making up and leading them to operate as such on earth ?

Christina must scream from her grave for humanity to wake up for the sake of all other children… OMG in what a young world did I land on?

Are you willing to let Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Christina death and karmic sacrifice go  to waste reader?


Email to reach Michael M. Crow President Arizona State University

Please email Emily Fritze  too

Do you want real changes and avoid future tragedy in different colleges and Universities?

Help me reader to bring Cosmic awareness and sanity to this world. All the ASU students should have the option to learn about the Cosmic Code jurisdictions so if another crazy lunatic decide to act at ASU (or at any University in the US) the option to investigate other suspicious / vicious students is offered to them.

If you are concerned parent or student realize that; a true Plutonic soul does not care and will kill  anyone without hesitation and with the new Dragon’s Head in Sagittarius (education/colleges/Universities) the nasty Dragon is NOT done with you…Please read and pass my warnings to everyone – My vision of a “Full Re-structure of education is in motion but your government, churches and educational system will NOT help your children before it’s too late i.e. Christina – and this is why I am here for you!

Loughner voluntarily withdrew from the school in October after being suspended, the college said in a statement. McGahee said Loughner sometimes shook, blurted things out in class and appeared to be under the influence of drugs at times.

DT Rebuttal: An inherited Dragon’s Head or Tail located in the addictive sign of Pisces is also obvious here but what do any unconscious teachers or McGahee know or willing to learn the real values found in Astropsychology  and recognize the same dangerous Neptunian spiritual legacy as the one of  Loughner? Will they fear the ridicule or investigate my 61 years of relentless spiritual work?

When Loughner tried to enlist in the Army in 2008, the service rejected him for reasons it says it can’t disclose due to privacy laws. But an administration official told CNN on Sunday that the suspect had failed a drug test.

DT Rebuttal: A Dragon’s Head (luck) in Pisces (oceans) promote and protect the subject to operate in this watery element and I can only assure you that by using drugs Loughner seriously missed the boat on that one!

Michael Phelps was blessed with the same Dragon”s Head than Jared and “stole” the gold using his natal Dragon”s Head in Pisces…

Like Janet Napolitano was led to become the US Secretary of Homeland Security by her stars, so was Michael to swim faster than his competition, he was in his own Pisces element and the Dragon did the rest!  But how can science enter the intuitiveness domain of my work  and deal with the archetypal realm of consciousness when they have NO training, no understanding  in my spiritual expertise?

Astropsychology at its best!

Jared was born with the moon (emotions) in the sign of Virgo (cold/calculated/critical) and right on his Virgo Dragon’s Tail. This means his domestic/early life or connection with his mother and women in general is doomed. The Sun (soul’s purpose) in this sign and on his Dragon’s Tail (past lives) means the lesson has not been learned and the soul reincarnate on this dense physical world to try again.

His Mercury (mental Process) is in the legally oriented sign of Libra and easily influenced/vacillate in any direction and combined with fanatic power angry Pluto.


Jared Pluto (death/drama/fanaticism) is located in his 3rd house regulating his mental conception, interests and destructive, deadly intonation. A good friend of mine was born with such affliction and committed suicide, this is what Loughner did but he did it in “style” responding to his Capricorn (public standing/career) fifth house of speculation and creativity. Many serial killers consciously or subconsciously behave that way and I wrote intensively about it.

Loughner Neptune (deception/drugs/religion) is also found in his Capricorn (career) 5th house of speculation and depict his interest, writings and actions.

Mars the red planet of war (blood) is afflicting Jared’’s 8th house of death and dignified in its own Aries sign. Virgo are prone to violent death, headaches, sinuses problems and aortic aneurysm. Mars in Greek Mythology is called “The Lord of War” and regulates the Army, Navy, weaponry, guns, tanks etc. This planet rules also the animal kingdom and how they treat themselves with their own natural weapons (claws/fangs etc.) This planet rules Germany, affects the rough Germanic sound, army like language, actions, beliefs and Hitler was also born in April…

This it was easy for Hitler to bring the wise German population to war knowing That Hitler was born with Pluto *power in his 3rd house of communication intensifying the deep, passionate ruthless, obnoxious dictator’ speech. Yes Pluto was in Gemini these days and produced “the Hypnotized” generation; did the world learn anything about Hitler’s UCI *Unique Celestial Identity yet? NOPE! Don’t you think it’s time for humanity *science to grow spiritually yet, makes you think yes reader?

The most significant part of this small “essay” is Loughner hidden Dragon’s Tail (Secret/ subconscious motivations) in the war like, impatient, child like, explosive, sign of Aries, which is also ruled by Mars.

In conjunction with his Moon (emotions) and his Sun (soul’s purpose) in Aries (war/weapon) and a mixture of Puritanical Virgo (cleansing/perfectionist) did the terrible job to act as a cleaner, a justice bringer and  a sacrificed warrior. The type of UCI too many born killers and terrorist alike carry around all around you and your children people. Now after consideration do you think I should replace the US Secretary of Homeland Security in the administration of President Obama, Janet Napolitano or help me to reach so they can learn about God”s face and Cosmic Consciousness to protect you and your family more efficiently?

Do you see the IRONY reader that an “accredited” education does not mean owning intelligence and a valuable gift that can really serve America? Her religious sermon serves NO one but a moronic, uninvolved idiotic mass unwilling, like your leaders to investigate and accept the facts  the the stars influence humanity and finally deal with the plain truth. What are you going to do reader, join me in the action to free this lost world from fear and ignorance or stand by like the thousands of cowards in high places unwilling to take a chance against the ”ridicule?” This deplorable attitude is what producer Loughner, and made Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Christina and others to become his victims.

”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein

The following tasteless and shocking text was placed by Fred Phelps on the website of the “Westboro Baptist Church” is as good as Napolitano religious speech that will in time bear its fruits….

Are endless religious wars an obvious sign of mental poisoning?

Why promoting more future religious wars?

“Religious War” and Race To “Nowhere”

Race To Nowhere #1

Bush was WRONG: We ARE at war with Islam!

But do not blame me, the messenger for exposing a truth so many young souls are not yet able to grasp, or the end of an Age of Deception and the birth of a New Age that is already  upon humanity. Indeed times are for changes, because life is a constant process of changes… Stop the suffocation of the human spirit!

All Is That And That Is All

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God”s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world.

Dr. Turi

Journal’s Paper on ESP to Prompt the Truth

Another old schizophrenic shameless religiously poisoned soul reaching for your children  fragile psyche.



Shooter Jared Lee Laughner opened fire at a Tucson, AZ grocery store at a political rally—shot 18, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords; killing 6, including federal Judge John M. Roll. God appointed this rod for your sins! God sent the shooter! This hateful nation unleashed violent veterans on the servants of God at WBC—hoping to silence our kind warning to obey God and flee the wrath to come. Your soldiers & fellow citizens are dying for your sins! Instead of hearing the rod, and Him that appointed it, you sent a crippled veteran (Ryan Newell) with 90 rounds of ammunition, hoping he’d shoot 5 WBC picketers dead.

Your federal judge (in Baltimore) put WBC on trial for telling you God’s standard. Congress passed three laws against WBC. So, God sent the shooter to shoot you! And He’s sitting in Heaven laughing at you! Your federal judge is dead and your (fag-promoting, baby-killing, proud-sinner) Congresswoman fights for her life. God is avenging Himself on this rebellious house! WBC prays for your destruction—more shooters, more dead carcasses piling up, young, old, leader and commoner—all. Your doom is upon you! Praise His Name!


Indeed exactly like US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano this crazy old man knows nothing of God and his divinity.

“I will speak to you, you won”t hear me, I will present myself to you, you won”t see me”


In the wake of this terrible tragedy in Tucson, in the name of Gabrielle Giffords, little Christina and so many departed  innocent souls do not let their  imposed sacrifices go to waste…

I am asking you to STAND against IGNORANCE and FEAR with me for owning a position of power, respect  and education does not mean efficiency because there is a huge difference between education and intelligence.  Something the US Dept of Education and science must accept and realize.  I beg all the concerned parents, students and teachers to reach for your politicians in this battle against evil.

Its time to bring back the true spiritual values stolen from our children.

Its time to bring back the true spiritual values as God intended humanity to use.

Its time to bring back the true spiritual values this world desperately needs.

Its time to bring back the true spiritual values making up the core of humanity in relationship to our creator and its Universal celestial creation.

Its time to bring back balance, respect, understanding, peace and  harmony to a wold gone mad, poisoned with dogmatic teachings that has plagued humanity for so long.My prediction of a full restructure of education is taking place reader  and with your support,  you become a vital participant.

Cosmic Consciousness for the children
This rare disappeared Art belongs to all the people living on earth
My God given gift is from God”s Universal creation translated daily for you
God”s Art is for everybody and not just art buffs, historians and so-called God”s experts.
”My God given gift is for people who wouldn”t go or could not go to church or an art gallery.

God”s Universal wisdom and will  belongs to all his children  everywhere on this  big big world

Show your support


Jim Rodger will host “The Cosmic Chronicles” TV show in Tucson AZ January 28th from 6 to 7 PM where I will share my feelings about the dramatic events that transpired in this city, talk about Linda and Christina’s fate share visions of what will happen to the US, the world at large and offer Nostradamus Dragon predictions for all signs. Indeed a show you do not want to miss. Email Jim at if you want to be part of the live audience or if you have any question.


Did you miss the Tazz and Paula show and the prediction about “shocking News?”

Did you missed the shows of January 1st and January 9th 2011 on

Remember “there is only one thin air between Divine information and pure imagination.”

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.”

Dr. Turi

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science,  my message to them is;  this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with love, respects, peace and harmony.

— Dr. Turi

Your donations to beat the EVIL of IGNORANCE and  save this world from total spiritual collapse are welcome

Question? Help? Talk to Terania – 602-265-7667


Motivational Speaker – Spiritual Healer – Marriage Counselor – Cancer Survivor  – Author – Divine Cosmic Teacher.    

Image result for a physician cannot call himself a doctor astrology hippocrates

Motivational Speaker / Natural Healer / Audience Hypnotist

Contact  – (Business)

“Your Future is Nothing Else Than the Reincarnation of Your Thoughts.”

My name is Terania, I am the promotional director of clinical hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, spiritual healer and author Dr. Turi.

 Let me take this opportunity to thank you for allowing some of your time to consider Dr. Turi as a guest speaker on your fabulous ship.  He is a cancer survivor and a charismatic speaker endowed with a profound wisdom that  astonishes everyone.

Hi Dr. Turi congratulations!

You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012. LinkedIn now has 300 million members. Thanks for playing a unique part in our community! Recently, LinkedIn reached a new milestone: 300 million members. But this isn’t just our achievement to celebrate — it’s also yours. I want to personally thank you for being part of our community.

With sincere thanks,

Deep Nishar – LinkedIn Senior Vice President.

God’ Supreme Cosmic Healing Power

Dr. Turi lectures on the Supra-Conscious creative forces which can open the golden door to a transforming regenerative, natural healing power only a master can access and share with those listening. Following the introduction, he also induces a safe and light “hypnotic cleansing trance” on the public”.

Dr. Turi has spent years motivating the mass to bypass fears and their comfort zone while propelling the listeners to reality!  Since 1991 Dr. Turi taught the world on the supra-conscious secrets, and his book “Beyond the secret” is one of his best sellers on

He has always worked to improve people’s visions, inner power, morale, their will to ultimately achieve more results in life. With his background as a hypnotherapist, he also combines his talent as a musician to reach and motivate people who are often emotionally too hard to influence.

With his engaging wit, Dr. Turi delivers spiritual contents and physical teachings that will bless people for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Turi is “Who is Who” in America, a graduate from the Audrey Wickens Royal School of Music of London and author of many books.  He was contracted as a motivational speaker over the years in various conferences cruise lines and performed in tele-classes  in the United States and Canada.

In addition to being a popular motivational keynote speaker and healer, Dr. Turi is also the author of a few metaphysical books including “Beyond the secret” “The Power of the Dragon” “I know All About You,” And God Created the Stars”. When not speaking or teaching the cosmic code secrets to gatherings, Dr. Turi writes to his very large world-wide reading audience.

Dr. Turi has been on many TV and radio programs and is a frequent guest on Coast-To-Coast AM syndicated radio show with George Noory and the BBC in London.

I can only guarantee you a good response from all your regenerated guests and an experience that should change their conception to what life is about.

 History, applications and success:

Part one: Teach the truth about the inner power to heal the body, mind and soul while building self confidence in rising to a full supra-cosmic consciousness. Astropsychology and Nostradamus natural healing methodology are used in the presentation.

Part two: Introduce the Supra-conscious, and prepare, relax the audience with my soothing New Age musical composition. Various Canvass Healing artworks  used on stage.

Part three: Induce a very light and very safe trance, dim the lights, soft music and words to take the audience into a full relaxing, very safe self healing mode.

Part four Interaction: Teaching how to use your feet to heal others, bring a tower or a blanket to the event. Tutoring all the secrets of “Natural Blood Transfusion” which allowed me to avoid chemotherapy and beat cancer! 

Students, clients, patients endorsements.

You may take some of your valuable time to check Dr. Turi website at:

Waiting in anticipation,

Terania Turi – Startheme Publications Inc.

From Dr. Turi;

Star Theme Publications  LLC.

4411 N. 23RD ST Phoenix, AZ 85016

Phone (602) 265-7667


Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.


Dear Sir, Madam:

Thank you for taking some of your time to read this letter and parts of my bio. There are no schools producing an Einstein, a Michael Jackson, a gifted Soul Doctor or an entertaining motivational speaker! There are only legitimate inherited gifts and the hardship of a unique life offering those valuable lessons.

Those experiences are the base of a rare cosmic knowledge which allowed me to build the American dream and offer my teachings to the world. The fact is; incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share. I am ready to entertain, heal and enlighten people on the cosmic code and the super – conscious secrets. I can assure you a phenomenal response and an experience the attendance will cherish for the rest of their lives.


Dr. Turi


 Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who’s Who in America.” Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide. He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and teach the world of “magic.”

Like the great prophet, Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence, France. He was influenced by the Seer’s natural healing methods and spent many years reviving his cosmic work. In 1976 he received the highest distinction Musicianship Award Cup and graduated from the Royal School of Music in London. He moved to the US in 1984 and has since established himself as a successful author and motivational speaker.

In 1993 he received a metaphysical Doctorate from the Progressive Universal Life Church based in Sacramento, California. His notoriety skyrocketed after rekindling, practicing and teaching Nostradamus’ rare Divine healing method. Since 1991 Dr. Turi appeared on many  radio and television programs worldwide.

Dr. Turi was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who”s Who in America” as an accomplished leading Hypnotherapist and incredible motivational lecturer speaker. He has taught entertained audiences on the power of the subconscious all over the world. He grew up in Provence France, Nostradamus” birthplace, and spent last 30 years re-kindling the great Seer’s rare rare disciplines and its incredible spiritual therapeutic values. It is crucial to immediately make a distinction between Dr. Turi’s work and that of other leading “magicians”. This form of entertainment is highly spiritual; mind boggling and certainly UNIQUE where people want more of this man’s phenomenal gifts.

Dr. Turi has spoken at Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide, and has performed at numerous well known facilities worldwide including Las Ventana, a top resort in Mexico. His articles have been featured in Australia’s magazine, New Dawn Magazine, UFO Encounter Magazine. They have appeared in various other newspapers and publications such as Fate Magazine and Magazine 2000 in the Us and Europe. Recently Free Spirit Journal and Mystic Pop Magazine and UFO Enigma have picked up his articles on the Dragon and daily forecasts. He has been featured on many national television programs such as NBC’s “Ancient Mysteries” series, TLC and the Discovery Channel “Journal of the Unknown-More Than Human” to name a few and and is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London..

Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s Show – Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

Gary  Busey giving me top of the world endorsement…

Dear Sir, Madam: 

 I am a cancer survivor and a motivational speaker willing to share my experiences and wisdom battling and winning over the disease naturally. I also taught many students how to rise to supra-cosmic consciousness. You may read the endorsements received from our students

 Mind body treatment, Astropsychology and Astroforensics with Dr. Turi

 World renowned author and lecturer Dr. Turi present a discussion on the Universal Rules and Parapsychology offering extraordinary levels of Supra-consciousness.

 Understanding and using the mind incredible potential:

A modified software is used in the lecture presentation, which become a major contribution to the assimilation of the working of the human psyche and its subtle interaction with the Universal mind. This presentation is well ahead of today traditionally accepted neurological modern medical disciplines. 

What is Astropsychology / Astroforensics?

 Described as an art as well as a science, Astropsychology offers tangible ways to assimilate the subtle connections between the human mind and the Universal Mind. 

 It is a new neurological methodology describing the inborn potentials, as well as accurately describes person positive or negative traits.  This is referred to students as UCI or “Unique Cosmic Identity.”

Dr. Turi will introduce the audience to some of the techniques he developed last 45 years to accurately assert anyone healing power, mental potential, fears, strengths, gifts and weaknesses. Indeed this lecture presentation will bring the audience to a new perception to what it means to be human while benefiting from the physical and psychical transformation experienced. 

With the assistance of three 5×5 canvas artworks, or through a power point presentation, all participants will be initiated to the Supra-conscious’ creative forces.  Thus, giving everyone involved a fun opportunity to test their own mental potential and use their own inborn psychical healing abilities in a controlled experiment. 

You may call 602-265-7667 or email Terania at:

Thank you,

Dr. Turi


Hello my name is Terania Turi.

I would like to share a dramatic experience and some pictures of my face that took me a lot of courage to expose to the world. My husband told me I am now in the public eye and this mean sharing the good and not so good pictures especially when we can provide the readers with such valuable information. I am sure you enjoyed “Our Love for Animals” and many other more personal newsletters like our trip to the Salt River, Florida the local zoo etc. We promised you to share all experiences through our travels because you may also find in my husband’s writings some valuable teachings. Being shy and a bit insecure I usually determine which pictures will end up posted in the newsletters and Louis is my rock of security and confidence and always laugh because he sees me pretty in all of them.

My job in the office is very demanding with so many emails and telephone calls coming all day and from desperate clients living in Europe and Australia right in the middle of the night. Running away from it all is sometime a must when the frustration produced by so many tasks came to the boiling point. I am the first wall of defense for my husband, especially after a radio or TV show where people try to reach him for more spiritual regeneration or their questions, I sometime because the punch ball because they do not understand he does not have the time to talk to anyone because he is servicing the world on a daily base.

Simply imagine  after any of his appearances on the George Noory show and with 20 million people listening to his wisdom for hours wanting to talk to him personally? Some will wait weeks before taking a chance on our telephone but ultimately I have to talk and deal with everyone at the end. So I am also doing my part and this is where I really need the love and support of my husband to carry on when he find me crying and exhausted hiding away in my dent. A good chunk of people calling were very much into natural health and wondering about the “Cabalistic Healing” and the Universal Blood Transfusion he spoke about on Coast To Coast.

I asked my husband if we could have an area on his new website where we could concentrate and dedicate ourselves to teach all we know about natural health. Louis agreed with me but challenged me to expose the most difficult experience I had by telling the memorable story in great details. At first I thought in no way will I tell the world about this horrific experience or ever post such ugly pictures of myself on any of his websites. But Louis told me “Hun there are no accidents remember? May be all you went through and what you did to get your health back was a challenge for you to endure, grow and finally share to the world.” I thought long and hard about it and he was totally right, I put my insecurity and shame in my pocket and finally agreed with him to share it all with you.

So here is my story;

Business is successful on our end offering cosmic consciousness to the world and always has been but when I had first arrived to Phoenix, Arizona I was in training and because I am so sensitive so much that the daily news was upsetting me more and more. My birthday came around in April of 2009 and my husband had wanted to pamper me up and have me go get refreshed with some therapeutic treatments as a nice gift. All was set to take place in a doctor office in a reputable doctor office in Scottsdale.

To make a long story short, the aesthetic and nurse began with some pleasant mini micro-dermabrasion treatments and all was fine.

In the in attempts for more money the doctor’s wife had somehow persuaded me and my husband into the purchase of a laser package that were to be done in small steps I was so pressured and thought I could trust the professionals… But instead of the doctor doing the job on the day of my appointment, (he wasn’t around then and hardly ever was there) his unskilled with the new lazer machine wife seriously messed me up by burning both cheeks and my forehead. After complaining numerous times and trying to get fixed all I got was one bad excuse after another from our dogs must’ve given it to me, to I did it myself and Louis was very upset. In one of our trips there the doctor finally prescribed a foot fungus medication to put on my face.

We were appalled and so depressed over the entire situation and Louis tried to sue them and called his attorney friend. After explaining our situation he told us the lobbyists made sure no doctors can be sued and we learned the hard way a very costly experience. But honestly, I didn’t care anymore, the stress was too much and the doctor had said we can try if we want to but his wife was licensed, maybe not for operating the big laser machines; though she has at least watched him numerous times and counts against us. The drama seemed hopeless.

For a full year we visited many top Dermatologists doctors here in the Valley and no one was able to help me. I knew for some reason all along they couldn’t provide me with the right treatment. They only cared about themselves and the money we worked so hard for. I was in and out so fast with samples of Eucerin and soap. I said that’s it, this is all…I have this at home already and it hasn’t worked. I had my life stolen, hijacked by a doctor and Louis was very upset about the entire situation and kept spending money with more doctors to help me. Louis always had a very busy social life and all his close friends were wondering why I was never there.

They all thought I was making excuses and could not understand why I did not want to be seen in public. For months my husband went shopping, took the dogs out and fulfilled his public obligations without me, I was much too ashamed, and when he busted in rage feeling my pain and suffering I gave up and joined him but the very thick make up I had to wear did not help my situation. It was a terrible time where I felt all alone regardless of the love and support of my husband, I even considered suicide.

Would you go public looking like this? It took me a lot of courage to expose them to the public.

Then 2 years and a half was here and one day I said enough is enough of this pain something must be done. I was tired of staying in to hide my face and even when I did go somewhere the ridicule was ridiculous and I still stood strong but I couldn’t go on like that any longer. It hurt so much when I tried to cover it all up with makeup to be with my husband. I had to seriously do something and I spoke to Louis about taking a trip to Frisco, TX where a doctor I had previously used before moving to Phoenix. After delegating on the telephone the trip and expenses would add another $5000 to the huge medical bill Louis had to deal with and we had no insurance. When I arrived in her office she was shocked and said it was long overdue and said I should have come to her when it first happened 18 months earlier.

Away we went for 10 days and she kept me in the office daily for 6 hours or so working on my burns with every piece of equipment she had. When it was time to leave I still had a lot of the marks but they had improved from the cellular level closer to the surface, I tell you she did brew up some heck of a potion that wasn’t yet done working on the outside. But I was far from fixed and kept away from the public. We did not know yet that my husband was going to diagnosed with colon cancer and I am sure the terrible financial and emotional stress he experienced stimulated the disease.

He was very upset because while he was able to stop the lesions produced by the burns to invade my entire face and neck he could not reverse the process and heal me. One day he woke up and said I think I got it Hun, soon this nightmare will end I am going to create a magical potion for you and even if it taste terrible you must drink it. He came up with his “Universal Blood Transfusion” and as soon as I drank the fist glass I felt something like a tornado inside my empty stomach. I got really sick but could not throw up the potion, I really thought he poisoned me but he explained to me this reaction was anticipated because tons of toxins were being removed from my blood stream. I felt noxious for hours and slept much of the day.

A few days later to my amazement I saw the red legions changing to a more pinkish color and I thought I was finally on my way to recovery. But while I made significant progress with the Universal Blood Transfusion regime the lesions were still there but less obvious. After a few months I really thought I would have to stay this way for ever but the make-up I wore was not hurting me anymore and I was able to finally have a public life and I accepted my fate wearing make-up for-ever. I was also scared because if I did not ingest the natural potion Louis made for me, the lesions red colors would become more apparent but I got to be used to it after so long and I realized I had to stay the course or let this evil become more apparent.

Then I got a call for my husband to do a radio show with Vinny Eastwood and a few days prior to the interview; Vinny was explaining to Dr. Turi about a product that helped the state of mind and whole anatomy as we go through our life. It’s called “STEM CELL.” Sounded like what I needed to work from the inside.

I got right into it and was directed to a person in charge, I gave him a call and we discussed how these units aid the entire bodies develop into many different cell types in the body during early life and growth as well as acting as an internal repair system for dividing, with no limit; to restore the other cells while the person or animal is still living. He led into the business aspect of it all and said it has helped him and his wife along with so many others such as the man whose son has Down syndrome and the stem cell brought him back again. I knew that if those embryos could work on such a sever condition it could help me further.

This person has been doing so well in the pursuit that he has shut down his currency joint gold now. I also figured that if such a successful man who is making tons and living the dream while encouraging me to do the same at my young age, on the side of what Dr. Turi and I do; what do I have to lose…It’s worth the try and I am a Virgo Rising (Health).

I had ordered the product right away because the urgency was quite behind schedule and I was vomiting almost every day and losing energy from the same routine. Call it weak if you want, but the weight of the daily get – up – and –go or hearing disturbing news every minute had its toll on me and it was time for a repair and tune – up. I took the product and within the first 45 minute I could feel it working. My spirit was getting relaxed and I do fall asleep easier. With “STEM ENHANCE & STEM FLO” the power of the two combined shift the adult cells where they need to be right away and solve the problems needed to be worked on at once.

The restoration of my membranes and overall well – being, I can say helps me through my days. And yes, I do still take some additional essential supplements but not overkill like I used to associated with a healthy diet and some exercise. As one works for one thing, there is always something for something else. At least they are not doctor prescribed and they are 100% natural. Sure beats the side effects of Viagra or Cialas for those men who are experiencing difficulty in their lovemaking department, that’s what Graham, said and when I slipped Dr. Turi some even his circulation got to pumping.

I noticed a sudden calmness about him to while at work with the world. Nevertheless, he’s always been as stubborn as a horse when it comes to health and he had cancer barely a year ago. His trip to Thailand was when and where he had found out and it was there that it was taken out. For maintenance, I always had and continue to give him his everyday sources of nourishment but now, he’s always making sure to ask…”Where’s my pills?” Note also since I put my husband on the Stem Cells program his hair are growing non stop and he is 65 years old.

This much, I know he feels a change and at almost 65 years of age he is getting up and has enough energy as a lightning bolt. And with all this together, I can say I am in my Days of Thunder. Everyone who is suffering from any type of fatigue, illness, sadness or doesn’t know what is wrong with them and wants to stay in the unrefined zone, even if they had been to the doctor…I strongly suggest trying the “STEM ENHANCE & STEM FLO”. To start, take 2 capsules of each two times a day at least 45 mn before meals; then you can move up to 3 capsules two times a day if needed.

Honestly, try to Dr. Turi’s magical “Universal Blood Transfusion” including your daily whole food multivitamin, a tip top fish oil and flax oil like Barleans, your enzymes to break down fats, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, etc along with any ageless skin supplements you might be interested and remember to eat diets with reduced fats and organic…Momma always said “Eat your veggies.” And while most don’t get enough of those miracle greens and reds, thankfully health nuts are out there to share with you the wonders they never cease to amaze us with…That’s why we have my husband’s “Universal Blood Transfusion” phyto – nutrient loaded drink, as well as you want to make sure get a steady 15 -30 mn walk a day preferably on a treadmill so you can count how much you have burned. I believe with all of these things together, anyone can notice a big difference and start to have a brighter outlook on this existence; like Dr. Turi and I did…

Lastly my husband Dr. Turi, is a cancer survivor and I can assure you the experience was horrid. He used steadily his Universal Blood Transfusion and made an incredible recovery. He was asked to do a TV show and express his feelings about this dramatic experience that will help prevent the disease and help all those who are suffering cancer. He speaks and writes about his experiences and shares his natural healing wisdom.

Peace, Love and Light,

*Mrs. Terania Turi*

Natural Health Tips!

The majority of my readers is  not made up of mesmerized kids excited to attend the next rock and roll concert or fall backward for innocent kids celebrities manipulated by Plutonic souls digging them an early grave.

Yes wisdom comes usually after burning a few years making emotional errors or endorsing bad habits taking their toll on the body, mind and soul.  Thus I may have some young highly spiritual souls interested in my work but the majority will be either middle age or retired like me and my many friends.  Thus any tip I receive from them is shared to other through the Cosmic Code.  As a cancer survivor I can and will use all the tips I read about, my own “Universal Blood Transfusion, Natural Cabalistic Healing and I particularly trust Stem Cell 

But water is the main ingredient for cleaning and cleansing the body and the ultimate life giver to life as we know it on this planet and many others unknown to science just yet.

Heart Attack & Water

Something I didn”t know either! I asked my Doctor why do I and other people urinate so much at night time. Answer from my Cardiac Doctor = Gravity holds water in the lower part of your body when you are upright (legs swell). When you lie down and the lower body (legs and etc) seeks level with the kidneys it is then that the kidneys remove the water because it is easier. This then ties in with the last statement! 

I knew you need your minimum water to help flush the toxins out of your body, but this was news to me.  Correct time to drink water… Very Important. From A Cardiac Specialist!

Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body:

2 glasses of water after waking up – helps activate internal organs

1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – helps digestion

1 glass of water before taking a bath – helps lower blood pressure

1 glass of water before going to bed – avoids stroke or heart attack

Water at bed time will also help prevent night time leg cramps. Your leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp and wake you up with a Charlie Horse.

Stay clear of anything UN-natural and you will live a very long life, take medications or anti depressants only if you have tried and exhausted natural Healing ways first.  Meantime I am convinced that “Cosmic Stem Health” is still the best an dall these tips add to a better health!


Do you remember  my cosmic code newsletter titled “Heart Attack and Water?”  – Get your grater and add tons of lemon sprinkle in your bottle of water for a much more powerful cleansing of all your cells. Let it be the first and last thing you do everyday  when you get up and when you say good night and you will live a very long and healthy life.

Many professionals in restaurants and eateries are using or  consuming the entire lemon and nothing is wasted. How can you use the whole lemon without waste? the lemon in the freezer section of your refrigerator. Once the lemon is frozen, get your grater, and shred the whole lemon (no need to peel it) and sprinkle it on top of your foods.Sprinkle it to your whisky, wine, vegetable salad, ice cream, soup, noodles, spaghetti sauce, rice, sushi, fish dishes. All of the foods will unexpectedly have a wonderful taste, something that you may have never tasted before. Most likely, you only think of lemon juice and vitamin C. Not anymore. Now that you”ve learned this lemon secret, you can use lemon even in instant cup noodles.

What”s the major advantage of using the whole lemon other than preventing waste and adding new taste to your dishes?

Well, you see lemon peels contain as much as 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the lemon juice itself. And yes, that’s what you’ve been wasting. But from now on, by following this simple procedure of freezing the whole lemon, then grating it on top of your dishes, you can consume all of those nutrients and get even healthier.

It”s also good that lemon peels are health rejuvenators in eradicating toxic elements in the body.

So place your lemon in your freezer, and then grate it on your meal every day. It is a key to make your foods tastier and you get to live healthier and longer! That”s the lemon secret!

Better late than NEVER!

The surprising benefits of lemon!

Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells. It is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

Why do we not know about that? Because there are laboratories interested in making a synthetic version that will bring them huge profits. You can now help a friend in need by letting him/her know that lemon juice is beneficial in preventing the disease. Its taste is pleasant and it does not produce the horrific effects of chemotherapy. How many people will die while this closely guarded secret is kept, so as not to jeopardize the beneficial multimillionaires large corporations? As you know, the lemon tree is known for its varieties of lemons and limes. You can eat the fruit in different ways: you can eat the pulp, juice press, prepare drinks, sorbets, pastries, etc… It is credited with many virtues, but the most interesting is the effect it produces on cysts and tumors. This plant is a proven remedy against cancers of all types. Some say it is very useful in all variants of cancer. It is considered also as an anti microbial spectrum against bacterial infections and fungi, effective against internal parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure which is too high and an antidepressant,combats stress and nervous disorders.

The source of this information is fascinating: it comes from one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, says that after more than 20 laboratory tests since 1970, the extracts revealed that It destroys the malignant cells in 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas …The compounds of this tree showed 10,000 times better than the product Adriamycin, a drug normally used chemotherapeutic in the world, slowing the growth of cancer cells. And what is even more astonishing: this type of therapy with lemon extract only destroys malignant cancer cells and it does not affect healthy cells.




Protects your heart

Prevents constipation

Blocks diarrhea

Improves lung capacity

Cushions joints


Combats cancer

Controls blood pressure

Saves your eyesight

Shields against Alzheimer”s

Slows aging process


Aids digestion

Lowers cholesterol

Protects your heart

Stabilizes blood sugar

Guards against liver disease


Battles diabetes

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

Controls blood pressure

Smoothes skin


Protects your heart

Quiets a cough

Strengthens bones

Controls blood pressure

Blocks diarrhea


Prevents constipation

Helps hemorrhoids

Lowers cholesterol

Combats cancer

Stabilizes blood sugar


Controls blood pressure

Combats cancer

Strengthens bones

Protects your heart

Aids weight loss


Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Stabilizes blood sugar

Boosts memory

Prevents constipation


Strengthens bones

Saves eyesight

Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Controls blood pressure


Combats cancer

Prevents constipation

Promotes weight loss

Protects your heart

Helps hemorrhoids


Saves eyesight

Controls blood pressure

Lowers cholesterol

Combats cancer

Supports immune system


Saves eyesight

Protects your heart

Prevents constipation

Combats cancer

Promotes weight loss


Protects against Prostate Cancer

Combats Breast Cancer

Strengthens bones

Banishes bruises

Guards against heart disease


Protects your heart

Combats Cancer

Ends insomnia

Slows aging process

Shields against Alzheimer”s


Promotes weight loss

Protects your heart

Lowers cholesterol

Combats Cancer

Controls blood pressure

Chili peppers

Aids digestion

Soothes sore throat

Clears sinuses

Combats Cancer

Boosts immune system


Promotes weight loss

Helps stops strokes

Lowers cholesterol

Combats Cancer

Controls blood pressure


Protects your heart

Boosts memory

Protects your heart

Combats Cancer

Supports immune system


Aids digestion

Battles diabetes

Protects your heart

Improves mental health

Boosts immune system


Lowers cholesterol

Controls blood pressure

Combats cancer

Kills bacteria

Fights fungus


Protects against heart attacks

Promotes Weight loss

Helps stops strokes

Combats Prostate Cancer

Lowers cholesterol


Saves eyesight

Conquers kidney stones

Combats cancer

Enhances blood flow

Protects your heart

Green tea

Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Helps stops strokes

Promotes Weight loss

Kills bacteria


Heals wounds

Aids digestion

Guards against ulcers

Increases energy

Fights allergies


Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Controls blood pressure

Smoothes skin

Stops scurvy


Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Controls blood pressure

Smoothes skin

Stops scurvy


Combats cancer

Boosts memory

Regulates thyroid

Aids digestion

Shields against Alzheimer”s


Controls blood pressure

Lowers cholesterol

Kills bacteria

Combats cancer

Strengthens bones


Lowers cholesterol

Combats cancer

Battles diabetes

Prevents constipation

Smoothes skin

Olive oil

Protects your heart

Promotes Weight loss

Combats cancer

Battles diabetes

Smoothes skin


Reduce risk of heart attack

Combats cancer

Kills bacteria

Lowers cholesterol

Fights fungus


Supports immune systems

Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Straightens respiration



Prevents constipation

Combats cancer

Helps stops strokes

Aids digestion

Helps hemorrhoids


Protects against heart disease

Promotes Weight loss

Combats Prostate Cancer

Lowers cholesterol




Strengthens bones

Relieves colds

Aids digestion

Dissolves warts

Blocks diarrhea


Slows aging process

Prevents constipation

Boosts memory

Lowers cholesterol

Protects against heart disease


Protects your heart

Battles diabetes

Conquers kidney stones

Combats cancer

Helps stops strokes


Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Boosts memory

Calms stress


Sweet potatoes

Saves your eyesight

Lifts mood

Combats cancer

Strengthens bones



Protects prostate

Combats cancer

Lowers cholesterol

Protects your heart



Lowers cholesterol

Combats cancer

Boosts memory

Lifts mood

Protects against heart disease


Promotes Weight loss

Combats cancer

Conquers kidney stones

Smoothes skin



Protects prostate

Promotes Weight loss

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

Controls blood pressure

Wheat germ

Combats Colon Cancer

Prevents constipation

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

Improves digestion

Wheat bran

Combats Colon Cancer

Prevents constipation

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

Improves digestion


Guards against ulcers

Strengthens bones

Lowers cholesterol

Supports immune systems

Aids digestion

Vatican Zodiac

During the Dark Ages, the greatest astrologer of all times, Nostradamus– had to be cautious of the Inquisition which he narrowly escaped several times. Yet the church, behind the inquisition (and many other powerful organizations today) had knowledge of the stars and used astrology. You won’t be taught this in Sunday school! Those great pictures are from my good friend Astro-theologist Jordan Maxwell–Dr. Turi

Christianity Judaism Islam Astrology & The Dead Sea Scrolls

Good Heavens! Oldest-Known Astrologer”s Board Discovered

 The Pope is being enthroned under the authority of the Zodiac.

Pope Zodiac
The sign of Leo is directly above the Pope’s head. Leo rules Fame/France/Italy/Light/Love Kings and the throne.
vatican procession of the zodiac
The Vatican council explains the procession of the Zodiac to the Pope.

Migiddo ChurchVatican Astrology

Church Astrology

Bible Study

Pope Gregory Aries

Vatican Zodiac

Here is another “Vatican Seal” with the Papal Dragon.
Church painting of ‘The Dragon’ which is consuming the life of man.
Church in Europe
Vatican Painting of a Dragon
Gregorian Calender at the Vatican.
Floor in Vatican
God Creates the Zodiac



Cabalistic Healing/Universal Blood Transfusion


Please check this video about the FDA! and read  ” I killed The Flu Virus In One Night!

I do practice Cabalistic Healing and follow Nostradamus” natural health methods so first of all I want to say that the methodology I use is not to replace any conventional medication or therapy and any changes must be first discussed with your doctors.

My Cabalistic techniques involve healing you with my feet, performing pressure points, the use of powerful rocks and crystals to recharge your chakras, soothing music, ultra sounds, water, pendulums, colors, candles, red lights, alignment of the etheric and physical bodies, gong performances from Indian disciplines, and plants and natural juices. I always start by taking care of your psyche with a good dose of Astropsychology (all taped for your benefit as I channel tremendous amount of spiritual information, guidance and predictions for the next 2 years or so). No one is allowed in the healing room before the full cleansing is performed. This involves the use of 2 crystal balls (one white (positive – Sun) and one black (negative – Pluto) where the harmful energy (fears/phobias) is sucked permanently into the black crystal ball. Then the white crystal ball (recharged under specific sign of the zodiac in the hot AZ Sun) is used to recharge all your chakras with the Sun”s ray”s light and life cleansing energy adding prana in your body.

All this is done with your feet in the water to connect your body and separate it from any other wandering energy you may have picked up outside. So much more channeling is involved in the Healing Room and can not really be explained here but the experience is simply miraculous. I heal and educate you at the same time and all of my numerous trusting clients/patients experience the results almost immediately and this is reflected by their enlightened faces and super relaxed bodies following the session. None of those performances will harm anyone and will indisputably heal you or bring about serious relief.

The Tail of the Dragon in the dramatic sign of Scorpio has strongly impacted people”s psyches and lives often dramatically forcing a form of rebirth in so many departments of our lives. I was doing a Cabalistic Healing lecture presentation in Santa Fe New Mexico and I met a young mother and her teenage girl. I read her life and as I always do, I tried hard to bring relief to anyone I came across. She was totally amazed by my perceptive powers and asked me about her daughter” serious depression and lack of direction. I asked the mother for her date of birth and she was born in December… I immediately recognized the impact of the difficult Dragon”s Tail in her 12th house (subconscious) affecting her delicate psyche and imposing serious psychological changes. Without rich spiritual regeneration and proper nutrition the little girl”s poisoned spirit slowly deteriorated and led to chronic depression.

Note also that this affliction coming from the year”s location of the Dragon”s Tail in the chart effects people in different departments of their lives. For instance, the Dragon”s passage in the 7th house (marriage/contract/legality) would force a dramatic restructure of your partnership. The Dragon will cruise through any of the 12 houses involving human experience and could for instance, directly affect negatively your 6th house of work and health, or 2nd house of money and self esteem etc.

Her mother told me she had to seek help from a psychologist who as expected, had prescribed the deadly chemical Prozac. I strongly opposed this treatment because those educated imbeciles like the majority of traditionally schooled doctors have absolutely no cosmic consciousness. To me, these people are a bunch of educated nerds born with powerful memories; so like a parrot they cannot think for themselves or see the obvious but only repeat and practice the erroneous gathered information printed in the books. However, like all of us under the jurisdiction of the stars, they are victimized by their rational stars, so I cannot really fault them for their mental limitation and lack of intuition as it is part of their practical celestial makeup. There is a big difference between education and intelligence and most of them have simply lost their relationship with nature and the healing power of plants.

I promptly educated the young mother to the side effects produced by those chemicals and the lasting negative effects it would have on her daughter”s mind, joints and life in general. Many unlucky kids from dysfunctional families who cannot be helped by concerned parents have higher incidences of other narcotic use such as cannabis (pot) and alcohol for relief of depression. They have never been taught how to deal with the causes that lead to depression and it is their way (quick fix) to deal with stress.

I worked on both of them right there in the hotel lobby and both regenerated immediately. They both came to the Cabalistic healing presentation where; with my guidance, everyone participated using our natural healing tools. As usual, the long email of thanks I received from the very satisfied mother upon my return surely talks for itself.

Sadly enough, 99% of the regulating government and medical institutions are totally against any form of alternative medicine. General medical practitioners are totally unaware of the Moon”s fluctuations (lunatic/moody/crabby) affecting their patients and will “prescribe” anything proven safe by the FDA (what a joke!) to alleviate the roller coaster swing of emotions. None of them, because of ignorance or fear of ridicule, honor the word science and investigate anything other than that which is “officially” accepted by the scientific community. The same applies for the FBI, judging the response of a several agents I met during my last appearance on the Discovery channel who I tried to enlighten to the true powers of Astropsychology. Again what is accepted by the majority and taught in our colleges and Universities does not mean it is the truth. Luckily there are people like me out there strong and brave enough to breach the thick wall of ignorance and educate the masses.

Now and then you will hear a TV or radio announcement promising you special care from doctors and nurses, if you suffer any form of depression. What you do not know of course is that they need guinea pigs to test the dangerous mixture of chemicals and you or your children are the chosen ones. That way, when the product is finally sponsored by money-oriented pharmaceutical corporations and is packaged, all the symptoms are clearly written (in very small letters) on the back of the box. So this new quick-fix product will make you feel better but it did screw up some ladies” menstruations, some guys” sex life, other ignorant participants suffered terrible migraine headaches, or diarrhea, constipation, vomiting: all the time you being watched carefully by a bunch of doctors and clinical nurses carefully writing down all your nasty symptoms… Please never ever fall for this dangerous medical (research) practice be smart your doctors are not to trust and use your precious body and health as an expendable commodity.

The Tail of the Dragon in Scorpio this year also rules the medical field and seriously affects people”s consciousness to return to Alternative medicine. Thus there is a new growing interest in yoga, meditation, herbs and the Atkins diet, because of the dissatisfaction with conventional care. Of all my topics that are very interesting and educational, but Cabalistic Healing is very much in demand by the attendees especially when I offer audience participation to learn and practice on the spot.

Well the very sense of touch is healing in nature and Americans do not touch other enough…There is so much energy going through the human body, and pressure points and soft massage can only stimulate chakras, blood supply even elimination. The lymphatic system plays an important part in the distribution of blood, food and oxygen throughout the body. Your doctor will never touch (be careful he may heal you). Instead he uses a stethoscope.

Be sure none of your doctors will say so or promise you to do so! Why? Because they have all been trained and educated by a manipulating system that has lost the very essence of medicine. These are the scientists, the educated doctors and the mental snobs found in all branches of the government and educational systems that have challenged and replaced God”s natural tools found in his creation for men to uncover and use. There is nothing that you suffer that can not be fixed or healed with proper nutrition, exercise and spiritual regeneration, PERIOD! All diseases come from a blockage would it be physical or spiritual or both.

Know also that the average American consumes:

  • 300 soft drinks a year
  • 175 lbs of refined sugar
  • 400 candy bars
  • 500 donuts
  • 12 – 3000 lbs cows
  • 6 – 400 lbs pigs
  • 3000 chickens
  • 3000 assorted fishes
  • 30.000 quarts of milk
  • 2500 gallons of alcohol

This makes you wonder how our digestive tracks can handle all the animal fat and still digest food properly. The average American has between 2 and 4 bowel movements a week! This is 70.000 BM short in a life time!

The average American person suffers digestive and elimination diseases that usually turn into colon cancer. The average American gets little if any exercise at all, which increases the chance of Hypercholesterolemia or a cholesterol level of above 200 and with it high blood pressure.

The average American consumes over 30,000 aspirins and other painkillers not to feel pain in the body, and another 20,000 over the counter prescriptions. Now look around you and see a nation of obese people walking (I”d say driving) the city streets with a negative self-image loaded with depression and anxieties. The average person in this country is totally, physically, emotionally and spiritually sick!

I no longer drink, do not smoke, do not eat meat, do not drink coffee, I exercise, I create, I heal, I travel, I teach, I am very successful and I look 25 years younger than my age and bless every single day of my life. Well do you want to get there? Then you had better change your attitude, your habits and your life style and eating habits. But without a boost to your subconscious with a Full Life reading there is no way for you to get in the right direction and the mental support and faith you need to rebirth yourself into a powerful, intelligent, successful, magnetic and super healthy human being.

With so much junk going through your system all your arteries are plugged and stop your circulation so your need for oxygen and blood increases to eliminate toxins in your body. Your colon is your # one filter but with such a low nerve endings there is no pain coming from this vital organ until it”s too late and you develop colon cancer. When is the last time you cleaned your colon? When is the last time you had a colonic (Colema)? Well many people are shy talking about excrement and fecal matter, but this is your body”s natural function that needs serious attention. When is the last time you brushed your teeth? See the difference? If you intend to keep that nice smile and avoid pain and keep both areas healthy you better do both.

The 30 feet of intestinal fecal matter (oil/animal fat/toxins) stored over the years is glued on the intestinal walls and seriously alters the good functions of that very important organ. Instead of assimilating the nutrition from undigested food, we utilize only ten percent of its real value and the rest is wasted on down the eliminated drain. With the intestinal track so badly layered and clogged, your food simply cannot get through to the absorptive villi and functional tissues on the walls. The result is a weakened bowel that loses its elasticity and balloons out. Too many Americans male and female walking the street today are completely plugged up and asking for disaster because of improper eating habits.

Feeding your children pigs and eggs in the morning with a dead breakfast is the worst thing if you expect your child to live a healthy life. This habit was brought by the British working class but unlike the peasants who need fuel to work the land and the cold wet English weather, your child will sit all day long in school and won”t be able to burn out the fat. This deadly habit is a proliferation of ignorance or unaware parents who stuff their kids with unhealthy food. Look around you and see why a fat dysfunctional bully will try to hurt other kids in school or why another obese kid will commit suicide because of low self-esteem. You are what you eat, DO NOT EAT ANYTHING DEAD, get your juicer, get your mixer and start to undo the damage right away by ingesting the vital nutrients and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. Doing so will rebuilt your body, boost your immune system and keep all infections and a multitude of recurring diseases away from you. Use common sense and see my point of view, burning the candle both ends invite disaster and without good health nothing really matters anymore.

When is the last time you did a liver flush? Your liver like your spleen your kidneys are also filters that needs the right nutrition and periodic cleansing. Now if you suffer bad breath, skin problem or a myriad of other “unexplained” physical or spiritual ailments, chances are you are poisoned with so many toxins that need to be removed before a blockage sets in and cause serious damage to your body, mind and spirit. A car needs a regular tune up and oil change to perform as long as expected and your body is the same. Once those organs fails to filter properly then stress is imposed on the biggest of all your natural cleanser; your skin (which removes between 2 and 5 pounds of toxin a day!)

Well there are also specific brushing treatments for the skin because many of the skin products you are using like your eating habits make the situation worse. The same homeopathic disciplines are necessary for every part of your body including your eyes, your back, your lungs, your heart etc. Does your doctor educate you about your ailments? Does he tell you why you are in his office and what to do so you don”t come back and pay and exorbitant amount of money to be poisoned again? Certainly not, guess what; I will educate you and give you simplistic exercises that will fix years of back pain and improve your general health.

After all you are not a doctor, he is the one who knows it all and you are uneducated, thus he has all the answers. Try to challenge your doctor and see how sensitive the man really is; see his ego in action as his words and judgments is above God and nature and he must have the last word! This is what you have been led to believe but be sure, your doctor most of the time does not know but his books tells about the symptoms and what drugs or what type of expensive quick fix deadly pills he will use on you until you comeback to his office for more poisonous addictive prescriptions.

With so much abuse with French fries, burgers, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs one of the deadliest killers in this country is heart attack. Well do not worry, your doctor will get a vein behind your leg and replace the congested vein by a brand new one. However, this vein was not designed to take on the pressure of your heart and the bi-pass is again a quick fix giving you a lien on your life. What about the ramifications of the tiny veins that go into your brain? How are you going to clean off the fatty residue in those microscopic veins? Yes you can but not by liquefying your blood with more drugs… Stay natural because anyone born with a Dragon”s Tail in Aries or Pisces has a natural rejection to any and all chemicals and is seriously prone to develop a tumor of the brain. Famous actor Bruce Lee was born in November with a Tail in Aries (fight/war/danger/aggression) in his 6th house (health/work). This is why he served the world as a Kung Fu fighter and actor. But one day he complained of a bad headache and ended up dead in the hospital while all the “educated” wondered and still wonder what really happened to such a healthy man.

Are you scared yet? Well you can fix the damage but are you ready for me to do so? My new healing room is now ready for you and you may want to pay me a visit if you seriously consider losing weight, stopping depression and smoking or to be successful and lead a more productive healthy life. A few hours with me and your entire consciousness about health and your life will change drastically, I can promise you this because this is what all others who have dealt with me have said! A few hours in my healing room and I will give you a new perspective on your entire physical and spiritual being and your soul”s purpose. Call me at 602-265-7667 and when everything else you so desperately have tried and asked for has failed, I”ll be there for you to finally get you back on track.

This means you must be ready for me, my teachings and healings. Once I educate you on your relationship with the Divine, clean your subconscious and cleanse your body, mind and spirit you will leave my Healing Practice completely regenerated as a new person with a strong sense of direction. I am a busy person, so call ASAP so I can schedule you for your NEW LIFE THERAPY. All that we will do is audio and video taped so you can review Nostradamus” 16th Century rare Homeopathic methodology and teach others the blessings of natural healing.

More than a third of American adults used such natural remedies in 2002, according to the government survey of 31,000 people, the largest study on non-conventional medical approaches in the United States. If prayer is included, about 62 percent of U.S. adults used some form of alternative medicine. The results seem to indicate more people are turning to alternative medicine, though the 2002 survey could not be directly compared to previous studies because of differences in size and survey methods, health officials said.

Health officials said they were concerned that 13 percent of those surveyed said they turned to alternative medicine because regular medicine is too expensive. “It needs to be explored — we need to find out whether they were insured or not,” Nahin said. Health officials also were surprised that 6.6 percent of those surveyed used the supplement kava kava, which has been associated with liver disease. “People make the assumption that because something is natural that it”s safe,” Nahin said. “But a number of studies have shown that natural products can be unsafe when used inappropriately or with other drugs.” He said people considering using alternative medicine should consult their doctor first.

Note also that unless you undergo a Full Life Reading with me and let me cleanse and prepare you subconsciously; the changes and healthy habits needed to bring about a better and productive life could be hard to reach. However in can guarantee you that there is nothing you can not do with the right attitude and education and if you are ready for me, I will be for you. Call me at 602-265-7667 to start the process to a more successful healthy and happy life.



Remember you are what you eat and stuffing yourself with hamburgers daily will in time plug your arteries with fat and make you prone to heart diseases.  In order to “magnetize” yourself to others and turn your thoughts into a laser beam to reach the Supra-conscious in time and space your filters must be spotless.

The mechanics involving cleansing the body mind and soul are complex and difficult to perform and I will, once you become a Cosmic Coder elaborate much more. Meantime my BIG book “Beyond The Secret” is a must to read if you mean business to reach and use “The Force”to reach all your wishes. My TV show is also a good start to learn more about natural Health and cancer.

Time is a matter of conception dictated by pain or pleasure…if you go to the dentist to have a tooth removed, even a few minutes on that chair will feel like an eternity, while a 2 hours show with Dr. Turi seems to fly by…Why? because pleasure makes time go faster… George and I covered so many topics real fast and there is still quite a lot I discussed that needs further thoughts. I will now offer you the recipe and  the “Cabalistic Candle Cleansing Ritual”

First the Universal Blood Transfusion:

Do not feed your body or your mind with evil, use common sense listening to negative people is like feeding your spirit with pure fat.

Note you can not expect to live a long life without a juicer and a blinder.



Before reading this essay I would like to state that no one is to go off their medicines and must consult their doctors before undergoing any kinds of changes. The following information is meant to supplement health, not as a substitute. However the constant battle between people”s common sense, the doctors” interest and the wealthy greedy uncaring pharmaceutical corporations is not helping those in need for a better health.

In the past upsetting news came from the FDA involving the nasty side effects of the arthritis painkiller Celebrex and all other drugs currently on the market. Vioxx has just been removed and Aleve has been in question. How many times have you heard this type of news? It”s to be expected over again in the future. But who cares? You are paying an outrageous pricey insurance to feed wealthy doctors with this dangerous cocktail piracy. Someone has to maintain the DRUGLORDS outlandish lifestyle, never mind if it impoverish your family”s meager resources. You are just a commodity it seem. Some others are naive enough to become guinea pigs candidates by responding to deceptive radio and television advertisements for a better lifestyles free from pain if they “try” the new lethal product under the doctors or nurses “all knowing” supervision. The scientific community is well aware of the serious damage any new drug can and will inflict on the human body but who cares as long as the “victims” are not their own children.

Furthermore, you will never EVER see any of those scientists testing their own antidote on themselves! Someone like Marie Curie was a real scientist with genuine integrity. She injected herself with some of her vaccines and died in the process. The well-established, wealthy pharmaceutical corporations cleverly hide self-seeking financial motivations behind the word science and those dangerous experiments. New names are formulated daily to classify  deadly medicines and this carelessness add new “dis-eases” to the already long list.  The goal is making and selling medicine sought as efficient healing products to the uneducated trusting masses.

Very much like NASA in need of your taxes to amuse themselves building robots that will never bring human to Mars knowing well it is impossible to live happily outside of Mother Earth safe home. But hey, if you are gullible and it works why stopping the abuse?

The statistics are real and don”t lie. Licensed medical surgeons and doctors will kill over 1 million people each year in hospitals all over the US due to medical mistakes, wrong diagnosis involving blood transfusions, toxic drugs and surgical errors. That adds up to more losses in human lives than all the combined wars this great country ever suffered.

I really  there are more deaths by cancer and heart attacks nowadays then a decade ago. Over a million US citizens have and will die of those plagues each year. Your doctors will make you believe they can fix your disease or poison it out of your body with drugs or surgery. More must be known so that we stay healthy and do not contract these diseases in the first place. In reality you are far from healing yourself but receiving only a quick and financially exorbitant fix. I know I paid a fortune for my own fix when I could easily avoided this terrible experience had I practiced a bit more what I preach to others…Yes that”s the beauty of being me, honest and real I am not afraid of kicking my own butt for my stupidity. Spending 15 years in the UK and working as a breakfast Chef I must have ingested a dozen of pigs and you wonder why a good chunk of my colon is now gone? I did not know better, not one told me anything about the danger of cancer and ingesting fatty tissue daily…

WASHINGTON (CNN) -12/17/04 – Pfizer cites Celebrex heart attack risk. 

With a new study that indicates the nation”s leading arthritis painkiller could raise the risk of heart attacks, the Food and Drug Administration advised doctors to consider “alternative therapy” to Celebrex. “We need to fully understand the information that we got last night.” When the company learned of the study”s findings, Pfizer spokesman Paul Fitzhenry said, adding it has “no plans to take Celebrex off the market.” The new findings for Celebrex come 11 weeks after Merck & Co. recalled Vioxx, a similar arthritis drug. A Vioxx study found the drug doubled the incidence of heart attack and stroke among patients taking it to prevent colon polyps that cause cancer.

  More FDA advice came on today December 21, 2004 – ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN)

— The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to users of the over-the-counter pain reliever naproxen Monday after federal researchers found an increased number of heart attacks and strokes among users. The warning followed recent studies linking two prescription arthritis drugs to cardiovascular problems.

This is simply, dangerously ridiculous. There are already too many stock investments in pharmaceutical corporations that could really hurt the pockets of those CEOs who don”t really care about you and your health but your money. So the # 1 drug maker has NO PLANS to pull the nasty drug off the market. News of the drug”s problems sends the stocks tumbling, but the No.1 drug maker STILL HAS NO PLAN TO PULL THE DRUG OFF THE MARKET?

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Pfizer Inc. said Friday it had no plans to pull the popular painkiller Celebrex off the market despite data showing that patients using the drug in a long-term cancer study had more than double the risk of a heart attack. They really don”t care about any one of us.

ALL DRUGS are lethal to your body PERIOD! Celebrex was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998 for arthritis pain, and has been prescribed to 27 million Americans and is the world”s most widely prescribed arthritis drug. I can guarantee you that out of those 27 million people, many will suffer and die from the side effects. In the long run the drug may be worse than the arthritis itself and many have shortened their lives by many priceless years. New York-based Pfizer said in October that Bextra, another painkiller similar to Vioxx, might raise heart attack risk in some patients having heart bypass surgery. And doctors wrote in a medical journal Friday that physicians should stop prescribing Bextra, which like Celebrex and Vioxx is in the COX-2 inhibitor class of painkillers. How more stupid can it get?

If you suffer arthritis pain simply perform the hot and cold therapy in your shower for a few minutes each day and see the results after a while. Visit my healing room and if you really need help then let me perform full spiritual and physical cleansing on you with my Cabalist Healing methodology. Be sure I will also teach all sorts of natural healing secrets that will save you not only a lot of money but bring you a better health altogether. If you suffer back, neck, or joint problems I will certainly bring serious relief. And for sure there won”t be ANY side effects, because I DO NOT prescribe any dangerous drugs at all. Instead I will help you to recognize and tap on your own subconscious healing forces, and educate you with natural exercises and a natural diet.

All doctors in all hospital use the same book of diagnosis and prognosis. You do not need to be educated in medicinal terminology to name drugs and diseases. Its all-cerebral jargon designed to make you look inferior because, either you can”t read it or pronounce it correctly. Simplicity doesn”t work too well with those overly educated nerds born with great memories and too much straightforward common sense. This does not mean we do not need them for without my doctors I would not be free of cancer today but not all doctors are born greedy and irresponsible. What”s worse is that; you have been conditioned like them to accept and suffer a cold every winter season that becomes regularly an epidemic of enormous proportion. Before cleansing my all my filters and boosting my immune system I used to catch colds too, sometimes 2 to 3 times a year. Thus I know what I am referring to; been there done that!

I had enough of being a victim and I knew by listening to my little voice (intuition) that somewhere, somehow, I was not doing the right thing and I was determined to find out. Thus I put all my efforts to freeing myself from bad habits and “re-birthing” myself into a more educated person. I first quit the awful habit of cigarette smoking because the nicotine addiction added to my misery. I used to be one of those miserable patients, coughing, sneezing, with hot and cold fevers, a victim of influenza. I used to sit in the doctor”s office with others feeling terrible hoping for a miracle pill to bring about relief so I could go about my normal life. I also knew that my doctor would be incapable of healing me as no antibiotic can kill a mutating virus. But still millions rush to their offices each year and for what?

The diagnosis that you have a cold (the symptoms are obvious) you have a sore throat, fever, chills, body aches, coughs and you have no energy and you simply feel terrible. The prognosis is also simple. Again there is NOTHING your doctor can do! Simply, because a virus cannot be eradicated from your system with antibiotics, I made the choice to clean my lungs first then stop wasting my time and my money with whatever medicinal prescriptions my physician gave me. Some people are in such a denial that they will beg their doctor for anything to fight the flu and in the process ingest the dangerous chemicals that will somehow poison your system even more. There is no wonder why the cancer in my colon had problem to grow and spread all over my other vital organs because about ten years ago I decided to make a difference by taking new steps and making RADICAL changes in my diet and attitude and build a stronger immune system.

No cancer can grow happily in an over oxygenated body and the tumor was dormant in my colon. If I did not use that regiment for years it would have been found all over my body and I would have been given an expiration date… If you want to avoid the flu (if you are a smoker) STOP right away and if you do not smoke you may have inherited a dragon”s Tail natal or hidden in Gemini. This sign rules the respiratory system and makes you natural prone to lungs diseases including cancer. This is why it is important to KNOW where thedragon is in your chart or if any nefarious planet is karmically placed in your UCI, “Unique Celestial Identity.”  This is where you need to cast your fears aside and be smart so with my “detection” or a safer CT scan MRI you will know to do to avoid what happened to me. Order a 90 mn taped or VIP reading the information and direction will be much cheaper and safer than what it cost me. (602) 265-7667.

  • Americans get 1 billion colds and flu annually.
  • 40.000 Americans die every year because of the flu!
  • 200.000 more are hospitalized each year because of the flu!
  • Three out of five Americans get the flu every year!

The numbers are real and influenza kills more than breast or prostate Cancer.

Just a few months ago a vaccine shortage panicked America because 48 million doses were contaminated and declared unsafe and banned. What a good way to insert fears and make you run to get those shots. The FDA like the church (you are going to hell) are adept in using fear (the human survival instinct warped to their needs) and will use every trick in the book to get deeper into your pocket. As proof mounts against the true value of the flu vaccine loaded with toxic chemicals, I subconsciously always knew to NEVER get one shot of this deadly mixture. All experts in the field say it doesn”t work! DR. J. Anthony Morris, FDA”s former Chief Vaccine Control Officer said, “Those companies are aware of the danger and the worthlessness of their products but they sell them anyway.”

The fact is that throughout history no influenza virus blend has ever repeated itself, and NO virus is the same each year or will ever be the same. These viruses shift and mutate into completely different organisms each time, which induces serious doubts on the effectiveness of any influenza vaccine. The sad fact is that corporations and manufactures are making billions of dollars manufacturing the products. Nevertheless, over the years hospitalizations and deaths from influenza have increased 100% and it”s obvious that the flu shot did not, does not and will never work.

What are the ingredients making up the flu shots?

  • Carbolic Acid (poison) Ethylene Glycol (anti-freeze)
  • Carbolic Acid (poison)
  • Formaldehyde (causes Cancer)
  • Aluminum (associated with Alzheimer”s disease)
  • Mercury (destroys immune cells)

The answer is simple:

  • Don”t poison yourself with chemicals
  • Change your attitude, and trust the vision of a new you
  • Stop bad habits immediately and stop doing what kills you
  • Don”t eat anything dead and stay with nature
  • Be active and walk more to bring more circulation in your system

Use common sense – Put a sunflower seed in the ground and in a few months that small seed will produce a huge 10 feet tall plant full of life that will give you more seeds. Do the same with vegetables or fruits and eat those seeds or vegetables and fruits. Put a hot dog or a burger in the ground and don”t expect much life to come out of it. Chances are the animal fat will plug your arteries in the long run and kill you from a heart attack.

Many people fool themselves thinking they are eating healthy serving boiled vegetables. During the war the population was advised to drink only boiled water so all bacteria would be killed. Any time you bring water to a boil to high enough to kill germs; you are also destroying all healing properties found in vegetables. Thus clean all your vegetables thoroughly by adding some vinegar to the water, then rinse them and put them in your pot and never bring the water to boil. Steaming is an effective and healthy way to cook vegetables. You may also cook them without any water at all. Simply put them in your pan covered, on the lowest heat possible and let them cook slowly for an hour or two. The natural moisture in the vegetable will be drawn out to steam them.

Again listen to that little voice about your situation AND CHANGE COURSE, EDUCATE YOURSELF, stop doing what kills you, build a better healthy life style and free yourself from all diseases naturally. I did much more than anyone reading this yet FREE Cosmic Code newsletter sample and while sleeping in me I still became a cancer victim. Imagine if all the food you have ingested was walking beside you! This means how many cows, pigs, birds, fishes, eggs milk, beers, alcohol etc. you actually have eaten an drank so far? Now if you are 60 or older like me chances are a few and your body veins, from the biggest to the tiny ones in your brain, not to forget your colon is saturated with fatty cells ET VOILA what cancer needs to set in. Gee of course I like a big steak and a good glass of wine and even cutting all the fat away cancer got me. And they are people feeding their kids with bacon and sausages everyday?

Note that I had tons of bacon while living in the UK for fifteen years and I must have eaten a few pigs in the process. OMG this is indeed a death sentence for these kids one day in the future and much faster if they become obese. Common sense must apply and has someone educated told me what I have learned now after my terrible ordeal with cancer and my natal stars (or dragon) trust me I would never ever have attracted the disease. This is why it is crucial to know your options and check your UCI to prevent the damage because I have learned so much stuck in my hotel and hospital bedroom checking my own stars and all the people I know who had cancer. My findings are real and once you know where you are vulnerable then you can act accordingly. Yes indeed knowledge is power ignorance is evil. For your own sake, beat your fears and let me help you while you can get help. Take a chance on me you won”t regret it!             (602) 265-7667      .

For Smokers:

  • How long can you stay without food?
  • How long can you stay without water?
  • How long can you stay without air?

Your lungs are the most important organs in your body, why would you ruin them? You cannot order another set if they fail to function properly due to you butchering them with cigarettes. Your lungs transport oxygen to your heart, which is distributed to all vital parts of your body. Now if I ask you why you smoke you may say, “I like it or it makes me feel more relaxed”. The fact is that you are in denial and hooked to harmful chemicals that will induce cancer and kill you if you keep it up. Meantime if you listen to that little voice inside you (and it never lies to you) it would say, “I really should stop smoking and I know it kills me, I wonder what I could do to stop killing myself.

Well I was also a smoker and my voice used to say to me, “Hey moron when will you stop smoking…do it right now, you are killing yourself.” Don”t lie to YOURSELF and LISTEN to YOURSELF because you know (*the little voice) I am right”. So for your own sake, if you smoke, STOP NOW and do not negate the voice of reason and make the changes so your entire life can change as you raise your vibrations to attract all your wishes and a better health. As far as the most successful method to stop smoking, they have found that those who quit ”cold turkey” tend to be the ones who stay clean. And never give up. If you have tried and failed, keep trying. Sometimes it takes several tries but eventually you will make it. In my next newsletter I will talk about another powerful way to quit smoking and also introduce ONMT (Optical Nerve Muscle Trainer) a tool I invented involving a homeopathic way of healing your eyes.

Besides maintaining a healthy immune system, how do you avoid colds and the flu? Well believe it or not, the most effective means is to wash your hands frequently and don”t touch your face. The germs are spread through touch (unless you receive a direct cough from someone). When you go to the grocery store, wipe the shopping cart handles; carry wipes in your car so that you can clean your hands after being in a public place. They did an experiment in a public school with young children. They were taught to wash their hands for a full minute, at several intervals during the day. The rate of colds and flu with this group of children was reduced by half.

I have a full list of Cabalistic disciplines that can not be fully explained in this newsletter but will take care of your health, your body mind and spirit much better than any drugs or prescriptions made by those financially oriented medical corporations. Stay natural, use homeopathic medicine, and you can only heal and enjoy a healthier and longer life. Your doctors, overly-educated in diseases, have lost the very essence of the art of healing and wont spend much time in their busy office trying to connect with you from the heart and help you to be a participant in eliminating your disease. Why not? Because your doctor has no time to spare with a packed waiting room with sick people trusting his knowledge.

These doctors have their place and help many people, but they are not educated in preventative, natural medicines and we need both physical and spiritual doctors. The drug companies give them samples that they pass out to their patients so they can participate in noting the symptoms for the drug company. Accept the fact, this is a BUSINESS like religion, created and maintained to tap in your resources. You have been made in the image of God (the bible say so!) thus you have been created as a God, and have healing powers within yourself. Like the mighty creator, you own the power of creation, and healing naturally. But karmically you have also inherited physical weaknesses and if you do not know or act you will pay the penalty in time. Your challenge is to uncover it before it is too late and better yourself because I do not see God smoking or stuffing himself with burgers.

This is why your future is nothing more than the reincarnation of your thoughts. YOU HAVE A CHOICE,trust me to ascend towards wisdom, the light, power, total health, true happiness, success, security, love and free yourself from the forces of evil eating you alive every day.


1 – Your body needs natural food to function properly and fight any dormant or active diseases. 

2 – Your body needs natural food to restore proper functions following serious injury. 

3 – Your body needs natural food to regulate and maintain proper intestinal elimination functions. 

4 – Your body needs natural food to restore appropriate intestinal cleanliness. 

4 – Your body needs natural food to build and maintain a powerful immune system that will eliminate any chance of infection. 

5 – Your body needs cayenne pepper, fruits and garlic daily to maintain and stimulate your blood circulation and bring this natural food to all parts of your body.

Many readers have asked me what is “NATURAL BLOOD “TRANSFUSION”

Here it is and remember you need to juice all this.

  • Beet root
  • Celery
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Horse Radish
  • Carrots
  • Pineapple
  • Add a spoon of unsulphured molasses or honey if you don”t like Pineapple.

I can guarantee you that not only you will look much younger and healthier but also your magnetism will increase by 200% if you stay the course. The natural blood transfusion will upgrade both your physical and spiritual vibrations. I am a cancer survivor because of my methodology and the natural diet I am used to. This formula increases the attraction between human beings while losing unwanted pounds and fight cancer. Naturally without expensive dangerous surgery your stomach will restrict in size while your appetite will distinctly decrease.

All my friends are telling me how great, healthy and younger I look, never will anyone looking at me would believe I am 60 years old, I look barely 40 thus I am a full example and result of my own findings and natural healing.

When you order either a 90 mn taped Full Life or a live taped telephone VIP reading or, if you decide to visit my healing room –  I will also contribute other 90 mn tapes. One to heal you from distance with hypnotherapy to stimulate your subconscious to visualize the new you and recarve your subconscious properly with the right suggestion, the other a full 90 mn of incredible healing information on how to avoid cancer. It is a proven fact that a positive attitude boosts both your immune and lymphatic systems. Your brain generates neurons that directly affect the atomic structure of your entire being. Doctors are not bad people per say, some of my students who are surgeons, have accomplished physical miracles with their patients and they are mostly logical, rational traditionally educated humans. I am a doctor of doctors; a teacher of teachers and my inner wisdom is not restricted to the physical realm of consciousness.

This straight-thinking logical scientific attitude gave rise to traditional disciplines and brought about today”s health margins and serious limitations by revoking the power of the divine. Over the years, man”s “scholarly” ego took over by challenging natural laws dictated by nature, and blurred doctors” common sense. Your physician undoubtedly gives you his best, but “his best” may not be in your greatest interest and that”s where you and your doctor and me differ. That”s where I will make a powerful difference. You will be the sole judge of my claim when you are ready for me.

Dr. Turi