Chris Cuomo CNN Lion King’s Fight COVID-19

  “If we teach only the finding and products of Astrology, no matter how useful and inspiring they may be – without communicating its critical methods, how can the average person possibly distinguish Astrology from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi


I was awakened this afternoon and hit hard with this Sad News about a member, of my JCAES Emergency Services Group here, in New Jersey. A man who has done so much to help American’s over the years. A Good Friend & Family Man and a Friend to hundreds of First Responders. SUCH A WARMTH PERSONALITY WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN RIP JCAES 92-25
It is with deep sorrow that we announce the Line of Duty death of Passaic FF Israel Tolentino 33 years old, FF Tolentino courageously fought this illness but succumbed to complications from the COVID-19.
He leaves behind his wife Maria and two children, daughter age 9 and son age 7. He joined the Passaic Fire Department on December 10, 2018, fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a Firefighter and serving others. FF Tolentino also served as an EMT on his days off. Israel was a great Firefighter, person, husband, son, and father. We ask for your thoughts and prayers for him and his family.
In 2017 Israel Tolentino Jr along with his wife, family, and friends held a coat drive for our needy families in Passaic, in 2018 he fulfilled his dream of becoming a firefighter in our city, he was an EMT and served as a volunteer member of CERT, OEM in our city. He was a husband, a father, and a first responder. Today our city mourns his loss along with all those that have lost their lives due to COVID-19

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo diagnosed with coronavirus
Cuomo: Covid symptoms are ‘depressing’

Dear readers;

Sad enough today we are March 31st, and it is one of the dates I gave on Kerry Cassidy’s show warning the world to expect a “new beginning or ending of important parts of life.” and to expect earthquakes at or above 6.0 – There is no denying the facts! Tuesday, March 31, 2020 23:52 PM  A 6.5 magnitude earthquake near Challis, Idaho, United States

COVID-19 in Arizona: Stay-at-home order starts at 5 p.m. Tuesday
He had weeks to live and coronavirus canceled his transplant. See incredible news he recieved.

Nothing can be more accurate for the state of Arizona, Chris Cuomo, and so many human beings if you kept an eye on all the news I collected for you at the bottom of this article! “Harry Styles – The Birth of a New Deadly Sexual Virus.

Chris is putting a Vaillant fight and so did Israel Tolentino and hundreds of thousands of other victims of  “The unstoppable, reptilius universal infestation!” published in January 2019. No one is safe people from all walks of life are targeted by those entities and it is just a matter of time before someone you know gets infected!  Dr. Sanjay Gupta on losing a friend to the virus.

 May God Have Mercy on us all! Those who rule us are non-cosmic conscious!

Pelosi said Trump is responsible for American deaths. Watch Biden’s answer

Pelosi like Trump, Biden and all politicians, including 99.9% of the world’s population are NOT cosmic conscious and can only use logic or their five limited human senses to make sense and understand any situation… It’s much deeper than that and all is explained in the few YouTube videos I produced last few days.

President Trump is NOT responsible for the death of so many people, his UCI, his natal negative Sagittarius (foreigners/foreigner affairs) dragon’s tail and all the racist people endorsing and supporting the building of a BIG wall are!

Thoughts are things and as the leader of the free world and in charge of the most powerful country in the world, Trump’s racist inborn idiosyncrasies (fear of a foreign invasion) are heeded, endorsed and promoted by millions of people not only physically but psychically. Enough for the reptilius to turn all this negative flux into the creation of the Coronavirus and fulfill his wish and those of all his supporters! 

While I offered a full explanation of his stars and fate to the general public and predicted all that is going on today, only a minority of curious and smart human beings will take the time to read about the President’s cosmic identity!

THE FUTURE IS NOTHING ELSE THAN THE REINCARNATION OF THE THOUGHT! and thoughts, positive or negative are energies used by the reptilius to create our current reality! Humans are powerful, magnificent independent power plants of creation yet religious or atheists underdeveloped UCI’s “young souls” can not relate or accept this fact just yet!

 All I can do, knowing the majority of people do not read and tend to assume is to repeat myself over and over again until it sinks into your psyche! 

More than ever you must pay attention to my cosmic teachings and share my work widely, your very life now depends on understanding and heeding my spoken and printed words… More and more conspiracies are plaguing the Internet and I warned you years ago that; the reptilius will use technology to create more lies, more fear, more chaos, and more spiritual degeneration.

Infected scared idiots listen to too many conspiracy heads or religious Neptunian born fools promising God’s apocalyptic wrath, others read conspiratorial material and create videos where an uncontrolled imagination fuels emotions and fears overriding the critical thinking of all viewers! 

L’Oeil Du Droit a La Force D’Airain

10/19/2016 Predictions for a reptilius infested planet
01/04/19 Social media, the reptilius, and teens’ depression!
08/19/2019 The reptilius are here to stay if we do not fight back 

Chris Cuomo like Madonna was born in August and like all Leos, both suffer a natural fear of decay, diseases, and death. This very fact makes all Leos and all those who fear COVID-19 most prone to attract the virus faster. The sign of life set by God himself to own the stage of fame and power has a serious problem delegating darkness…

To make his situation worse Chris’s negative natal Dragon Tail is located in the sign of Virgo, which is, as a rule, over-concerned with work, details, and health. The reality is humans, (thanks to religions and science,)  are robots of their stars and completely oblivious of their cosmic legacy! 

His moon (security/home/family/domestic affairs)  is located in the dramatic, deadly, sarcastic sign of Scorpio which intensifies Chris’s deep emotions and fear for his family and the results are obvious. I do not think Chris is into Nostradamus’ Astrology and he does not know that; currently, the tail of the Dragon is in the sign of Capricorn (politics) cursing his 6th house of health and work!

The nasty Dragon in the house of work and health or in any house, especially the 8th house of death of millions of people becomes a major contribution to the incredible amount of deaths I foresee cursing the world today. Sad enough our infantile rational scientific community is losing an incredible amount of critical data making certain signs of the Zodiac prone to contract Coronavirus.  All I can do is hope for more spiritually inclined future generations to investigate and benefit from my cosmic wisdom.

Furthermore, Chris’s passionate and intense nature delegating exhaustive political topics every day on national TV and his tasking work contributes to a fast psychical degeneration and an unavoidable reptilius infestation.

His intense drive and deep emotions to protect his family also leads to prolonged unavoidable fears often displayed on TV with his brother and became a perfect recipe for the reptilius to hijack his strained natal UCI and attract Coronavirus. 

Chris is rich, famous smart and courageous but he is not cosmic conscious and I wish he had known me and invested in my Nostradamus Personal and Universal Predictions and read the following. Doing so he would have been warned of his impending fate and take my warnings about his work and health very seriously…

I have decided to share a small section of 2019/2020 Leo forecast so all of you, hopefully, will realize the importance to know-how, what, where and when the “Dragon” will curse or bless your life in general.

When I tell you knowledge is power, ignorance is evil, Chris Cuomo is a perfect and sad example of the reality of my cosmic teachings.

Being religious and your prayers have never been sufficient as far as God’s cosmic design is concerned and those who do not speak his cosmic language can never heed the signs. And those who represent God on earth like Pope Francis, are the least willing to expose and share God’s cosmic tools!

God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that; you may lead a safer more productive life!

The following is a fraction of the long yearly forecast I wrote for each sign of the Zodiac but to really benefit from my guidance you MUST read both the 2019 and 2020 versions.


When you purchase the 2020 version get the 2019 version FOR FREE!  If you already purchased the 2020 version and want 2019 forecast you can have it for only $5:00 use PayPal pls. All you have to do after your order is to email and request your copy for 2019.

Yes, my vision of a worldwide Universal infection and my prediction of the Coronavirus did not start in August 2019 when I made it official and published it in “2019/2020 Nostradamus Forecast for all signs!”  my friend… The question remains did you get your copy and read what’s ahead of you? The reptilius are saying NO don’t get there instead be in denial so we can survive in Dark Matter with your fears!

The benevolent Draconis (and Draco) are the ones who lead me to channel that critical information for you so you can be prepared and join us in the positive psychical fight taking place in the heaven where a terrible war is taking place to protect humanity! Much more in my new “UFO’s the Final Revelation” when it comes out. Yes, the Draconis are on my side and are pushing me and my mission big time, join us in the fight!

Leo 2019 Nostradamus Personal & Universal Forecast

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Predictions Published 11/07/18

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Leo forecast

Personal: The Cancer/Capricorn Dragon passage through your 12th ( subconscious) and 6th house (work) regulating the affairs involving health, service to others, the past, guilt will force you to re-evaluate your imagination and learn all about your subconscious creative forces. Fear of death, over concern with health matters, insecurity at work or wrong relationships is a serious sign you are going the wrong way.  Do NOT maintain or nurture any form of fear and feed the reptilius with your psychical negative vibes in the process! 

Some of you may also benefit from new opportunities to serve the world in a bigger way if you invest in your creativity and communicative talents. Launching a new endeavor, getting into the medical field or real estate field may be a good choice for Leo. Your mind will focus on how you can become more healthy and help others following your leadership. All you have to do to succeed is to remove those that do not fit your wishes and control your fear of death and decay!

It is important for you to let go of the past, control your imagination and nurture more faith in a powerful, loving protective cosmic God always watching over you. You are advised to become more realistic, and seek new ways of dealing with your health, mortality and God and most of all, avoid nurturing fears.

The stars are imposing serious changes upon your perception of the Divine, God’s cosmic design, your subconscious, and self-awareness.  These cosmic winds will stimulate new ways of servicing others and a new enlightened “persona” facing the public.

The world is ready to listen to you if you are progressive with technology and its promising future. Unfortunately, not all souls born in August were able to fight depressions, addictions, and the reptilius and avoid depressions or even death…  Think how lucky you really are to be still able to learn, grow to affirm yourself and do things on your own still… 

Creating more ways to service the world and live a long and successful life can only captivate and regenerate your mind and many Sun children will have to deal with more responsibilities with family members.

NEPTUNE KARMIC TOUCH – Neptune (ruler of Pisces) will be cruising through your 8th house of metaphysics, death, the IRS, contract, legacy, and insurances adding more fears about your mortality through an uncontrolled imagination. You must learn to differentiate religion from high spirituality.   Stay clear of any legal or illegal drugs to avoid spiritual decay, heavy depressions and ultimately a reptilius infestation.

Regenerating your soul by creating, writing, painting doing psychic readings or walking barefoot by the water in nature is your best way to recharge your batteries and avoid the reptilius’ psychical traps. On a more positive note, Neptune will also add more intuition and creativity to the subconscious mind.  More than any other signs Leo will have to battle those difficult “nirvanic” cosmic winds through positivism and creativity.  

Religions will play a very important part of this trend and many gullible fearful Leo will fall for religion, cults and deceptive gurus’ teachings.

In 2019 the unlucky Leo will be forced to move out of strenuous relationships and deal with sickness if fear and negativity override your body, mind, and soul for a long period of time.  Do not be afraid of death,  the “death” I see is symbolic and will force you to re-birth in so many progressive ways. Indeed some Leo will experience a rebirth with the right partners and associations to create a new business.

Prediction #10:  I see a lot of problems with the broadcasting industry and popular radio and television  “talking heads.” Many will be forced out, fired or end up assassinated.

Memo – Rush Limbaugh’s undeniable health prediction

Prediction #17Famous radio host Rush Limbaugh will show signs of health/mental deterioration but will be kept secret for a while.

Insecure, overworked, depressed and scared pious Leo could seek traditional psychological help. You are strongly advised not to give in to fears, medications, the past, guilt, insecurity, and failures. Stay clear from antidepressants, drugs, and alcohol to avoid a reptilius infestation.

The dragon demands you to work harder on your wishes and children could stimulate worrisome thoughts or worse, depressive thoughts even suicide. If you feel this way, please get in touch with me and let me replenish your spirit! 

Chris wrote. “I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids and Cristina. That would make me feel worse than this illness!”

PLUTO KARMIC TOUCH – Saturn (hard work/karma) and Pluto (rebirthing/night work) are still in Capricorn, right on your 6th house inducing a “fanatical” controlling approach to your health and work.   Pluto (re-birthing) an Saturn (karma) demands a full restructure of the way you handle health matters and servicing the world!

Those two powerful planets will lead many Leo to undergo a full rebirth and to take any chances with new partners. The way you deal with your health, work and your career, accept and comprehend metaphysics and religion have to change or improve drastically.

Pluto will “kill” it all and force you to rebirth as a new much more spiritual free independent spirit and once “born again” and free from archaic religious beliefs and accompanying fears you will insert a new life power in your own life while helping those close to you that are struggling.

Pluto is the power of the mass (ISIS/criminals/Trump) forcing dramatic changes into the sign of Capricorn (political / politics/ governmental power structures/scientific and religious corporations.)  It also explains why crazy people target politicians, kill the police and why Donald Trump’s “political’ career is endorsed by a non-cosmic conscious mass fearing foreigners, foreign powers and their influences…


The prognostic is not exactly positive for Chris because his natal UCI is currently not only very vulnerable but also hijacked by the reptilius. The more fear (for his family/kids)  he nurtures the more and swift decay will take place. You can already see evil ravaging his usually attractive face… 

I truly love the man and his very powerful intellect, perceptive nature and even his sarcasm he controls so very well. Update “Cuomo crashes brother’s news conference to share dream he had after diagnosis

But his stars are extremely intense and I am not close to him to guide him out of the serious troubles I foresee for him. 

While millions of people who like me love and respect the man will pray for regaining his health, this experience will apathetically speaking KILL Chris spiritually and I can only hope and wish the imposed death and rebirth will only be psychical. Please join me with your prayers still because God’s immaculate power can produce real miracles… I can only hope Chris will land on this article and contact me, but that’s God’s will! 

Well, this “new beginning and ending of important phases of life” is not only cursing Chris Cuomo but millions of people including myself (see below!) But NOTHING compared to so many cursed souls who contracted the Coronavirus and died alone! God Bless Them All!

Woman says goodbye to her mother on FaceTime before she died thanks to a nurse

What is your perception of Christ in this Vastly cosmic scenario?


Hi Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis,

During a recent review, our team of policy specialists carefully looked over the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel Cosmos with Dr. Turi Louis. We found that a significant portion of your channel is not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policiesAs of today, your channel is not eligible to monetize and you will not have access to monetization tools and features.

Indeed my Internet infected enemies are made up of scared religious fanatics and atheists alike will do all in their power to mute or shut me down. Those “young souls” are unable to handle the truth or assimilate the critical values of my cosmic work. Over the years I have been banned from countless websites and thousands of my articles were deleted. “Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi.”

Thus I may be forced to join another less constricting platform where my enemies can not complain or stop me posting my advanced spiritual material… Stand by for more pls.



Following two hours taping my 5 UFO’s experiences,  I am glad Jeremy Norrie and the Producer J. Horton, of Zapruder Film Pictures in LA, realized I was the real thing! It won’t be long now before the movie is released! I will give you all the info in time. Over 125 million people on Amazon Prime will watch it and I hope you will share it with all your friends then.
Dr. Turi;

“We are finishing up your TV project and we wanted to really thank you for your time and help with everything.  We decided to make your interview into its own project focusing on your unique direction and experience in the UFO world.  

All the best!
J//// “


Coronavirus (picture-alliance/AP)

The prediction for “A new Lung disease and a serious respiratory problem” was first issued in August 2019  in my published ebook and again on January 3rd, 2020 in “Axis of Evil – Winds of death upon America 2020 Coast to Coast am Predictions Recap.”

Nostradamus 2020 Universal and personal predictions for all signs. 

Get your copy right away read what’s ahead of you!

Prediction #12: New regulations imposed by the FAA and a lack of scared travelers will force the entire aeronautics industry to undergo a costly restructure and many airlines and cruise ships will not survive.

Prediction #1: Indeed, lung cancer or a new lung respiratory disease will plague the victims of an infected scientific community. In the process, the wildlife (and our pets) will also suffer drastically and perish. Those dramatic news stories reflect the endless battles taking place between the nefarious and benevolent groups of ETs fighting each other from far away galaxies cursing all humans’ affairs.

Prediction #9: Americans are also taking serious risks traveling on foreign grounds and I strongly recommend those who must travel or reside in foreign countries, to invest in their2020 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms.

From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/19 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

The reptilius created all religions which, in turn, have killed more humans beings than all wars, all diseases and all-natural disasters combined! Indeed you can not stop fear, ignorance and the worldwide reptilius religious infestation.

Pope Francis, Italy, Coronavirus and the reptilius – Dr. Louis Turi

Note, like the great Prophet Nostradamus used to do 500 years ago, I also write quatrain. In 2020 I do not have to fear the French inquisition and end up on the stake anymore, thus unlike the famous Seer, I also add very obvious keywords… Translating God’s cosmic will through his immaculate celestial manifesto is something anyone can do by building cosmic consciousness and mastering the Cosmic Code jurisdictions…

I am the only living Astrophile since Nostradamus to make predictions using his methodology. Thanks to five solid UFOs experiences that lead me to re-kindle Nostradamus’ cosmic work! Do not assume, do not let skepticism hinder your curiosity, simply read, assimilate and realize my gift (or a curse?)  

Once again, this type of highly spiritual, advanced cosmic information is only available to those willing and able to assimilate God’s cosmic language. 

The pieces of information received in this article are critical to all the people who feel lost, depressed, and nurture constant negativity. Legal and illegal drugs, as in the case of Truett and millions of other infested human beings, will not work!

For a ridiculous $5:00 my regenerative, educational cosmic work will offer you all the answers that God has enslaved all scientists and medical doctors to uncover!  Join us, click on the Patreon logo, show your support, get rare cosmic wisdom you can’t get anywhere else! 


Image result for a physician cannot call himself a doctor astrology hippocrates

“Dr. Turi I have learned more about what it means to be human in your week-long Sedona crash course then the seven years spent in an accredited medical school!” Dr. in Psychiatrist student! 



The secrets of the “Dragon”  will make an impact in your life and offer you the golden keys to what it means to be human… Build your cosmic consciousness, help and guide others, understand yourself and everyone around you!

There is more power in the dragon alone than the entire complexity of an astrological chart!

MEMO –Interesting email from my Webmaster Alan sent in 2010: You know Dr. Turi, I realized something super interesting looking at your Alexa stats. A third of all your traffic comes from India. What’s that about? Maybe you need to make a trip to India? I tell you why I think that’s super interesting as well — India (as OF COURSE, you know) invented Vedic Astrology so the fact that they are heavily interested in your European style is a huge testament to your work. It’s like they’re saying that YOUR astrology is better than their own. It’s like if I had a new Cuisine/US Chef site that was visited mostly by France and Italy. That’s a huge compliment, my friend. Unless of course they’re stealing your work and retrofitting it into their Vedic style! You never know! 

Lastly, my work is for highly spiritually advanced Super-humans and there are millions of them… 

“Spiritual Awakening Series”


Tom Danheiser, George Noory Coast to Coast am producer in his “Spiritual Awakening Series” and I will offer all Truth Seekers from all walks of life, the option to learn and master the Cosmic Code secrets in Los Angeles California!  Read all covered topics here. New information will come your way in time but you can start emailing Tom to reserve your seats right away because they will fill up fast! 

Sat 6/27/20 -General Introduction to Nostradamus 16th century Divine Astrology and all signs of the Zodiac. People from the attendance will be brought on stage and learn all about their inherited Sun signs and how to stimulate and fulfill a positive fate. All about the Super-conscious will be explained. Unity Series The secrets of the Cosmic Code
Sat 7/11/20 – Focusing on the natal Dragon’s Head and Tail by house and signs. Exploring the natal Dragon of famous and infamous people who made history. People from the attendance will be brought on stage and learn all about their inherited karmic Dragons.  Unity Series The secrets of the Cosmic Code
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Sat 9/19/20 – Learning all about Nostradamus Homeopathic Healing. People from attendance will be learning how to safely use hands and feet to heal each other.   Bring a blanket or a towel at the event, the wonderful experience will stay with you for the rest of your life!   Unity Series The secrets of the Cosmic Code

Note: Many years ago I also accurately predicted SARS! Join Patreon and I will tell you more about this epidemic and what to do to avoid it…


German/Vikings Skin Alike
Black and White Red Blood
Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God Nowhere To Stop Fires
Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

Quatrain Posted to the world on June 12, 2013 

From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/19 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

12/31/19 – Half a billion animals perish in bushfires
Kangaroos fleeing fires went to a golf course for sanctuary. It turned into a killing field

President Donald Trump

The second vision I had was about our President, the US internal and foreign affairs…

Using Nostradamus 16th century Divine Astrology methodology I wrote another quatrain to help people to assimilate my predictions visually.

Prepare Month of Blooming June icy *December
White Moon Ninth Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
Cosmic God May Grace Humanity

Posted to the world on January 26, 2015

Pay attention reader, if I was able, years ago to Predict Trump’s impeachment and give the exact month of December, you may want to heed my next warnings about the economy and some serious unrest in our country! 


In 2020 souls born in June and December with a moon, rising, a natal or hidden dragon in those two signs is a target of the reptilius. You will also find more of personal predictions in my new 2020 Nostradamus Universal and Personal Forecasts below. (order now!Show your support by investing in your future, you are in good hands…


Order your 2020 horoscope forecast today! 


Will I get your help to help your children?

Image result for star children over the world

Check Dr. Turi’s Teens Cosmic Education Project


“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom!  Paracelsus

Tailored UFO’s Talisman sample

This copper UFO’s talisman sample is as good and highly recommended for your protection against the reptilius. If you decide to order one from me, be patient because I MUST carve it when those Uranic cosmic winds bless the earth and they are coming down twice a month for a few hours only. If interested email

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